This teaser was inspired by one of Kitsune's drawings. It has not been beta read and I may not continue it. I thought I'd throw it out and see if you guys thought I should take the story further. It would be yaoi with a 1x2 pairing. Let me know what you think.


Duo stood on the cliff overlooking the valley. The wind gently kissed his unbound hair causing it to caress his nude body. He reached down for the simple tunic lying on the ground and slipped it on, then picked up his scythe and rested it on his shoulder. His meditations gave him no peace this day. He knew it was only a matter of time before one of the other winged tribes raided then again. His tribe was a gentle tribe and had been preyed upon by the other tribes for years. He stretched his long, soft dark wings before folding them against his back. He was the first warrior born to his tribe in a decade. He had taught the men of the tribe some fighting moves, but most lacked the aggressiveness needed to be true warriors. They had successfully defended their valley last week, but it was only a matter of time before the white wings sent in their fierce war leader. That one had never been defeated and Duo didn’t think he’d be the first to claim victory over him. All his skills had been self-taught, unlike the other tribes; his had no teacher of the fighting arts. He sighed softly and wondered how long this peacefulness would last.

Cold, hungry eyes watched the figure on the cliff from the shadows. He had come to assess the enemy and had not expected to feel the hot rush of lust as he had gazed upon that beautiful, nude body. He had never seen such a beautiful, sensual creature before. His tribe had been successfully fought off the week before; part of the victory was due to the surprise of resistance. This particular tribe had never resisted before, so his troops had not been prepared. He would lead this time and he had fully intended to kill the one who led the resistance in front of the whole tribe. Now, having seen the beautiful boy and being impressed with his courage, his plans had changed. He intended to give his troops strict orders to leave this one to him. It was past time for him to take a mate and now he had finally found someone of interest. “Prepare yourself beautiful one; tomorrow, I come for you!”
end for now!