I don't own the guys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This is an AU with some OOC. This is a belated b'day gift for my wonderful beta reader and friend Kitsune. She wanted something magical or mythical and she got mythical! It is 1x2 and does have a lemon in it so don't read it if that stuff offends you! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Bride of War



The little girl skipped ahead of her grandfather as they approached the old temple. It was old and worn down and covered with a curtain of green moss.

"Grandpa, why is the temple worn down and deserted?"

"Child, that is the temple of the War God."

"But Grandpa, we don't have war anymore. We only have peace now."

"Yes little one, but it wasn't always like this. Once the world was filled with war. The War God was terrible and heartless. He loved only the battle."

"What happened grandpa? What changed him?"

"Simple my darling, he found love, and because he learned to love he no longer sought destruction."

"Tell me the story grandpa!"

"Well my little imp, it goes like this...


Part 1

Duo smiled up at his mother and father. He was only a baby but his eyes shone with intelligence and a brightness that they knew would touch all he came into contact with.

They had been told that he was born under a sign of power and would be blessed indeed. He would be a joy to all who knew him, but a great destiny awaited him; one filled with both joy and sorrow.

His parents watched with pride as their beloved child grew in beauty and wisdom. He was gentle of nature and kind to any he met. He had never been touched by violence, until one dark day on his tenth birthday.

Although the land was filled with war, it had not touched the tiny secluded village in the mountains. It was mid-day and all had gathered to celebrate Duo's birthday in the town square when the soldiers attacked. They slaughtered every adult in the village, sparing only the teenagers and children.

Most of the children were in shock as their parents were cut down before horrified eyes. A few tried to defend their parents and were harshly beaten for their efforts. It was then that the child Duo sealed his fate.

Duo's best friend Solo had tried to keep the soldiers away from the beautiful child, fearful of what he would inspire in the rough men. A soldier, tiring of the older boy, struck him with his sword, mortally wounding him.

Crying in sorrow, the petite child ran forward and gathered his friend in loving arms and soothed his pain from him by softly humming a lullaby. As he felt his friend's life force slipping away, a gift awakened in the little one.

Watching in awe, the soldiers saw a gentle violet glow surround the braided child and his friend, and before their eyes the wound closed. The older boy sat up with no trace of the terrible wound present on his body.

The child was immediately claimed for the temple of the war god. From that day forward, the child Duo, belonged to Heero, God of War.


Part 2

It had been a long tiring trip for the ten-year-old. It had been decided that Duo would reside in the primary temple of the War God, located in the heart of the largest of the cities.

The priests were somewhat doubtful about taking in a child, but when they heard of his great gift for healing, they hesitated no longer.

As Duo adjusted and adapted to his new life, he began to smile again. The vibrant child was an anomaly in the somber and too serious setting.

At first the priests threatened to beat the little one whenever he laughed or began to talk too much, but soon ceased as they realized it had no effect on the young one. They couldn't actually beat him because a healing gift was sacred and only the lowest and most lawless would harm a Sacred One.

Soon the priests fell under Duo's spell like everyone else and gradually the dank temple filled with laughter and conversation. They even went so far as to create a garden area just for Duo deep within the inner sanctum of the temple. The garden thrived under the loving care of the little elfin boy and soon birds and small animals were added to the developing area. Duo found he was content, if not truly happy. He had his animal friends, but that couldn't replace wanting a special friend of his own.

It was soon after this that a war was completed and the War God returned to reside deep within the heart of his temple and replenish his energy. Needless to say, he was somewhat shocked and then angered at the changes he observed.

He took his ire out on his priests, speaking harshly about their lack of true piety and respect with the lighter atmosphere. As he was dressing down the his followers, a small whirlwind entered the room. Thus came about the God of War's first meeting with one stubborn elfin boy.

"You stop yelling at them this minute! You're mean and hateful, and I don't like you!"

Heero stared in shock. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that. "Foolish child! Do you know who I am?! Bow down and beg for my forgiveness before I crush you like the gnat you are!"

