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Duo kept to the shadows as he slowly made his way through the front gate. Freedom would finally be his... if his luck held out.

Tomorrow was the full moon and if he stayed here, it would be his last night as a human. He had been chosen as tribute to the Vampire Lord who ruled this country, Treize. With his looks and unexplainable resistance to their mental suggestions, he had become an instant favorite of Treize, and his mate Zechs. They had forced him to drink their blood twice now and tomorrow would be the third time. He was only half vampiric at the moment, and he didn't plan to lose what was left of his humanity.

Treize and Zechs planned to take him as a full mate with his final transformation tomorrow and if he was honest, a part of him wanted this badly. He had been untouched when he first arrived and Zechs and Treize had shown him how good sex could be. His body still trembled from the pleasure of being with them earlier this evening. He had to fight the temptation to return to their bed. He needed to get to others like him, he knew he wasn't the only one to have escaped a situation like this.

He ran into the darkness outside the gates of the fortress, feeling that he was safe. He didn't realize that his lovers had awakened and knew he had fled. They were both angry and impressed by Duo's strength of will, but neither had any intention of letting their prize slip away.

Zechs pressed himself against his mate, "How shall we punish our little one when we get him back?"

Treize smiled, "We shall complete his transformation and make him drain his friend, Solo, as his first kill for his defiance. He will accept that he belongs to us and with us, my love." The two vampire lords set off in pursuit of their runaway soon-to-be mate.

Part 1

Duo was so tired, and now he was lost as well. He had been on the run for two days, and he felt the pursuit of his former lovers. They were toying with him at this point. It was only a matter of time before they captured him again. Running further in the dense undergrowth of the forest, Duo suddenly heard a sound in the distance. Allowing a small crumb of hope to enter his heart, he pushed his tired and aching body onward towards the source of the sound.

Zechs and Treize smiled; the hunt was almost over. They could both feel the strength flagging in Duo. Zechs leapt gracefully into one of the tall oak trees and scanned the area for their reluctant lover. In seconds, he had spotted the small figure racing up ahead. He admired the graceful lope of the boy's stride, despite his exhaustion. He frowned as he saw Duo was headed for a fortress, he took a last look and then rejoined his lover and lord on the ground. "We should hurry, Treize. A fortress is up ahead and they might give him refuge."

Treize smiled, but it was a dark smile that spoke of death and destruction to anyone who got in his way. "Everyone in this area knows better than to defy me. If they take him in, they will return him to us if I command it. Come, I miss our little love's delectable body!"

Duo raced from the woods towards the fortress. He felt some relief at seeing the ancient looking structure, but couldn't feel truly safe until he knew the mettle of those within. He heard shouting from the guards as he was spotted. Stopping at the gates, he held is breath as he waited to see what the ones inside would do.


Quatre Winner was in his strategy room going over plans for the area with his General, Advisor, and Chief Cleric when he heard shouting from the courtyard. He shared anxious glances with his closest friends, before the four men went to see what the commotion was about. Lord Quatre was met at the door by a guard.

"My Lord there is a stranger at the gate. We cannot tell if they are male or female but whoever they are, they are obviously exhausted." Quatre looked at his friends, then motioned that they would investigate this together.


Duo was almost in a panic, he could feel them... so close now. Zechs and Treize would capture him again and he knew that his fate would be sealed if that happened. He felt some of the panic subside as the enormous gates opened and four men stepped out.

Quatre stared at the slight figure before them. It was definitely a boy, but his features were beautiful and feminine and he could see how his men would be unable to tell if he was male or female without getting close. It was obvious he was on the run from someone or something. His cleric and lover, Trowa, stepped forward and gestured at the boy. A light burst forth causing the boy to flinch but not cry out in pain.

Heero and Wufei tensed at the evidence that the boy was not entirely human. Both put their hands on their weapons, ready to draw if this was a trap. They watched as Trowa stepped closer to confront the fey-looking boy.

Trowa invoked a truth spell around the boy before addressing him in a soft baritone, "You are not fully human. Why are you here?"

Duo hoped these men wouldn't kill or reject him now that they knew the truth. He had planned to tell them the truth, but not until he was safely inside the fortress. Taking a breath, he spoke in a musical alto, "My name is Duo. I was given to the vampire lord as tribute. I... I don't want to be a vampire, so I escaped."

Quatre stepped forward and addressed the half-vampire. "I am Lord Quatre. The Cleric is Trowa and these other two are Lord Heero and General Wufei. I need to know how many times you've been bitten, and if you've had the blood of the Vampire who enslaved you."

Duo hesitated, but knew he would receive no help unless he answered the question. "I have been bitten twice and have been forced to drink his blood twice. I was supposed to receive the final bite and transfusion tomorrow night."

Quatre sighed, it would have been better for all of them if the transformation were not so far along, but obviously this boy had a strong will if he had escaped a vampire lord after two bites and two transfusions.

Heero hissed as he sensed the approach of two very powerful beings. Duo didn't know it but he was also a half-vampire, but his was a result of genetic tampering. He had the power of a vampire lord without the curses and darkness of the soul that came with the power. "Quatre invite him inside, NOW!" Quatre watched as his friend's eyes began to glow and quickly issued an invitation. Heero grabbed the beauty and pushed him behind his body.

Trowa grabbed Duo's arm and placed a ward bracelet around it. For one minute it glowed and Duo jerked in pain, then the bracelet accepted its wearer. Trowa looked into the violet pools of the other boy and explained, "This ward will help you resist them. They will call to you and try to get you to give them permission to enter the grounds, this will help you."

All four men armed themselves and stepped back over the threshold of the gates just as two figures appeared. Both of the new comers radiated power and darkness. The auburn-haired one stepped forward and spoke.

"I am Lord Treize. You have something that belongs to me, you will return him now!" The blond stepped forward and introduced himself, "I am Zechs, mate to Treize. I give you some advice; this is none of your concern. You don't want us for enemies so be smart and turn Duo over to us. If we have to take him, we'll destroy everyone in this holding, painfully!"

