As yopu can see, I've been busy!! I don't own the boys, Bandai and Sunrise do. This is a Yaoi Lemon PWP. OOC abounds and pairings are 5x2,1x2! Thanks to Kitsune for beta reading this for me and also to Lina who had some very good suggestion!! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Black Lace Teddy

Heero, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were downstairs getting ready for dinner. Duo had been very low key all day and they were becoming concerned. Each boy jumped at the slightest sound and their nerves were on edge because they were certain Duo was just waiting to pull a prank on them.

Suddenly, a loud rapping was heard at the door, confused looks were exchanged as Quatre went to answer it. Trowa nodded slightly for him to open the door, his hand firmly on a throwing knife. They hadn't told anyone where they were so there was a chance the person outside was affiliated with OZ.

Quatre opened the door and gaped at the Adonis on the doorstep. The boy was at least three years older than they were and he had lovely topaz eyes. His body was nicely showcased in a black tux, but it was the high cheek-boned beautiful face that had the blond drooling on himself.

Trowa was quick to grab his lover and firmly plaster the boy possessively to his side before asking the question on everyone's mind. "Who are you?"

Perfect teeth were revealed as a smooth baritone voice answered the question. "I work for G. Duo and I have a mission tonight. Where is he?"

Heero growled low in his throat. /Who did he think he was? Duo was HIS and Wufei's partner... at least in their minds./ "Duo", he yelled, "Some guy is here for you." Glaring at the too smooth-looking guy, Heero demanded a name. If that braided baka didn’t know this guy...Omae O Koruso!

"Richard, I'm pleased to meet you." The handsome boy bowed slightly and hoped Duo hurried up. Three of these guys looked like they wanted to shoot him and bury him in the backyard.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my old friend Dick."

Looking towards the voice, the other pilots got an even bigger shock as Duo slowly sauntered down the stairs. He was dressed to kill...as a female.

The long chestnut hair was pinned up in a sexy, elegant chignon. His limber body was encased in a long orchid colored silk dress. A slit up the side revealed long, supple black hose clad legs. Make-up enhanced the large, liquid eyes and blush brought out the high cheekbones. The final touch was a soft shade of pink/violet that emphasized the honeyed lips that just begged to be ravished.

Groins tightened all around as Duo gently swayed into the room. Dick lifted a long fingered hand and kissed it. Then he asked the question that caused nosebleeds around the room. "Are you wearing that black lace teddy underneath? As I recall I won our last bet and that was the price of losing."

Duo licked his lips before purring softly, "I always follow through on my bets Dick and if you're lucky, I'll even let you see it on me."

Heero and Wufei both glared at the interloper when they heard that seductive answer. No one but the two of them would be seeing Duo Maxwell in a lacy teddy! Now they just had to figure out how to get rid of HIM and spirit the violet-eyed beauty away for themselves.

Dick glanced over at his stunning companion as he drove them towards the party. "Duo, you do know I was lucky to escape your safe house with my limbs intact?"

Duo turned those luminous eyes on his partner for the evening, "What are you talking about? I'm not involved with any of the guys, unfortunately."

"Why not, two of them were practically undressing you with their eyes. If you're interested in any of your teammates, well I think the feeling is mutual."

Duo looked truly puzzled as he replied, "Who are you talking about Dick? None of the guys have ever shown any interest in me. Quatre and Trowa are solid and I would never interfere with that, and Heero and Wufei are just annoyed by me." He let a soft sigh slip past his lips.

"I think your wrong, beautiful. The two you introduced as Heero and Wufei were practically drooling over how you looked and if looks could kill; I'd be dead.

Duo just snorted, "You're imagining things my friend. By the way, are we supposed to kill the target or just compromise him?"

Shaking his head at his friend's stubbornness, Dick replied. "We're supposed to compromise him. He should be killed only if there is no other option. I plan to lure him upstairs and get undressed with him. You get his wife to show you their bedroom and then discover the pair of us in bed. She's the one with the money and if she divorces him, then he can't support Oz any longer. He's been financing all their research. This will be a huge set back for them."

The pair arrived at the party, unaware that they had been followed. Duo and Dick had an invitation so they had no difficulty with getting in. Heero and Wufei, however, had to sneak in but had been smart enough to dress for the occasion and were able to blend in with the crowd.