Duo straightened up his back, glared for all he was worth and answered the obnoxious deity. "I don't care who you are! You're rude and you don't deserve my respect!" Then the petite child snorted his distaste and stamped from the room, leaving a stunned War God and his priests behind.

"Who dared to let that little hellion in my temple! Get rid of that impudent brat!" he raged.

"Please, my Lord, he's a healer. He was brought here as a spoil of war. I know he's untrained, but we'll work on that."

"See that he doesn't cross my path again!"

The High Priest sighed with relief and a feeling of narrowly daverted disaster as the god disappeared. Everyone in the temple trembled when Heero was in a rage and no one ever stood up to him.

Snickering softly, he wondered who would truly be trained when those two clashed head on. He knew deep in his heart that Heero would be unable to resist the imp and would let him stay.


Part 3

Two weeks had passed since Duo had unknowingly met the God of War. Heero had watched the child closely in that time and was puzzled about how the child won over even the sternest of his warriors.

He had watched as his inner sanctum had changed from a bleak and austere room to a lush garden that was now filled with sweetly scented blooms and tiny forest animals that his priests had found wounded outside the temple upon occasion.

In the past such creatures had been dispatched as the weak things they were. Now, they were used to hone a startlingly strong healing gift in the fey boy, who then insisted upon keeping and protecting the furry or feathered creatures.

It was time to take things in hand since obviously his priests were incompetent. Deciding that he would have more luck with the infuriating child if he approached him as another child, Heero changed his form. Now he would teach that little hellion how things were supposed to be in his temple!

Duo was humming contentedly as he stroked the downy fur of the small fawn in his lap. He was quite surprised when the delicate creature started and fled for the bushes. Frowning in mild confusion, he looked around the garden and spotted the reason for the fawn's flight.

A beautiful smile spread across his gamin features, momentarily blinding the scowling boy he had spotted. Duo skipped happily over to greet the boy who was about his age. This serious young one was the first child, other than himself, that he had seen in the temple.

"Hi! My name is Duo! What's your name?"

"Hn, you can call me Heero."

"Oh, your name is the same as the War Gods."

"That's right and you'd better show proper resect in his home!"

Duo stared for one moment at the rude response before dissolving into giggles.

Heero scowled even more. Was this baka laughing at him? Snarling, he made to grab the impudent youth when the giggling child grabbed him instead and enveloped him in his arms.

"I like you Heero! You're funny."

Duo hugged the solemn boy for all he was worth. As he let go, he saw a look of total shock on the surly youth's face.

"What did you just do to me?" he demanded breathlessly.

"That's a hug. You give it to people you like to make them feel good."

Heero opened and closed his mouth a few times and then turned and ran from the room and the confused child. He had never felt like that before and he didn't understand the strange feelings the little one engendered in him.

He managed to stay away for another week before he approached the child again in a youthful form.

Duo lit up as he saw his friend. He quickly bounced over and grabbed the boy and hugged him. He noticed that Heero stiffened up and remained ridged for a few moments before relaxing into the hold and letting himself experience the emotions it invoked.

"I'm glad you came back, Heero. Why did you leave me alone?"

"You... you make me feel things, Duo. I don't know how to deal with it."

"Don't worry Heero. I'll help you!"


Part 4

The years passed and as Duo grew, so too did Heero matching him in age.

Heero began to feel more and more and found himself reluctant to be parted from the exotic youth who had grown in beauty.

Heero's temple was no longer filled with rage and solemnity, it was filled with a simple enjoyment of life and Duo's ringing laughter.

It was not only the temple that had changed with the enlightenment of Heero, the rest of the world had changed as well. No longer was war the prevailing force that covered the world. As Heero's rage had been tamed, so had his desire to spread the sparks of war.

The other gods had noticed this and were curious as what could have affected the cold, unfeeling God of War to this extent. So it was that the other gods and goddesses crept to Heero's sacred temple and studied it for several days.

