I don't own the boys (sob), Bandai and Sunrise do. This is a GDW AU.
It is yaoi and will have a lemon at some point. Mild squick on Prologue. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Pairings will be 1x2, hints of 3x4.

Prey for the Beast

The boy ran through the forest trying to escape the growling creature behind him. He couldn't understand why this was happening to him, one moment he had been facing a friend and the next, a monster had appeared in his place. He was already bleeding profusely from the wounds inflicted by his pursuer’s claws and he was getting tired.

Slowly, the beast stalked its prey. It wouldn't be long now and once again there would be the sweet taste of fresh blood and meat. Moving swiftly and silently the distance was closed between predator and prey.

The bird in the tree watched with disinterest as the prey was run to the ground and a scream of agony was abruptly silenced. It flew away from the scene of violence and terror with the wet sounds of feeding filling the air.


Heero settled into his seat and waited for class to begin. He was mad about the incident that had occurred last night. One of the human students had been stalked and killed by a pack member, this was strictly forbidden and the offender would pay with their life. He was unsure which member would have been so bold. The rules were made by the bitches of the pack and few wanted to anger the females. They had the ultimate power over procreation because there were so many males and so few bitches.

Une ran this particular school and she was also the current Alpha female. Treize was the alpha male and he was very strict on following the rules. Heero was a member of the elite pack, but they couldn't be everywhere because their numbers were small at the moment. His personal pack only consisted of Quatre, Trowa, Wufei and Sally. Relena, the other resident breeding bitch, had been furious when they had chosen Sally over her. She desperately wanted Heero for a mate, but he wasn't interested.

Wufei had been the one to breed with Sally and she was pregnant with a litter now. Trowa and Quatre were a mated pair and had no interest in mating with a female. He had been strongly encouraged to mate with a female, but the truth was he wasn't attracted to females. His only focus at this point was his pack and the protection of his race.

Treize sighed as he observed his favorite student brooding in the back of the room. Heero was strong and he fully expected him to take over the pack one day, but he had refused to take a mate.

At one time he had hoped that Heero would mate with Relena, but thus far the female had only driven him away. They did have the power to transform a human into a pack member but Heero had not shown a strong interest in any of the humans in the school.

Now he had to worry about a Hunter being sent to the school. A human had been murdered, and it was only natural that a hunter would be sent to investigate and punish the guilty. Trieze only hoped the hunter was reasonable and would let the pack dispense their own brand of justice.

He started the class, only to be interrupted by Lady Une a few minutes later. Going to the door, his eyes widened at the slender, elfin youth standing outside the door. Lady Une announced that he was a new student.

Heero sat up as he caught an unfamiliar scent at the door, he noticed other pack members had followed suit. Treize re-entered the room leading a slim youth. If not for the male scent, Heero would have had difficulty guessing the gender of their guest.

"Class, we have a new student. He has transferred here from America. Please introduce yourself."

The fey beauty stepped forward and announced his name. His melodious alto filled the room as he stated his name was Duo Maxwell and he was happy to be attending this school. Then the fey youth stunned the whole room with his dazzling smile.

Heero stared as Duo approached him and asked if the seat next to him was taken. He managed to stammer a no before the boy's sweet scent filled his senses. The elfin boy smelled of lime and underneath that crisp clean scent was Duo's own unique smell... spicy and mysterious.

Treize watched in shock as practically everyone in his class took turns covertly staring at the new student. He was practically overwhelmed by the scent of arousal that was filling the room. Duo was a bright spirit, filled with life and joy, and of course, a lovely face and body.

Treize shook his head as he realized that his world was about to be shaken up. He could already tell there would be challenges among his pack on who would get to woo the beauty as a potential mate. His troubles had just increased again.

Relena seethed silently as she watched everyone fawn over the new student. It was sickening! She began a steady, low growl as she scented arousal coming from Heero every time he gazed at the American. Snarling in displeasure, she decided that he had to go.

Duo was slightly overwhelmed at the welcome he was receiving from the students. Everyone was going out of his or her way to be nice and helpful. Only two people were making him feel uncomfortable, one was the blonde girl across the room who stared daggers at him all day. The other was the Japanese boy he had sat by. That one's bold cobalt-blue stare had made him feel funny and tingly at the same time.

His introspection was suddenly broken as he found himself surrounded by several classmates, each one volunteering to show him to his dorm room. Just as an argument was about to break out, Principle Treize appeared and announced that HE would show Duo to his room.

Treize rubbed his head, feeling a headache coming on. He could well see the attraction that the American held for his younger pack members, but this was a distraction he really didn't need right now. Smiling at the slim youth, he opened the door to show him his room. The smile quickly turned to a scowl as he saw the visitors in Duo's room, each one stinking of lust as they laid eyes on the pretty boy.

Duo tried not to laugh out loud as he watched Treize ground out a suggestion that his visitors go study for tomorrow's assignment. He made it quite clear that Duo needed time to settle in and visitations could wait for a few days. Duo thanked the Principle for his time and set about unpacking and making himself at home.

Looking around his room some time later, Duo was pleased with the results. Everything was unpacked and he had anime posters up on the wall. He was just putting up the finishing touches to the decor, when he heard a knock at the door. Opening the door, he was surprised to see the Japanese boy from earlier, and he had some friends with him.

Heero swallowed hard as he stared at the new student, damn but this boy was beautiful. Clearing his throat and glaring at his companions' amusement, he introduced everyone to Duo. He felt his heart leap as Duo agreed to go to dinner with them. This would deter some of the younger pack members when they saw that the Elite were interested in the American.

Dinner had been very pleasant and Duo had enjoyed the company of the others. He, Quatre, and Sally had carried on most of the conversation, but he'd been comfortable with everyone. They were nice and walked him back to his room, but as they left, Duo decided to go for a walk.

As Duo walked through the forest path that was generously lit by the full moon, he was unaware of being followed. He was slowly stalked and as he drew close to a clearing, he jumped as he heard a twig snap and heard a menacing growl from the path behind him. Following his feelings of flight or fight, he broke into a run, trying to escape whatever was behind him.

Relena smirked as she pursued her human prey. She fully intended to get rid of the boy once and for all. She followed the slender form as it zigzagged in and out of the trees. She was so close, breaking through the trees into another clearing; she suddenly stopped. Her prey had vanished. Snarling in frustration, she sniffed the air to pick up his scent.

Hunter Shinigami watched as the bitch tried to find her missing prey. Laughing evilly, he dropped down and attacked in a flurry of black.

Relena howled in fright and terror as she was attacked. She couldn't see much of her assailant due to the concealing cloak it wore. Never had anything moved so fast. She tried time and again to strike the moving figure but she missed each time, worse, she knew they were just toying with her.

Shinigami decided it was time to end the encounter and question the female. Drawing his weapon for the first time, he easily pinned the female werewolf with the cutting edge of the scythe. He deliberately drew some blood at her throat to impress upon her the seriousness of the encounter. As she lay whimpering, he introduced himself, "I am Hunter Shinigami and you were stalking a human. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take your head."

Relena wet herself in terror as she realized the trouble she was in. Hunters were the final judge and executioners for all supernatural beings. "I... I was only going to scare him. I wasn't trying to kill him. He attracted the attention of one I wanted for a mate; I just wanted him to leave. Please."

Shinigami nodded and released the bitch. Her words had the ring of Truth to them; she was not the one who killed the young boy in these very same woods. He jerked to attention as he heard others approaching. Several other Werewolves entered the clearing and quickly surrounded the pair.

Treize had heard the howl of distress that Relena had uttered and had gathered Une and his elite and had gone to investigate. He quickly restrained Wufei when he wanted to attack after taking in the scene of a terror stricken Relena and the cloaked figure standing over her. "Are you the Hunter sent to investigate the death of my human student?"

"Yes" replied the clocked figure.

"Why did you attack Relena?"

"She was stalking a human boy through these woods. I questioned her and found her to be harmless."

Treize looked at the two for a moment before asking Relena who she had been stalking. The trembling girl looked up from her cradle in Une's arms and admitted that she had been stalking and trying to frighten the American student.

Heero stiffened as he realized who Relena's victim had been, he tensed to go in search of the missing boy before the before the Hunter spoke up and let them know that the youth was quite safe.

Treize observed the continued tension in Heero and asked just how the Hunter knew that the Maxwell boy was safe.