Duo cringed at the anger he sensed in his former lovers. He looked over his shoulder and saw the men, women and children watching this confrontation in fear. He couldn't be responsible for the deaths of these people. He knew the four men who introduced themselves were very powerful, but he also knew the strength of Treize and Zechs. He had truly thought they would have gotten tired and given up on pursuing him.

He jumped as a seductive voice filled his head. "Oh no little one, you belong to us and we have no intention of giving you up. Invite us in love and all will be forgiven." Duo moaned and grabbed his head, sinking to his knees in an effort to resist the seductive commands of Zechs. It had been much easier to resist their mental powers before the bites and transfusions of vampire blood. He felt a strengthening touch from Trowa and heard a hiss of anger from Zechs as his sending was cut off by the power of the cleric.

Duo slowly rose to his feet and addressed Quatre, "I want to thank you for trying to help me, but maybe it's better if I surrender to them. I have seen what they can do and I don't want to repay your kindness by causing your destruction."

Gazing into those innocent violet orbs, all four men knew that Duo was absolutely sincere about his offer. Surprisingly, it was Heero who stepped forward and replied for them, "You came here seeking shelter and you shall have it. We have no intention of letting those two take you."

Treize and Zechs snarled with anger as they watched their prize slip from their grasp. "You will regret this, Duo is ours and we will not stop until we retake him! When you watch your own destruction, remember that we gave you a chance to avoid this! Come Zechs, we will be returning and soon."

Duo watched as Treize and Zechs left, but he knew it wasn't over... it was only beginning.


Part 2

A profound sense of relief washed over those gathered at the gate as the two vampire lords disappeared back into the woods. Four sets of eyes turned to gaze upon the newest member of the fortress. All four men felt a strong sense of protectiveness towards the delicate, slender youth before them. Quatre gestured towards the Great Hall; there was much to discuss.

Once inside the hall, Quatre took charge, "Well lets have a look at you, little one."

Duo blushed as he dropped his concealing cloak, well aware that he looked like a wet dream in his current outfit. Gasps and audible swallows were heard as the boy's form was revealed.

Duo was dressed in filmy, transparent harem pants with slits up the side revealing his long supple legs. The material darkened at the juncture of his thighs offering the barest amount of modesty. He wore an open, jeweled vest that left his mid-drift totally bare. A large amethyst sparkled in his belly button with matching jewels on the decorative bands that encircled each arm. He was, quite simply, stunning.

Heero knew they were in for a fight with the vampire lords as he looked upon this creature of perfection before them. No one in their right mind would let this one go. Heero knew this beauty before them was as beautiful inside as he was outside. Some deep-seated sense told him this boy was very special, and that there was more to him than met the eye.

It was obvious that Duo was exhausted, and so it was decided that he should rest and that further questions could be asked tomorrow. He was led to a guestroom that was near Heero's so that he could be monitored if the need arose.

Duo gaped at the huge room and crawled onto a bed that dwarfed him. He looked like a lost child surrounded by the enormity of the room. Lying his weary head down, he was soon fast asleep.

Quatre led the others away as soon as he was sure that Duo was asleep. "I'll check around, he's about my size and I will loan him some clothing. I refuse to make him dress like a sex toy!"

Heero's deep baritone was heard next, "We need to watch him carefully. I sense something from him, there is more to him than meets the eye."

"Do you think he lied to us?" Trowa asked.

"No, I don't think he knows the full truth about himself. That one is not a capable liar, his eyes will betray him every time."


As Duo's protectors discussed matters of safety, Treize and Zechs planned their first attack. The two Lords knelt on the bed with a bloodstone between them. This large stone had been immersed in Duo's blood, and so he was bound to it.

"What do you hope to do with this, it's only good at close range." Soft confusion reverberated through Zechs' voice.

Treize smiled evilly, "Your mistaken my dear Zechs. Duo is very powerful, and with both of us focusing all our power on the stone, we should be able to activate his bloodlust."

Zechs looked puzzled before replying, "How is that possible?"

"It is time you knew the truth about our precious Duo. He's a half vampire."

"WHAT?! That's not possible, he wouldn't have remained at a human's level after sharing communion with us. He reads as a normal human, not a vampire or even half vampire."

Treize stroked the bloodstone lovingly before replying, "He is still essentially human because I've bound his vampiric half with the stone. Did you know that he is a direct descendent of Carmilla?" Treize's voice suffused with a strange proprietary pride. She was older even than Vlad Tepes. Didn't you realize that we are more powerful now because we've been drinking his blood? We can't totally control him with the bloodstone, he's too powerful even with his vampiric side dormant, but we can induce a bloodlust that will cause him to attack those within the fortress."

Zechs thought for a moment before voicing his concern, "Won't they kill him?"

"They can't. Even if they burned him, we could gather the ashes and revive him with enough blood and the power of this stone. It is his own blood that powers this stone, and that's why it's so effective. I don't think they will kill him. They will know we caused the bloodlust, so I think they will just cast him out. Then we can retake him. Once he's bound to us totally, then we can control him better." Zechs grinned; it was time to get started.

Both began to focus their mental power on the bloodstone, then each slashed a hand and dripped their blood over the glass-smooth surface. Finally Treize drew a small vial from around his neck; Duo's blood glowed with a jeweled red tone from within the faceted crystal. He dripped a small amount on the stone and watched it mingle with their blood, then he began to chant the words to an ancient spell, his voice rising until the stone glowed a sickly green and he finished the spell with a shout. Now they would wait and view the results in the surface of the stone.


Duo awakened suddenly and doubled over in pain. He could feel it, the tearing hunger rising within him that demanded blood. He screamed as a wave of pain hit and he was forced to his feet. He could smell it; fresh, warm blood all around. He could feel his mouth salivating at the thought of drinking that warm salty, sweet substance. He felt himself losing the battle for control and falling into the madness of a full-blown bloodlust.