They were amazed as they caught their first glimpse of the lovely youth Duo. It was easy to see he was being groomed to become Heero's High Priest. This puzzled the other deities because it was obvious that Duo did not like violence, but none could deny the soothing and humanizing affect he had on Heero.

They watched in awe as Heero would smile at the braided boy's antics and even laugh with him, but the most telling gesture was his acceptance of hugs from the slender beauty. They were pleased with what they observed, but this still did not stop a disaster from happening.


Part 5

It was the day of Duo's fifteenth birthday. A party was being prepared

and Heero was happy because Duo was getting closer to the age at which he could be fully claimed by the War God.

Long ago the ruler of the Gods had decreed that no mortal could be fully dedicated to a deity until the age of adulthood, which was seventeen. Heero knew Duo thought he was being prepared to become a priest, but Heero intended to take the fey beauty as his bride.

His preists were even now planning a surprise party for his beloved. He sensed the other deities watching him almost constantly now but didn't care as long as they did not interfere with him.

A servant approached him and informed him that a group of barbarians had entered the temple to pay him homage and ask for his blessings in their upcoming war. Sighing, Heero resumed his adult form to attend the ceremony.

Duo smiled as he watched the priests run around and decorate a room for his birthday party. He giggled softly but made sure none of them saw him. After all, he didn't want to ruin their attempt to surprise him! As he made his way back to his garden, he never noticed the huge barbarian who saw him. He was unaware that the dirt encrusted man leered at him with lust and followed him to the garden. He remained unaware until it was too late.

Heero was focused on the chanting of the tribe in front of him when he felt a wave of anger and terror. Jerking from his meditative trance he recognized the emotions as coming from Duo. Bellowing in rage and alerting every soul in his temple that something was wrong, he flew down the corridors that led to Duo's refuge.

He frantically searched the area as he entered and when he saw Duo, he was overcome with a killing rage. HIS Duo lay naked and struggling underneath a filthy man who was trying to hold the youth still so he could violate his body.

Rushing forward, he yanked the offending creature from his beloved and threw him the length of the room. Taking a moment to assure himself that Duo had not been seriously harmed and to gently caress the frightened face, he then wreaked bloody vengeance on the interloper.

By the time Heero was finished, only pieces remained of Duo's attacker and he was covered in the sinner's blood.

Duo stared in shock as he witnessed the rage wreaked in his name. Seeing that Heero was not calming down, Duo dragged his bruised and nude body upright and made his way over the snarling God of War.

Duo was slowly able to calm the raging god and by the time everyone else in the temple arrived, Heero was in a more reasonable frame of mind. He banished the tribe of barbarians saying they would never have his blessing for a successful war again because of the attempted rape by one of their number.

Looking down, he saw a deep scratch in Duo's arm and began to get angry again when Duo performed the act that would end in his being torn away from his love. To soothe his beloved friend, he reached with his power and healed his cut, thus revealing that he was a healer. Unfortunately for the world and deities alike, the Goddess of Healing and Nature was observing the drama that night and decided that Duo belonged to her because of his healing ability.


Part 6

It was the day after Duo's fifteenth birthday when the cloaked figure of a woman entered the temple. She waited until Duo left the inner sanctum where she could not enter. She followed and made a noise so that he would turn and notice her. Faking an injury, she drew the innocent to her and when he was within reach, she grasped his hand and disappeared with him.

Heero knew the minute Duo disappeared from his temple and his cry of grief and rage shook the heavens. He vowed that all would suffer until his love was found and returned to him.

It was a dark time for the gods, goddesses, and the earth as Heero ran rampant and embroiled all of the Earth in war. No corner was spared and the death toll was huge. There was no relief for any and the other deities weakened as Heero grew in power and vowed to destroy all in his vengeance for the theft of his most priceless treasure.

So it was that the King of the Gods summoned them all and had a meeting. All but Heero attended, and he no longer had the power to compel Heero to obey him. He demanded to know who had stolen the boy. Hilde stepped forward and acknowledged that she had taken the youth.

However when it was demanded that she return him, she refused. She invoked her right to claim all healers as hers... not even the King of Gods could undo this right.

