Title: Spellbound - Part Two
Author: Cindy the Werewolfling
Warnings: Shounen ai (1+2+5 and 3+4), Alternate Universe, lots o' weres (^_^)
Disclaimer: The GWBoys are not mine, though if they suddenly appeared in my bedroom one night I would not mind! Please don't sue, I think my creditors have first dibs on my meager assets and it'd be long gone before they get done *sighs*
Author Note: This is based on a dream I had, I WAS going to write it with me in it (it was my dream, of course I was in it) But I found I ran myself into a corner and just started over and took me out as a main character (I show up as a sorta important side character though, GOMEN!!!)
Also - ( . . .) is speech done in rougher, were creature dialect, normal humans can't understand it. Knowing this language is instinctive (comes from the animal side)


Who'd have thought an organization steeped in tradition and aristocracy as Oz would have such an unusual headquarters. The huge building was modern-style architecture from the late twentieth century. Duo gawked at the huge lobby area before ducking into the public restrooms. 'Pah, we're in the middle of a war and they're giving tours!' he grumbled silently. The base was the closest facility to where the trap had taken place. He had heard rumors of a strange shipment arriving here, but nothing positive about the Gundams or the pilots.

He had hacked into the computer network the day before and downloaded the floor plan for the non-public area behind the main building. He knew that in this bathroom there was an air vent that connected to the other area. "Let'see here, last stall on the . . . Got it . . ." Duo mumbled to himself. Locking the stall door, he climbed up and worked the vent cover loose. A small hop was all it took and he was on his way. He bit back a yelp when he snagged his wing, 'Almost forgot about them.' He pulled the grating back into place behind him just as two soldiers came into the bathroom. He paused and listened to their conversation.

"So His Excellency is here?"

"Yeah, he came the same night the guys from the Oshkar Base brought those cats in. Wants to keep his eye on them, I guess." The second soldier replied.

"They brought that weird chick with them too, didn't they?"

"Yeah, she takes care of the animals. I half-swear she's a were."

"That's not what I heard, I heard she's a spellcaster and those cats are the Gundam pilots."

"Seriously? I didn't think any of those people were left, just old stories from our grandfather's grandfathers. Hell, she could be both despite what the legends say . . . Hey where are they keepin' them anyways?"

"In Treize's office, the garden one . . . you know the one that the actual office is suspended above that garden. The girl's in the room next door on the lower level and the cats are all in the garden."

"Kinda too close for comfort in my opinion."

"Nah, they can't jump high enough to get to the office area and His Excellency gets to gloat over them."

The conversation died off as the men left and Duo continued his journey, he recognized the office they spoke of and knew it was an easy route from where he was, it just would take time.


Two long, dusty, and hot hours later he reached the vent that exited into the upper level of the garden office of his Excellency Treize. He caught an interesting scent in the air, but couldn't quite place it. A heated argument was taking place right in front of his hiding place. "This is wrong, Sir! You shouldn't have gone this far!"

"Zechs, please understand. This removes almost all the opposition against Oz and we can finally end this war." The man Duo assumed was Treize spoke in a soft, soothing voice, trying to calm his companion.

"By taking away their humanity? Killing them in battle is one thing but this?" Zechs spat, he was very unhappy with the current events.

"Is a fate worse than death." Duo jerked in surprise at the new voice, female in origin. "It's something I would not wish on anyone."

"Then why did you?" Zechs had turned his attention to the girl. From Duo's vantagepoint, he could see Zechs' legs in front of the grating, the girl was sitting on Treize's desk, looking very solemn and aloof.

"I have no choice." She whispered softly.

That made Zechs pause, a moment passed and he growled softly. Then Duo realized the scent in the room, it was a were, from the White Wolf Clan, a cousin Clan to his father's. Zechs was a shifter! 'Oh shit!' Duo considered backing up but the grating had already been ripped away. Zechs reached in and grabbed his arm, dragging him out of hiding. "It seems we have a guest." Treize murmured.

Duo looked at the three people in the room, the girl looked away but Treize and Zechs met his glares easily. "Let me go, dammit!" Duo growled, flapping with his good wing. Zechs had him dangling above the ground, unable to get the footing he needed to escape. 'I hate being so little sometimes!'

"My men reported shooting a winged werewolf at the Oshkar sight, Sir."

"He is that one, can't you tell by scent, Zechs?" The girl replied snidely. "He's a pilot too, you can smell the machines on him."

"Quite full of hidden talents, aren't you, my dear?" Treize added. "You know what to do."

"Do what?" Duo continued to struggle against the grasp of the white wolf's hand. "What're you going to do?!" He demanded, watching the girl's statement turn even more sorrowful. She began to speak in another language, slowly at first, but her words came faster with each passing moment. Duo felt strange, something was making his hair stand on end. Zechs dropped him and he tried to run, but instead he stood, transfixed on the girl. Her eyes had turned to a blind blue and a wind felt only by her lifted her hair and waved it around. She pointed at him and shouted a final line, then promptly fainted. Duo would've have wondered why, but by then he didn't care, pain was spreading throughout his body, forcing him to shift into the wolf. He lay there, panting from strange exhaustion and could not fight went Zechs picked him up and dumped over the railing into the garden. Duo weakly watched three great cats slowly approach him before everything turned dark.


(He's coming to. Duo, eh, wake up.) Duo barely registered the garbled growl of another were in beast-shape.

(Duo, it's Heero. Open your eyes.)

Duo complied and found himself looking at the face of a large cougar. (Heero?) He whined softly and pulled himself to his feet. Paws, he mentally corrected himself. He felt as wobbley as a new-born pup and ten times as sore. He had landed hard on his injured wing and now it burned with every movement. Once more, he felt a great emptiness inside of him, like something had been ripped away, slowly he realized. His ability to shift between shapes was gone. (Oh, damn, what did that chick do?)

(Wufei said she was a SpellCaster.) The soft, almost purr-like growl came from a pale, stripeless tiger.

(Q-quatre? That you? What happened?)

(We were carrying out the mission when suddenly a girl jumped out and shouted in an unknown language. The gundams failed immediately and we were . . . changed.) Heero struggled with the world.

While werecreatures were common place, if not welcome, a human being transformed into one was unheard of. Duo knew for a fact that the other pilots were human, except for . . . (Wufei, where is he?)

(In the back corner of the room, where we could better protect him from the soldiers. He hasn't had the strength to move since we were caught.)

(Fei?) Duo barked, moving towards the farthest corner of the room.

(Duo? What are you doing here?) Wufei's voice was close, Duo was almost to him.

(I came to rescue you . . . Unfortunately, I didn't account for Zechs Merquise being a werewolf.) Duo clambered over a rock taller than he was and looked down on a huge black panther. (WUFEI!) He yelped. (But . . . HOW? . . .)

(What's the matter, Duo? Wufei was changed, just like the rest of us.) Trowa, a lion, came up next to him.

(No no no no no!) Duo cried, shaking his head. (Wufei isn't a werepanther, h-he can't!)

(Why not?) Heero asked, he and Quatre joining the stressful reunion.

(Because . . .) Duo started.

Wufei interupted him, (Because I was already a weredragon.)


Ooooo, shocking ending to Part Two, ne? ^_~ he he he he. Thanks for reading! - Cindy