Heero heard the scream of pain and was out of his door and into Duo's room before he realized it. He had one moment to take in the red eyes and sharp fangs before he was thrown across the room and Duo disappeared out the door. Quickly he sounded an alarm and ran to join the others.

Quatre was trying to figure out what was happening when Heero arrived and told them Duo was caught up in a bloodlust. With a heavy heart Quatre gave the order to kill the lithe boy on sight.

Duo ran down the corridor fighting to keep control and not attack anyone. He ran towards the depths of the mansion, sure there would be holding rooms down on the lowest floor. People scattered as he ran by, some he even snapped at before he could control it. He felt a breeze brush by him and saw Trowa aiming another wooden arrow at him. He grabbed a nearby chair and threw it at the boy to delay him as he ran from the room.

Almost there! He could see the holding rooms and knew he could lock himself inside, surely they were warded to hold his kind. Duo knew he was losing the last of his control when he found himself pinning the guard at the entrance to the wall. The smell of the blood was so strong, Duo found himself licking the terrified man's neck and preparing to bite when he felt a searing pain in his shoulder.

Duo felt some of his control return with the sharp pain and he realized he had been shot in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt. Flinging the guard away, he ran inside the holding area. A quick glance revealed one cell that had warded chains inside.

Duo ran inside, took a deep breath and then grabbed one of the warded wrist chains. He screamed in agony as he felt the wards burn the flesh of his hands, then he screamed again as he fastened it around his wrist and his wrist was burned as well. Sinking to the floor, barely conscious, he waited for Heero, Trowa, Wufei and Quatre to find him and end it.

The four leaders cautiously entered the holding area; crossbows ready to deal with any attack. It was Heero who first caught the stench of burned flesh and ran to the cell the smell was emanating from. Tearing open the door they stared in horror at the wounds on Duo's hand and wrist where the ward was clamped.

Duo glanced up as Heero and the others entered the room. "End it," he pleaded. "You have to kill me to stop this. I can't control the blood lust."

Trowa raised his crossbow to fulfill Duo's request when Heero stopped him. "I can give him my blood. It will end the bloodlust and heal him. He can't hurt me and it's obvious he's not responsible for this."

"No." Duo looked at them with sad eyes. "Treize and Zechs will try again, you can't take the chance. I tried so hard to resist but as long as I'm here I'm a threat to you. Just end it."

Trowa lowered the crossbow, "Now that we know they can induce this, I can give you a ward to protect you against it. I don't want your blood on my hands."

"We're all agreed, your one of us now Duo. Heero do what you must," Quatre commanded.

Heero approached the trembling youth and removed his shirt. Kneeling down he gathered the weakly struggling boy and pressed his face to the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

Duo still protested, but finally the bloodlust got the better of him and he drank the blood Heero seemed determined to give him. He moaned as a sexual pleasure filled him as he drank the hot blood.

Heero realized he was loosing control as well when he felt his own fangs form. He wanted this fey beauty and before anyone could stop him, he plunged those fangs deep into Duo's throat.

Quatre, Wufei and Trowa stared in shock. Heero had never directly taken blood from anyone. He always drank volunteered blood from a goblet. They all knew this was the most intimate of acts between those of vampiric origin and all three wondered what the consequences of this evening would be.


Part 3

Heero moaned in pleasure as Duo's sweet blood filled his mouth. His mind was flooded with essence of WHAT and WHO Duo was. He knew Duo was experiencing the same revelation and euphoria caused by the exchange of blood. Gently, Heero rose, gathering the slim body up in his arms. He turned with only one goal in mind, to finish this bonding with a physical consummation.

Quatre stepped forward to ask Heero what he was doing, when the Japanese boy snarled at him and possessively tightened his grip on Duo. Quatre jerked back in alarm and his lovers tightened their hold on their weapons. He watched as Heero shook his head and his eyes cleared.

"I'm sorry Lord Quatre, please go ahead of me and clear the halls. I need to finish the bonding with Duo. He has accepted me and I wish to take him as my mate. Until I do this, I will consider all others a threat. Give me space to reach my room and all will be well."

Quatre quickly had the hall cleared and provided an escort for Heero all the way to his rooms. He voiced one last concern before leaving the impassioned pair. "Heero, you just met him. How can you possibly consider him as a mate, and after his experiences how can he consider you for a mate?"

Heero murmured an answer before closing the door to his suite. "I know him now Quatre, when you share blood as we have, you touch that person's soul. Duo is a match for me in every way, and I am a match for him. We both want this Quatre. I know who he is now. I'll talk with you first thing in the morning."

Heero barely managed to close the door before Duo began to devour his mouth. He planted nipping kisses along Heero's jaw before thrusting his tongue deep inside of Heero's mouth. Duo swirled his tongue throughout that hot sweet mouth, savoring the unique taste that was Heero's.

Heero felt light-headed as he dropped his soon-to-be mate onto the bed. He knew the others didn't understand why he was taking Duo as a partner, but the blood exchange had revealed them as being bound in that most intimate of ways. The blood exchanged fully revealed them to each other. There was no one who knew them better; they had no secrets from each other.

Heero drew his mind back to the task at hand. He pulled off the ribbon holding Duo's hair in a braid and released the burnished silk. Entwining a hand deep in the soft waterfall of browns, reds, and gold he drew Duo's head back, exposing his vulnerable throat. He gently licked the wound made by his fangs before covering the long, slim column in soft kisses. He ran strong hands over the smooth, milky skin, enjoying the deep moans from the boy writhing beneath him on the bed.

Duo ran his long fingers over the hard, sculptured chest of his lover. Grinning wickedly, he nipped first one and then the other erect nipple, following the sharp sting with a soothing lick. Laughing, he bucked the dark-haired boy off of him and scrambled quickly out of reach.

Heero hissed his displeasure as he was suddenly deprived of his prize. Snarling, he began to stalk his teasing mate, cobalt eyes promising delicious torment as soon as he got his hands on Duo.

