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Part 2


Duo was pleasantly surprised at the elegance of the spacious room he was led to. It was decorated with gem-bright colors that both blended and contrasted at the same time. He was delighted to know that Quatre would be next door in a room that had an adjoining door to General Trowa's room, and quickly began to unpack his belongings. He had just finished when he heard a light knocking at his door. Crossing the room and opening the door, he discovered that it was Quatre on the other side.

"Well? What do you think?" He asked, violet eyes bright.

"I think you will have him wrapped around your finger in no time at all. He is a good man but he definitely needs some polishing."

"That's my assessment as well. He needs some softening. I was briefed about his past and how he had little time to be a child. I hope to awaken that part of his nature. I look forward to the challenge he presents."

Quatre nodded his head at Duo's statement, blond hair falling across his gentle eyes, and began helping his friend prepare for his first joining with the Emperor. He brushed the silken tresses to a brilliant shine as Duo selected a transparent, silk robe to wear, colored to match his eyes. The filmy material would swirl around his body revealing and yet concealing at the same time. It would challenge whoever saw it to explore the firm body it adorned.

The two concubines admired the full effect before Duo escorted Quatre to the door and then settled down to wait for Heero's appearance.

Heero was finally finished for the day and slowly made his way to the royal chambers. He was looking forward to the distraction that the new concubine would provide. The day had been full of unexpected surprises; a new bed companion and a raging argument with his advisors. He had very little patience for the old fools who wanted him to cater to the nobles more than the commoners. While his father had been more than willing to indulge his nobles and advisors, he had no intention of playing such foolish games. His mentor had taught him that all his people deserved equal consideration and he intended to follow that philosophy.

Heero entered his private chambers and quickly undressed. Slipping a silk robe about his shoulders, he advanced upon the door that separated him from his concubine. Reaching out, he grasped the door handle but did not immediately enter. Several calming breaths later he tried to dismiss the nervousness that now invaded his body. While he was no stranger to the joys of the flesh, he had very little experience and all of that had been with females. Part him wondered how the school had been able to discover his preference for the male form. Pushing his thoughts away, he opened the door, eyes drawn to the silken bed within and felt all his breath leave his body at the vision waiting on it.

Duo smiled as he noted the young ruler's response to him. He rose gracefully from his recline and held out a hand in invitation. He also observed the tension in the muscular form and decided that he needed to change that before the two explored each other in the most intimate of ways.

"Come my Lord, allow your humble servant to give you a relaxing massage."

Heero smirked at the flowery speech. "Somehow I don't think you will remain very humble for long. You don't strike me as the type to bow and scrape for anyone. Shall I make things easier on both of us and grant you permission to act freely when it is just the two of us?"

Mischievous eyes sparkled as Duo answered, "That will certainly save you some time, effort, and possibly the urge to strangle me on occasion. You are quite correct, I am many things, but docile is not one of them."

Duo drew Heero down onto the bed and urged him to lie on his stomach. He carefully drew off the concealing robe and took a minute to greedily drink in the sight of the gorgeous body before him. He rubbed a generous dollop of oil between his hands and warmed it before he began.

Heero moaned softly as the strong hands slowly and surely worked out every single knot that resided in his tense body. Duo was thorough in the massage and applied steady pressure so that it was pleasant and not painful as it could have been with a less careful partner. As his body was relieved of it's tension from the day, a new sensation began to spread and he realized he had given up one form of frustration for another.

Duo could sense that his soon-to-be-lover was becoming aroused and decided it was time to move onto touches that were more erotic in nature, he also needed to find out how much experience Heero had with a male lover.

"Heero, have you ever been with a male before?"

There was a moment of hesitation before the dark-haired boy answered. "No. I have been with women, but no men. You will have to guide me in this."

"Then let me teach you about the joys of a male lover, my lord."

Duo rolled Heero over so that he was now face up and lowered his full lips, delicately kissing the waiting mouth. He chuckled at the growl of displeasure when he broke off the kiss. "Men have as many sensitive areas as women... I will show you a few of them."

