Teaser: Cybernetic Lover

Duo ran faster, stumbling in fatigue over the loose soil. He could hear his pursuer just behind him...getting closer. He regretted ever listening to Hilde and filling out a profile for the Oz Institute. He had been approached by a man named Zechs and invited to tour the Institute. Once inside the building he had been subjected to several batteries of test that recorded his reflexes, strategic skills and morality. He had scored high on all levels and had then been drugged and imprisoned.

He had awakened to a woman bending over him. She had introduced herself as Lady Une. She had been the one to inform him he had now been recruited for a special experiment. He would have his limbs and brain enhanced with cybernetics. He was needed by the government and he should be honored that he had been selected for this. Duo certainly didn't feel honored at the moment; he was pissed off at having his freedom taken away.

He had pretended to accept his situation and had escaped before they had performed any of the serguries on him. Now he ran for his life from trackers. He knew they were the other ones who had been enhanced. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was recaptured, he had failed in his attempt to escape. He yelled as he felt a heavey weight hit him from behind. Duo got a brief look at brilliant cobalt blue eyes before darkness surrounded him.

Heero looked down at the slender man he had brought down. The young one was beautiful. He ran possessive eyes over the limp form, Dr. J had informed him that this one was to be his partner and mate...they were compatable. Tenderly he gather the delicate form up into his arms and headed back towards the institute.