Duo's eyes burned with lust and challenge as he watched Heero draw closer. Using a seductive smile, he knelt on the bed and spread his legs wide, displaying the dripping, firm erection between silky thighs. He languorously ran a hand up each thigh before grasping his firm organ and giving it a couple of firm jerks. He dipped a finger in the creamy dew at the slit in the head of his plumpness, lifted the finger to his mouth, and lapped it off, humming in pleasure at the taste.

Heero watched the wanton display with approval before pouncing and pinning his wicked love beneath him. He unleashed a series of devastating licks and kisses on the helplessly pinned body, slowly moving lower. He smirked with each pleading whimper and moan as he thoroughly tasted every inch of Duo's delectable body.

Spreading the creamy thighs wider, he ruthlessly laved every inch of Duo's straining erection and balls before bathing the soft hidden pink pucker he planned to penetrate. He plunged three fingers into Duo's mouth, thrusting them in and out until they were drenched. Slowly, he penetrated Duo's body, starting with one finger and working up to all three. He savagely thrust those three fingers in and out of Duo's body and the beauty moaned and begged for more.

Duo was vibrating with pleasure; he was ready and wanted nothing more than to be impaled by Heero's impressive erection. He could feel a slight resistance to his bonding with Heero deep inside and knew it was Treize and Zechs, trying to stop the mating bond. He also knew they were too late, with the blood of Heero running fresh through his veins, he had the power to resist them.

It was time. Heero positioned himself and slowly penetrated the fey youth beneath him. He didn't stop until he was completely inside Duo's tight heat. He gave Duo a few moments to get used to his width before thrusting in and out at a furious pace. Snarling, he sank his fangs deep into Duo's jugular as he pumped in and out of that willing body.

Duo cried out with each slamming thrust and screamed in total pleasure when he felt Heero's fangs take possession of him once more. Duo pushed upward to meet each of Heero's strokes and then drove his own fangs deeply into Heero's flesh.

Both lovers were overcome with the pure pleasure of the bloodlust surging through their veins, only accentuated by the sheer desire of their sex. Both could feel a bond forming that could only be broken by true death. Faster and faster the pacing became as each strove to reach completion. With a few final hard thrusts, they reached a climax and intense pleasure fired across all their senses. Exhausted, Heero collapsed onto his new mate, pleased to feel love and support radiating from the slight form.


Nearby, Zechs huddled in a corner, trying not to be noticed as Trieze destroyed the room in a rage. Curtains were in tatter, the bed broken along with every piece of sculpture, vase, and decoration in the room. The only thing that had escaped harm so far was the all-important bloodstone; Treize's last hope for retrieving his lost prize.

"How dare that freak of genetic tampering touch MY Duo. He belongs to US! I will rip out his heart and eat it while he lies on the floor dying!! No, I'll rip out his heart and then fuck Duo to kingdom come as he lies on the floor watching!"

Treize was furious with this setback in all his hard work. He had felt the exact moment when that freak had bonded with Duo. He didn't care that Heero had direct blood ties to House Dracul, he was still unworthy and Treize would take great delight in destroying him.

His initial rage appeased some, he picked up the bloodstone and stroked it lovingly. He had plans to make and a bond to destroy.


Part 4

Treize and Zechs used the following week to complete their traitorous plans for the downfall of Duo's protectors. The final details were worked out and the plan was set in motion, now all that remained was to gather the forces and wait for a signal.


Duo was happier than he'd ever been in his life. Heero was a very attentive lover and he absolutely doted on Duo when they were in private. In public, he was somewhat distant but was still unable to deny his mate anything he truly desired. Everything was going well, but no one was fooled... it was only a matter of time before Treize and Zechs attacked.

Quatre woke up barely stopping the scream that had been rising in his throat. His lovers, Trowa and Wufei, were instantly awake and trying to comfort him. "What is it Quatre?" inquired Trowa.

Quatre tried to halt the small shivers in his body as he answered, "It was a forewarning dream. I saw the fort in ruins, everyone slain. We were dying in agony as Treize and Zechs walked away, dragging Duo with them."

Trowa and Wufei exchanged a worried look as they absorbed the information. Quatre's dreams always came true. Some things could be changed but both boys knew that they were going to be attacked, and soon.

Quatre had the fort evacuated of all non-combatants the next day. He refused to risk the life of innocents in the coming battle. All of his men were put on alert and the tension in the fort was high. Things remained quiet and uneventful until 3 nights later.


Heero, Trowa, Wufei, and Quatre rushed to the barred gates at the sound of an alarm. Duo had wanted to come as well but had been placed in a warded room for his own protection. Quatre was surprised to see a ragtag group of people, staggering from exhaustion.

He ordered the gates opened and the group was let in after Trowa had cast a spell and had determined that they were all human. The group consisted of a woman, two men and a child. He was just getting ready to question them, when Duo arrived in the courtyard, having been released by Heero.

"Solo! Hilde! How did you escape?" Duo ran to embrace the woman and one of the men. He couldn't believe that they had gotten away and had found their way to the fort,

Heero didn't believe it either and quickly grabbed his mate and pushed him behind his back. "How did you escape?!" He glowered at the two and had no intention of letting either one near Duo until his suspicions had been appeased.

Hilde stepped forward and answered the question. "Treize and Zechs have been gathering their forces, they aren't watching the slaves like they usually do. They have been draining us of our blood one by one and we decided we had nothing to lose by trying to escape. We volunteered to service the demi-human guards for a week in exchange for them accidentally letting us slip outside the gates and escape. There were one or two who felt sorry for us and agreed, so here we are."

"Please Heero, Solo and Hilde were raised in my village, they hate the vampire lords as much as we do." Heero looked into Duo's violet orbs and sighed. He knew Duo trusted the group, but he intended to keep a close watch.

Things again became quiet and ran smoothly but two nights after the new additions to the fort a conflict was heard by the front gate. Everyone gathered around a fight just in time to see Hilde fighting Solo and making a final desperate move, she dove under his guard and slashed his throat.

