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Title: Concubine
Writer: dena
Pairing: 1x2
Disclaimer: Don't own them unfortunately. Just shamelessly using them.
Warning: AU so there is some OOC of the characters
Notes: This part took a turn on me I wasn't expecting. It was heavily influenced by Scifi channels "Children of Dune" with regards to the duites of a Ruler and how relationship's would work if a treaty wife entered into the situation. DO NOT be alarmed...this is still a 1x2:)


Part 4


Heero sat upon his throne as a group of enraged nobles descended upon him. He felt a subtle shift to his right, a reminder that he was not alone. His beloved Duo was by his side and he knew that he had total support by a least one person in his throne room.

Just that morning the first of the executions had taken place. Two of his oldest councilors were tried for treason, found guilty and then beheaded. Heero felt he had been very merciful.he had spared the pair the humiliation of a public execution.

They're crimes had been announced to the public and the sentence as well but the actual act had taken place in an enclosed courtyard at the palace. Heero, Duo and a few others had witnessed the sentencing being carried out.

Now the families of the two men were demanding an accounting and revenge for what they felt like was a crime against them. Heero would deal decisively with them and give them a choice.

"SILENCE!!" Heero thundered as the accusations against him continued to rise. "I have irrefutable proof of the acts of treason performed by both men against the crown. Both of them had people executed for speaking out against them without my permission. I decide who is punished that way in my kingdom. I did not sign the orders, nor were the orders sealed, but they did have the signatures of my two Councilors. I also have detailed documents showing that each man was charging double taxes to their tenants and pocketing the extra for themselves."

"I have passed judgment on them for their crimes and now you come before me and have the audacity to accuse me of being unfair. You have two choices now. Reswear allegiance to me or be forever banished from this kingdom."

Duo smiled at the decisive way his Lord was dealing with the complainers. He also noted the shocked surprise with Heero's declaration of their choices. One family, he knew was innocent of the wrong doing of their leader, they would swear allegiance. The other however, was fully corrupt. Duo suspected that they too would swear to the throne but would look for a way to cause Heero's downfall from within. He marked their name well.Tsuberov.

Heero sighed in relief as the closed meeting ended and the families of the condemned left after pledging their loyalty again. He would have both families watched carefully for signs of treachery. He was looking forward to a quiet lunch with Duo as a much needed respite from the mornings' unpleasantness.

Duo nibbled gently at the exotic fruit in his hand. He was well aware of the heated glances he was receiving as he delicately licked his fingertips to remove the sweet juices from the treat. He drew a deep breath to fortify himself for the topic he was about to broach with his emperor.

"Heero? Have you given thought to who you will take as your bride and when this will happen?"

Heero stared at his lover in shock as his brain tried to understand his concubine's question. "I have no intention of marrying. I have you and do not need a false wife. How could you even think such a thing!? I will name a cousin as my heir. There is no need for a marriage to some woman I will never love."

Heero knew he was in for it as he witnessed the hardening of his beloved's face.

"Heero, I love you but you can be such a baka at times." Duo rushed on with his speech before Heero could yell at him for his insult. "You need a political marriage to solidify your power base. Your father alienated all of the surrounding kingdoms and you need a visible proof to them that you are different. A treaty marriage will also improve the confidence of your own people about the sincerity of your commitment to them. I know you love me Heero and I love you, but this has nothing to do with love. It's about what's best for your people. I will always be there for you and support you and nothing will ever change that Heero, not even a wife."

"I don't want a wife.but you have yet to give me poor advice Duo. If you insist, I will do it but I want to be up front with whoever you recommend. She has a right to know that she will have my respect and hopefully we can be friends.but she will never have my love. That is for you alone."

Duo flung himself into the arms of his love. He fought back the tears that wanted to spill down his face. His teachers would be appalled at his lack of control, but Heero always seemed to be able to get past his controls. The slender youth hoped that his lover understood that this subject was just as upsetting to him. He had no desire to share the man before him but he had to do what was best for the Ruler and his people. He above all people knew that personal wants and needs had to be put aside for the greater good.

As a child, the guild had molded him to be the perfect companion and advisor. He could detach himself from any situation and make the correct judgments based on the situation. He was also trained to be an assassin or bodyguard as needed, though few knew of this secondary talent. Duo knew that his foundation in the teachings of his guild were strong, but he had broken the cardinal rule, he had fallen in love with his Patron. It was ok if Heero loved him, even desired, but the Concubine was to be loyal first and foremost to his guild. Nothing and no one was to come before the Guild. Duo knew in his heart that if it came down to a choice, his heart would win. It was head and heart together that gave him the strength to urge Heero to act in the best interests of his kingdom. If he thought there was any other way to grant Heero security he would have jealously held his beloved to himself alone, but he had a duty and his Ruler's needs came first.

Heero sighed as he reviewed the information that was presented to him on the eligible treaty brides. He was finding it hard to concentrate on the task and select one of these women as his future bride. Duo had selected three women from the surrounding kingdoms who would solidify his base of power. Taking one would secure the support of all three as they already had treaties with each other. All had been anxious to form an alliance and insure that Heero's kingdom didn't turn out to be a dagger waiting to stab them the moment they let their guard down.

The kingdom of Sank offered up Princess Relena as his prospective bride. This kingdom was the most stable and the largest and so a marriage to her seemed the more favorable at the moment. His beautiful concubine had favored that match as well. Deciding that it would be best to arrange for a meeting to see if she could accept his terms for marrying, Heero quickly drafted a message to be sent to Sank. Hopefully he could get this business taken care of quickly and get on with more pleasant activities, such as dragging his lovely siren off to the nearest bed and seeing how loud he could make him scream.

Princess Relena was surprised to receive a summons to her brother's room. She wondered what Zech's could possible want with her this late in the day. Her sibling's stewart opened the door and escorted her in after she made her presence known. She waited patiently for her brother to finish up his current task and inform her of what was going on.

"Relena, I have just received an official invitation for you to visit Emperor Yuy's kingdom. He is very interested in forming an alliance with us through marriage and would like to meet with you to see if the two of you would be compatible."

The lovely blonde girl sighed softly as she nodded her acceptance of the invitation. All her life she had know it would be her duty to marry for her kingdom. That time had arrived sooner than expected. As the Princess walked to her room to make arrangements to pack, she wondered what kind of man Yuy was. It was her hope that she would be able to fall in love with her future groom and enjoy the same feelings from him. She had always fantasized about meeting a handsome prince who would sweep her off her feet. Maybe Yuy would be that man.

Taking a last glance in the mirror to make sure her appearance was pleasing, Relena made her way down to the carriage that was waiting to take her to Yuy's kingdom. She was filled with optimism as her journey started and with the dreams of a happily ever after.

Zechs waived as he watched the carriage disappear in the distance. He hoped that his sister and Heero Yuy would come to an agreement and marry each other. He just hoped his sister's fantasies and naivety about true love didn't sabotage the process before it could be completed. He loved his sibling dearly but she had been much too sheltered and spoiled growing up. He had a feeling that her experiences in the coming days would either make her realize her true potential or break her. He hoped for the former.