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The Price of A Bet
by Dark Blaze

It all started with one boring afternoon, a supposedly uneventful meeting to discuss a Preventer case, and...


Duo: Oh, just skip that and get on with it, will ya!

All right! All right! Jeez...


So... Let's say it all started with a game of truth or dare. And it ended up with Zechs being the slave for Duo for the night. And since Duo always shared everything - well, maybe not everything but most things - with his lover, Zechs got two masters with the price of one.

"Remind me never, ever to make any bet again with you Duo," Zechs grumbled as he followed Heero into the Japanese's and his lover's apartment.

"Oh, stop complaining Zechs." Duo grinned, following behind the blond. "It's gonna be fun. You'll see."

"For you perhaps..."

Heero shut the door after his lover had passed and stared at Zechs sharply. "..You are our slave for the night. Slave must obey the masters. First rule, you are not allowed to utter even one sound until we allow you to."

Zechs opened his mouth immediately, ready to protest.

Heero glared, daring him to.

He shut his mouth again.

Duo grinned in glee. "..Hee-chan, 'm hungry." He gazed his lover with half of his usual puppy-look. "Aren't you?"

Heero catched on immediately and nodded with the hint of an evil smile on his lips. "Make dinner for us, slave."

"But..." Zechs immediately clamped his mouth shut.

Too late.

Heero frowned. "You broke the first rule. You must be punished. Strip."

"..." He wanted to protest again but finally decides against it and with a sigh sheds his shirt.

Duo smirked. "All the way, Zechy."

Zechs shot a glare at the American. But being Heero's lover for so long had made Duo immune. Besides, Zechs' glare was nothing nearing Heero Yui's patented death glare. Sighing silently, Zechs resigned to his fate and complied... again. Done, he turned and stared at Duo and Heero with a look of "Now what?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "He told you already. Make dinner."

Scowling, the blond (almost) stomped to the kitchen.

Duo looked at Heero and grinned. "This is gonna be fun."

"Aa." Heero smirked.



Zechs made dinner, served while Duo and Heero eat - he barely had time to eat himself, washed the dishes, and then fetched some drinks and snacks when Duo declared that they would watch some videos.

"Mm... Hee-chan.." Duo suddenly complained after sitting for more than two hours. "My neck hurts."

"Want a back rub?"

Zechs immediately stood up, thinking he would be ordered to do the massaging. What he got instead was a dark frown from Heero.

"Did I tell you to move?"

Zechs slowly sat down again.

"Heeeroo..." Duo started to whine.

"..Take off your shirt."

Duo happily complied then laid down on the couch. Heero carefully straddled him on his rump and started massaging the fine toned muscles, starting from the neck and shoulder slowly down to the spine.

And all Zechs could do was stare...

When Heero was done, Duo hopped up in a sudden turn and tackled his lover with a gleeful grin.

"Your turn!" He announced happily.

In a swift move born out of practice, he took Heero's shirt off and flopped him down none too gently on the couch. Heero grunted at the movement but made no further sound, least complaining.

Duo started massaging the Japanese's back. Out of habit, he hummed softly a light tune that was both his and his lover's favorite.

Heero closed his eyes and enjoyed Duo's skillfull and knowing touch as well as the pleasant alto of the American's singing voice.

Zechs could only stare. He hadn't known Duo could sing that well...

Duo waited until the iron muscles beneath his hands had turned into flexible flesh then started dropping small kisses once in a while, here and there. He smiled at the soft noises his lover made and changed the relaxing rubbing into a more sensual one.

Heero stiffened a moan when he felt the change in that knowing touch. He glanced quickly at his slave and a slow smile of mischief started forming on his lips.

Duo knew his lover well. Sometimes too well. This was definitely not one of the times when that "too well" was resented. His eyes closed, he started to hum a bit louder and very subtly swayed along with the tune. A different kind of smile stretched accross his lips, giving him a more sensual look. His hands never stopped their lazy glide across the plane of muscles on Heero's back. He could hear the slight shift of the air coming from Zechs' direction as well as one soft, unconscious noise. His smile widened but never lessened in its sensual laziness. Then he felt another change, one from beneath him. His eyes drifted open, and he leaned down to whisper in his lover's ear.

"Wanna change setting?"

Heero's assent was almost invisible, but Duo was an expert in the Perfect's Soldier's version of Body Language, and he easily catched the Japanese's intent. Swiftly he arose to his feet and gave a hand to help Heero stand up - not that the Japanese really needed it. Hand in hand, he glided in to the bedroom with his lover in tow.

Zechs lifted an eyebrow, knowing what the two were up to. A part of him was disappointed. Another part was sighing in relief.

