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Double Trouble


Duo sighed as he tried to think of something to break the monotony of
the day. Things were just too quiet right now. Trowa, Wufei and Heero
were on a mission, so he only had Quatre to get into mischief with.
Quatre had been quiet and withdrawn, worrying about the others and Duo
needed to get his mind off them. Duo rummaged through his CDs looking
for something that had an uplifting beat. As he discarded one after
another, he came across one that he had forgotten about. A devilish
grin came across his face as an idea formed in his mind. Anyone seeing
that smile and that look.would have run for cover!

Quatre stared out the window hoping to see some sign that the others
were returning. This particular mission had been very dangerous and he
resented being left behind. Duo had been trying to cheer him up, but
nothing had worked so far. He knew he was being silly to sit and worry
like this, it wasn't doing anyone any good.but he just couldn't seem to
stop. He had heard Duo rise earlier and expected his quiet time to be
invaded at any moment. The door to the room banged open and Quatre
turned to greet his friend. Words died in his throat as he noted the
determined, slightly devilish look on his friend's face. One thought
ran through his mind as Duo descended, "I am in big trouble!"

An hour later Quatre wondered if they had both gone insane. Music
blasted through room as Duo strove to teach Quatre a highly athletic and
provocative dance called the Percolator. Duo stood in front of Quatre
demonstrating the first basic move that was to be done throughout the
dance. *I'll never be able to do that!* Quatre thought as he watched
Duo roll his hips in a tight circle while simultaneously jiggling his
butt cheeks. "Come on Quatre you can do this. You have enough
flexibility.just let go and feel the music." Quatre's face turned
bright red as Duo grabbed his hands and placed one on his hip and the
other on his butt. "See, you move like that.come on! Try it!" Quatre
knew he would get no peace until he tried the dance. Moving slowly and
tentatively at first, he began to roll his hips in a tight circle. As
he fell under the spell of the music and experienced success with this
move, he added the butt jiggle. "Alright Q! I knew you could do it.
Ready for the next step?" enthused Duo.

Heero, Trowa and Wufei entered the safe house with a sense of relief.
The mission had been hard and all were glad it was over with. Each went
to their rooms and dropped off their gear, then met in the den. "Where
are Quatre and Duo?" asked Trowa. Wufei snorted and then gave his
opinion, "Maxwell has got to be in the study, I could hear his loud
music from my room." "Hn, Duo will know where Quatre is, we'll just go
ask him." Heero took off at a brisk pace leaving the other two to
scramble after him. Heero yanked open the study door, mouth opened to
yell over the music when he froze. Three sets of jaws hit the floor as
the three pilots took in the scene in the study.

Quatre watched in amazement as Duo slowly moved his body down into a
squat, still rotating his hips and jiggling his butt, and then slid down
into a side split on the floor never ceasing the hip movements. "Come
on Quatre, you can do this too, just take it slow." Quatre slowly moved
down into a squat, amazed that he could still keep up the hip and butt
action, but was unable to move into a full half split. "Don't worry
Quatre, I'll show you a variation of the move." With those words Duo
moved back up and worked his way down into a squat position again, but
this time he moved his legs down and back till he was in a push-up like
position, and began a up and down movement combined with the hip
rotation and the butt jiggle. Quatre stared in shock before commenting,
"Duo, it looks like your humping the floor, I can't do that!" Duo
laughed, "Sure you can, it's provocative as hell ain't it. Come
on..just think of Trowa looking at you!" "DUO!!.Am I so obvious about
my feelings for Trowa?"

Duo snickered as he watched the blond turn beet red at his comment. He
was very proud of himself at the moment; Quatre was doing something
besides worrying. Duo worked his way back up into a standing position;
never stopping the wild gyrations of his sweat slicked body. He moved
over behind Quatre and fitted the boy tight against him, placing his
hands on Quatre's hips to guide him. He led Quatre back into the hip
rotation, butt jiggle move and slowly began to move them downward.
Quatre followed his lead until he was in the push-up position with Duo
on top of him guiding his movements. Now it looked like the two were
having hot monkey sex instead of doing a wild dance. Quatre found
himself getting aroused by the provocative movements, he could feel that
Duo was as well. He decided to ask a few questions of his own to take
his mind off his rising erection and because he was curious. "So,
Duo.who do you think of when you're doing this dance." Duo thought a
moment then decided he would answer, "Well it's a toss up. I like to
think of Heero and Wufei when I do this dance, both have VERY nice
bodies. However, they'd probably both get a nosebleed if they saw this
dance.if they didn't kill me for having X-rated thoughts about them.
Good thing they're not here!"

