Ok another fic idea worms it's way into my head (As if I don't have enough fics to finish!) Of course it's GW and Yaoi. Is it worth continuing? Let me know!!


The sleek form of the black panther slide through the brush like it was butter. He was enjoying this game of hide and seek throughly. He stopped at a small lagoon to drink a sip of water, then froze, listening carefully for signs of pursuit. Nothing.

Large violet eyes glowed with good humor as the shape of the large cat began to shimmer. Suddenly the form of a cat was gone, in it's place was a beautiful slender boy.

His skin was a delicate and smooth alabaster, with a waterfall of long luxurious hair that sparkled with shades of bronze, gold and deep red. He wondred how long it would take his mate to find him. Deciding to go for a swim, the lovely boy gently lowered himself into the water and pushed away from the shore.

He swam for several minutes before a strange scent filled the air. He did not recognize the scent at all, but it felt threatening. He rushed from the water, transforming to his cat form as soon as he reached the shore.

He was unprepared for the humanoids that rushed at him and surrounded him. They jabbered and pointed at him, but he didn't recognze the language and they had no animal shadow attached to them. He was afraid, these creatures did not belong in his world and he knew they wanted something from him.

They began to herd him towards some strange looking vines that were connected. He tried to break attack the ones blocking the path back into the dense jungle, but the strange vines were thrown over him. He struggled wildly, but this only seemed to tighten the vines and he finally stilled. It was then he felt a shart bting in his shoulder. He roared out his defiance, but could not stop the strange lethargy that seemed to steal his strength and force him into the land of dreams. Finally the blacness closed in and the magnificent panther slept.

Nearby a pair of cold cobalt eyes watched the drama as it happened. A low grow rumbled in the throat of an even larger panther as he watched the capture of the smaller one. *Duo* came anguist thought. Fury filled the big cat as he recognized his helplessness, there were too many to fight. If he tried to rescue Duo now, he would be captured as well...or killed.

As he watched the last of the hunmanoids leave, he turned to go get help, the creatures were alien to this world and would not be hard to find. He would gather his tribe and his friends from other tribes and he would show these interlopers the folly of their ways. He would get Duo back! He looked over his shoulder one last time and thought, "Be safe my mate, I WILL get you back!"