All of the pack members tensed at the maniacal laughter that came from the cloaked figure. They watched with bated breath as delicate hands reached up and threw off the hood of the clock. Gasps were heard all around as the face was revealed. Glowing, violet orbs dominated the elfin face that bore the mystic brand of the hunter on the right cheek. It was an individualized symbol chosen by the hunter to represent his name. On that fine-boned cheek rested crisscrossed scythes in the form of an X, a face that everyone in that clearing recognized. It was the beautiful face of Duo Maxwell, now revealed to be Hunter Shinigami.

Treize was the first to get over the shock of finding out that Duo Maxwell was a Hunter. Looking at the deceptively frail-looking youth, Treize asked to see his mark of rank.

Duo smiled, he was impressed with Treize. He was smart enough to ask all the right questions. Reaching up, he released his concealing cloak and allowed the silky garment to flow down his body and reveal his bared shoulder.

Treize again smelled arousal in the air as his elite took in the view. Duo was dressed in low-riding, skintight, black gundanium fiber pants that left little to the imagination. His top was a cropped muscle T-shirt that was made of the same material. As far as Treize knew, only Hunters knew the secret to making gundanium fibers into cloth for uniforms. Even Treize had to admit the hunter looked delectable in that outfit.

Duo hid a smirk as he watched the reactions to his outfit. Finally, Treize's gaze traveled to his bared upper right arm with the mystical brand of his rank emblazoned on his skin. He watched those cornflower blue eyes widen as he took in the rank of 02. Duo was Commander Epyon's hand picked successor.

"I'm honored to receive such a high ranking Hunter," stated Treize. He watched his elite digest that information and then realized that this boy must be deadly indeed to be second to the head of the Hunters. "How can we assist you?"

"I need to see the body of the victim and then the site of the slaughter."

As Duo was lead back to the campus, Heero asked a question he had been dying to know, "How come we didn't smell you?"

Looking into the very handsome face Duo replied, "Hunters can conceal their scent since so many of the nonhumans have sensitive noses. If you pay attention you will notice something else."

Heero concentrated and then realized that he didn't *hear* Duo walking. It was if the boy were a ghost. Suddenly he wanted to spar with the boy and see what else the enigma was capable of.

Treize lead the group to the basement of the building, where the preserved body had been stored. He watched as Duo entered and gazed on the shredded remains for the first time. He noted that the expressive face suddenly lost all joviality as he began his examination.

Duo carefully went over every inch of the mutilated form; he examined every bite and scratch. There wasn't much left of the boy so it didn't take long. The killer had been clever and had distorted the claw and bite marks to prevent identification by that means, but he hadn't been quite clever enough. Duo found a single spot on the back of the boy's neck that had a clear tooth print.

Working quickly, Duo made a mold of the tooth before giving Treize permission to turn the body over to the boy's family. Then he made a strange request. "I need for one of your smallest males to transform so I can examine his teeth.

Quatre stepped forward and volunteered, because he was one of the smallest males in the pack, but he more than made up for the lack of size with his incredible intelligence.

Duo carefully measured his incisors and made a disturbing discovery... the model of the killer's tooth was smaller, which meant the killer hadn't been a pack member. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to blame a pack member for this.

Treize, Heero, and Wufei accompanied Duo to the site of the murder. All three watched in fascination as Duo chanted and then released a spell that covered the area.

Duo waited to see if the spell would reveal the presence of magic. After a few minutes, the spell revealed a very faint taint of old magic in the area. Duo was very disturbed now. It was time to make his initial report. He invited the elite werewolves to accompany him back to the main hall. He wanted to use Treize's communicator to call in his report.

Duo added a scrambler to Treize's communicator and then contacted Commander Zechs, or Epyon as he was called in the field. "Sir, I have finished with my preliminary investigation and the results are disturbing. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make the murder look like a pack member did it, but the one clear tooth mark in the victim indicates that it was a true animal, probably a real wolf. Magic was used to cover up any clues left in the area so whoever is behind this knows our procedures very well and either has a trained wolf or the ability to control a wild one."

Zechs took a minute to mull over the information before deciding to disclose some information that had been kept under wraps. "Duo, we think this is the work of a serial killer who has a grudge against nonhumans and Hunters. We are now seeing a pattern of related incidents in the nonhuman communities of a series of murders that require we send a Hunter to investigate. The murders began with the death of a human and then several nonhumans before the Hunter is attacked and maimed or killed. He has slowly been making his way to this state where the primary nonhumans and the Hunter school are located."

Duo digested this information before asking his question, "Why hasn't this been mentioned before?"

"Because we weren't sure it was connected before... and we think the killer may be a rogue Hunter."

Duo heard the sharp intakes of breath behind him as this information was revealed. "Do you know who it is?" Duo wasn't surprised by Zechs shaking his head 'no' or by his superior informing him that he would be joining them soon. Zechs intended to be a part of the investigation.

Duo ended the conversation before turning around to face the pack members. Looking into Treizes eyes, Duo was relieved to see that no suspicion of him lurked there. Nodding his head to accept that compliment, he posed his next question. "Zechs will want me to wait before investigating further. Can you arrange for all humans and pack members to travel in groups of two, three, or more until we've caught the killer?"

"It shouldn't be a problem. I'll have the teachers spread the word and announce that it is for safety until the investigation is closed. You look tense Duo, we have an arena if you think a workout would help."

Duo was relieved, a workout was just what he needed, now who should he victimize. Looking at the elite, he realized he wouldn't have to choose when Heero stepped forward with a challenging gaze.

Heero was excited; this was his chance to get the slender youth in his bed. Sauntering forward he named his suggestion for a prize to the victor. "I say the winner gets to claim the loser for whatever he chooses." Heero felt a tightening in his groin as Duo seductively licked his lips and announced that he was on.

Since everyone wanted to watch this fight, Treize, Une, Relena, and the rest of the elite entered the arena and took their seats as the combatants prepared to face off against one another.

Duo stepped out into the arena and began a series of stretches to limber up and get ready for a workout.

Heero transformed into a very large werewolf and watched the petite youth across the way stretch with obscene thoughts running through his head on what he could do with the flexibility he was observing in Duo.

Duo indicated he was ready by stepping to the center of the ring and taking a defensive stance.

Heero slowly stalked towards his prey, his eyes taking in the relaxed breathing and readiness of his opponent. He bared his teeth and attacked with all his speed, taking a swipe at the Hunter's head and suddenly reversing directions to aim at his belly.

Duo gracefully stepped to the side avoiding the attack before slipping under the swing to lash out with a powerful leg and strike his prey directly in the chest.

Heero fell back slightly but quickly shrugged the blow off. Duo was faster, but he was stronger and he needed to use that knowledge to his advantage. He began to circle Duo, trying to force him into a smaller space where his speed would be limited.

Duo rushed at the big wolf, almost too fast for the eye to follow, and swept at his legs. Heero danced back and braced himself, inadvertently setting himself up for Duo's favorite move. Duo leaped forward and pushed off of Heero's own knee, somersaulting high into the air and landing a solid blow to the underside of Heero's chin as he completed the flip to land delicately on his feet.

Heero saw stars for a moment, before clearing his head. Grinning evilly, he cut loose. It had been too long since he had a worthy opponent that he could spar full out with.

The elite watched in total fascination as Heero and Duo sparred. Both moved with lightning speed and with a skill that few could ever hope to meet. Neither could seem to gain the edge over the other, both seemed evenly matched.

Duo and Heero were both exhausted. They had been fighting full out for two hours and were ready to drop. Afraid of hurting one another due to fatigue, they decided to call the match a tie.

Loud clapping was heard from the now full arena as the two warriors took a bow and started to walk off the field. Just as they reached the edge, Heero suddenly grabbed Duo, dipped him, and then devoured his lips in a passionate kiss. He noted the catcalls as he continued to plunder the sweet depths. One thing was clear in his mind as he slowly released the braided wonder; Duo had been kissing him back just as fiercely.

Heero escorted Duo back to his room, he was hoping to steal a couple of kisses from the beauty when he smelled blood emanating from Duo's room. He shoved Duo behind him as he kicked open the door.

Duo stared in anger and grief at the lithe body on his bed. It was one of the pack and his throat had been slit and then his heart cut out of his chest. The missing heart wasn't far away; it was on Duo's dresser in a crystal dish with a note propped by it.

Heero had growled and had tried to keep Duo from entering the room, but Duo knew the killer was gone. He approached the note and cast a spell on it while Heero summoned the others with a howl. The spell detected no trap, so Duo opened the note and read it out loud.

