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By Dark Blaze


Heero Yui is addicted to two things. The first one is his partner at work and everything that comes with him. The other one is.. ice cream. Yes, ice cream; the cold and sweet, dairy product with enough calory to make the Perfect Soldier cringe if contained in something other than ice cream. Why ice cream? That’s still left for scientists to figure out. The fact is, the sinful delight is one of the two things the Perfect Soldier is addicted with.

Well... There are actually other things that the Perfect Solider is also obsessed with. Things like completing a mission or blowing mobile suits, especially those belonged to the enemies. And also... But let’s not go there.

Heero Yui always likes ice cream, regardless the time of the year. But he likes it especially in a hot, summer day. And he likes it best when his partner - who happens to be addicted to the sweet, cold thing as well - prepares the treat for him. Why? The reason remains only for him to know.


That day was one of such day. It was summer, and it was almost unbearably hot, a perfect day for some ice cream. It was made even more perfect by the fact that there was no war, they - he and his partner - were on vacation - which meant no Preventer business for two weeks, and they were the only two people in this cabin by the river - which was owned by the Winner family, used with the permission of the Winner heir.

Heero was, at the time being, resting in the living room, enjoying the caress of the breeze drifting from the opened windows. His eyes were closed and his posture was relaxed. His arms were folded behind him, supporting his head. His shirtless, finely toned frame was stretched across the floor. No need for restrictions here; after all, he was on vacation.

“Come on, Heero. What’s the big deal? It’s not like we have any neighbors for hundreds of miles around this place.” His partned has said earlier that day when he inquired about the necessity of wearing as few clothing as possible. “Besides, we’re on vacation. We can enjoy ourselves a little, ne?”

A small smile made its way to the Japanese’s lips at the memory.

He was on vacation.

“Hey, Heero.” His partner had entered the room with two bowls in hands.

His eyes drifted open lazily. “Hm?”

“Here. Your ice cream.”

“Aa.” He began to sit up as his partner comes closer.

Until today, neither of them is able to explain what happened. It seemed that somehow, between him getting up and his partner approaching him, they both got their feet tangled. Predictably, the bowls of ice cream fell... and the contents were splayed all over the dark haired young man. It was fortunate that the bowls were not of glass, but Heero was in no mood to appreciate the fact at the time.

“Ch’kuso! Duo, that’s cold!” He glared murderously at his partner.

“Gomen Heero,” the American smiled meakly. “I didn’t mean to. It was an accident, honest!”

Heero suppressed the shivers the icy treat caused. He knew it was an accident. But still... He was not happy... And he was cold as hell!

“Um.. I’ll help you clean it up?” Duo offered tentatively. “I’ll even get you another bowl of ice cream later.” Before Heero could reply, the braided young man had started to pick the bigger chunks of ice cream off him.

Duo tried to get as much of the mess off his partner before it began to melt. But it wasn’t easy. And Heero’s body heat didn’t help at all. In the end, the effort created only a bigger mess, and now Duo’s hand was just as smeared with melted ice cream as Heero’s upper body. The American sighed and gave up; Heero would just have to clean himself and take another shower.

Absently, Duo started licking the sweet, not-so-cold-anymore liquid off his fingers. His eyes darted tentatively to his partner as he wondered what the Japanese was thinking. Then he saw the look those cobalt blue eyes gave him.

Heero stared at his partner. He saw the smile grew. And he knew what that meant.

“Duo..” His voice was wary. “What are you... Ack!”

Duo pounced on him and started kissing him.

“Duo.. wha.. hmpp!”

“You talk too much, Hee-koi.” With a grin, he started cleaning the melting ice cream.

“Du... ooh!”

Duo smiled at the nerve near the ear he was nuzzling and continued licking and sucking, slowly working his way down the strong neck to the collarbone, and down to the chest. His tongue darted sensually, circling the half hard nub that was in the way, before he took it into his mouth.

Heero hissed softly when he felt the teeth grazing and nibbling, carefully building the pressure until...

Duo suppressed the urge to smile at Heero’s moan. Instead, he focused his concentration at the little nub between his teeth, alternating between nibling and sucking. Finally he let it go and started licking his way across the chest.

Heero felt a mild disappointment when the warm mouth left, but then it was back.. only now it was on the other side of his chest, again slowly building the pressure to the intense pleasure that was perfectly balanced with pain. Another moan escaped him. This time his hands moved to make sure the mouth stayed there.

And Duo really smiled this time. Eargerly he complied, letting his teeth and tongue working the little hardness on his mouth. When he finally felt it was enough, he let go of the perfect balance and bit, causing the desired effect.

Heero yelped at the sudden pure pain and let go of Duo’s head. He started to protest, but the American had moved lower, producing trails of warm wetness that almost immediately turned cool with the help of the breeze...

Duo worked his way with care. Another smile grew as he went over the sides of Heero’s chest and slowly licked down to the torso, cleaning away the cool, sweet liquid that was there before and leaving behind faint evidences of the presence of his tongue. He took his time nearby the waist, knowing just how many sensitive nerves on the neighborhood. There, that was one on the side. Then another one... That was another one...

