I thought I might send out a piece of the fic I'm (trying) to write. I just thought I'd see what people thought about it. I'm not sure what I'm going to name it, but I'm thinking about "Before the Beginning and After the End" after a T.S. Elliot poem, or maybe "That Which is Only Living Can Only Die", after the same. I don't know....what does anybody think? This is my first GW fic, and I thought I'd see if I was on the right track. You know, throwing it against the wall. ^-^



"I don’t know how you do it. If I had to stare at a computer screen that much, I’d go blind. It makes my eyes sore just to look at a screen for a fraction of the time you do. Oi! But you’re Heero Yuy- no body part of yours would ever fail in its mission. I’ll bet that you’ll live to be 200, and then someone will have to kill you so you don’t go on forever. Your heart wouldn’t dare stop on its own. Of course, I don’t think anyone could ever kill you anyway. You won’t die in this war, because that’d mean someone was better than you, and of course no one is. So, I guess you’ll live forever. What a picture! I can imagine you exactly the same, in spandex, at 300. Maybe gray hair, and a few tiny wrinkles, but the same old perfect soldier. Yep. Heero ‘I’m so good no one can kill me, not even myself, though God knows I’ve tried and I have a serious Death Wish’ Yuy will live forever."

And I’m glad.

Heero never falters in his typing and the pattering continues on into my silence. I’m not sure if he was listening or not—I can never really tell for sure. And usually when I think he wouldn’t notice if I pulled up a chair and hung myself with my braid, he chooses that exact moment to turn and glare at me. Sometimes I really wonder if he has E.S.P. or something. Maybe Dr. J gave it to him somehow. I don’t know. But it’s weird.

The silence is continuing, and it bothers me. Silence bothers me a little, because it has so many memories and most of them are bad. Standing in the Maxwell church, bodies everywhere; silence when there should be singing. Silence when there should be talking, silence when there should be laughter. Cold, hard, permanent silence when there should be life.

"Maybe I’ll live forever, too. Can Death even die? Eh, I don’t think so. Yep, I think I’ll hang around into eternity just to annoy you and hold one-sided conversations with myself."

I don’t know if I could talk forever. I mean, I could handle several hundred years, but after a while there just isn’t any more to say to yourself. Assuming the world even makes it that long.


Um, yeah. -_-;;; Anyway, this is probably going to be a good bit angsty (but hopefully a little humorous) but I have a kind of goofy one that I'm working on as well. My beta reader tells me its quite funny. So, ::nervous look:: does it stick?