"Noooo!" Duo ran forward and caught his childhood friend as he fell to the ground. Looking at Hilde with sorrow in his eyes, he asked the question burning in his heart, "Why Hilde?"

"He was going to betray us. He was going to let Treize and Zechs in the front gate. I don't think it was really his fault, but I had to stop him."

Solo shook his head once as the light died from his eyes. Duo gently cradled the body and rocked it back and forth as tears slid down his face. Heero eventually was able to pry the body from his arms and took his lover inside to comfort him.

Quatre thanked Hilde for saving them and promised that Solo would receive a decent burial. His heart was heavy from the tragedy as he followed his lovers back inside and settled down for the night.

Hilde was restless and couldn't sleep. She was afraid she would have nightmares about Solo's death and volunteered to help out the men still on duty by cooking for them.

Quatre woke up in a cold sweat, something was wrong. Rousing his lovers, they dressed quickly and ran downstairs and outside. Quatre gasped in horror as he saw all the men on duty dead on the ground. He looked around to see what could have happened just in time to witness Hilde opening the gates of the fortress. Treize and Zechs entered the fort grounds surrounded by demi-humans who attacked immediately.

All the remaining men attacked the fearsome force and fought with all their might, but the numbers were overwhelming. Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, and Heero took out well over half the force themselves, with Duo helping as much as he could using a crossbow.

Duo found himself facing Hilde as she tried to disarm and capture him. "Why?! How could you do this?!" He was shocked by Hilde's answer.

"I did it for us Duo! Treize and Zechs promised to let us be together forever if I helped them. I've always loved you Duo and now we can be together!"

"Why did you kill Solo?"

Hilde looked sad for a moment, then she replied. "He found out about my deal. He was going to stop me. I cared for him, too. I asked him to join us, but he wouldn't. I had to kill him Duo! I would do anything to be with you!"

Duo shook his head at her foolishness. "Hilde, they will never share me! How could you be so stupid?!" Then he watched in sorrow as Hilde was stabbed in the back by one of the demi-humans. The creature laughingly told her that Treize sends her his regards as the life left her body. Duo quickly slew her murder but the damage had been done. Now everyone would pay because of his bid for freedom. With a heavy heart, he resumed fighting the countless hordes attacking them.

Finally, only the five were left and they were completely surrounded and wounded. Trowa had a broken arm, Quatre had several broken ribs, Wufei had a shallow belly wound, and Heero had arrows sticking out all over his body. Duo had a few cuts to his leg but the enemy had been very careful with him.

Duo felt his heart sink as Treize and Zechs finally approached the surrounded force. "I warned you didn't I? This the reward you have reaped in taking what is mine." Smiling evilly, Treize gave his last order, "Take them, but make sure they're alive." Then there was only the bleakness as the valiant fort defenders were slowly pulled down by the sea of demi-humans.


It was some time later when the prisoners awoke. Trowa, Wufei, and Quatre were by each other and had their hands bound. Heero was across the clearing bound on a scaffold that had wood piled high all around it. "Blessed Allah, no!" cried Quatre. It was clear that the sadistic vampires intended to burn the proud warrior at the stake. He didn't even want to think about what was in store for them.

Duo struggled wildly to escape his bonds. He had to free the others. Zechs and Treize were amused by his struggles, they had won. Now all that remained was to punish these upstarts and Duo as well.

Heero watched as Treize and Zechs dragged his mate into the courtyard, he was dressed again in the skimpy outfit he had arrived in. He watched in helpless anger as Duo begged and pleaded for their lives, promising to be obedient to their every command if the lives of his friends and lover were spared.

Treize stroked the beautiful, delicate face, before backhanding the boy harshly. "You've been a bad boy Duo and bad boys must be punished. You get to watch as your friends are put to death and as they are slowly dying in agony, I will use the power of this bloodstone to sever the bond you have with that freak over there. I'd let you feel him die but that might destroy your sanity."

Feeling a hand grab his hair, Duo's head was jerked up and he was forced to watch as Zechs set fore to the scaffold Heero was tied to. Flames slowly began to lick their way up towards that strong, loving form. His head was yanked again and forced in another direction so he could see what was happening to Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei. He watched in horror as each boy was nailed to crossed pieces of wood and then raised into the air, they would slowly feel their lungs collapse and die gasping for breath.

Treize was enjoying the tortured pain Duo was in watching his friends suffer. By now the flames had reached his lover and he could feel the tremendous pain Heero was in, but his mate refused to give them the satisfaction of hearing him scream in pain. Treize could see that Duo was going into shock from the resonating pain and decided it was time to break the bond and leave.

Using the power of the bloodstone, he cast a powerful spell. He heard Duo scream in agony as the bond between himself and Heero was ripped apart. He caught the delicate youth as he collapsed from the force of having the bond severed.

Looking back one last time to gloat and savor his victory, he walked out with his precious burden and his enemies dying behind him.

Sometime later a cloaked figure happened upon the conquered fortress. Walking inside, a grimace of distaste crossed the face at the carnage inside. Looking at the crucified figures and the burning one, surprisingly still clinging to life, she decided that the least she could do was end their pain.


Part 5

Quatre drew in a sharp breath, surprised that he no longer felt excruciating pain in that simple act. He realized that his wrists no longer hurt as well, and stared in wonder at the healed flesh. No mark remained to indicate that nails had been driven through the delicate area.

He looked around the room and saw his lovers lying nearby. He noted they had been healed as well. Only Heero seemed to be missing. He woke Trowa and Wufei, kissing both fiercely in celebration of their survival of the horrible attack.

The three warriors quickly dressed themselves in the clothes they found nearby and left their room in search of Heero. They didn't have to travel far before they came across the half-breed. He was lying in the arms of a stunningly beautiful woman, suckling at her wrist like a baby.

The woman looked up and motioned for the three to join her. They watched in awe as the horrible burns covering Heero's body began to disappear. Old burnt flesh shriveled and slid off his nude body to reveal healthy flesh underneath.