"This fool wanted to offer you his heart. I took the liberty of making his wish come true. Wasn't that nice of me? I know you Duo Maxwell and it pleases me that you are the Hunter they sent here. We belong together and soon I will come for you, but I need to finish up with these freaks first. Tell Heero that if he touches you, I'll cut off his balls and eat them for breakfast, until later my sweet.'"

Duo looked into Heero's eyes and saw the rage simmering there. He also felt a chill in the pit of his stomach because whoever the killer was, he was watching them and watching them closely.


Duo glanced around his new room. Treize and Heero had both insisted that he room with a pack member now because of the personal threat in the note. He wasn't surprised when Heero demanded that he share a room with him... he wasn't disappointed either.

He had cast a preservation spell on his own room and had left things relatively untouched so that Zechs could investigate it firsthand when he arrived. He finished unpacking with Quatre's help, and thanked the young man as he left.

Heero paced around Wufei's room anxiously as he waited for Quatre and Duo to finish unpacking. He was uncomfortable with having the braided youth out of his sight. He knew he was behaving irrationally and possessively where the hunter was concerned, but he couldn't help it.

Trowa and Wufei watched their leader, suppressing snickers as they watched him pace in tight, worried circles. They had gleefully placed bets with each other on how soon Heero would bed the slender boy and place a claiming bite on him.

Secretly they were relieved. Heero tended to shut people out and be antisocial. Someone like Duo was just what he needed. They both nodded at each other in a silent pledge to help Heero protect the fragile seeming youth from the danger surrounding them.

Quatre had finally left, and Duo decided to take a shower to relax his tense muscles. He hummed softly to himself as he ran over the facts they knew about the murders. He was particularly disturbed by the fact that the killer seemed to know him. He finished rinsing shampoo out of his hair and began to twist the thick mass to rid it of the excess water. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he cleaned up the bathroom and left it to prepare for bed.

Heero had entered the room searching for Duo, when his sensitive ears detected the running water of the shower. He took off his shirt and was just reaching to take off his shorts when Duo re-entered the room. He could only gape as his eyes greedily took in the revealed expanse of flesh. A low rumbling started in his chest as his animal side rose, along with his arousal, to overtake his rationale.

Duo was startled to hear the growling that was coming from Heero. His eyes narrowed as Heero began to stalk him from across the room. Looking into those beautiful blue eyes, Duo saw only the beast that was within the boy and knew the animal wanted to claim him.

Duo watched as Heero drew nearer and realized he had to decide whether to submit or fight at this point. He never lied to himself and he already recognized that he was just as attracted to Heero as Heero was to him. If they really weren't suited to one another, the claiming of tonight could be broken. His main concern, and the reason for his hesitation, was the very real threat to Heero's safety if they did this. He didn't want Heero to get hurt because the stalker pursuing him.

Suddenly, the decision was taken out of his hands as he was pounced and thrown backwards onto the bed. Heero quickly pinned the smaller youth down with his own weight. He slowly nuzzled his nose and ran his cheeks over every inch of Duo's body, marking him first with his scent.

Heero was in heaven; the writhing body beneath him was soft and silky. He pressed his face directly over the most heady of sites and breathed deeply of Duo's arousal, imprinting that unique scent into his senses.

He licked the violet-eyed boy's family jewels in their delicate cradle between his legs. He savored every gasp and moan, then worked his way upward, wanting to taste that saucy mouth.

Duo's moans were abruptly cut off as Heero claimed his mouth in a voracious kiss. He aggressively sucked the elfin creature's tongue into his mouth and spared with it, seeking to dominate it.

Heero was drowning in the sweetness of that mouth. He wanted more. Forcing himself to pull away, he then attacked the tender flesh of the neck. He licked and sucked his way down to the pert nipples, leaving a blooming trail of love bites as he went.

Duo writhed in pleasure from the intense sensations Heero was arousing within him. Dragging his pleasure ridden senses together, he decided it was time to give as good as he was getting.

He jerked forward, unbalancing Heero who was not expecting that kind of move. He quickly used his body to flip them over so that he was on top and before Heero could retaliate, Duo attacked a firm nipple. He alternately licked and nipped the helpless bud, keeping his would-be lover off balance with the combination of pleasure and pain.

Heero was trembling with need. He wanted nothing more than to quench the fire between his legs in Duo's soft, hidden sheath. It was his turn to moan as Duo kissed and licked his way down his sculpted chest. He felt like he was losing what little was left of his mind.

Duo lovingly laved every inch of the broad chest beneath him, before ending up at the ultimate prize. Grinning wickedly at Heero and making sure he was watching, Duo slowly moved forward and stuck out his tongue. He enjoyed the increase in the pants from Heero as he watched Duo close the distance and finally apply that wet warmth to his aching manhood.

Duo was thoroughly enjoying himself as he licked and sucked Heero's organ like it was a lollipop. He sucked up the creamy juices it produced with relish, enjoying the bittersweet liquid. He continued to taunt and tease the rigid flesh until Heero couldn't take it any longer, and flipped his mischievous lover off of him and onto his hands and knees.

Heero was growling constantly now and fighting to hold off the change. He ran strong hands over the firm, rounded globes that were now offered up to him as a sacrifice to his lust. Pulling the twin globes apart, he relished Duo's howl of pleasure as he plunged his tongue deep inside the boy's hidden rosette.

He took his time and carefully covered every inch of that soft darkness with saliva to prepare it for penetration. Reaching over to the bedside stand, he further insured Duo's safety by applying lube as well. He coated his fingers and plunged two deep inside the beautiful body, searching for that special spot deep within that would cause Duo to see stars.

He knew he had found that spot when Duo suddenly jerked and cried out with pleasure. He rubbed the spot mercilessly, watching the body beneath him writhe and wiggle in ecstasy.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He had to bury himself inside the beauty and he had to do it now. Positioning himself, he plunged deep inside, howling in triumph as he claimed Duo.

Duo's body rocked with the forceful thrusts from Heero. He cried out as time and time again Heero slammed into his prostate. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to fulfillment. He wildly began to thrust backwards in a rhythm that enhanced both of their pleasure and drew them even closer to the edge.

Heero could feel the change overcoming him as he continued to thrust wildly into the sweet body below him. He was so close now and he could sense that Duo was ready as well. Snarling, he released the beast and fully transformed, staying deep inside Duo's body.

He grabbed his soon-to-be-mate and yanked him upward, flush against his furred now body, causing the youth to straddle his lap as he continued to plunge in and out of Duo's body. The change in position caused even deeper penetration and even harder slams into Duo's hot spot. Sensing that they were both about to cum, Heero bent Duo's head to the right, exposing the slender column of his neck.

Thrusting upward, hard one last time, he sank his teeth into Duo's neck, marking Shinigami as his as they both came. Heero spilled his seed deep within Duo's body as Duo spilled his seed all over his lap.

Duo could feel the change that occurred in Heero and knew he had transformed. Part of him wondered what this meant while the other half screamed for him to shut-up and enjoy getting his brains screwed out. He gasped as they changed positions and actually saw stars as Heero slammed even harder into his prostate. The last thing he remembered before he passed out was overwhelming pleasure accompanied by a sharp pain as he came harder than he ever had in his entire life.

Heero gently lay Duo down on the bed. He licked up every drop of the precious fluid on Duo's lap along with his life's fluid that leaked from the bite wound. He rubbed his scent over every inch of Duo's body before returning to his human form. A sense of strong possessiveness filled him as his gaze wandered over the luscious body and the slender neck that now bore his bite mark on it. Sighing happily, he gathered the exhausted form tightly against his body and settled down to sleep.

Hostile eyes starred daggers at the now darkened room. Rage seethed through the shadowed form as he realized what had happened in the room above. Duo was HIS. He would take great delight in destroying that upstart wolf for daring to claim what was his. He would just have to speed things up; it was time for hunter Shinigami to disappear.

Duo woke as the rays from the sun gently caressed his face. He was aware of the solid presence lying next to him in the bed. Carefully, he disengaged himself from the band of iron wrapped possessively around his waist.

Duo gracefully rose from the bed and stretched, grimacing slightly at the dull ache on the left side of his neck. He wasn't worried about becoming a lycanthrope from the bite; Hunters were made immune to such phenomenon as a part of their training. He was lucky in that his immunity would protect him form any type of infectious scratch or bite.

He was aware of a difference however that was related to the bite and the intercourse that he had with Heero. Taking a moment to internally investigate himself, he realized what that was. He now had an awareness of Heero. He could feel his presence in the room and that he was very content as well.