It had been easy to spot the target. Duo grimaced at the unattractive man his partner would have to lure into bed. "Glad you're being the bait this time and not me. What a jerk to marry a women and then have affairs with men."

The large man grinned lazily and decided to have some fun with his friend. "Well, since I have to do the dirty work, why don't you help me attract his attention? Let's dance."

Dick walked over to the bandleader and made a request, then rejoined impish youth and waited for the current song to end and the next one to begin.

Heero and Wufei were searching the party for their missing comrade when they heard the sultry intro to a tango being played by the band. Eyes widened and then narrowed as they finally spotted their prey.

Dick bowed formally and extended a hand in an invitation to dance. He approved of Duo's wicked grin as the longhaired beauty accepted the invitation.

Heero and Wufei seethed as they watched as the Bastard, as they had dubbed him, lead their angel onto the dance floor. Mouths dropped open as they observed the two began the opening moves to the dance flawlessly. Duo was the epitome of sex as he swayed, twirled, and slid across the floor to the sensual rhythm of the song.

Duo was thoroughly enjoying himself as his partner lead him through the steps to the dance. As Dick dipped him, he drew up a lithe leg and ran it up the length of Dick's leg and wrapped it around his hip. The move caused the slit up the side of his dress to fall open wide giving everyone in the room a generous view of the perfect long limb.

Heero and Wufei almost blew their cover by rushing forward to tear the pilot of Deathscythe from the interloper's grasp as they observed him run a hand along the long exposed leg and then lower it so he could twirl the fey youth away from him. Then he pulled the boy back and wound his arms tightly around the slender form, before dipping him a final time for the finale.

Duo had enjoyed the dance very much but it was time for business. He had noticed their target watching them with hungry eyes. Leaning forward, he whispered in Dick's ears, "Half the mission has been accomplished, he's watching us. I'll go get a drink, leaving you available for a pick up."

Duo went to get himself introduced to the target's wife. He quickly charmed the women and within minutes they were trading beauty tips. He looked over the woman's shoulder and noted that his partner for the evening was going up the stairs with the target.

He kept up the small talk for another ten minutes and then informed the wife that he was in the process of re-decorating his home and didn't have a clue on what to do with the master bedroom. Being a gracious hostess, the wife volunteered to show him her master bedroom.

Dick REALLY hoped that Duo and the target's wife arrived soon. He was in his underwear being pawed by a guy who smelled like he hadn't taken a bath in three days. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able act like this guy was turning him on when the bedroom door suddenly flew open.

Duo tried not to smirk at the look of relief that came over Dick's face as he came in the door with the pervert’s wife. The woman stood gaping like a fish before she began to hurl anything within throwing distance at her unfaithful husband. She left the room in search of her guards to have them throw the two-timer out, while he followed begging forgiveness. It was comical, and Duo has to bite down on his laughter.

Heero and Wufei had followed fey boy up the stairs and had witnessed the success of his mission. They took up a post outside the door and peeped in through the door crack as they listened to the conversation.

"Well Casanova, you sure know how to pick them!"

"Very funny Duo. Next time you can roll around in your underwear with a smelly guy."

Dick raked his eyes up and down Duo's body. "I seem to remember that you owe me satisfaction. I want to see that black lace teddy. I have to be sure you fulfilled the bet."

Duo batted his eyelashes at his friend. "Why Dick, I'm crushed that you don't trust me!" The tease ran a hand up the length of his body until he reached the zipper to his gown. Running his tongue sensuously over his lips, Duo slowly began to unzip his dress.

Heero and Wufei decided that it was time to interfere. Both boys burst into the room. Heero grabbed Duo, while Wufei opened up the window and proceeded to climb down. Duo was in shock and so didn't resist as he was taken and then thrown out the window into Wufei's waiting arms. Just before Heero turned to follow the others, he turned back to Dick and made a command. "He's ours! Remember that if you want to keep all your parts functional."

Dick got dressed and left to go home to his wife. He had known the two jealous boys had been at the party and had followed them upstairs. He had only provided the fuel needed to get the two to finally act. Duo damn well better thank him next time they met!

Duo was quiet all the way back to the safe house as his mind tried to process what had happened. He shifted uneasily at the leers the two exotic boys kept sending his way.

When they reached the safe house, Duo discovered his captors were taking no chances and he found himself flung over Heero's very solid shoulder as he was carried upstairs and tossed on the bed.