"You are coming to, Zechs."

Well.. maybe he had spoken too soon... or rather, thought too soon since he still wasn't allowed to utter a sound. Rising to his feet elegantly, never mind of his state of undress, he followed the couple in a distance of a couple steps. When he arrived in the bedroom, the two ex-Gundam pilots were already in bed... still with pants on.

"Close the door."

He complied.


Again, he complied.

"Don't move until we tell you to."

Well, he wasn't planning to move.. not anytime soon anyway.

Duo grinned cheerfully, no doubt the amusement was in expense of his slave. The moment the violet eyes fell on cobalt blue orbs though, the grin changed into a sensual smile, and violet turned deep purple. Ever so slightly parted lips moved slowly to cover the distance and met their mate.

Heero was not so patient in his own allurement, though. Swiftly he reached forward and pressed on the soft lips he knew belonged to him. His hands moved and, in a deadly grip, drew his lover close to him. His tongue darted out to probe the full lower lip, silently asking for entry.

Duo felt the silent entreat and, with a sigh, leaned deeper into his lover's arms. His lips parted almost immediately, willingly giving entry. His tongue wasn't so willing though. It teasingly darted and danced around, leaving Heero growling in frustation.

Heero could feel the lips beneath him starting to form a smile. Oh, how well he knew what the fey creature in his arms was doing. But he knew as well just how to change that.

Forcefully he broke away.

Duo's eyes flung open immediately. "What the... Oohh.. Mm... Heero..."

Heero smirked at the soft skin of his lover's neck. His lips gently sucking, his teeth nibbling every now and then, teasing the sensitive nerve there. He could feel the body in his arms melt, fully surrendering under the assault. With gleam of satisfaction in his eyes, he claimed the full lips and once again reached out to taste his lover.

This time Duo happily, even eagerly, participated, swirling and battling with Heero, tasting each other...

Soft moans and whimpers drifted out, heavily laced with pleasure and desire. Hands reached out, roaming and caressing muscles beneath skins, one soft, the other full of scars. Breathings became faster, urgent...

Heero broke away, breathing labored with desire. His lips almost immediately began their journey down the swollen, parting lips of his lover, nibbling the delicate earshell, down to the neck...

Duo moaned softly and tilted his head, giving away a wider plane for the sweet assault. His hands glided across Heero's bare back, forming sensual patters. His legs caressed the Japanese's legs, his hips rubbing against Heero's.

Heero's lips drifted lower, kissing the collarbone briefly in the process, aiming for the little nubs he knew were already hard with desire. Circling one with his tongue, he captured it, trapping it in his mouth. Lips and teeth working restlessly, alternating between sucking and nibbling, combined with occassional licking...

Duo moaned shamelessly, feeling the pressure his lover was applying, enjoying every bit of the pain bordering the pleasure... His fingers sneaked between the dark hair, willing the hot mouth to continue the sweet torture...

Zechs swallowed hard at the erotic moans coming from the beautiful sight before him. If he hadn't been aroused already, he certainly would have now. He wanted so bad to join the two in bed but... He bit his lip to prevent a groan/moan of his own lashing out at the sound of Duo's moans. He was rock hard, very, very horny, and wanted so bad to... He shifted.. No relief there. His hand started to slide down. Maybe he could...

He found himself held by two piercing dark blue orbs. He swallowed hard.

"Not until we allow you to."

He swallowed again at the hard monotone. Maybe... No. Better not risk it. Slowly, his hand inched away from the hard proof of his lust.

Duo growled softly in protest when he felt those hot mouth leaving him. He could hear Heero's voice... saying something... not to him though. To someone else. But.. hell, who cared? He wanted.. needed Heero to continue. His hands reached out on their own, pleading his lover to taste him again.

Heero smirked at the sight of Zechs, very turned on, caught like a deer in headlights... He waited until that hand moved away from its bobbing target before nodding in satisfaction and complied to Duo's silent demands. He captured the wide lips again, parting them and exploring the sweet cave beneath before leaving them and starting another journey.. lower... throwing butterfly kisses all the way, tasting the saltiness of his lover's soft skin...

Duo sighed in relief when his lover granted his pleas. The sigh turned right into a whimper at the force of the kiss and changed again to occassional pants alternated with soft moans and silent requests...

"Mmh... Hee-koi." Duo's hand guiding Heero back up for a kiss. "Hee-koi, I want to feel you..."

Heero smiled and delivered another kiss before granting the request and deposited both their pants. All skin now with no barrier, the touches and caresses became more sensual... more urgent.

