This is a little PWP with Yaoi Lemon I thought up while I'm working on part 2 of "Prey for the Beast" As always I don't own the boys. This is major SAP and OOC! Enjoy and let me know what you think.



Birthday Surprise


Duo was excited. He and Quatre had been planning for this day for 2 weeks now. Through a series of threats and investigative work the pair had discovered Heero's birthday. It was Duo who had discovered that the boy had never celebrated his birthday and he was determined to change that.

At first, they had tried for a surprise party but Heero had gotten suspicious and after cornering the pair and holding a knife to their throats, they had admitted what they were doing. He had scoffed, but even the great Heero Yuy was susceptible to the Quatre and Duo "puppy eyes."

Now the two were decorating the party room and planning for the final guest list. "Ok, I've taken care of the catering and you did the entertainment", stated Quatre as he checked items off their party list.

Duo looked over for a moment before speaking, "I know the guys are invited and will be there. I also invited Zechs and Treize... that just leaves Dorothy. You know if Dorothy comes, so will Relena."

Quatre stopped what he was doing and sighed. "Well Dorothy seems to have a good effect on her. She hasn't chased Heero in a while. Speaking of which, when are you going to tell him you're in love with him?"

Duo fidgeted before admitting, "I don't know. I do love him, but Quatre... he seems happy with things just as they are. I don't want to mess with that. I'll think about it."


The big night had arrived. The party was in full swing and every one was enjoying themselves... except Heero. Looking around the room he wondered where Duo was. He wasn't going to enjoy the party if Duo wasn't there. Heero retreated to a corner of the room, feeling a weight settle around his heart.

"Dammit Quatre, where is he?" demanded Wufei. "Heero's miserable and this was supposed to be a night of joy!"

Quatre was fuming by this point; he wanted to know where Duo was as well. Just then his cell phone rang, "Hello? Duo, where the hell are you? WHAT?!! I'll be right there."

Quatre raced to the kitchen to find a very frustrated Duo, some floozy sprawled out drunk on the floor, and a huge cake. "What the hell is going on?"

Duo looked at his pissed friend and hastily explained the problem. He had wanted to tease Heero because he was always so serious. He had hired the woman to jump out of the cake and give Heero his present from Duo. As it turned out the woman had arrived stone cold drunk and had promptly passed out after helping Duo unload the cake.

"What are we going to do for entertainment now?"

Quatre smiled evilly before telling Duo to wait a moment. Running back to the party in the ballroom he gathered Wufei and Trowa and took them back to the kitchen.

Duo looked up as the three entered the kitchen. "Why did you get them? Do they have an idea of what to do for the entertainment?" Suddenly Duo felt a strong flight-or-fight response as the three pilots began to close in on him in a very predatory manner.

Trowa and Wufei had just left to return to the party, leaving Quatre to finish up with the sulking Duo. "Come on Duo, it's for Heero and it's for fun. You know he won't be expecting this."

Duo glared at Quatre for all he was worth before giving in. "Fine, since it's do this or parade around in an apron." His teammates had held him down and stripped him, running off with his clothes and leaving him only a kitchen apron for modesty.

Quatre watched with satisfaction as Duo gathered the woman's outfit and disappeared into the pantry to put it on. Twenty minutes later Duo emerged from the pantry in a short black satin robe that covered the outfit but left his hose-clad legs on display. Quatre couldn't help but admire those long limbs. Lifting a hand, he assisted Duo into the cake and shut the lid. He returned to the party, leaving instruction with Rashid to bring in the cake in ten minutes.

Heero felt like he was going to cry. He shouldn't have let his hopes get up this much. This night was supposed to be so perfect. The party would be in full swing, and he'd finally tell Duo how he truly felt. But Duo wasn't here... and now Heero wondered if the braided boy cared for him at all. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, and turning he saw Quatre.

Quatre smiled at his friend. He'd come a long way from being emotionless. "Don't worry Heero, Duo will be here in a few minutes, I promise."

Heero watched as Rashid entered the room with a big cake. He felt better now, but didn't want to start in on the cake without Duo. He didn't get a choice as he was dragged over to the looming confection. Looking at the big cake and realizing it was fake; a wary gleam entered Heero's eyes.

Sultry music suddenly floated up from inside the cake and drew everyone's attention. All eyes watched as the lid to the cake flew open and a pair of slender arms slowly rose from the hidden depths. Those arms teased the audience as they caressed one another, then a slowly undulating figure began to emerge from the cake.

Heero felt his mouth dry up as he realized that the seductive form rising from the confection was Duo. He was totally mesmerized for a moment as he realized that Duo had his silky hair down. He reveled in the beauty of it before jealously realizing that the others in the room were seeing Duo like this as well.

Duo lost himself totally in the throbbing music. He ran a delicate but strong hand down his chest to the tie of the robe at his waist. He gently pulled it loose, allowing the garment to fall open before shrugging his shoulder and letting the soft material flow down his body to pool at his high heeled feet.

Everyone in the room stared in fascination at the erotic figure before them. Duo wiggled and weaved to the music in a lacy crop top that was secured with satin ribbon in the front and hung on spaghetti straps over his shoulders. His midrif was bare for all to see the smooth, toned stomach. He wore matching filmy highcut panties. The back of those panties started off in a small triangle that turned into a thong, revealing tantalizing, firm butt cheeks. The look was finished up with thigh-high black hosed with a seam down the back that ended in a small black bowtie over the backs of his ankles.

