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After listening to another 20 minute pro-war speech/rant from the blonde trouble-maker, Relena politely stood up and brought the discussion group to a close. "Thank you, Dorothy, for that well educated response. However, you must remember that we advocate peaceful ways...."

"I understand that, Miss Relena, however, you also advocate freedom of speech. I mean to take full advantage of that to provide an opposite stance for forum and debate. Besides, not everyone can be the goody-goody, candy cane that you are....Miss Relena."

Relena stuttered for a second after the "ooooo"'s passed around the small room. Finding herself utterly devoid of a decent response, she flipped an inner switch that had been begging to be hit all day. "MISS Dorothy..."

The other blonde smiled as if she had already won the argument. "Yes, Miss Relena?"

"Shut up and sit down, or I'll have Pargan glue your butt to the chair and slap your mouth closed....and I'll have him shave those ridiculous eyebrows as well."

Two silent seconds passed before Dorothy ran bawling from the room and Relena sat down to search for another aspirin.

"What the hell, " she popped the pills into her hand and spoke to the still quiet class. "I feel like spending a couple of hours soaking in a nice, hot bath . Let's take the day off, shall we?"


Quatre found the elusive Noin eagerly plunking silver credits into one of the school's rare snack dispensers. "Miss Noin, can I bother you for a minute...."

He was suddenly interrupted by a barrage of curses as the Lt. violently smacked her palms against the hard plastic windows of the dispenser. "Fuckin' piece of shit! Give me that chocolate bar! Son of a bitch! The only damn machine in this whole fuckin' place and it won't give me the damned chocolate! Piece of fuckin't shit! Don't you tell me I have to walk away with out my money or my chocolate. Oh, no. Don't you dare tell me......F u c k i n' p i e c e o f.....aaaarrrrggghhh!"

Bravely, Quatre stepped between the violent woman and the defenseless machine and pushed a button. The desired piece of chocolate clunked to the bottom exit tray. Noin blinked twice, then a bright smile lit her face.

"Quatre, how are you?! What can I do for you?" As if her former outburst never existed, she took the chocolate in one hand and Quatre's arm in the other. Quatre wisely let the event go without question.


Tears still streaming down her face, Dorothy ran blindly through the school's halls till something hard and unmoving stopped her. She glared up at the obstacle which leveled its own glare back at her.

"Excuse me." was all the wall said, though it was obviously not heart felt.

Dorothy angrily swiped a tear away. "Two O'clock, in the practice room, I will get you for being in my way. No, better yet, let's do it now. Bring your own foil..."

Heero walked away, pissing off his challenger.

"Heero! You...you chicken! It's because of my eyebrows, isn't it? I can't...I ....waaaa!" Once again, the girl burst into a sudden fit of tears and continued her flight down the hallway.







Trowa raised a brow at Catherine before calmly regarding the knife sticking out of the inside curve of his clown pants.

She smiled apologetically, "Let me try that again."



"Catherine." The hilt still twanged from its secure place next to its twin as Trowa mentally calculated the odds of a repeat performance.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Trowa!" Catherine ran up to the very still target and gently plucked the two errant daggers from between his legs.

"Perhaps you should take a break before we start again."

Like a Rattler about to strike, she whirled on him, her voice as sharp as the blade she held. "Perhaps you should put the toilet seat down before you leave the bathroom."


The end