Zechs almost groaned at the sight of two beautiful body, bared, coated only in slight perspiration... so luscious... tempting... It was a torture, but...

Heero pressed on his lover's lips forcefully, his tongue battling with Duo's. His hands roamed over every inch of skin they could find. His hips moved desperately, grinding his hardness to his lover's.



They broke away, panting, wanting for more... But first thing first.


Zechs' eyes snapped up, meeting dark blue orbs.

"I want you to give Duo a blow job."

Light blue eyes darkened almost immediately. He arose to his feet, on to the bed, and started giving Duo the best blow job he could do...

Heero watched the tall blond taking Duo higher in pleasure. The Japanese's own desire rose at the erotic sight of his beautiful lover thrusting in and out the mouth of his ex-rival.

Duo could feel himself going up, higher and higher...almost there... And he forcefully pulled himself completely out. He had other plans...

Zechs automatically started to protest at the loss but immediately clamped his lips shut. He looked up.. and met two very amused, very dark eyes.

"You may speak now. " Heero's lips twitched in the beginning of a smile at the blond's expression.

Zechs started to open his mouth... only to be silenced by Duo's kiss.

"Zechs," The American whispered into his mouth. "Will you let me fuck you?"

At a loss of words, the blond could only nod.

"On your hands and knees," Heero commanded; there was no mistaking of that smile now.

He immediately complied... and waited... and missed the exchange of smirk and snicker behind him.

Heero took the lube of lubricant from the nightstand and passed it to his lover.

Duo took the the lubricant, applying it on his hand before passing it back to Heero. He stared for a moment, enjoying the beauty offered to him with lustful eyes. After a shared look with Heero, he reached out, caressing the tall blond's flesh, feeling the muscles beneath the skin. His lips finally decided to participate, dropping butterfly kisses here and there, tasting... His hands moved lower... to the hind end... feeling and kneading... parting the cheeks.

Zechs' breath hitched at the feeling of the first intrusion. He forced himself to relax immediately, letting the intruder in, enjoying the familiar yet foreign pleasure and pain it gave.

Duo added a second finger after a while, carefully stretching the tall blond. Then he felt two hands on his cheeks. A moment later, a finger entered him...

Heero started preparing Duo, stretching him. He heard the soft hiss coming from his lover at the invasion. He could hear a sigh... coming from himself.. at the tightness around his finger. It never ceased to amaze him how his lover could still stay so tight after all these time... not that he had any complain on that. A smile escaped him when he felt the change in his lover, from pain to pleasure...

Duo closed his eyes, enjoying the administration given to him... then continued to prepare Zechs, adding a third finger. Using his instincts, he reached out, searching for...


A smirk appeared on the ex-Shinigami pilot's face... only to be replaced by his own moan of pleasure when he felt Heero searching - and finding - the same thing.

Heero looked at both beautiful men in front of him with satisfaction.

They were all ready.

Quickly but generously applying lubricant on himself, Duo took his place.. and started making his way into the warm passage before him... slowly... steadily... He was all the way in. He sighed with pleasure.. and waited.

Heero waited until Duo was fully in, then he started entering his lover, groaning as his lover moaned in pleasure bordered with pain... Slowly... gently... Finally he stoped, letting his lover adjusted, enjoying the occasional spasm of hot muscles around his length.

After a while, they started to move. Heero took Duo in retreat with him, then Duo pushed back to Zechs, followed by Heero to the American. Slow at first... adjusting the rythm...then they started to quicken the pace... Gasps and moans mingling... Louder.. Faster... Harder... Riding the pleasure higher and higher....

Heero could feel them closing to the edge now. He reached out, grasping Zechs' shaft and started pumping.

Duo could feel himself going up... reaching the edge... no turning back now... The pace quickened... He exploded in pleasure.


Zechs groaned, feeling Duo coming inside him. The feeling of Duo's fluid shooting inside him... Heero's hand on his hardness... He flew pass the edge.


Heero could feel Duo clenching around him and Zechs climaxing a second away from Duo. He couldn't resist and surrender to the pleasure.


They stayed for a moment, breathing out of control... Slowly Heero withdrew from his lover's tight passage, feeling Duo doing the same to Zechs. They collapsed to the bed in a mess of trembling limbs and sweats.

Duo kissed first Heero then Zechs. "That was incredible," He whispered to the blond. "Thank you."

Zechs could only nod, still caught in aftermath glow.

Heero slipped a hand around Duo's waist, drawing the American closer to him, and smirked at Zechs. "Still regretting losing that bet?"

Zechs was quiet for a moment, then turned to Duo. "Next time Duo, remind me to always make a bet with you."



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