In his wisdom, he reached a compromise. If Heero could discover where she was keeping Duo and seduce the boy to his side before midnight on his seventeenth birthday, then she would relinquish all rights to the boy. Realizing that she really had no choice, Hilde agreed and left the meeting.

Hilde fled the meeting vowing that no one would take Duo from her. In the short time she had known the beauty, she had come to love him and had no intentions of giving him up.

She took him to her most sacred island that was warded against the other gods and took away his memory of Heero. As far as Duo knew, he had been in an accident that had stolen his memory and would now live here on this island dedicated to the Goddess of Healing.

He had been on the island for a year now and adored everyone on it. He especially enjoyed the visits from Hilde, but sometimes she made him uneasy. He knew she wanted him for a mate but something kept holding him back. Somewhere deep inside his heart, he knew he was in love with another... if only he could remember!


Part 7

Heero had few friends among the other deities but those he did have were faithful in their support of him. Trowa, the God of Stealth, Assassins, and Thieves was a good friend who had decided to help Heero in any way he could. He had searched for Duo on behalf of his friend and finally it had paid off.

He had discovered Hilde's secret island. He had thoroughly observed the workings of the island and had realized it was warded everywhere except a slim stretch of beach at the bottom of a set of cliffs from which her temple overlooked. This tiny slip of land was Heero's only hope for gaining access to the island undetected. Rushing to his friend's temple, Trowa gave Heero his news.

For the first time since Duo's disappearance, Heero felt his heart lighten. He hurried towards Hilde's island knowing that he had little time left to entice Duo to come to him... it was only two days to the youth's birthday.

Duo was preparing for his induction to the ranks of Hilde's worshippers. He would make his dedication at midnight on his birthday. He loved the people on the island but couldn't help but feel that it was wrong for him to take the vows. He still had a niggling doubt that this was not the future he originally wanted, despite what Hilde had told him.

He decided to go to his room and spend some time watching the ocean from his balcony. He could see the only strip of beach from his balcony but he had never been down to it; for some reason he was afraid of the beach and the water that flowed on it.

He had just settled down to meditate when he saw the striking youth walking on the beach, his feet still in the water. The somber teenager looked familiar to Duo, but he just couldn't place him. He glanced around quickly to make sure no one was watching; it was forbidden to go onto the beach and he didn't want the strange boy to get into trouble.

He quickly made his way down to the edge of the beach without stepping onto it and addressed the stranger.

"You really shouldn't be here. It's forbidden to be on the beach. You should leave before you get into trouble."

"I won't get into trouble. Why don't you join me. Just for a minute. You'll like the feel of the water on your feet and the sand between your toes."

Duo really wanted to join the boy but he couldn't overcome the fear that filled his world at the thought of stepping onto the beach. He turned and ran back to the temple and disappeared into its depths.

Heero clamped down on his howl of frustration and left to plan for his final attempt to win his love back from Hilde. He knew she was responsible for the memory loss and fear of the beach in his precious one.

It was the day of Duo's birthday. All day Heero watched the beach and looked for an opportunity to lure Duo to him, but the braided youth was surrounded all day. Soon night fell and with each passing hour his hope for retrieving Duo dwindled.

It was just fifteen minutes before midnight and his chance finally arose. Duo had stepped out onto his balcony for a breath of fresh air and to briefly escape the crowd at his birthday celebration. He spotted the dark-haired boy from the prior day and waved to him, then he gasped in horror as the boy seemed to falter and disappear under the waves.

Duo quickly climbed over the low balcony and dropped the short distance to the earth below. Rolling, he kept from injuring himself. He ran to the edge of the beach and stopped.

Again he was overwhelmed by the fear. He gulped and hesitated, then he saw the boy surface, cry for help and then sink again. Clamping down firmly on his fear, he ran onto the beach and entered the water.