Heero, Trowa and Wufei stared at the pair before them, feeling shocked,
lustful and just a tad angry. The conversation the two were having was
very enlightening, and all of them wondered why Duo and Quatre had never
said anything about their attraction. Trowa had wanted the blond for
sometime now, but had not wanted to take away the boys innocence.
*Guess he's not as innocent as he seems* Wufei and Heero had both
thought Duo was totally hot, but didn't think he was interested in
boys. Both eyed each other for a minute before mouthing "Share." All
three moved into the room and waited for the unsuspecting pair to
realize they were no longer alone.

Quatre was getting tired and pointed this out to Duo. "Yeah, you have
to work up to doing this dance for ANY extended period of time. It took
me a least a week of daily practice to be able to do it for the length
of the song." "Duo, how long have you been attracted to Heero and
Wufei?" "Oh I'd say about as long as you've been attracted to Trowa."
Quatre looked over at the violet-eyed boy, "Why haven't you said
anything?" Duo looked thoughtful for a minute before answering. "Two
reasons mainly.I don't want to risk losing them as friends and my past.
Quatre, L2 was a poor colony, I was totally on my own before Father
Maxwell found me. I used to run with a gang of other kids. orphaned
kids and we had to do some rough stuff to survive. I was one of the
older kids, so I choose to do some of the uglier things so they younger
ones wouldn't have to. No one has ever penetrated me Quatre, but I did
strip and I did oral sex for money. I would always try to fine work
first or even steal, but sometimes there was no other choice. I wasn't
going to let the little ones starve. I don't know how Wufei or Heero
would react to knowing this.what if they were just disgusted with me?"
Quatre had tears in his eyes as he looked at his friend; they had
stopped dancing and were now sitting on the floor facing away from the
door. "Oh my dear one, they couldn't possibly reject you over something
like that.I just know they wouldn't" "Others have Quatre.but don't feel
sad I learned to survive in a hostile environment and that has saved me
more times than I can remember!" Duo reached over and hugged his
emotional friend and then stood up, reaching down and pulling Quatre up
behind him. He wanted to lighten the mood, which is why he made the
next remark, "Do you think Wufei and Heero would even know what to do
with an erection if they had one?" he snickered. Quatre couldn't help
but laugh.Duo was so over the top sometimes. He turned towards the door
and blanched as he saw their teammates standing in the doorway with grim
looks on their faces. Duo chattered on obliviously, "I can just see
them staring at it and going 'what's that lets go ask the others!' Duo
was laughing out loud, when he felt a sharp thud in his side. He turned
to ask what why Quatre elbowed him.when he noticed Quatre's paleness.
"What's with you?" Quatre grabbed Duo's braid and yanked him around.
Duo stared at the three intimidating boys in the doorway and said the
only thing he could, "Well Shit!"

Trowa, Heero and Wufei had been enjoying the dance and were getting very
aroused when Duo began to tell about his background. It was really the
first time that any of them hand heard about his life before Father
Maxwell. Heero and Wufei listened with great sadness and anger as they
listened to the hardships Duo described. Both felt anger because they
hadn't been there to help and protect Duo from such harshness. Both
were outraged that Duo thought they would reject him, when he had
obviously had little choice in the things he had done. They would just
have to show him how much he meant to them. Then their outrage became
greater as they heard his remarks on their reactions to an erection. He
would definitely pay for that. Grim smiles were shared by all three as
Duo and Quatre finally realized they had been caught.

Duo gently grabbed Quatre's arm and tried to shuffle unnoticed towards
the open window, before a low growl stopped him, "Duo, if you go out
that window, Wufei and I will catch you and then we'll take turns
paddling your butt beet red!" Duo looked up and saw Wufei was agreeing
with Heero and decided he was in enough trouble as it was. Trowa
stepped forward and stated in a firm voice, "Quatre come with me, we
need to talk." Quatre cast a scared look at Duo before following Trowa
from the room. Duo wasn't worried about Quatre; he had seen the twinkle
in Trowa's eyes. He was worried about himself as two scowling boys
descended on him.

