Ok here's a new idea for a fic. Read it and let me know what you think or if I should continue it. I'm off to work some more on the last part of The Hunt. I had to write this because that silly muse just wouldn't let it go til I wrote it down! Later and enjoy!


King Zechs paced the room in worry as he waited for his four closest friends and advisors to join him. An intruder was loose in the palace and had already killed two guards and one of his nobels. He was uncertain what was going on but he knew it had to be tied to the unrest in his nobels lately. He had heard rumors of a secret group that wanted to dethrone him and take the power for themselves.

Zechs thought were interrupted as his advisors finally entered the room. Wufei drew his gaze first. Wufei was his personal bodyguard and lover and he could see the concern in his eyes and anger as well. He had sent Wufei from his side to investigate the killings and the Chinese youth had resented leaving his charge. He turned and greeted the rest of his closest advisors, Quatre was his senschal and a seasoned diplomat, Trowa was his Master Assassin and Heero was his Military leader. Each of these men was a master at strategy and completely loyal to him.

Trowa was the first to speak, "It looks like a professional assassin is loose in the palace. He took the bait and attacked where you were supposed to be but killed the ones making the trap and escaped. I feel he's still here and will try to kill you before he leaves." He would have said more but a form in the shadows of the room moved and all four advosors watched in horror as a blade sped towards their friend and monarch.

Duo watched the proceedings in the room and tried to ignore the conversation as he glancd around the room for a way out. He had slipped into the castle and had relieved several of the more snooty nobels of some of their richs and had been making his getaway when the king had entered the room. He had thrown himself into the shadows and hidden, waiting for the group to leave.

He had noticed a movement about half a second before the assassin revealed himself and had hurled a blade at the ruler. Acting on instincts alone, Duo had run from his hiding place and had slammed into King Zechs, toppling the tall man to the ground and had covered him with his own body. Thew blade flew over their heads and struck the wall behind them. Duo watched with wide eyes as the assassin suddenly became riddled with throwing knives and realized that all four of the other men had reacted as fast as possible and had eliminated the villian.

Zechs lay stunned for a few moments before looking at his savior. His eyes widened as he took in the slender form and stunningly beautiful face of the youth on top of him. For amoment he thought it was a lass but a second look revealed it was indeed a striking male who had saved his life.

Duo gracefully gathered himself up and rose from the floor. His glance around the room quickly revealed that all exits were now blocked except for the three-sory high window. He edged away from the King and ended up in the gripe of the Military Commander, Heero.

Zechs finally got off the floor and approached Heero and his captive. "Who are you?" He recieved a stubborn look for his answer and smirked at the outraged gasp as he was throughly searched by Heero.

Heero was enjoying himself as he ran his hands over the intriguing boy in his arms. When he found the hidden pouch, he knew their unexpected guest was a thief. "Hn, it looks like we have caught a little thief." He held back a sniker at the glare he received from the most exotic colored eyes he'd ever seen. Those expressive violet orbs fascinated him.

Zechs sighed, all thieves were punished by a public lashing and then a prision sentence. He didn't really want to do that because the young one had saved his life. He knew as well as everyone else in the room that this little one could have escaped while the assassin attacked but had done the honorable thing and had saved his life. His attention was drawn back to Heero as he questioned the fey beauty.

"Where are you from and whats your name?" demanded Heero. His reply was a rude gesture.

Duo began to regret his impulsive gesture as a positively evil gleem entered the eyes of the VERY handsome man holding him. He found himself yelling and cussing as he was suddenly shifted and ended up over the man's lap. Those rather course words turned to yelps of pain as the a hard hand was applied to his backside. After about ten hard blows he was righted and he felt his face burning with outrage and shame as he tok in the snicering faces of the others in the room.

Heero held onto his stern look despite wanting to kiss the boy sensless. Those flashing eyes and pouting mouth were too tempting. "Shall we try this again? Whats your name and where are you from."

Glaring at his tormentor for all he was worth, Duo answered the question. "My name is Duo and I live in this city." He was introduced to everyone in the room and committed the name of the big bully holding him to memory. He was asked more questions about what he was doing inthe palace. "I was releaving some of your more stingy nobles of things they don't even use or need. I only took from the ones who are cruel." Duo covertly glanced around the room and felt a spark of hope as he realized that this was the room that he had made a back-up escape room. All he had to do was reach the window.

Zechs was trying to keep his firm expression in place as they received the sullen reluctant answers from the prisoner. He really was too cute for his own good. He saw that he was not the only one charmed by the little thief. Lulled by the youths seeming cooperation, no one was prepared for what happened next.

Heero had loosened his grip some and was not prepared for the hard elbow to the gut he received. He grabbed the hurt area reflexively and released his captive without meaning too. The boy was free and across the room before anyone could react. They all watched in horror as Duo jumped out the window. Heero ran to the window afraid of what he would see. He was joined by the others and noted the grief on their faces that they hadn't been more careful. None of them had thought Duo would fling himself to his death.

Four men stared in surprise as they spotted the little thief climbing down a rope that was attached to the window below theirs. Heero couldn't believe the audacity of the youth and held his breath until Duo safely reached the ground. Then five jaws dropped in disbelief as Duo bent over and mooned the most powerful men in the kingdom. His laughter echoed behind him as he escaped into the night.

It was Zechs who started laughing, which released the others and they started laughing as well. Turning, he addressed his friends, "I don't care how long it takes, but I want you to find our little thief. He's about to be recruited to the royal service. With his help, I'm sure we can find the conspirators who are plotting against me."

Heero continued to stared into the night, the king's orders suited him just fine. He definately had plans for their cheeky thief.