Quatre could sense the enormous power this woman had and wondered who she was. Gazing at her ethereal features, he realized she looked hauntingly familiar. Then it struck him, she reminded him of Duo.

"I wanted to thank you for helping us. I'm Lord Quatre and the two with me are Trowa and Wufei. The one you are helping to heal is Heero. Might I know the name of our rescuer?"

"I am Carmilla and I was in your debt as you helped one of my blood not so long ago. I am pleased to return the favor." She had taken their measure during the time she healed them and found them worthy souls. Especially the chosen mate of her descendant, the one she was currently healing in her arms.

The mortals had not recognized the name, but Heero, who had studied vampire lore, did. He pulled away, now that he was healed and feeling stronger than he ever had before. He fought the urge to bow before this woman who represented the oldest vampire on the earth.

"I see you recognize my name, child of Dracul. I see the scientists gave you all the strengths and none of the taint in that bloodline."

Heero stared into fathomless hazel eyes before asking the question that tickled at the edge of his mind, "Why are you here?"

"To know that, I must start at the beginning." She told them of her own transformation that occurred before the birth of Christ. She had been attacked one night as she had walked home from spending a day in the fields. Her attacker had drained almost all her blood when they had been interrupted by a search party her husband had lead to find her.

She had lain near death for a week before she seemed to recover. During that time she had a dream of what she was to become, her subconscious knew even if she didn't realize it, that it was only a matter of time before the infected blood transformed her.

She faked her death and left her husband, unable to put him through the sorrow of her slow loss of humanity. It would be 20 years before she finally transformed fully. During that time she gave birth to three daughters and three sons before she became unable to reproduce.

All of her progeny were half-human. Some had strong traits of vampirism and went insane, or controlled it, or committed horrible atrocities. Jack the Ripper had been one of her descendants. Carmilla herself had dealt with him in the end and ended his tragic life.

Throughout the centuries she had watched and guided her children, seeing how they lived and loved. Several sought her out and lived with her. Duo was direct descendant on both sides. His parents had both been born of Carmilla's line but the blood had been diluted enough that no deformities from their coupling had occurred. What had occurred was the recessive gene in both parents for vampirism had combined to cause Duo to be a very powerful half-breed.

She had sensed his binding to the bloodstone and had begun her journey to find him. She would not tolerate the enslavement of anyone of her line. She had known that she was the only one powerful enough to break the hold of the bloodstone on her child.

Quatre, Trowa, Wufei and Heero listened spellbound to her story and realized that with her as a member of their team, they could still save Duo and have revenge on Treize and Zechs. She had used her powerful blood to heal them all. She assured Quatre and his lovers that they were quite safe from any transformation. She did warn them that it had been two weeks since she had rescued them and that Duo had since been totally enslaved by the power of Treize and the bloodstone in that time.

Heero stood at the doorway of the house they were staying in. His jaw clenched tightly as he felt the emptiness of where his bond with Duo had been. He sensed Carmilla behind him and bowed respectfully to her.

"Do not grieve too much young one. We will get our little one back. Duo's true self is imprisoned in his mind, it is not lost to us. With the destruction of the bloodstone, he will be free. What you must be ready for is that Treize will send him against us. You must be strong and ignore any hateful words he says and subdue him until I defeat Treize and get the bloodstone. Be prepared for the worst and know that it is Treize and not your gentle Duo who will be facing us in his body."

Heero steadied his determination. He would get his mate back and Treize would pay for their pain. He wondered what the foul creatures were doing to his gentle lover at the moment.

Duo knelt between Zechs legs, pleasuring his master and mate. He lovingly licked and sucked on the thick arousal, savoring the taste. He surrounded the tip with his full lips and stabbed the leaking slit with his tongue, tasting the gathering milky fluid. He pulled back to enjoy the moans Zechs was making under his ministrations. Smiling evilly, he suddenly plunged the organ all the way down his throat and hummed loudly. Zechs screamed and came, spilling his seed down Duo's throat.

Treize was thoroughly enjoying himself. Duo was a very talented bedmate and he and Zechs had been enjoying that sleek little body ever since he had been recaptured. He had been resistant at first, but after the spell of control had been performed with the bloodstone, he'd become the perfect and obedient mate. It had taken a huge amount of his power combined with Zechs to submerge the rebellion inside the feisty youth but the end result had been worth it.

Treize watched in anticipation as Duo gave Zechs a passionate kiss on his lips and turned his attention to Treize's own unattended arousal.

Duo removed the silk pants he was wearing and stood nude before the gaze of his master. He knew Treize liked to look at his sleek form and he usually wore as little as possible. He slowly danced towards his lover, gently swaying his entire body back and forth. He spun around once and ended up with his back facing Treize.

Treize gasped as his small one slid to his knees and bent over, giving him a clear view of that luscious behind. He licked his lips as Duo dipped three fingers in fragrant oil and circled the small hidden pucker before inserting one finger. He watched, enchanted as Duo slowly fucked himself with one finger and then he added another and finally a third. He moaned and writhed at the self-inflicted pleasure for his master.

At Treize's barely recognizable growl of “Enough!”, Duo rose and quickly straddled the older man's lap. He lifted himself above the hard erection and then swiftly impaled himself on the turgid flesh. His master's cry of pleasure was his reward for the pain that accompanied that act.

Duo rose up and down, quickly establishing a rhythm that brought pleasure to both of them. Faster and faster he fucked himself on Treize's cock, bringing them closer and closer to a climax. Soon, the combination of Duo and Treize's thrusting caused first Treize, and then Duo, to come.

Duo collapsed forward into Treize's embrace and he moved them to the bed, alongside of Zechs. He cuddled the beauty close to his body. He never noticed the single tear that worked it's way down the exhausted boy's cheek as they drifted off to sleep.


Part 6

Carmilla carefully oversaw the final details as the group began their preparations for their assault on Treize's fort. Carmilla knew of two secret entrances to the fort because she had been around when it had first been constructed over eighty years ago. Looking over the determined group one last time, she knew that they were ready.