Trowa lead Quatre to his room and let him squirm for a few minutes
before speaking. "Why didn't you ever tell me you were attracted to
me?" Quatre looked at Trowa and decided to gamble. "I love you Trowa
and it would have crushed me if you didn't feel the same way." "Silly
boy, I feel the same way. All we've done by not saying anything is
waste time." Quatre moved forward and kissed Trowa softly on the lips,
"Then let's not waste anymore time." Quatre pushed Trowa onto the bed
and began to plant kisses on his face and neck. "I'm not sure what to
do," confessed Quatre. Trowa gave a little smile as he answered, "I'll
guide you." Trowa reached up and removed Quatre's shirt and then his
own. He wanted to feel that soft delicate skin against his own. Quatre
explored his chest with tentative strokes.until he heard the tiny moans
of pleasure and became bolder. He ran s soft wet tongue over Trow's
pink nipples.enjoying the way they puckered. He alternately licked and
lightly nipped at the tiny buds. Trowa moaned and arched up. He
planted little sucking kisses along Quatre's neck. Quatre moved
downward laving smooth muscles with his tongue as he went. Finally he
reached the full erect organ that fascinated him so much. "What should
I do?" Trowa smiled and flipped the boy over, "Let me show you." Trowa
kissed his way down Quatre's body until he reached his dripping penis.
He lovingly ran his tongue down the length.enjoying the taste and the
loud moan from Quatre. He gently took the head into his mouth, swirling
his tongue around it, before engulfing the whole length. Quatre had
never felt such intense pleasure his entire life. He felt like he was
going to pass out! He felt the pleasure build and build until he
thought he would explode. Just as he was on the verge of a climax,
Trowa stopped. Gently Quatre suddenly turned into a tiger and jerked
Trowa up to face him. "That's it.there'd damn well better be more to it
than that!!" Trowa smiled and assured the agitated boy there was indeed
more. He reached into his bedside table drawer and pulle dout a tube of
lubricant. He poured out a generous amount and covered Quatre's finger
with it. "I want you inside me Quatre, but you need to stretch me
first." He gently guided the blond boy's hand to his opening; slowly he
helped him insert a finger and guided his motions for moving his finger
in and out of his opening. Quatre watched in awe as rarely seen
emotions danced across his lover's face. Soon another finger was added,
then another until the banged boy was ready. Quatre lay between his
open, willing thighs and gently entered Trowa with gentle words of
encouragement from his lover. Trowa cried out in pleasure as Quatre was
finally seated deep within him. Quatre stared a slow hesitant movement,
but was soon lost in pleasure and the thrusts became deep and strong.
Trowa pushed back, meeting the thrusts and seeing tiny stars as Quatre
repeatedly hit his prostate. The thrusting became more frantic as each
boy came closer to a climax until finally neither could stop it from
happening. Both spilled their seed at the same time with a shout of
ecstasy. Quatre looked at Trowa with tears in his eyes from the beauty
of the act. Both cuddled close and settled down to sleep.