As he began to dress himself, he closely examined the new bond that now existed between himself and Heero. It seemed that he would now be able to sense where Heero was without having him in sight and he was also aware of Heero's emotions. He suspected that Heero would have the same ability where he was concerned.

Heero sighed at the sated feeling that filled his body as he slowly awakened. He reached over to grab his lover, only to encounter an empty space. Opening his eyes, he spotted Duo over by the mirror, braiding his hair.

Getting up, he sauntered over to the lovely youth and claimed his mouth in a good morning kiss. He feasted on that full mouth for a few moments before turning and entering the bathroom, after all, as much as he would have loved to dally all day in bed, they both had a classes to attend.

Heero and Duo were finally ready and opened the door to a sea of smirking faces. Heero colored slightly and then growled menacingly at his elite. "What the hell are you doing?"

Sally was the only one brave enough to actually tease the big wolf. She knew he wouldn't hurt her no matter how hard she provoked him. "Inquiring minds want to know if the sex was as good as the howls you were making last night?"

Heero flushed and was ready to yell at the impudent female when Duo took over the situation. He gave her a sizzling and seductive look that gave her butterflies in her stomach before leaning over to whisper erotically in her ear, "Baby, the howls don't even come close to the wet, hot, and wild screwing we did last night."

Heero watched in satisfaction as the entire group turned red from embarrassment. Duo had made sure his voice was loud enough to carry to all of them. Snickering, the pair walked away, leaving the others to scramble to catch up.

Heero's good mood was ruined as he entered the classroom and noted all the lustful stares HIS koi was getting. The elite's dorm was further out than the rest so chances were high that the rest of the school had not realized that he had claimed Duo yet. Well, he would fix that right now.

Grabbing Duo, he pulled the boy tightly against his front, tenderly twisted his face so that his lips were now within reach. He plundered those lips thoroughly before running his cheeks all over the boy's face and making it clear to everyone that Duo was off limits.

Duo glared at Heero for a few moments before becoming amused at the whole situation. "Gee Heero, you know what I like best about you? You're so subtle." Duo bounced to his seat leaving a blushing Heero to follow.

Heero and Duo both were glad to hear in each class the announcement that no students were to be left alone until further notice. All students were to pair up where ever they went. It was during the last class that Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Sally received a summons to Treize's office.

Entering the office, Duo was glad to see his Commander. He noticed that Zechs was dressed in his uniform, complete with silver mask. He quickly made his report and then the group went to his room. Everything was perfectly preserved by Duo's spell and the group began a thorough investigation of the crime scene.

Zechs surveyed the crime scene with increasing concern. He didn't like the personal threat to his second in command. Duo was like a little brother to him and he was highly protective of the youth. He had also noticed the possessive way Treize's second in command was eyeing his Hunter. He would need to have a talk with the wolf and lay down a few ground rules.

It was Duo who found the most shocking piece of evidence. This murder was much like the others, except this time the killer hadn't bothered to try and frame a pack member. He'd killed the victim and then had removed his heart. They had discovered that the killer had used a knife, but he had also used another weapon and they couldn't figure out what the other weapon was, until Duo found a piece of it.

Duo stared at the object he held in his hand and began to tremble. Heero sensing his distress immediately went to his side. He looked at the seemingly harmless object Duo held but knew this was the cause of his love's distress. Duo gave Heero a shaky smile, then rose to show Zechs what he had found.

Like Duo, Zechs stared at the evidence, his eyes filling with sorrow. "I'm sorry Duo. I thought he was dead too, but he's the only one who ever used this type of weapon." He turned to explain things to the others.

Zechs held up a slender piece of ribbon for the others to see... it was covered in blood. "This is a very special weapon. It's made of flexible gundanium and there are only three people who have the knowledge to use it. One was the legendary hunter Maxwell and he taught his son it's use and his son taught Duo the basics in its’ use. I know for sure Maxwell is dead and we thought his son was dead. You know Duo is not the killer because he was with you when the murder occurred, so that only leaves one possibility.

Zechs sighed and decided to tell the whole story. "Duo was not always my second in command. He and Maxwell's son came to me at the same time and were now orphans because of Maxwell's death. Duo had been adopted by Maxwell and he and Maxwell's son were the best of friends. I can still remember it like it was yesterday."


Zechs looked at the two children who had been brought to him. One was the natural son and the other the adopted son of Hunter Maxwell. Maxwell had died in the line of duty and his funeral was today. Both boys had been brave at the funeral but the older one had been fiercely protective of the younger boy. He had asked the two what they wanted to do. Without hesitation, they had both stated they wanted to be Hunters.

Over the years he had watched the two grow and become the best students he'd ever seen. One used Maxwell's weapon, the ribbon, while the other used a scythe. Both could beat all other Hunters. They sparred frequently and each learned the basic use of the other's weapons. They rose within the ranks until no one was capable of defeating them, except for Zechs.

It was in winter that a tragedy occurred that paved the way for an even greater tragedy. The two boys had always been close to one of the senior Hunters. Her name was Hilde and she had been a surrogate mother to both of the lost boys. She was sent on a mission that cost her life. Duo had mourned her loss but the other had raged about it. He blamed the Hunters as well as the nonhumans. The only one safe from his rage was Duo, whom he guarded jealously from all others.

After a month and no improvement or lessening of the rage, Zechs had suspended the youth. He could no longer trust him to be objective in his judgements. That night and argument had occurred in the house that sheltered all the Hunters. No knew exactly what had happened but a fire had broken out. All but three made it out. The two who had been fighting...and Duo.

Zechs had been there that night and heard a frantic yell from an upper story window. Looking up he watched as the older of the Maxwell brothers had thrown his beloved stepbrother to safety and into Zechs' arms as the house suddenly exploded. They had found only one body in the charred remains and scrapes from the elder Maxwell boy's clothes. It was assumed that he had burned to ashes and a funeral had been held for both of the lost boys in the fire.

Duo had been silent and had grieved for a year before Zechs had been able to convince him to go on with his life and live it to the fullest as a tribute to his lost ones. A year after that, the killings had begun.

(end flashback)

"So you're saying you know the killer?" asked Treize. Duo turned to face the leader of the pack and Treize felt his heart shudder in sympathy for the grief he saw reflected in those beautiful lilac orbs.

"Yes, he was my brother, protector, and at one time my love, although we were never together. I hope to heaven that he's not the one behind this because if he is, then we will have a hard time stopping him." Duo looked out the window and felt fear in his heart. The person who had done these killings was not sane and he hoped that it was not his stepbrother because he wasn't sure that he could defeat him if it came down to a one-on-one fight.

Looking at the torn ribbon in his hand a name came to his mind, it was a name he had not spoken since his assumed death.... Solo.

Heero and Duo walked back to their shared room in an uncomfortable silence. Heero desperately wanted to help his lover but didn't know how. Reaching out, he gently clasped a hand and held it in his own, giving a silent, but unmistakable show of support.

Duo was startled to feel Heero grab his hand and hold it. He gave a squeeze of thanks and returned to his introspection about the current situation.

Solo watched as the pair slowly made their way across campus. He felt a surge of rage as he watched that creature touch his lovely angel. Snarling, he vowed to take Duo away from the foul creature and his influence before the night was over.

Heero heard a noise behind them and had an instant to push Duo behind him before an object came sailing through the air at the shocked pair.

He snarled in grief and rage as the severed head of a pack member struck his chest and then hit the ground and rolled a couple of times before resting face up, blank eyes empty of the spark of life.

Laughter filled the area from a dark patch in the nearby woods; a taunting voice filled their ears. "Another freak of nature has met the end it so richly deserves. Stupid wolf, I'm going to kill you slowly now. You touched something that didn't belong to you, that was too good for you, and you'll pay for it!"

Duo tried to grab Heero and calm him down but was a fraction too late to stop him from changing and plunging into the woods after the killer. He was well aware that Heero wasn't thinking and that could get him killed if he caught up to Solo and challenged him.

He cast a quick spell and changed into his uniform and took off after the two angered boys. He sent off a spell flare to alert Zechs of danger and entered what he knew was a trap for him and Heero.

Solo was elated, it had been too easy to bait the stupid wolf and get him to come after him. He knew Heero was deep into his animal persona and that his reasoning skills were decreased because of it. Just a few more feet and he would turn to attack. He would cut the fool to pieces with his ribbons.