Heero moaned and squirmed when he felt Duo’s mouth teasing the nerves. He wanted the sweet torture to stop. He wanted it to continue... His hands found their way to the head again on their own accord, but they could only stay there, not knowing what to do...

Duo finally decided to take pity on the Japanese and dipped his tongue once more on the little valley he found on the firm torso before continuing his traveling down the body. His hands moved to open the way for his mouth. They worked quickly, unfastening the button of Heero’s jeans and shoved it out of the way...

Heero sighed; finally. He bent his legs to help the hands moving the obstacle away. His hands knew what to do now, and he waited in anticipation.

Duo smiled; in front of him was the evidence of just how much his partner was enjoying this - as if the moans weren’t enough a proof; he snickered at the thought.

Heero frowned. What was Duo waiting for? “Duo..”

Duo’s tongue had moved down... below the waist... narrowly passing the proof of Heero’s passion and straight down to the upper thights.


He lifted his face, just enough to let his warm breath blew over the tip of his partner’s shaft. He smiled innocently. “Hm?”

“Duo..” Heero groaned.

“What, Hee-chan?” They had gone through this oh, so many times before.

Heero groaned again. He knew what the American wanted.

“Hm?” He sighed and blew out warm breath.

“Duo...” Heero sighed and forced the word out; experience made it much easier. “Duo, please...”

With a smile Duo moved forward. His tongue darted out, caressing the under side of the hardness, up to the tip. He teased the slit he found there, tasting the drop of fluid he found there before...

Heero moaned as he felt the warmth swallowed the tip. His hips started to move, but two hands immediately held him...

Duo felt Heero’s hips moved. Immediately his hands gripped the body still. He wanted the control. He wanted to take his time. He waited until the hips stopped moving then started swirling his tongue up and down, his mouth moving lower and lower, taking more inches in...

Heero groaned at the hands that imprisoned him. He tried to fight, tried to move, but it only caused the warmth to stop moving. With a sigh he gave in and stopped moving. He felt the lips around his shaft formed a smile before they moved again, slowly taking him until he was completely engulfed in the warmth...

Duo loosened his throat and took Heero completely in. He stayed there, knowing how good it felt. The muscles of his throat moved as if swallowing, closing in and releasing around the hardness. Once, twice, thrice...

“Ah... Duo...”

His muscles worked again. And again. And again... Until he absolutely needed to come out for air. He backed away but kept the assaults of his tongue and teeth until he felt the muscles started to buckle...


Duo took the fluid in but not swallowing them... Well, not all of them anyway. He had other plan for it...

“Duo...” Heero sighed. “That was...” His breath hitched as he felt his partner started building the pressure again.

Duo spit out the fluid and smeared it around the limp flesh. His hands started working on it, slowly building the passion to bring it in its full glory once again. Then he backed away a little to take off his shorts.

“Duo.. what...?”

“Ssh.” His lips claimed Heero’s again, effectively silencing any protests that might have been uttered. His body moved, taking the advantage given by his being above the Japanese. When they break away for breath, he moved a bit backward and...

“Oh!” Heero shouted at the incredible warmth and tightness that suddenly engulfed him. It was so tight... A bit more than usual... He looked up; there was a trace of pain in that beautiful face. “Duo.. you didn’t prepare yourself...”

“I did. It’s okay.” He claimed his lover’s lips again to silence the protests. It was true; he did, only he didn’t take his time as much as usual.

He stayed still and waited for his body to adjust, then he started moving, slowly increasing the pace, willing the pleasure to take the pain away. Ah... that felt good... Umh... Felt really good...

He snapped the hairtie at the end of his braid, and the hair flew around, forming a silky curtain around them. He smiled at his partner’s sigh and squirmed a bit, shifting the aim for...


That was definitely very good.

His partner’s hands moved to his hips, stabilizing him and guiding him as he moved up and down, riding away with lust in his eyes that mirrored the one in the cobalt blue eyes. Duo’s hands roamed over his lover’s shoulders and back as his mouth moved to assault everything within reach. Heero’s mouth was also doing a restless assault on its own in a move that was more than complimenting his lover’s. One hand shifted to fly up and down his lover’s shaft...

Gasps and moans built along with their passion, louder and louder filling the room, until...



Duo closed his eyes and rested his head on his lover’s shoulder as he gasped for breath. He could feel his partner doing the same. They stayed still for a moment. Then slowly they collapsed to the floor in a tangling mess of hair, limbs, sweat, and sticky fluid.

Duo rested his head on his lover’s chest, content, before he realized where.. or to be more exact, what.. he was laying on. He wrinkled his nose in disgust and rolled away.

“Now we’re more messy than before.”

Heero chuckled and drew the American into his arms. “And whose fault is that?”

“Hm..” The American sighed. His mind, still hazy with the afterglow, refused to produce any smartass remarks. Later... Much, much later... Maybe...

He closed his eyes and snuggled deeper into his lover’s arms. His breathing had slowed down and started to establish a lazy rythm.


“Hm?” He was ready to rest in Orpheous’ embrace.

“Remember, you still owe me one banana split.”