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Title: Concubine

Warning: AU and some mild OOC of characters.

Pairings: 1x2 and 4x3. Their will be more but probably only 1x2 will be in a lemon.

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Message: This part is a bit short but thats because it sets up the plot for the rest of the story. Enjoy and I hope it isn't too boring!

Part 3



Duo wanted to bang his head in frustration. He couldn't believe how naive Heero was. He had been present in Heero's court for the past two weeks and not once had he seen any of the 'common' people attend the court. Only the nobles were in attendance and they claimed to bring all grievances forward to the Emperor.

The people would not retain their hope that Heero would be a better ruler than his father if this blindness persisted much longer. To be fair, Duo knew that Heero had been raised to accept the words of the nobles without question. Quatre and Duo's contacts and spies in the community had reported growing unrest as the working class were taken advantage of more and more each day. Heero would soon find himself in the middle of a rebellion if he didn't change his father's policies.

Heero's father had been a cruel, weak man who had ruthlessly eliminated all who spoke out against his doctrine with public executions. He had even gone so far as to wipe out his victims' entire families. The people had been glad of his death and had high hopes for his son to be a better ruler. They were growing tired of only the rich and the nobles having a voice in the court.

Duo knew, that beneath his cold exterior, Heero was a compassionate person, despite repeated attempts to drive it out of him. He had been his mother's child. Court was almost over and Duo faced his first big challenge.telling his lover he was being a blind jackass!


Heero was glad to be through with another session of court, he quickly left the room and headed towards his quarters where his lovely Duo awaited him. He was looking forward to claiming his reward in the form of his concubine's nubile body. He couldn't believe how much he was coming to respect and care for his concubine. Duo always seemed to know just the right thing to say to soothe him. He felt true joy and anticipation for the first time in his life. As he entered his bedroom, he blessed the day Duo came to be with him.


'He is a damn demon in disguise!' thought Heero as he cursed the day he laid eyes on the long-haired devil! He had innocently returned to his quarters, expecting to have a sex-filled afternoon, when his concubine had dared to scold him for the way he ran his court! Things were going perfectly well and who did Duo think he was, criticizing something that had been in place for centuries?!

Heero was very angry with his lover at the moment but since he truly cared for the youth, he had left before he had done something he would regret.like having the boy beaten for his presumption. Actually, that wasn't true, the thought of someone laying hands on Duo made him feel sick, but he was still upset with him! Sighing and realizing that sooner or later he would have to return to his quarters, he decided to go back and deal with the issue once and for all.

Duo sat on the bed calmly brushing his hair and waiting for Heero to return. He had already planned out a challenge for his love that would show him that Duo's words had been true. He sighed ruefully as he realized that he did, indeed, love his stubborn ruler. He looked up as Heero stormed into the room. The dark-haired emperor stalked over to him and glared at him fiercely.

Heero opened his mouth to yell some more at his obviously unafraid companion, when Duo spoke first. "How about a wager to see who is right, my lord? We will sneak into the city in disguise and listen to what the working class is saying. If you are right, then I will give you a week of total submission and obedience. If I am right, you will listen to my advice about the changes that need to be made to your court and you will implement them."

Heero smirked at the though of a totally submissive Duo for an entire week. "I will agree to the wager, but you will give me two weeks of total submission and you will not object further to how I run my court." He smiled in triumph when the braided youth agreed. He just knew he would win. He trusted his nobles.


Duo smiled as he walked through the streets of Heero's kingdom with his emperor. The pair were disguised as street messengers. The streets were always full of people willing to run messages for the rich. No one gave them a second glance as they wandered as they pleased unmolested. Glancing behind him, he spotted an equally well disguised Quatre and Trowa. He had known his friend would be unable to let the two of them wander around unguarded.

He glanced sideways at Heero and found his smile faltering. His heart ached for this boy who had stolen his heart. Heero had a great many illusions shattered this day. Everywhere they had gone the stories had been the same. The nobles were heavily taxing the commoners, it was more than had been decreed. It was obvious that Heero received his portion diligently, but that the extra that was being collected was being kept by corrupt nobility.

Not all of the nobility were victimizing their workers like that, but some of the most powerful were and many of the worst offenders were close councilors to the emperor. They had also learned of several other unpleasant facts, commoners had almost no rights. The pair had overheard several families rage in anger over a pretty son or daughter who had been taken against their will to serve a noble in the bedchambers, only to be tossed aside when interest faded. The innocents had been thoroughly defiled by the time they were released.

Many were whispering that the Emperor was just like his father, especially since some of the councilors ordered executions in Heero's name for some poor soul who had offended them. Today had been a harsh lesson for the too silent youth next to him. Duo knew that there would be a purging of the nobility soon and Heero would have his hands full. Duo would send a message to his guild of the bloodshed to come and could only hope that things did not escalate into a mindless bloodbath.

The return to the castle had been quick and as Duo entered into the private chambers of his ruler, he nodded to Quatre. The little blond had gotten to the castle ahead of them and had been waiting for the pair to appear so that he could get a sign from Duo. The clever boy would get a message off to the guild while Duo comforted his shocked beloved.

"I supposed you will laugh at my foolish trust of my father's advisors," Heero stared at the fey boy before him and awaited his condemnation. He was surprised when the slender beauty enfolded him in a loving embrace instead.

"It is to their shame that they failed your trust. You did nothing wrong. I wanted you to see the truth before their greed became your downfall. They people will love you once they get to know you but right now. you are scapegoat for their evil deeds."

Heero felt his face cradled in silky soft hands as Duo addressed him again. "It is not to late to fix this. You must decide how you want to deal with them. You know I will help in anyway possible."

Looking into those deep eyes, Heero realized that he could trust and rely on Duo for anything. He realized for the first time that Duo was meant to be more than just a bedmate, and the evidence of his true devotion was a truth that both awed and humbled the powerful man. "What do you advise, my love?"

"You must send a strong message, beloved. Those who have had executions ordered in your name must themselves be executed. Then, I believe you should demand that each noble have their people select a representative to attend court so that the working class have a voice besides the owners of their land. I will request that the guild send a companion to each place in your relm. No companion can be corrupted and they can let us know if the representatives are being coersed or bribed in anyway. Once the nobility realize that you will not put up with the abuse of your subjects, I believe they will serve you well."

Heero nodded. It was good advice and went along with his own thoughts. He did not want to kill his entire court but he would have to make an example of the worst offenders to cowe the others. Nodding his head decisively, the determined ruler left the room to set events in motion that would cleanse his kingdom of as much corruption as possible.

Later that evening, Heero returned to his waiting lover. The two held each other and made gentle love throughout the night. Both needed the tender emotions to sustain themselves through the tough days ahead.

It would not be until much later that the pair learned that the corrupt nobles were not the only dangers to them. For in the deepest of shadows, the pair were observed and watched by hated-filled eyes... a hatred that would not be appeased until emperor Yuy lost everything he held dear.