Heero could scent his enemy and he increased his speed. He longed to rip out the throat of this arrogant bastard and bathe in his blood. He sensed that Solo had stopped and was waiting for him just ahead. He rushed into a small semi-circle of cleared forest floor and was immediately attacked, but to his disappointment it wasn't Solo attacking him.

Duo had used all of his speed to catch up with his bondmate. He entered the small clearing just in time to use his scythe to kill a huge regular wolf and push his transformed lover out of the way of a strike at Heero's back by Solo.

Heero growled low in his throat and tried to fight down his animal side. He hadn't expected the rear attack and if not for Duo, he would have been badly wounded by the slicing ribbons.

Solo was displeased at the failed ambush. He raked his eyes lustfully over the object of his obsession before speaking, "Long time no see, kid. I'm disappointed that you didn't wait for me. I was coming back to claim you."

Reaching out a soothing hand to Heero, who was growling at the possessive look in the blond’s eyes, Duo took a good look at youth before them. Very little had changed about his childhood friend in looks, he was still very handsome with hazel eyes and long blond hair. "Stop this Solo. These killings are wrong. Please, let me help you."

"I'm not the one who needs help, kid. These creatures are a disease on the face of the earth and need to be wiped out. Hilde was killed by one of them and now they will all pay. She was the closest thing to a mother that either of us ever had and what do you do?! You choose to let one defile your body!"

Heero would have rushed the enraged youth if not for Duo's restraining hand. How dare this sick person belittle what he and Duo had! "I love Duo and I won't apologize for that to you or anyone. My pack had nothing to do with the death of this Hilde and it's wrong of you hunt us down and make us pay for the crimes of another!"

"Oh look, the beast can speak. Well I have a new trick for you to learn. Roll over and play DEAD, doggie!"

Duo and Heero dived to the side as Solo sent his weapon slashing forward to dig deep grooves in the ground where the pair had stood.

Duo turned quickly to strike at his former best friend, only to find scarlet red ribbon winding around his body and firmly trapping him. He cried out a warning to his lover as another band of edged ribbons lashed out and slashed at the huge werewolf.

Heero grunted in pain but demonstrated no other reaction to the deep cut that was now bleeding freely on his arm. So far he had been able to dodge the slashing and twisting weapon enough to prevent serious damage, but his body was covered in multiple cuts and he was weakened from blood loss as well as fatigue, and he was slowing down. Cursing himself as a failure, he knew that soon Solo would score a major wound.

Duo wriggled frantically to free himself, just a little more and he would escape his bindings. He knew twisted one last time and the ribbon fluttered to the ground. Grabbing his scythe, the fey boy entered the fight.

Solo barely managed to avoid the sweeping blow of the deadly scythe. His only comfort was that his angel had not been trying for a killing blow, he had been going for a disabling strike. Deciding he was through playing, the tall blond whipped his favorite weapon outward in a killing blow aimed at Heero.

Crying out in fear and denial, Duo realized that if that blow hit Heero, it would kill him. In a selfless act, he threw his body in front of his mate's and waited for the deathblow. Looking into horrified blue eyes, he whispered to his love. "Ai Shiteru". Then the ribbon struck its mark.

Solo cried out as he watched Duo fling himself into the path of his ribbon of destruction. He frantically used every bit of skill his father had taught him to change the flow of the weapon. At the last moment he was able to change it's edge so that it captured its unexpected prey rather than killing him. Yanking hard on the ribbon, he pulled the slight violet-eyed youth into his embrace and cast a spell. This fight was over for now, he could hear others approaching.

"NOOOO!" Zechs entered the clearing just as Yuy yelled, his voice filled with grief. Fearing the worse he swung his eyes towards where the large lycanthrope was staring, just in time to see Solo vanish with a teleportation spell. Solo had escaped and he had taken Duo with him.


Duo's head was throbbing as he slowly woke from the darkness that had enveloped him during the teleportation spell. He wasn't surprised to find himself restrained by leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

Twisting his body around, he was able to take in his current surroundings. He appeared to be in a small bedroom, bound to a bed by the cuffs and the chains attached to them, so he couldn't leave it to look out of the small window that was across the room. There was a chair and a door that was open that lead to a bathroom, but he couldn't tell much else.

He pulled at the bindings for a few minutes but realized he wasn't going to be able to loosen them at all. He heard footsteps approaching and quickly settled down, waiting for Solo to enter the room.

Heero was desperately trying to focus his control and locate his missing mate, but it wasn't working. He could feel that Duo was now awake and that he was unharmed, but he didn't know how long that would last. Sighing, he looked at the anxious members of his pack and shook his head to inform them that he had failed.

"That's ok, Heero. The bond is new and it hasn't had time to grow. We will find him!" Treize stared hard into the eyes of his second and willed him to believe his words. They had been going over maps of the area trying to determine where Solo was hiding. It had to be near by because teleportation spells were limited in range and they had not sensed any further magic since Duo had been abducted.

Heero snarled silently, the waiting around was getting to him. He needed to act. Maybe if he went back out to where they disappeared he could find some clues. If nothing else he could search the whole area; they couldn't have gone far.

He stood to leave, when he heard a menacing growl. "Where do you think your going, Heero? I haven't given you permission to leave." Heero bristled at Treize's command. True, he loved the man like a father but he wanted his mate and he was willing to challenge for the right to go search for him!

Treize tensed as he realized that Heero wasn't fully rational at the moment and was considering challenging him. He knew he couldn't afford to lose this challenge or they would lose Heero. He knew it wouldn't be long before Heero took the leadership from him anyway, but now was not the time.

Heero growled low in his throat, transformed, and attacked. A part of him yelled that this was stupid and that he didn't want to hurt Treize, but his animal side was stronger right now and all it realized was that it's mate had been taken and blood would flow for that!

Treize transformed and quickly leapt to the side to avoid the rush from his second. He quickly pounced on the large wolf's back and worked to pin him. His luck failed as Heero threw him off and charged him again.

Zechs and the other pack members watched in silence, wanting to help but unable to interfere in a battle such as this. The rule was that any pack member had the right to challenge an order and take over leadership, if he or she won a fight and defeated the current alpha male. They could only bear witness to the fight and await the outcome.

Treize did not want to hurt Heero and he could see that despite his rage, Heero was holding back as well. Using all his skill he avoided another swipe at his body and twisted around behind his protigi. Moving quickly, he rushed under an aggressive swing of Heero's arms and got inside his guard and enclosed Heero's vulnerable throat in his jaws.

Heero froze as he felt the sting of Treize's fangs at his neck. He knew his leader only had to flex his muscles and those teeth would tear open the furred skin and veins. Sighing as reason returned and his animal side submitted, he raised his head and further exposed his throat as a sign of surrender.

Treize felt relief fill his body as his second surrendered and submitted. Cautiously, he released his bite and, seeing the look of reason back in those blue eyes, he licked the now bruised area and gently nuzzled the distraught youth to let him know all was forgiven.

Heero held tight to his mentor's embrace as they both turned back into their human form. He looked up to apologize but Treize placed a finger gently on his lips to stop him.

"I know, I'd be the same way if it was Une who was taken, or any of those I love. We will find him."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they began to examine the map again and make plans to retrieve their lost one.

Duo tensed as Solo entered the room. He noted that the older boy had a glass of water and he offered it to Duo. The braided youth stared at it suspiciously before accepting a sip.

Solo gazed at the elfin creature before him. Duo was even more beautiful than he remembered. 'Take him and make him yours,' urged a soft voice in his head.

Lust filled eyes ran over the slim form as Solo pounced and claimed the full lips before him. He was vaguely aware of Duo resisting but he was overwhelmed by the taste of the delicate boy on the bed.

Snarling, he pulled back as he realized Duo had bitten him. Smiling darkly at the little minx, he reached down and drew a gundanium knife from his boot sheath. Slicing quickly, he opened the shielding shirt and ripped the halves off leaving the captive beauty's chest bare.

Bending down, he bit and kissed his way all over the chest and grabbed between his victims legs. He pulled back, puzzled at the lack of swelling in that delicate piece of flesh.

Solo felt his heart freeze as he took in the tears in those orchid orbs and the bruised lips, as well as the scratch and bite marks on the previously smooth chest. What was happening to him?! What had he been doing?! This was DUO, he had sworn never to harm him!

Duo barely held onto his tears as Solo had mauled him, he couldn't imagine a worse fate than to be raped by his best friend and brother. He was shocked when the older boy had pulled back after groping his crotch and he had seen horror in the hazel eyes.

Duo watched as Solo grabbed his head as if in pain and slowly the hazel color of his eyes was replaced by glossy black. Those eyes were no longer human.

