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by Dark Blaze


AC 201

(Peacemillion University, Duo and Heero's room)

~7.00 p.m.~

"Oi, Heero! Don't you need to study?"
"You're not the Perfect Soldier anymore, you know. You also need to study. Heh, even I have studied. So... you should, too. You know, prepare yourself for tomorrow's final?"
"I will, Duo. Now shut up."


~11.00 p.m.~

"Heero? Aren't you going to study?"
"In case you don't know, Heero. It's 11 at night now. You aren't able to stay awake for days like you used to anymore."
"What're you doing with that computer anyway? You've been staying there for hours. It's not like something important will show up. We don't have any missions anymore."
"...Duo, shut up."
"I am preparing myself for the final."
"What?" *Rustle, rustle*. *Shuffle, shuffle*. Light footsteps to Heero's desk. "What are you doing?"
"Heero! You are hacking the school's computer?!!"


AC 216

~ 8.50 p.m.~

(Duo and Heero's house, the playroom, where Duo is with his ten-year-old son, Ivan)

"Now, Ivan. Don't you worry. Everything is going to be fine."
"But Dad! The test is two days away! I'm not sure I will be ready..."
"Ivan, you have your father's brain, remember? And just like him, you have a very sharp memory. I'm sure you'll be ready. Besides, didn't your father promise to help you with your study tomorrow?"
"So don't worry, hm? Now go to sleep; it's no use to force yourself to concentrate when you're tired. It's almost your bed time already anyway."
"Oh, all right. Good night Dad. Love you."
"I love you, too."


~ 10.30 p.m.~

(Duo and Heero's house, the study room)

"Hei, Koi." Walking to the desk where Heero's working on the computer. "You've been here since dinner. You work too hard."
"Why don't we go to bed, now? Hm?" Leaning to Heero suggestively.
"...Go ahead, Duo. I'll be right there."
"What're you doing anyway?"
"Nothing." Silent for a moment, then.. "Ninmu kanryou."
"Eh?" Getting suspicious; peeking through Heero's shoulder at the computer's monitor.
Eyes widened. Then... "Not again! Heero! Stop hacking the school's computer!!!"


AC 227

~ 10.00 p.m.~

(Duo and Heero's house, Ivan's room)

"Ivan! That's a really bad habit you picked from your father! Stop that immediately!"
"But Dad...!"
"No but! Stop it right now or I'll call your father!"
"Heero!" Going to the study room, which is two doors from Ivan's room.
"Heero, will you please..."
"I'm busy Duo." Growling from behind the computer on his desk.
"What?" Getting really suspicious. "What. Are. You. Doing." Peeking at the computer. "Aargh!! Would you two please stop hacking other people's computers?!!"