Heero lost all coherency after that as Duo attacked his body in different areas. The elfin boy laved and sucked on his nipples until they were so sensitive that a puff of air blown across them caused him to cry out in exquisite torment. He remembered thinking that no one should have a mouth that was that sinfully talented.

Duo was enjoying himself thoroughly, Heero was very responsive and he had licked, sucked, and kissed over his entire body. He had especially enjoyed the helpless whimpers he had elicited when he had been attacking the heavy, sensitive sack that was cradled between his victim's muscular legs.

The Japanese youth thought that he had died and was in paradise as his swollen cock was enveloped by Duo's hot, wet mouth. He screamed as the longhaired boy hummed deeply in his throat and sent a white-hot burst of pure pleasure raging through his senses that threatened to knock him unconscious.

Duo stared for a minute at the passion-filled face beneath him and stole a quick kiss before deciding it was time for Heero to discover what it was like to penetrate his body. He reached out and entwined his fingers with Heero's. "I want you to fill me, my passionate one. You must help me stretch so that we don't hurt one another when you take me." He guided the fingers into the nearby jar of oil and then drew the dripping digits to his entrance.

Heero watched, amazed, as his and Duo's fingers slowly disappeared into the depths of Duo's body. He enjoyed the tight clenching sensation that drew his finger deeper until they were thrusting in and out. He felt a fierce emotion flying through his body as he watched Duo moan and cry from pleasure that he was giving him. He needed more.

Duo knew he was almost ready. He had two of his fingers and two of Heero's pushing in and out of him, stretching him. He moaned continuously as he guided the fingers to the soft nub that was deep inside him and caused him to explode with pleasure. He reluctantly withdrew the combined fingers and reached for the oil again.

Heero was disappointed when Duo pulled his finger from the velvet softness, he wanted to make the violet-eyed one scream in pleasure, a pleasure he caused. He gasped as the skilled hands began to cover his weeping erection in a thick coating of oil, and groaned his disappointment when that stimulating hand was withdrawn. He didn't remain bereft for long before he felt his cock enveloped in a tight sheath.

Duo carefully lowered himself onto Heero's impressive manhood. He made sure to move slowly; he knew they were both close to the edge. Finally he was fully seated and sat still for a moment, giving himself time to adjust.

Heero was drenched in sweat and used all of his iron control to remain still. Every instinct in him demanded that he move and bring himself to completion. He moaned in relief and pleasure as Duo finally began to move. He thought he'd lose his mind as the sadistic boy kept them at a slow pace and tormented him with overwhelming pleasure with his twisting movements and teasing squeezes of his internal muscles.

Duo cried out as he increased the pace and was soon slamming up and down on the boy beneath him. He noted that Heero was just as wild, thrusting upward as he pushed downward. Both were so close now, it wouldn't take much more for them to climax. He reached out to grasp his own erection and found Heero's hand reaching there as well.

Locking eyes, the two boys continued to move as one until with a joined cry, the two came. Heero christened his new concubine with his seed, even as he was christened as well.

Duo collapsed at Heero's side, but was quickly draw into an unbreakable embrace. He gazed into suddenly vulnerable Prussian blue eyes. "Thank you, Heero. I lost myself in our joining and that's a good sign. I'm glad I'm your concubine, and I look forward to our time together. I am here for all things, not just as a bedmate. I want to be your friend too."

Heero smiled softly at the other youth's attempt to put him at ease. He was feeling open right now and this was new for him. He wasn't sure how to handle it, but he knew he, too, wanted more from this alliance than a bedmate. "I think I'd like to be friends, too. You'll have to be patient with me, I'm not good with things like this. I was raised to be self-sufficient and not to need anyone. My mentor felt that depending on others was a weakness and he despised my father as a weak man. Teach me to be a friend and lover, Duo."

Duo drew the tired boy down to rest his head on his shoulder. "It will be my pleasure to help you in anyway I can Heero." He softly hummed his Lord to sleep and knew that the days ahead would be full and difficult. Heero had a lot to learn about politics and being a friend.