"I thought I'd erased all of his goody-goody tendencies and then you come along and he resists me like he did in the early days. Well, I'll just wait until he tires and then I'll rape and kill you. With you dead and with the knowledge that I used his body to do it, he'll just fade away. I'll have total control and I'll finish getting my revenge!"

Duo stared in horror at his possessed friend. "Who are you and how in the hell did you take over Solo?"

"I am Duma. I live off the suffering and blood of others. I was here long before you pitiful mortals learned the ways of magic. That stupid bitch Hilde freed me from my prison by accident and then fought me. She lost and then I took possession of her body. I was weakened by my long imprisonment and ended up destroying her. She still had a spark of life in her when your precious Solo touched her body and so I possessed him. He was hard to control at first, but eventually I began to influence him more and more. You were the only one I couldn't get him to harm and so I faked our deaths and took him from your influence."

Duo digested this information and realized that the demon couldn't let him live if he was the only one who could still reach Solo. His attention was drawn back as the demon continued to speak.

"I have waited a long time to get revenge on the ones who imprisoned me. Taking over Solo was the first step and then waging a war against the wolves and the hunters was the next. Killing you will not only destroy what's left of Solo's soul, but it will also hurt the ones I want to destroy. You see the ones who enslaved me were Treize and Zechs!"

"They were in their prime at the time and lovers as well. Bet you didn't know that! They gradually drifted away from each other and the wards they placed on me weakened. Love was the only reason they defeated me before. It allowed them to be one and combine their powers but now they are too weak to seal me away again. I will take everything away from them and then I will seal them away to eternal torment!"

Duo was shocked by the revelations he had heard. Treize and Zechs had been lovers at one time? Duo jerked as a cold hand clasped his chin forcing him to look up.

"I can't kill you right now like I want to. He resists me, but he will tire and then I will return. I will take my pleasure from your delightful body and then I will rip the flesh from your bones and savor your blood. Think on that while you wait here, helpless and unable to defend yourself. I'll be back... soon!"

Duo trembled as the possessed body of his brother left. He had to escape and before the creature returned, otherwise, there would be no one to stand in his way and he would win.


Listening carefully and making sure that Solo was truly gone, Duo wiggled his body around until he could reach his braid. He hadn't tried to reach around for it earlier because he was sure Solo had checked it and removed any hidden surprises. Solo knew he used the braid as a secret hiding place, but now that he knew about Duma, there was a chance that Solo had kept the information from him.

He was relieved to know, on some level, that the obsessive behavior his former best friend had been displaying was due to the demon's influence. He was worried about his friend. He had to free him, but he knew he would need the others to do that.

Finally, he was able to reach his braid. Delicate fingers gently penetrated the woven silken and found his salvation. He still had his lock picks carefully hidden in the sturdy braid. Sighing with relief, he removed the slender device and maneuvered it to his lips.

It had been a long time since he had used his mouth to pick a lock. He slid the delicate point into the lock on the cuff and gently began to twist the device. Sweat began to build and drip a little bit as the strain began to wear at him. Apparently Duma knew he was a master thief and had taken care to select special cuffs that would be difficult to break free from.

He resisted smiling as he heard a series of small clicks that indicated he was close to conquering the lock. Just a few more turns should do it. Forcing himself to continue to keep a slow pace, he heard to more clicks as a reward for his hard efforts. One more should do it. Taking a deep breath without unclenching his teeth, he used his mobile tongue to manipulate the slender pick for a final turn, when he heard a crack. Moaning in failure, he watched as the pick shattered from the strain put on it.

Holding back tears of frustration, the elfin youth watched as the remains of the pick fell to the floor. He had been so close. He drew in a shuddering breath and lifted trembling fingers to his braid one last time. He pulled out his last lock pick. If he failed with this one, Duma would carry out his sick plan; he would die and Solo's soul would be destroyed forever.

Duma grinned in triumph. He had finally beaten down Solo's resistance. The small part of Solo that was left was totally drained now and easily imprisoned so that he could not interfere further. Now he would deal with that delectable little bitch in the other room. He was already hard and wet at the thought of ramming himself repeatedly into that soft, supple form. He would savor every pained cry that came from those full lips. It really was a shame he couldn't keep him, but he needed to end Solo's resistance once and for all and the destruction of his "little brother" would insure that it happened.

Duma slowly undressed, letting each caress of the removed clothing raise his desire. Inside his head he could hear Solo pleading with him to stop. He gave the weakened soul a mental slap to silence him and then sent horrific visions of him thrusting in and out of Duo's unwilling body, tearing the delicate flesh with his huge oversized cock. He filled Solo's mind with blood flowing from the delicate and helpless body of Shinigami and then, after he had violated his victim several times; he would rip out Duo's heart and feast on its sweetness. He laughed at Solo's agonized cries at the mental torture.

He was ready. He approached the door and stopped just outside, letting his anticipation build. He reached down began to pump his dripping erection, using his magic to make it even larger. He would enjoy the fear and shock the monstrous organ would inspire in the helpless hunter.

Grinning evilly, he opened the door and stepped through, eyes going immediately to his helpless prisoner on the bed. A minute later, a howl of rage was heard as Duma realized his victim had escaped. He stared in rage at the empty cuffs, dangling from the headboard.

Duo ran through the woods and furthered the distance between himself and the demon that inhabited his friend. He smirked softly to himself as he heard the raging cry behind him. He laughed softly as he waited for Duma to discoverer the surprise he had left for him.

Duma was snarling as he raced to the open window that his prey had fled through. Yet, he could smell the sweet blood of the slender youth; he must have cut his hand as he escaped. The rich aroma of the ruby liquid filled his senses and he vowed that the elfin boy would not escape the fate he had planned for him.

He stepped up to the window, only to collapse in pain as he hit a blood spell left on its frame by his supposedly helpless prey. The spell wound bands of red around his body and slowly contracted. The bands tried to crush their captive prey, but Duma was very old and powerful. He knew he could escape the bands, but he would lose precious time in doing so and his prey would escape.

Duo staggered a bit as he felt the spell he had set activate. He knew that it wouldn't hold Duma long, but it would hold long enough to strengthen the distance between them. He knew Zechs disapproved of blood magic, it could be very corrupting if not used wisely, but he'd had little choice. It had worked and he was free, that was all that mattered at this point.

Heero suddenly jerked as he felt a wave of euphoria coming from his missing mate. He turned to go out the door, when a hand of steel stopped him. He eyed his angry leader as the man growled at him.

"I thought we'd settled this earlier! You do not go anywhere without my permission second!"

"It's Duo, I can feel him! He's gotten away and he's trying to get back to us! Please, we have to go, now!"

Treize stared into Heero's earnest and frantic eyes and nodded. The elite and the leader of the hunters all ran out the door to find their missing comrade.

Heero was filled with the strong emotions of his lover and it was helping him to pinpoint his location. The closer the two came towards each other, the stronger the bond became. He could feel that Duo was very close now, they had to be almost on top of each other.

Duo was tired and knew he couldn't go much further, but he also knew his mate was near. Grasping at the fading crumbs of his energy, he plunged through a thicket into a clearing and spotted his beloved on the far side. "Heero!" he managed to gasp before he collapsed.

Heero raced across the clearing and gathered up the exhausted youth in gentle arms. He frantically nuzzled the pale form in his grasp, assuring himself that he was ok. He crooned softly to his love, stroking the trembling flesh and calming him down.

"Duo! Are you all right? We were worried sick about you!" shouted Zechs.

Orchid orbs gazed sadly into his eyes. "Zechs, it was Solo but its not his fault. He's possessed by someone you know, someone who wants revenge on you and Treize. Zechs, Solo is possessed by the demon Duma."

Zechs and Treize both paled. "God help us. He's come back and we don't have the bond to defeat him this time."


The shocked group had quickly made their way back to the relative safety of the school campus. Une was waiting and quickly approached Heero. She reached out a gentle hand and transferred her own energy to the exhausted youth in his arms. Une knew that she could rest because she would not be needed for the final battle, while Duo was essential if victory was to be obtained.

Heero set the slender boy on his feet just as they reached Treize’s office. The group spread out into the room and waited for Duo to tell them about his ordeal.

Duo matter-of-factly related his harrowing experience at the hands of Duma and how he had escaped. Several shocked gasps were heard around the room and gazes transferred to a blushing Zechs and Treize as their past relationship was revealed.

