Okay! I'm sending this out, part of it, as a Valentine's offering......even though it's not done. -_-;;;; But, actually, this is a good thing, because I want your help on something. I'll tell you what after the fic. ^-^

This story is a little silly, (but hey, so am I, and besides, I think some people need cheering up!) and there is no real yaoi or shounen ai warning as of yet. Just itty bitty hints. ^-^ But never fear, it's coming. I wanted to build up first.



Duo could have screamed. He was going to lose! He never lost! He was Shinigami-- he was smart, he had luck. He always won! No way was he going to accept it. He studied his options, going over them again and again.

"No, no, no, no, no, NO!!! There has got to be a way!"

The braided pilot’s eyes and mind moved quickly, processing all the information. There had to be chance somewhere! There had to!

"Heero!" he yelled. "I need your help over here, man! C’mere! Fast!"

Duo fidgeted impatiently as he waited for his partner. The sweat trickled down his back. He scrubbed at his eyes, staring in disbelief at the scene in front of him. It couldn’t be, it just couldn’t be!

Heero finally arrived, assessing the situation in a glance.

"Hn. It’s over."

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Duo screamed, as he fell……..

….and landed face down on the bed, sending the cards flying everywhere.

"I can’t believe it! I just can’t seem to win at solitaire anymore! And could you turn the heat down a little? I’m burning up!"

Heero glared at him before returning to his laptop. With a sigh, Duo rolled himself slowly off the bed on to the floor. He pulled himself into a sitting position and simply watched Heero for a minute as he typed rapidly.

"Oi man, whatta ya type at? A million words per minute? Did ya have to take typing lessons to learn that? Did you learn shorthand, too?"

Duo was struck with the picture of Heero as your traditional secretary. Heero in a skirt was a funny picture any day, but add the shirt, the pumps, the hose, the glasses, the pad and pencil, and the pink lipstick-well now, THAT was entertainment. Duo rolled on the floor struggling to breathe. He could just see Heero, in a light alto voice-

"Yes, Masao-san. Of course I got every word. Yes, of course, Masao-san, I’ll type it up right away. Oh, Masao-san, I’ve forwarded all your calls for you. Masao-san, your wife wants you to get home at 6:00, she says her parents are coming over."

After a few minutes of hysterical laughing, Duo finally subsided into giggles. Heero just ignored him. Finally the giggles stopped, and with a sigh Duo began to gather the scattered cards. Once he had them all, he climbed back on to the bed, settling himself in a cross-legged position. He began to shuffle the cards, the first step of which was to spread them all out on the bed.

"The best way…." he mumbled. He then began swirling the cards around under his hands. He moved them randomly in circles, changing direction and location sporadically. All this he did with the grace of a Las Vegas card shark. Granted, of course, he knew what "Las Vegas" was. At any rate, he did this for awhile before gathering them into a wad and tapping them on the bed to get them to fall horizontally and vertically. He then straightened them out so that they were all facing the same way. Splitting the deck in two, he began to shuffle them the "normal" way while deciding what to do.

"I’ve lost too many times in solitaire to want to play that again and I don’t know any other //one// player games." He stared at Heero meaningfully. The meaning was wasted.

"Ooooo-kaaaay….hmm. I don’t know what to do."

Duo continued to shuffle repeatedly. The only noises were the "click-click-clack" of the keyboard and the "pssssht" of the cards as they slapped together, merging into one pile. Duo stared at Heero while Heero stared somewhat mindlessly at the computer. Duo smiled wistfully. If only….

"Oh! I know what I can do!" Duo shuffled one last time, then began to rifle through the deck

"One king, two kings, three kings…….Oi! Where’s that last king! Musta missed it. Oh here it is, hiding behind the queen. What’s the matter, King? Don’t be a chicken."

Had it been anyone else talking to a card, there might have been cause for Heero to worry. But then again, Heero was Heero and probably didn’t hear a thing Duo said anyway. Probably.

Duo laid the four kings out side by side- hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades in order from left to right. He then spread the rest of the deck in one hand and held it at arm’s length, facing away from him. Squinting, he ran the first finger of his other hand over the fan of cards.

"Hmmmm..pick a card….any card…."

The pilot did just that, pulling a card out from the rest with a flourish.

"And then another." He repeated the motion.

"Aaaaaaaand another."

He laid the card selected first face down above the four kings. Then he placed the second card to the right of it, and the third to the right of that one- all face down and neatly centered above the kings. Duo’s legs were beginning to get uncomfortable, so he uncrossed them and stretched them out, taking care not to disturb the cards. Duo then scooted back until his back rested against the headboard and spread his legs out on either side of the cards.

Duo leaned back and partially closed his eyes, bringing both hands up to rest on his chest. He tapped the deck that was still in his hand, his first finger mindlessly forming an even, staccato beat. With his eyes half closed, he watched as his companion worked. The Japanese stared at the screen, typing furiously. Duo idly wondered if Heero could ever even get eyestrain. Somehow, he doubted it. That would make Heero a shade too imperfect. <1>

He was being unusually quiet, he knew, but it didn’t really matter. He was certain Heero wouldn’t notice anyway. That would mean he was paying attention to Duo, which, of course, he wasn’t.

Heero turned to glare at him. <2>

Duo’s mind then took the opportunity to process information that he had been too busy watching the way the computer’s eerie light reflected off his partner to notice. The incredible speed of Heero’s typing had been gradually lessening, reducing to only quick sporadic bursts of pattering, and finally silence. Then had come the glare.

Duo struggled to recover, caught beneath that intense gaze. He felt a little like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. His doom was rushing at him, but he was caught in the glare-- mesmerized and a little frightened. But he wouldn’t admit it.

"Oi, Heero- ya done? ‘Cause I could really use your help." Duo gave Heero his usual rakish grin.

"Quit tapping."

"Eh….gomen." Duo stilled the finger that had been moving on its own accord, partially forgotten. The room seemed suddenly very quiet. Duo tried again.

"C’mere Heero, if you’re done. I want to show you something."

"I wasn’t done."

"Oh. Well. " Duo stood up and stretched, very exaggeratedly. Then, moving very quickly, he jumped over behind Heero and peered over his shoulder.

"Ah-ha! You look pretty done to me." Duo stared pointedly at the computer. "Or do you always work with a blank screen, hmmmmmm?"

Heero shrugged.

"I caught you! Now you hafta come over here and watch!"


Okay, as I was reading this over, it suddenly struck me that-

<1> This was written before the other story that opens with a discussion on eyestrain. (The one I sent out the other day). -_-;;;

and <2> this sounds again a lot like the other story. Heero has E.S.P.! Or maybe E.S.D.P- Extra Sensory Duo Perception. ::giggles::