Heero held his breath and prayed his ruse would work. Duo was a healer. Heero hoped that by faking a drowning, Duo would be able to overcome Hilde's compulsion and enter the water. He cried in triumph as Duo entered the water and his reach. Even as he encircled his beloved in his arms, he heard Hilde's cry of dispair as she realized she had lost her prize. Baring his teeth at her, he disappeared with Duo in arms, leaving the goddess sobbing on the beach.

Duo was shocked to suddenly find himself in a dying garden, filled with dying animals. Turning, he pulled away from his abductor.

"Who are you and why have you brought me here?"

"You know me, Duo! Fight the memory block Hilde placed in your mind! I can remove it, but it's better if you defeat it yourself."

Duo stared hard at the teenager who seemed so familiar. He stepped forward and gently caressed the cold, beautiful face. He felt an overwhelming impulse to kiss the shapely lips and gave into the urge. He leaned forward and delicately kissed the lips before he found himself in an unbreakable embrace, his mouth being devoured by the haunted looking boy.

At that moment his memories were freed and a name rang loudly in his mind.

"Heero! I remember! I remember everything! Oh my love, you found me!"

Heero trembled as he clutched his lost one to him.

"Never again! Do you hear me? Never again will I let you be taken from me. You are mine forever and I will never let you go!"

"Oh Heero, my beautiful garden and my animal friends, they are dying."

"You are here now, you will heal us all. We missed you and the heart in this temple died when you were stolen from me. Make us live again my love. Will you dedicate yourself to me? Will you be my bride for all eternity? I love you and for you alone, I will lay down my rage and hate and stop making war."

"Oh Heero, my mind, heart, body, and soul are yours. I will marry you and be your bride. I pledge myself to you for eternity!"

And so the God of War married his bride and the land was filled with peace. Gradually Heero lost his worshippers and his power and his temples fell into ruin. He didn't mind the loss, however, because he had Duo's love and devotion to sustain him... and in the end, that's all that mattered.



"Gee, grandpa, that a pretty story. So, Heero lost his power but he gained love and happiness."

"Yes, my little imp. There are those who still worship war but only as a protector. Sometimes war is needed to balance and appreciate peace. Now lets head back, little one. Your mother will be wondering where you are.

The two left, unaware of the two deities who had been listening to the story as well.

"See my love, you haven't been forgotten. You are remembered with honor!"

"Hn! I'd rather be remembered with fear!"

"I remember with fear. I was certainly fearful on our wedding night!"

"Baka, you know I would never harm you. I remember our first time with much fondness."



It was the day after Duo's birthday and the day of his wedding. A fantastic ceremony was held with all of Heero's priests and many of the gods and goddesses in attendance. Duo wore a robe of purest white with tiny white flowers entwined in his braid; he was a vision of loveliness. He walked towards his future mate and spoke his vows with a firm voice. His eyes sparkled as Heero made his own vow of love and fidelity.

The celebration lasted late into the evening and finally Duo was drawn away to prepare him for his wedding night. He was bathed in scented water, and after he had been dried off, his body was massaged to relax him. He was then dressed in a short silk robe with his hair left down and brushed until it shone with a light of its own.

He was taken to a room dominated by an enormous bed and divested of his covering robe. The High Priest gently led the nude beauty to the bed and secured him to the headboard with silk ties. "So must the Bride of War be presented to his lover; naked and submissive, giving body and soul for the pleasure of his Lord. I give you to Heero for consumation of your union." He gently kissed Duo's cheek and left him alone in the lavish room.

Duo shivered as he waited for Heero to appear. He was slightly afraid because he wasn't sure what would happen. He had been kept pure and his only prior experience with sex had been an attempted rape, which had been VERY unpleasant.

His head jerked up as he heard a gasp. It was Heero and he was gazing at Duo with a fierce hunger in his eyes. Those Prussian orbs raked over every inch of Duo's exposed flesh. He stalked over to the bed, entwined his hand in the chestnut colored silk and ravaged the full mouth of his love.

Duo moaned as he tasted deeply of his mate's mouth. The kiss was only broken due to Duo's need to take a breath. Smiling shyly, he watched as

Heero reached up and drew off his own covering robe and he could gaze at the god's unadorned body for the first time. He was greatly enjoying the view until he eyed Heero's impressive erection. The swollen organ seemed monstrous to his innocent eyes and he felt fear fill his heart.