“We were very young and the love between us was very strong and pure. We chose to take separate paths in our lives that took us away from each other and over time, the heat of our love faded to a strong friendship.” Explained Zechs.

Treize nodded his agreement and continued. “Before we parted ways, we ran into Duma. He was too powerful and had defeated us both separately. Zechs found an old spell that could unite the power of the casters through a strong bond. Our love was strong enough to banish and seal away Duma.”

Zechs sighed in sorrow as he answered the unasked question in the eyes of the others. “Our bond is strong but just doesn’t have the power it did before. Duma is even more powerful now. There is no way Treize and I could repeat that spell.”

“Sir? Do you still remember the spell? Could you write it down and let me look at it? I may can modify it so that it will work for more than two people."

Zechs was startled at the idea but he knew that Duo was very good at spell casting and had already modified several of the old spells to make them even better. All of the hunters used Duo’s modified spells.

Sitting down, the blond bishounen wrote down the spell that had been used so many years ago. It had been burned permanently in his mind after he had cast it.

Duo quickly scanned the spell and began playing around with the wording but leaving the key trigger phrases alone.

The tense group spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for luring Duma into a trap while Duo worked on the spell. The sun was setting when Duo jumped up and crowed with triumph.

“It’s done! I adjusted four lines of the spell and left in the power words so the spell should work. Heero and I will be the base and the main ones powering and directing the spell. The rest of you will be linked to us through bonds of friendship or family and feed your power to us. We will hit Duma with it and it should banish him. There is a risk however. I have a bond with Solo. There is a chance that Duma could use that bond to absorb the spell into himself and instead of destroying him, it would empower him.”

Everyone stared in horror at the thought of Duma being even more powerful than he already was. That thought was dismissed, as all of them knew that this was their only chance to defeat the demon. He was too old and powerful and they had to take the chance, even if it backfired.

It had taken a while to work out the details and the timing of the plan, but finally everyone knew what to do. Now they only had to figure out a way to lure Duma into the trap.

“Why don’t we challenge him? He doesn’t think we can defeat him so if we issue a formal challenge and let him choose the forfeit, he should take the bait.” Theorized Duo.

All of them agreed it was worth a shot but were undecided how to deliver the message without the messenger ending up murdered.

It was Sally who came up with the idea to send a minor wind sprite to deliver a message. Sprites could vanish instantly so it could deliver the challenge without fear of harm. The little creature was summoned and given the message. Now all they could do was wait.

An hour later the sprite returned with an acceptance. Only Treize, his elite, Zechs and Duo were to be present at the battle and it would occur in the schools arena with Duma’s magic sealing the building after they arrived. He would name his terms then.

The group cautiously made their way to the arena and entered it. The doors slammed shut and were sealed with ebony flames as the last of them entered the building. There was no turning back now.

Duma was waiting for them in the center of the arena. “How nice. All the little piggies gathered together for the slaughter. I will fight the lovebirds there.” Duma pointed a long-fingered hand at Heero and Duo. “And when I have defeated them, all your lives will be forfeit!”

Heero snarled his acceptance of the challenge as Duo simply nodded. Heero would hold off the demon while Duo activated the spell. The others would then chant their portion and add their power to Duo through the bonds of love and friendship that bound them all.

“Well, let the fight start NOW!!” With that roar, Duma charged forward and released Solo’s ribbons in a forward motion at Heero.

Heero barely dodged out of the way of the deadly weapon. He noticed immediately that the ribbons were not wielded as skillfully as before. Obviously, Solo was not helping this time.

As Heero danced out of the way of the initial attack, Duma changed focus and threw an immobilization spell at Duo. He snarled as that attack missed its target.

Duma regretted his actions a moment later as Heero scored a hit on him as his attention was diverted. Blood dripped down his arm from a score of matching claw marks. He snarled in rage as Heero lifted the blood covered claws to his mouth and licked off the blood.

Heero savored the blood of his enemy before attacking again. He charged the demon possessed boy and at the last minute jerked to the left, slashing out with his leg this time. He felt the claws on his foot dig deeply into the unprotected leg. His victory was short-lived however as Duma waved a glowing hand over his arm and leg and the deep slashes closed. Eyes narrowed as the big wolf decided he would just have to try harder.

Solo struggled weekly inside his own body. He didn’t care for this Heero fellow that much but he knew that Heero protected Duo. He tried to reach out with his waning strength and cause Duma to hesitate. It had worked twice, allowing the werewolf to score two hits. Then the demon sent a brutal mental strike that stuck him down. Darkness closed over his awareness, but before he passed out, he saw Duma succeed in wounding his opponent.

Duo watched as Heero drew Duma’s focus back on himself and gave him the opportunity to begin the spell. He quickly chanted the words and wove his hands in the intricate hand motions to summon and cast the spell. He heard a cry of pain from his mate and ruthlessly shut it out to finish the spell. He knew they would all die if he failed.

Heero held his bleeding shoulder as the demon gloated over his successful attack. Heero prepared to attack full out when he heard the triumphant rise of Duo’s voice and a loud clap of thunder that signaled the successful completion of the spell.

Duma snarled and backed away as he saw the glowing aura surrounding Hunter Shinigami and then his mate the Werewolf.

One by one the others in the arena finished their portion of the spell and joined their strength to Duo and Heero.

The lovers felt the power swell painfully in them and realized it was time to strike. As one they chanted the last of the spell and it blazed forward striking the evil demon full force.

All felt the surge of triumph as Duma writhed in agony on the ground. Just a little more and he would be sealed away forever and Solo would finally be free!

Duma was screaming in pain as he felt as if his insides were being ripped apart. He screamed in rage. He would not fail! He wouldn’t let them seal him away for eternity! As he struggled to resist the overwhelming spell, he noticed that Solo was gaining strength.

Allowing the spell to overcome him a little more, he turned his attention inward and saw the link between Solo and Duo and grinned as he realized all was not lost. He could still win and have his revenge. He would have it all! Reaching inward, he attacked the slowly recovering spirit of Solo and took control of the link.

The spell was working! Duo turned to look at his beloved and smiled as Duma weakened. It was then that things turned terribly wrong. Suddenly the spell reversed and it wasn’t Duma who was loosing power but everyone bound up in the spell.

Duma surged to his feet and laughed as he watched his enemies fall to the ground as he drained their life force through the power of the spell. He cruelly sent waves of pain through the link and delighted in the screams of agony in his victims. He would make them beg for death before he was finished, but first…he and Shinigami had some unfinished business.

He walked across the ring and stopped when he reached the writhing pair of Heero and Duo. He brutally kicked Heero out of the way as the big wolf tried to protect his mate.

“I made you a promise little Duo. I do so hate to break my word!” Reaching down he hauled the lithe form upward and dragged him over to the side of the ring where an empty weapons table stood. Laughing as he saw the looks of horror in the eyes of the others, he made sure they understood what he was about to do.

“Lovely isn’t he? I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching me fuck him to death. I know I’ll enjoy doing it!”

Heero snarled and started dragging his depleted body across the ring as Duma ripped the clothes off of his love’s body. He snarled helplessly as the foul creature began to run his hands all over the smooth, creamy skin. He could feel tears gathering in his eyes as he realized he had failed his beautiful mate.

Duo fought as best he could but he was too drained to stop the possessed boy from groping his body and making him feel dirty. He shuddered in disgust as his hand was forced to feel the monstrous erection growing in Solo’s pants. He knew he would be ripped apart if Duma succeeded in raping him.

He could feel his heart breaking as he witnessed the pain on his koi’s face as he tried to drag his weakened body the length of the arena to try and help him. He couldn’t bear to have Heero watch him get raped and killed by this monster and know he was helpless to stop it. He appealed to the only one who could help them now.

“Solo! I know you’re in there! Fight him! The link is to you not him. Use it to drive him out of your body once and for all. Don’t let him destroy us Solo…”

Duo’s words were cut off as Duma slapped him hard across the face. He forced a kissed on his unwilling victim, thrusting his tongue deep inside the sweet mouth before lifting him up and spreading him on the table. Grabbing the long white legs, he yanked them apart and positioned himself between them. Holding the weakened boy down with one hand he released the huge dripping erection from his pants and positioned himself.

Savoring the terror in the orchid eyes he thrust forward…only to stop short of penetrating the trembling body beneath him. “No! I will not let you stop me!” Duma shouted at Solo. He raised a mental hand to beat the boy down when he felt the power draining from him. “NOOOO!!”