Duo looked at Wufei and Heero with nervous anticipation.he wasn't sure
what to expect. "Why don't we take this to my room," suggested Wufei.
Each boy grabbed an arm and Duo was marched into Wufei's room. "I think
you need to be taught a lesson Duo and Wufei and I are going to teach
you one you'll never forget!" Heero glared at Duo, trying hard not to
laugh out loud at his nervous expression. Wufei's smile was definitely
predatory as he stated, "I think it's time you learned that Heero and I
know exactly what to do with an erection!" Duo meeped as he was grabbed
and his clothes were ripped off. Heero dragged him to the bed and flung
him on it; his hands were quickly tied together with one if Wufei's silk
belts and then secured to the chandelier hanging over wufei's bed.
Wufei and Heero admired the beautiful sight of a naked, bound and
totally helpless Duo. Heero stared at the braided boy as he began to do
a slow strip tease. Duo and Wufei enjoyed the show as he slowly took
off his shirt and then his shorts. He stood before the two naked and
proudly erect. He reached over and pulled Wufei into his arms and
kissed him passionately. He quickly helped divest Wufei of his clothes,
the two running their hands over each other and enjoying Duo's tortured
moans as he watched the two and got harder by the second. "Would you
like us to touch you Duo?" taunted Heero. "Please.please!" whimpered
Duo. Heero smiled and crawled on the bed towards Duo, he ran a tongue
over Duo's lips.before pulling back and refusing to let Duo kiss him.
"No.let me kiss you.both of you," Duo begged. "Well since you begged so
prettily." Wufei and Heero both advanced on the aroused and aching
boy. They took turns plundering that sweet mouth as Duo begged for
more. Hands roamed over that sleek, silky body causing Duo to writhe
like a cat in heat. Duo was moaning continuously as Heero and Wufei
worked his body. Tongues and teeth, lips and hands touch every part of
his body driving his desire to a frenzied pitch. Duo sobbed for his two
lovers to touch his raging hard-on, but both continued to touch
everywhere but that most sensitive area. Heero and Wufei admired their
work before backing away from the needy boy. Duo struggled to free
himself, but only managed to tighten his bonds. He could only watch as
Heero and Wufei began to pleasure each other; ignoring his pleas to
touch him as well. Tears of frustration rolled down his face as he
watched Heero and Wufei trade passionate kisses and gentle caresses.

Duo wanted so bad to taste the flesh of his lover's; so far they had
only allowed him to taste of their mouths. He moaned in frustration as
he watched them touch and taste each other. ..he had never been this
turned on or aroused in his entire life. He was slowly going insane, he
wanted so badly to touch himself.anything for some release. He sigh as
his lovers turned towards him again. Wufei settled in front of him and
drew his head down towards his large dusky erection. Duo eagerly took
the organ into his mouth, sucking ferociously on it, causing his lover
to gasp and surge forward. He sucked, licked and alternately blew puffs
on the organ causing Wufei to shudder and cry out in pleasure. Wufei
pulled away before he could climax causing Duo to cry out with loss. He
smiled and kissed Duo's mouth with bruising force before moving behind
the violet-eyed boy and plunging two lube-covered fingers deep inside
him. Duo jerked and screamed with a combination of pain and pleasure.
He felt Wufei stretch him as Heero moved to sit in front of him, placing
his erection within easy reach of Duo's mouth. Just as Duo was about to
take the huge organ into his mouth, he was slammed forward from the
force of Wufei entering him. Duo whimpered in total pleasure at feeling
so full. Wufei set up a fast deep thrusting motion that had Duo
whimpering with ever thrust around the organ in his mouth. He was
rocked back and forth from the thrusting in his mouth and from behind.
It felt so good.he almost cried with relief when he felt a hand touch
his ignored erection. Faster and faster the pace went. As he felt
himself about to cum.the hands left his aching organ. Duo really did
cry out this time as Heero pulled his still hard penis from Duo's
mouth. "Please let me cum," he begged. Heero gently stroked his sweat
covered face before answering, "Not yet Duo." Wufei sped up.slamming
harder and harder into Duo's tightness until he orgasmed, spilling his
seed deep within his beloved's body. He pulled out reluctantly and
kissed Duo on the lips. Heero moved to position himself behind the
beautiful boy and entered him slow and steady. Duo immediately began to
push back trying to get enough sensation to let him climax. Heero drew
all the way out before slamming in quick and hard.hitting that hot spot
inside causing Duo to scream loudly with pleasure. Duo was dripping
with sweat now and begging for release. Heero looked at Wufei, both
smiling at the total surrender of this boy they deeply loved. Both
reached down and joined hands around Duo's erection for a final time.
They matched their hand rhythm to Heero's thrusts. Increasing the pace,
Duo's body rocked madly from Heero's forceful thrusts.until both came
with shattering cries. Duo fell forward limply, passing out from the
force of his long denied climax.

Wufei and Heero gently carried Duo into the bathroom to clean themselves
up. They put some cream on Duo's reddened writs where he had struggled
to free himself. Both were satisfied that they had shown Duo that they
did indeed know what to do with an erection. Both smiled as Duo slowly
opened his eyes and looked at his lovers. "I love you," he whispered
softly. He was immediately spooned on both sides by the two dark haired
boys. That look of mischief returned to his eyes before he spoke, "So
what happens if I call you both dickless?" Duo started giggling as he
was pounced.