Author/Alias: Dark Blaze (f520m@earthlink.net)
Title/Part Number: Vanilla and Strawberry
Catagory/Warnings: yaoi, PWP-ish, sex in public (sort of)
Pairing: conventional
Feedback: Yes

Preface: Out of boredom, I asked my friend to give me a sentence to base my fic on. She gave me the first line, and it bloomed into this. She read it and loved it, so I thought to post it here.

1. GW is not mine.. yadda yadda yadda...
2. The first line is by Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, and the song is "Mint Car", if I'm not mistaken.

Pairing: I had Quatre and Trowa in mind when I wrote it down, but my friend said it could be Duo and Heero, too. It doesn't really matter, I guess. Either one works fine.


I really don't think it gets any better than this - vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss.

He brings the strawberry into his mouth again, and I can almost see his tongue wrapping around the tangy fruit, lapping the sweet confection of vanilla ice cream away. I find my mouth suddenly filled with saliva and my lips extremely dry. I swallow and lick my lips, my eyes still fixed at his lips, and the red berry that is sliding out, leaving his mouth with an almost inaudible pop.

For god’s sake, he's just eating vanilla ice cream, nothing more!

His eyes suddenly find mine, and a small smile of amusement form on his lips. I should feel embarrassed, I really should, but all I feel is the dryness of my throat and the tightness of my pants. And a ridiculous thought flashes dimly in my mind; I knew I should've worn looser pants. I squirm slightly, and he seems to enjoy that. The amusement grows more visible in his eyes, and he chuckles silently.

I start to growl at him, but then I feel something pressing against my groin. I blink. I look down. There, poking slightly from under the white table cloth, I see his foot, resting against me, teasingly rubbing. I look up and glare at him. But his smile doesn't drop, and his foot presses slightly harder. And it's all I can do to hold back the moan. Damn him for knowing exactly what I want.

I can hear my breath drifting in a very soft hiss, my mind screaming that I shouldn't, we shouldn't, this is a public place, we could be charged for sexual offense, but my body has a will of its own, and I grind my hips against that foot, all the while glaring at him.

Suddenly he stops and lifts his foot slightly.

"We shouldn't."

There are a thousand reasons why he's right. The car is almost a block away. This place is quite full. I would only embarrass myself if I came in my pants.

I grab that foot and place it back to where it was two seconds ago.

"I don't care. I'll think of something." I grind slightly against him, silently telling him what I want. "Finish it."

His eyes darken slightly, his small smile shifting to a smirk, and he gives me exactly I want, his foot pressing hard. I gasp and lean further to that touch, my jaws clenched so tightly, my teeth are hurting. I glare at him. He stares right back, his eyes just as intense. Two seconds later, I bite my lip hard as I come, desperately holding the loud moan in my throat. I squeeze my eyes shut, my body trembling slightly as he helps me ride the orgasm out. Finally I feel his foot leaving, and I open my eyes to look at him.


I nod and swallow as I try to control my breathing. "Pass me the coke?”

His brow quirks up slightly, showing his surprise, but he gives me the coke anyway.


I bring the almost full glass to my lips, swallow a mouthfull, and "accidentally" lets the glass slip slightly from my hand. The dark liquid sloshes over the rim, splashing down into my lap.

I stare at the mess I just made.

He stares at me.

I look up at him.

".. Oops."

He still stares at me.

I grin at him.

His lips quiver slightly, his shoulders starting to shake, and finally he gives in to a silent laughter.

I wink at him and takes another drink before setting the now almost empty glass on the table.

He smiles and picks up the strawberry. "Want it?"

I nod.

The strawberry is passed.

He smiles at me and picks up his spoon again, returning to his treat. I bring the red fruit to my mouth, tongue swirling around the narrow end, licking it, as I watch him eating vanilla ice cream, our eyes sharing a secretive smile.

Yes, I do think nothing is it better than vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss. Well, almost nothing anyway.