Duo slowly danced down the layers of the cake to reach the ground. Once he was on the ground, he twirled around giving everyone a good view of his exposed flesh. He spun around, letting his hair cover and then reveal the beauty of his body as it kept in time with the rhythm.

Duo really began to enjoy himself as he took in the rapid breathing of his audience. Deciding on revenge, he danced over and rubbed his entire body up and down Wufei before spinning out of reach as the groaning boy tried to capture him. Slipping behind Trowa, Duo ran a hand down the front of his pants and squeezed the erection he found, before fleeing to lick Quatre on his neck.

Heero seethed inside as he watched HIS Duo dance around and tease everyone in the room. He knew it was only a matter of time before the beauty danced within his reach and then... he'd grab him, and never let go.

Duo was having too much fun frustrating Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre and wasn't paying attention to who he was dancing near. Suddenly, strong arms encircled his waist and he found himself pinned to the wall. Lips crushed against his, demanding entrance as a hand began to explore his body.

Duo began to writhe under the hands and lips trying to escape. Shoving hard with his hands, he finally managed to dislodge his assailant. "Relena! What do you think you’re doing, you're with Dorothy!"

Relena gulped as she managed to regain control over her raging hormones. Looking over her shoulder at Dorothy's angry face, she knew she was in for it. She watched as Dorothy calmly walked over to her purse and pulled out a switch.

Heero had been rushing over to tear Duo out of Relena's clutches when he saw Duo free himself. He watched with amusement as Dorothy pulled a switch out of her purse and proceeded to swat a crying and yelping Relena from the room for further punishment.

Duo stared in shock at the spectacle of Relena and Dorothy before he was grabbed again. This time he relaxed into the arms as he recognized Heero. Duo suddenly yelped as he was swept up into Heero's strong embrace and carried from the room.

Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa smirked at each other as they noted the mission had been accomplished. Turning back to the furiously making out Treize and Zechs, the three decided to have their own make out session.


Heero carried Duo to their shared bed and dropped him on it. Gazing down at the elfin boy with love and just in his cobalt-blue eyes he spoke, "Thank you for my birthday party. Now I'm going to have my cake and eat it too!"

Duo moaned as Heero began to undress him. Heero took his time making sure to kiss every inch of the smooth skin that was uncovered. He ran his hands up those shapely legs before drawing down the hose and slipping it off. He was equally gentle in removing the top of the outfit.

Heero leaned over and kissed the berry sweet lips, running a tongue over them before plunging it deep inside Duo's mouth. He groaned as he felt Duo's tongue rise to duel with his own. Pulling back regretfully, he began to trail kisses down Duo's neck.

Heero kissed his way down to the delicate nubs that awaited him on Duo's chest. Carefully, he sucked on first one, and then the other. He went back and forth between the two until Duo was begging breathlessly. Laughing softly, he moved away from the highly sensitive nuggets.

Duo was in heaven. Finally, he was going to make love with Heero. He ran his hands down that firm back, then he drew off the tank top. He continued to undress Hero, even as he gasped with pleasure from Heero's kisses. Drawing up Heero's head briefly to stare into those deep pools, he made the most important confession of his short life. "I love you Heero."

Heero couldn't believe the precious gift Duo had just given him. Eyes darkening with love and passion, Heero set out to bind them together forever. He worshipped every inch of the silky form beneath him. Sighing with happiness, Heero finally reached that firm column between Duo's thighs.

Duo watched as his lover ran his tongue over his ripe organ. He cried out in pleasure as Heero licked him like he was an exotic lollipop to be savored to the fullest. He writhed on the bed, thrusting his hips upward to encourage Heero.

Heero licked and sucked every inch of Duo's hardness. Then he moved lower and thrust his tongue deep inside the hot body. He reveled in Duo's open-mouth panting as he prepared his koi to be taken.

Heero pulled back, as he had very little control left. All he wanted now was to be buried deep inside Duo's willing body. He looked around the room for something to use a lubricant, when he spotted a bottle of baby oil. Slicking his fingers, he drove a finger deep into Duo's body.

He waited for Duo's body to relax before beginning to thrust the finger in and out. He quickly added two more fingers, and moving them around, he discovered the hidden nub deep within which caused Duo to scream with pleasure as he rubbed it.

Knowing that Duo was ready and as close to the edge as he was, Heero removed his fingers and positioned himself. Grabbing Duo's chin and forcing Duo to look into his eyes, Heero thrust all the way into Duo's body as he told him he loved him.

Duo felt tears of happiness as his lover admitted his true feelings and they became one. He began to thrust his body back towards Heero to encourage him to move. He moaned loudly as Heero pulled back and then thrust into him hard, hitting his sweet spot and flooding him with pleasure.

Heero never wanted it too end as he moved within Duo's body, stroking him from within. All too soon the pleasure began to build at a pace that was driving towards a climax. Heero increased his speed, thrusting into Duo so hard and deep that they were rocking the bed across the floor. Driving in deep one last time, Heero came deep within the silken body. Heero's release triggered Duo's own. Both boys collapsed happy and sated.

Drawing his lover into his embrace and settling down for the night, Heero enjoyed his first birthday and the priceless gift of Duo's love.