Teaser-Warrior Angel

Trowa, Quatre and Wufei were worried. They had watched as Heero had slowly buried his heart over the past century. He had failed twice now in trying to claim a soulmate and there was only one chance left. Heero was loosing his faith and all three boys knew that he would die along with chosen one if he failed again. Warrior angels had a life filled with much sorrow and the requirements in a soulmate for them were strict.

Heero was aware of his friends concern. He could feel them staring at his back. He could even admit to himself how worried he was, he had failed with the other two and that failure had resulted in his having to take their lives. He cursed the rules that surrounded the bonding process. His soulmate had to be strong and willing to look beyond the obvious, therefore a harsh test was required. It didn't help that none of the other warrior angels had this problem. They had all had successful claimings the first time. He was the first to be in danger of becoming a fallen angel.

It was time. His last chance at bonding with a soulmate had arrived. It was time to meet the chosen one, the one bearing a mark on his chest.

Duo Maxwell, adpoted son of Father Maxwell bounced into the churches auditorium. "Father, look at this. It was on my chest this morning when I woke up."

Father Maxwell gasped in shock as he stared at the red mark on Duo's chest...a mark that was shaped in the symbol for a Warrior angel.