As they made their way towards Treize's stronghold, each member of the attacking party knew this was an all or nothing gambit. They had to free Duo before midnight. It was the full moon tonight and the powers of Treize and Zechs would be at their peak, and they would be able to render the spell on Duo into a permanent change. No one in the group was willing to let that happen.

They had arrived. Quatre would have been impressed that they had not been sensed or visually spotted, but knew this was due to Carmilla's power. She was a master of concealment and was easily able to extend that powerful protection to include them.

They entered the castle at a secret entrance and made their way through dusty corridors that were filthy from long disuse. The party could hear the sounds of celebration echoing through the stone walls. Soon that sound would change and the celebration would be theirs.

It didn't take long for the determined group to reach their destination. It was time for them to separate; Carmilla would find and destroy the bloodstone, while Heero and the others provided a distraction.

Treize watched from the shadows as the intruders silently slipped through the courtyard. He had sensed the presence of strangers and had quickly tracked down the source of the disturbance. He gave a signal and suddenly the open space was flooded with lights and the enemy was revealed.

Heero cursed as light suddenly revealed them to their hated foe. He growled low in his throat as Treize sauntered towards him, his arm possessively around a familiar lithe form.

"Look my dear, the curs survived. You should have fled and preserved your pathetic lives. I'll be sure you don't survive this time. Duo my love, should I spare their lives?"

Heero felt his heart contract at the look of disgust on Duo's face as he gazed at his former lover. Then his heart broke as that full mouth made its pronouncement.

"They are animals to be slaughtered for our amusement. Kill them all... slowly."

None of the captured group could believe the words that the braided youth spoke. They had befriended him and now he had betrayed them. Then they saw the look of sorrow mixed with horror and rage in those expressive beautiful orbs. They remembered Carmilla's warning that it was not really Duo who faced them, but Trieze who was controlling the half-breed.

Trembling with suppressed rage, Heero shouted a challenge, "Treize, I challenge you to single combat for leadership here!"

Treize cursed the Japanese boy. He ruled by might and the challenge had been issued in front of his troops. He had to accept. He vowed to make the mongrel suffer before he ended his disgusting life.

Carmilla was close now; she could feel the thrumming power of the stone. Moving stealthily, she finally found the room the stone was in. She broke the lock on the door and entered the room. Glancing around the room, she spotted the troublesome artifact. Taking a deep breath, she began to chant the complicated spell that would shatter the harbinger of trouble and free her young one.

Heero and Treize circled one another, each looking for an opening that would let them strike at the other. Heero lunged forward with a lightening fast strike, only to find an empty space where his target had been. He barely had a second to roll out of the way of the devastating blow that had been aimed at his back by Treize as he reappeared.

Treize struck again and again at the annoying pest that stood in his way of completely claiming the fey boy watching the fight. He was growing angrier by the minute as blow after blow was evaded. So far both had only been able to strike glancing blows.

Heero smirked as Treize finally lost all patience and drew a blade. The stoic youth was quick to draw his own, and leaping forward unexpectedly, he scored a hit. He watched in satisfaction as blood dripped from a long gash in his opponent's arm.

The smirk of triumph vanished as he watched the wound disappear. Hearing a soft cry, he spun and watched in horror as a gash identical to the one he had given Treize appeared on Duo's arm.

Treize laughed evilly at the stunned looks on the faces of his enemies. "Go ahead Yuy, draw more of my blood. The spell I cast on Duo has a side effect; any wound or damage I receive is transferred to him. To kill me, you have to kill Duo first!"

The knife fell from numb hands as the hopelessness of the situation struck the would-be rescuers. Their only hope now was Carmilla.


Treize lunged again and again, drawing blood each time from his disheartened victim. He planned to slowly cut the fool to pieces. He knew the dark haired youth would sacrifice himself before allowing harm to come to Duo.

Heero was tiring, and he knew he couldn't last much longer. He had not taken a serious wound yet, but all the little cuts were adding up and his blood was flowing freely all over his body. Deep in his heart he knew he regretted only not being able to free Duo. Drawing on the last of his strength, he stood tall and prepared to meet his fate with dignity.


Carmilla was close to the end of the spell, power thrummed throughout the room and she poised to release the spell. Suddenly she sensed another presence in the room. Menace flowed from the unseen person. Carmilla realized she had a choice, she could disrupt the spell and save herself or she could complete the spell and chance she would survive whatever the intruder did to her.

Zechs moved stealthily upon the woman who had invaded his Lord's inner sanctum. He would strike down the bitch before she could finish her spell. Drawing a wicked looking dagger, he approached his prey and before she could react, he drove it to the hilt into her unprotected back.

Carmilla gasped as pain filled her world but it was too late for assailant, her spell was completed. She released the powerful spell with a weak wave of her hand. She quickly flung her hurt body forward as destructive power filled the room.

Zechs snarled as he realized he had been too late. Power filled the room and all he could do was find cover. He watched from under a table as the bloodstone began to glow brightly. Soon, it was so bright that he could no longer gaze upon it. He cried out as it exploded and he was flung against the far wall. As the blond recovered his senses, he realized he no longer felt the power of Treize encasing him.

Zechs began to shake as he realized what all he has done under Treize's thrall. Tears ran down his face as he slowly crawled over the slender woman sprawled on the ground. Dragging her onto his lap, he bit open his wrist and let the healing blood flow into her mouth.

Carmilla slowly returned from the blackness that had overcome her senses. She could feel her mouth filling with the fluid of life, and greedily she drank from the fountain. Her strength returned and as she became more aware, she felt the sorrow and self-disgust in the wounded spirit of Zechs. Reaching out, she flooded his being with feelings of support, forgiveness, and acceptance. Carmilla rose from the floor and held out her hand. She smiled as it was accepted and the two left the room to discover the fate of the others.


Heero watched as Treize came in for a final blow, when he suddenly collapsed. He watched in satisfaction as the evil one writhed and screamed in agony on the ground. Carmilla had succeeded.