Wufei locked the door and savored the nervous gulp that came from his soon to be lover. He and Heero had waited a long time for this. Walking over to the uncertain beauty, Wufei made his intentions clear as he grabbed the youth and planted a firm, confident kiss on full lips.

Duo couldn't believe it. He had wanted this for so long and he wouldn't even have to choose between the two warriors who had won his heart. Wufei released his lips and then he found himself in another embrace, only this time it was Heero devouring his mouth.

"Duo" whispered Heero, "We want to see that black lace teddy Dick was teasing you about all evening. Show us."

Duo's eyes darkened with passion at the huskily voiced request, and so he slid off the bed and sauntered across the room. Keeping his back to the impassioned pair on the bed, he finished unzipping his dress and let the silky material slide down his body and pool at his feet. He turned a full circle, giving Heero and Wufei and eye full before continuing to undress.

Heero and Wufei greedily took in the sight of Duo's scantily clad body. He now wore only the skimpy, fragile teddy and the black thigh high hose. They watched as Duo gently rolled the hose down his on his right leg. He made sure to bend all the way over giving the panting boys a good view of ripe, peach colored cheeks peeking out from the teddy. He repeated the act with his left leg, driving the two boys even wilder with arousal.

Duo then turned around and slowly drew the lacy shoulder straps down his arms and shimmied out of the erotic garment. He stood before the proud warriors completely and unashamedly nude. Only one task remained... with agonizing slowness, he let down his hair.

Wufei and Heero could only stare in awe at the smooth unblemished form before them. Duo was even more stunning than they had imagined. Unable to wait any longer, they rose from their perches and pounced the lithe, waiting boy.

Duo moaned as hands caressed him and slowly increased the fire burning in his blood. Heero was kissing and sucking on his neck, while Wufei licked and sucked on his firm, hard nipples. Duo reached out a shaking hand and quickly divested Wufei of his shirt and then worked his pants down to his knees.

Wufei gasped as he felt those strong, slender fingers encircle his aching penis. He began to thrust in time to the wonderful strokes Duo was subjecting him too. Nodding his head at the bed, the three made their way to the huge piece of furniture.

Heero and Wufei quickly took off their remaining clothes and joined Duo in his natural state. Both were looking forward to burying themselves inside of the lovely wanton lying on the bed before them.

Duo crawled over to where the spellbound boys were and made his demand. "Fuck me Heero, while I suck out Wufei's brains through his dick!"

Neither youth needed any further urging. Wufei knelt up on the bed making his dripping arousal available to that sinful mouth, while Heero located a tube of lube.

Duo grinned wickedly up at Wufei before taking his whole length into his mouth and sucking hard. Wufei practically screamed as his senses were overwhelmed by the pleasure Duo was visiting upon him.

Heero took a moment to observe Wufei's cock disappearing into Duo's mouth before generously covering his fingers in lube and plunging them deep inside Duo's body.

Duo was moaning from the pleasure Heero was giving him. He could feel the Japanese youth fucking him thoroughly with his fingers. He, in turn, increased Wufei's pleasure as he moaned and caused vibrations to stimulate the sweet flesh in his mouth along with the sucking motions he was maintaining.

Heero couldn't wait any longer. He could tell Duo was ready by the constant thrusting backward motion on his fingers. Coating his erection, he finally immersed himself in Duo's liquid heat.

Duo was in paradise as he was taken from the front and from behind. Both Wufei and Heero were giving him hard fast thrusts and his pleasure increased tenfold when the two joined hands and began to pump his own swollen flesh.

Three forms moaned, jerked, thrust, and slid their way towards a climax. All three increased their movements as they felt the pleasure building and threatening to overcome them.

Duo came first, unable to resist the sweet friction of the joined hands of his lovers. He spilled his seed, anointing the clasped hands.

Wufei came next as he thrust himself deeply into Duo's throat a final time, reveling in the feel of the beauty above him greedily drinking down his life's essence.

Heero held out, but even he couldn't hold out forever with the combined tightness of Duo's body, the friction of his thrusts and the vibrations produced by Duo's own release.

Duo quickly found himself sandwiched tightly between to tired and sweaty bodies. He had never felt so contented and happy in his life.

Looking into the sated eyes of his lovers, he knew his love for the pair was returned in kind. Cuddling close, the new lovers settled down for much needed rest. This had only been the beginning.