Cenobites desire - Teaser

by Dena

Relena played with the mysterious puzzle box she had recieved in the mail. It had taken her days of constant playing, but now she was close to solving the puzzle. As the she finished the final move the box began to move by itself. It settled into a new configuration. For one moment the room was deadly silent, then all hell broke loose...literally! Relena didn't even have time to scream before the room around her disappeared. She trembled in fear as the room darkened and a shadows began to move.

Figures moved in the shadows drawing near to her. Finally one stepped into the dim light. The figure was female and hideously disfigured. Her skin was a bloodlees white and her throat was an open wound exposing the delicate mucles and tendons underneath the open skin. The woman should have been dead with a wound like that, but she continued to advance with a curved blade in her hand and a sadistic smile onher face. She raised the knife to strike the helpless girl when a voice stopped her.

Relena could only stare at the beauty of the next form that appeared in the dim light. "No." came the musical alto from this dark angel. She stared at the beautiful, delicate face that was also a bloodless white with full purple tinted lips. The body was slender but well formed and moved with the grace of a cat. There were no flaws to the face or body; a face that was dominated by large violet eyes. Relena was puzzled by this, all the others had some disfigurement, but this boy had none only his hair was unusual; long and silky looking, but with deadly blades at the ends.

The female questioned the boy who had stopped her, "She summoned us, she must pay the price. I want to play with her flesh!" Again the boy spoke up, "No, she is not the one I want. She is only the bait. The one I want is perfect...worthy of joining me in hell!"