Treize couldn't understand what was happening to him. One minute he was getting ready to finish off his enemy and the next he was screaming on the ground, feeling the power he had stolen slowly bleed away. Somehow he managed to gain his feet again, he had to try and finish off his opponent before the last of the power faded completely.


Heero smirked as the playing field just evened out. He struck with a hard blow the minute Treize rose and sent the taller man flying into his troops. He followed up with a harsh kick to his side before he had recovered from the first strike. He pulled back his fist for a final hit when a dulcet alto voice stopped him.

"Stop. I cannot allow you to kill him Heero. I claim that right for myself!"

Duo smiled softly as the look of defeat slipped from Heero's face to one of relief and triumph. He knew his lover had thought he was still under Treize's control when he spoke up but nothing could be further from the truth. He was himself again and he burned with the need for revenge. Treize had used his body against his will and had turned him into a puppet; it was time to pay him back in full.

Duo walked over the man he hated with every fiber of his being. Reaching out he settled a hand on the man's chest and caressed it. He observed as the evil one relaxed and knew he assumed that he still had control over his one time victim. Looking into the assured face, Duo thrust forward with all his strength and felt his hand sink into his enemy to burst out the other side, the object he sought clenched tightly in his bloody hands.

Heero watched in satisfaction as Duo's hand exploded through Treize's back, clutching the heart of their shared foe in it. He was filled with approval as the hand was ripped back through the body of their now dead enemy and Duo offered the grisly trophy to him. He gingerly took it and crushed it into a messy pulp before discarding it into the dust at their feet. Reaching out, he pulled the trembling form of the braided beauty into his arms, soothing him and letting him know that he was still first in his heart.

Carmilla and Zechs rejoined the others just in time to see Duo exact justice upon their tormentor. She smiled, her task was complete and her little one was free. Turning to look at the spiritually wounded man in her arms, she knew she now had a new task. She would take this strong one with her and heal his soul. Looking at the excited group that surrounded Duo and welcomed him back, she knew that he was in good hands and would be loved and cherished with Heero and his friends.



Duo anxiously awaited the arrival of his lover and now husband. They had wed earlier that evening and now would renew their blood bond and make love throughout the night. He tugged gently at his loosened tresses and jerked his head up as the most beautiful man in the world entered his room. Gazing at the love and affection in those Prussian eyes, he wondered how he had been so lucky to win the heart of the fearsome warrior.

Heero was overwhelmed at the creature of Fairy that was waiting for him. He couldn't wait another minute to taste of those berry sweet lips. Stepping forward, he dragged his koi into his embrace and sampled generously of the sweet fruits. He thrust his tongue deep inside and danced with its mate that was resting within the soft cavern.

Duo moaned, reveling in the conquest of his mouth and the feel of Heero's hands as they possessively claimed his body. He ran his own hands down the strong back of his mate, feeling the flexing muscles underneath the bronzed skin. He increased the heat building within them by running his leg up Heero's side and then pressing his firm erection against Heero's matching stiffness.

Heero was lost when he felt the proof of Duo's desire for him rubbed against the hardness between his own thighs. He flung the slim body over his shoulder and quickly made his way over to the bed, where he deposited the priceless burden amidst the soft sheets and pillows.

He wasted no time with ripping the concealing robe off that lithe form and feasting his eyes on the naked beauty of the boy lying on the bed. Slowly he ran his tongue over his lips as he descended upon the waiting flesh.

Duo cried out as he was thoroughly ravished by Heero. That hot mouth covered every inch of his body in heated kisses. The violet-eyed youth writhed and begged for his lover to have mercy and take him, yet that mercy was denied as Heero continued to ruthlessly tease and taunted his flesh, building the fire but never allowing the release that was craved.

Heero was determined to drive his lovely one mad with pleasure. He stroked the heated and swollen organ that begged for release by swelling and throbbing. Slapping playfully at the bobbing erection, eliciting a sharp gasp from his mate. Grinning with a playfulness that no other had ever seen, he kissed the abused flesh.

Duo was fast loosing his mind, he was so close to coming, then Heero had slapped his aching manhood and he had been flooded with twin sensations of pleasure and pain. Looking up to glare at the Japanese youth, he instead lost his voice as a playful grin appeared on his beloved's face. He was awed and his heart overflowed at this lowering of barriers that his koi had gifted him with. Relaxing his body totally, he reached out his arms and spoke. "Take me, my love, and bind us together for eternity. Ai Shiteru."

Heero felt his heart overflow with love for the fey youth beneath him. It was time to finish it and join with his lover. He kissed his way to the hidden pink pucker and plunged his tongue deep inside the longhaired boy's body. He enjoyed the cry of shock and pleasure as he prepared Duo for penetration. He pulled back and gently inserted first one finger and as the muscles in the tight ring relaxed he added another. He messaged the inner walls stoking the fires of Duo's passion until the beauty was begging nonstop to be taken.

Heero kissed his way back up the firm body to claim the mouth one last time before thrusting forward and burying himself deep inside silken heat. He paused a moment to give Duo time to adjust to his width before withdrawing and thrusting back in hard and deep.

Back and forth, hot and deep, the pair on the bed thrust back and forth each meeting the other, moving as one. Faster and faster the pace sped as the two built up the passion and the pleasure. All too soon, Heero and Duo had reached the point of no return and knew it was only a matter of time before they exploded together.

Both realized that they were so close, gazing with love into each other's eyes, they bared their fangs and plunged them deeply into the neck of the other. Duo and Heero drank deeply of the life stream of the other, even as the thrusting took on a more furious pace.

Duo swallowed a last gulp of Heero's glorious blood and then cried out as he came, shooting his creamy seed over his chest and Heero's.

Heero was not far behind his soulmate as he slammed into him a final time and emptied his seed deep within the alabaster body, marking him forever as Heero's through passion and blood.

The lovers sighed with relief as the bond between them was restored and proved to be stronger than before. They would share eternity together again.