Duo felt the power rushing back into him. He focused the energy and sent it pulsing into Solo’s possessed body. He felt the others join him and the power increased. Everyone shouted with joy as Duma was forced from the body of Solo.

Solo screamed in agony as the demon was ripped from him and for the first time in years, he was in total control again. He watched as Duma was encased in the strongest of shields and banished to a realm from which he would never return.


It had been a week since the banishment of Duma, and Zechs was thoroughly enjoying himself. He had watched the tension between Heero and Solo increase as each sought to monopolize the slender youth known as Shinigami.

It had started off subtly enough; Solo had found himself lost and making up a lot of ground due to his years as a prisoner in his own body. He was full of guilt and stayed close to Duo because he knew his childhood friend and brother didn't blame him. Duo had been nothing but supportive of him.

To say that Heero, being new to relationships and being bonded for the first time, had been jealous would be an understatement. He would draw Duo away and would wrap possessive arms around his lover while glaring at the interloper.

Zechs had continued to observe as Duo practically drove himself into the ground trying to assure Solo and then soothe his mate. Things had finally come to a head when Heero and Solo had run into each other without the calming influence of the braided youth.

Heero snarled as he found himself face to face with his rival for Duo's attentions. "Isn't it about time you went back to the hunter settlement?"

"I'll go when I damn well please! Besides, who says Duo will remain here with you?! I'm back now and I'm sure he'll want to spend time with me!"

Heero clamped down tight on the urge to Change and shred the impudent rodent before him. "Duo is my mate, and he will be staying with me!"

Solo smirked at the Japanese boy. "He doesn't need you anymore, he has me now and I'm family. Family is always more important than passing flings!"

Heero lost it totally and transformed into his powerful werewolf form. "Fine!" he growled. "We will settle this once and for all! I challenge you, and the winner gets Duo!"

Zechs practically fell over with laughter as the two deluded fools marched off to the arena to fight it out. He couldn't wait for Duo to hear about this because the two had challenged each other in front of several witnesses. He knew his protégé and he knew that Duo would have a few choice words for the combatants when he got a hold of the misguided pair.

Duo lay with his head in Quate's lap as the sympathetic boy listen to him bemoan the fact that his step-brother was an idiot and his mate was a moron. "What am I going to do Quatre? They're driving me insane. I love them both and all they can do is have a pissing contest over me."

Quatre smiled and gently stroked Duo's face. He opened his mouth to reply when Trowa entered the room with a grin on his face.

"Well it's finally happened. They've challenged each other and the winner gets Duo."

Duo's eyes narrowed and darkened until they were almost black. "Oh really?! Well I've had enough of this foolishness. If those two want a fight, I'll give them a fight!"

Trowa and Quatre followed with wide eyes and amused smiles as Duo transformed into his hunter's outfit, armed himself, and stalked towards the arena.

Heero and Solo faced each other down with similar scowls. Both felt a grim sense of satisfaction at finally being able to show who was more worthy of Duo's attentions. The two charged each other fully intending to do some damage, when a black clad form appeared between them.

Solo doubled over as the shaft end of Duo's weapon was driven into his midsection, knocking the breath out of him and driving him to his knees. Heero didn't fare any better as Duo lashed out with a high kick that struck him across the face and spun him in a full circle, making him see stars.

When both boys recovered some they gazed upon the pissed off face of Shinigami. "Who the hell do you think you are fighting over me like I'm some prize! I'll decide who I love and who I want to be with! At the moment I can't think of a single reason why I'd want to stay with either one of you... you... you... JACKASSES! Well, if you to want to fight, I'll give you a fight!"

Solo and Heero barely ducked in time as Duo swung the flat of his scythe around at their heads. Both frantically scrambled backwards and leapt to their feet as they ran from the enraged fey youth.

Zechs, Treize, and the elite were rolling on the floor laughing out loud at this point as Duo chased the contrite boys around the arena, swinging his scythe at them and cutting off bits of clothes or hair.

As the scared fighters ran by for the tenth time they managed to gasp out a complaint. "Don't just sit there laughing! Help us!"

Zechs drew in enough breath to reply, "Oh no. You made your bed... now run in it! Bwhahahahahah!"

Needless to say the running pair were not amused and continued to be chased around the arena by an enraged Duo until they collapsed from exhaustion.

It was two days later and required much groveling before Duo was ready to forgive Solo and Heero. He spent time with Solo first and encouraged his brother to resume his training. He knew Solo needed redemption and could only achieve this through defending the weak and innocent.

Solo knew Duo was right and that his "little" brother would always love him and be there for him, no matter who else he loved in life. Hugging his closest friend, he said goodbye and promised to return soon and make a lasting peace with Heero. He had a lot to make up for and he was ready to start. He and Zechs left later that day, leaving Duo at the school so he could remain with his mate.

While Duo had been saying his good-byes to Solo and Zechs, Heero had been busy. He knew he had been unreasonable as far as Solo was concerned and he was determined to apologize appropriately to his love. He had ordered a gourmet meal and had filled the room with warm, glowing candles. He was dressed to kill in tight black silk pants with a prussian blue silk top. Now he just had to wait for Duo to return.

Duo was looking forward to making up with Heero tonight. He gasped in delighted surprise as he entered the romantic setting Heero had prepared for him. Warmth filled his eyes as the exotic Japanese boy bowed to him and then extended a hand to assist him to his seat at the table.

The food was delicious and both ate as erotically as possible, wanting to arouse each other. Duo licked and sucked suggestively on his fingers, while Heero licked his fork clean and then his lips after every bite. They were barely able to contain themselves until the end of the meal.

As soon as Heero had the dishes removed, Duo pounced on him. He planted a ravenous and demanding kiss on the succulent lips. He licked and sucked on them before thrusting his tongue deep inside to taste the treasure of Heero's mouth.

Heero quickly took control of the kiss and sucked on the delicate pink tongue invading his mouth. After exploring every inch of it, he broke his mouth free and attacked his koi's pale and slender neck.

Duo moaned as Heero kissed and softly bit his way down his neck. Hands crept underneath his shirt to toy with his nipples. He impatiently removed his shirt, giving Heero better access to his well-toned chest.

Heero wasted no time in worshiping the firm body he held in his arms. He quickly maneuvered Duo over to the bed and tumbled them both onto the soft, clean sheets. Grinning wickedly at his trapped prey, he divested him of his remaining clothes.

Duo pushed his lover off of him and began to run his hands up and down his own body, moaning erotically and licking his lips. "Aren't you overdressed lover?" He speared Heero with a lustful violet glance and shifted his hips, his voice low and trembling as he spoke. "Come to me, take me, make us one."

Heero felt those seductive words go straight to his already full erection. He needed to bury himself into the beautiful creature before him and reaffirm their bond. Looking down at the fey boy, he knew that he would die for this one and that his heart was lost to him forever.

Heero peeled off his clothes, one at a time to build up the anticipation. Once he stood before Duo in all his glory, the pace quickened. He grabbed a small tube of lube from the nightstand and squeezed a generous amount onto his hands.

Duo spread his legs wide and gave Heero free access to his hidden rosette. He moaned in pain and pleasure as a finger was driven deep inside his body. Soon, he rocked with the force of the thrusting and stretching finger, before Heero added another.

Heero worked the two fingers diligently until he felt the muscles loosen enough to add a third. He admired the fine sheen of sweat that covered and enhanced the lovely body beneath him. Growling low in his throat, he leaned over and licked up the salty fluid just as his fingers struck Duo's sweet spot, wringing a howl of pleasure from the dulcet throat.

It was time. Staring into the expressive orchid eyes, Heero drove himself deep into the welcoming heat of his beloved. He drank in the sounds of Duo moans and mewls of pleasure. He treasured every whispered word of love and encouragement he wrung from Duo as he thrust in and out of that hot little body.

Duo was in heaven. He could feel the love and pleasure radiating in his koi through their bond. He was so close to climaxing now that only a little more was needed to set him off, and he cried out as Heero's hand lovingly encircled his dripping organ and began to stroke it, making sure to match the stroking to his thrusts.

Using the bond, both were able to hold back their climax until they exploded together. Heero thrust and stroked Duo a few more times to extend the pleasure of the climax before falling exhausted onto the bed.

Duo snuggled tightly to the body of his mate. He sighed in happiness and Heero embraced him and nuzzled his cheek. Gazing into each others eyes, both sent a warm pulse of love through the bond, which was even stronger than before, and reveled in the true depth of their devotion. With a last lingering kiss, the pair fell asleep and dreamed sweet dreams of a long life together.