Heero was immediately aware of the change in the fey youth in his arms. "Duo? What is wrong beloved?"

"Heero, I don't think we're going to fit together. I was told briefly what to expect but... it's so big. It won't fit." Duo blinked and kept his stare on the dripping organ.

"Do you believe I would ever hurt you koi?"

"No, but... "

"Then trust me to take care of you and give you only pleasure, my Sweet One."

Heero began an assault on the exotic boy's senses designed to drown his fears and overcome his hesitency with passion. He explored every inch of that nubile body and fired Duo's blood with each caress and kiss. Soon the beauty was moaning and whimpering for more.

Duo was on fire. He felt the passion rise and overwhelm everything. It slowly built, but he didn't know what he was waiting for, only that he needed... more. He was reduced to begging; he wiggled and writhed using his entire body to plead for the release that he sensed would free him and bind him to Heero forever.

Heero was fast losing his control, Duo was everything he had ever wanted in a lover; he responded to his slightest touch with such fervor. He licked and sucked his way down the smooth and toned chest, making sure to lave and pamper the berry sweet nipples. He drew further down the perfect body until he reached the dewing erection.

Thrusting out a greedy tongue, he ran it up the length of the red and swollen flesh. He smirked in satisfaction as Duo arched into the sensation and cried out in pleasure. While he licked and sucked the ripe fruit between Duo's legs, his hand dipped into a small cup of oil nearby and he gently began to tease the hidden pink pucker he planned to bury his own erection in.

Slowly, he worked a finger deep into the slender body beneath him, even as he drove Duo incoherent with the minstrations of his mouth. Soon he was able to add a second, then a third, and finally a fourth finger. He reached and searched as well as stretched with his long fingers until he discovered the hot spot deep within Duo's body.

Duo felt some mild discomfort but no true pain as Heero had delved into his body with his fingers, he had been throughly distracted by Heero's hot, sweet mouth on his manhood. He was so close to coming. Then he screamed as white hot pleasure flooded his system. Heero was stroking something deep within his body that caused such pleasure it almost bordered on pain. He began to plead with Heero to take him and finish it.

Heero grinned in triumph, this was what he had been waiting for. He had wanted Duo to ask before he finally took him. He wanted his beloved to be sure. Withdrawing his hands, he positioned himself and slowly began to penetrate the satiny body beneath him.

He groaned out loud and bit his lip in an attempt to maintain control and not just plunge in and pound Duo through the bed. He fully seated himself and then waited for Duo to adjust.

Duo began to wiggle and attempt to thrust upward. He needed more. He was so close and he wanted to finish so badly. He knew there had to be more that this. He almost sobbed with relief when Heero began to thrust in and out of his body. It felt so good. Soon, Heero was hitting that special place that made him see stars.

Heero was thrusting wildly in and out of Duo's tight heat now. He felt so good and as he pounded himself deeper and deeper into the willing body, he felt the himself getting close to a climax. Reaching down between their bodies, he roughly grabbed Duo's bobbing, neglected organ and began to stroke it in time to his thrusts.

It didn't take long for the sensations of Heero's strokes to the inside and outside his body to thrust the former virgin over the edge. Duo screamed as he spilled his creamy seed all over Heero's hand and his own body. Heero wasn't far behind as the combination of his thrusts plus Duo's muscles clenching with his orgasm conspired to bring about his own completion. Yelling Duo's name, he spilled his seed deep inside his soulmate.

The couple kissed tenderly and spoke soothing vows of love before falling asleep, tightly wrapped in each other's arms.


*End Flashback*

"I think we did pretty good on our wedding night!"

Heero stalked towards his mate in a predatory manner before snatching the graceful figure and slinging him over his shoulder. Walking towards the temple's inner sanctum, he announced that he felt the need to re-enact their wedding night. Soft giggling could be heard as the pair faded away into the shadows.