Devil in Black

by Dena

Duo stared out into the night, he was bored. It had been a long time since he had been summoned and allowed to unleash chaos upon the world. While he hated having to serve the one who summoned him from the demon world, he loved a good fight. He used to dream of being freed from his life as a demon, but that has been hundreds of years ago. He was now resigned to being a demon forever.

Zechs finished drawing the pentagram on his floor, straightening, he reached over to a table and lifted the book of incantations. He located the page that contained the spell he needed and began to cast the spell. His voice rose as he neared the end of the incantation and with a flick of a knife, slashed his hand and spilled his blood to activate the spell. Wind filled the room, destroying the contents within and tearing at his clothes. In the center of the pentagram a circle of light began to grow. Soon the light became so bright, Zechs was forced to shield his eyes, until as suddenly as it began the room fell to silence and darkness.

Zechs located a candel and lit it with a match. Carefully he glanced around the room, seeing nothing. "Damn, the spell failed." Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder, causing the tall man to leap a foot in the air. Whirling around, he pointed a knife at the figure behind him. He could only gape at the beautiful bat-winged creature that stepped into the light. The slender beauty smiled, speaking in a sultry alto, "I'm shinigami, what have you summoned me?"