Title: Spellbound Part 1
Author: Cindy the Werewolfling
Warnings: Shounen ai (1+2+5 and 3+4), Alternate Universe, lots o' weres (^_^)
Disclaimer: The GWBoys are not mine, though if they suddenly appeared in my bedroom one night I would not mind! Please don't sue, I think my creditors have first dibs on my meager assets and it'd be long gone before they get done *sighs*
Author Note: This is based on a dream I had, I WAS going to write it with me in it (it was my dream, of course I was in it) But I found I ran myself into a corner and just started over and took me out (hurray! Not that I would've gotten any of the guys, but hey). . . It works better this way anyway!!


~My name is Duo Maxwell, I am the last of the Wolf Clan and Hawk Clan~

Deep in the forest, high in the mountains, a battle was taking place. A secret Oz base was falling to the Gundams. Not far away was a cliff no human could climb. Nestled on a ledge near the top, a young man slept.

~Perhaps if the rest of humanity gains peace, the Clans of WereCreatures can finally live along side them without fear.~

The boom of explosions woke him and he shifted, laying wolf-like on his belly, hands side-by-side like paws.. He looked out at the fighting in the distance, his keen, amethyst eyes catching everything. ''Bout time, guys.' He thought, lazily flipping his braid over his shoulder.

~The Gundams fight for a true peace for everyone, so I hope the Gundams can succeed in their goal.~

Duo watched the four giant metal soldiers with a fascination, only slightly irked that Deathscythe was down for repairs. The base's defenses were no match for the Gundams. They had relied mainly on secrecy to protect them. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and a high-pitched keening noise, then silence. When his eyes recovered from the blinding light, the Gundams were frozen. Slowly, Shenlong fell over with a distant rumble, crashing out of sight beneath the tree-line, sending clouds of a dust up in it's fall. Duo rose onto his hands and knees. "A trap? What happened?" He murmured to himself.

The young man plunged headfirst off the cliff. After a short free fall, wide black wings spread from his back. They caught the air and he parachuted up for a moment. A couple strong flaps sent him forward and he finished his shift into a large winged wolf. Soon he reached the base and landed on Wing' s shoulder. He huddled against its neck in the shadow, looking around with intense need. 'Heero, Wufei . . . where are you?' The hatches on the Gundams were open, their cockpits deserted. Duo could hear the soldiers cheering below, complimenting themselves on their trap and subsequent victory. Thoroughly pleased with themselves, they began to load the rebels' mighty weapons onto trucks.

Of course they went for Wing first, one soldier spotted him, "Look! Did we miss one?"

"No, that's a damned werewolf, for sure. It was probably curious about the battle."

"Shoot it!" Duo leapt from his perch after the first shot, flapping frantically to make himself a difficult target and still speed for the trees. Just before he plunged into the safety of the leaves, a bullet struck his wing, ripping through the muscle. He yelped and crashed into the branches. 'No time to dilly-dally.' He thought fiercely, running down the branch. Like a squirrel, he raced from tree to tree until he decided he was far enough away for the ground to be safe.

Trowa and Quatre, and his koibitos, Heero and Wufei, the four other pilots, were captured, and he was the only one who could save them.


"Duo, stay still, it'll never heal if I can't get it patched up."

"Sorry, Doctor. It's a reflex, I can't help it."

"Then you'll never be able to lose the wings. Duo, you know that if a Were's shift includes extra appendages and that part is injured the were can't unshift that part until it heals."

"I know, I know." Duo mumbled tiredly.

"Then stay still!" Duo yelped at the doctor's fierce tone, not expecting it from his kind-hearted friend. The doctor was one of the few humans who understood and trusted WereCreatures and had been a friend of Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. The Maxwell Church orphanage had taken in many abandoned were's like himself and the good Doctor treated them all. They had run into each other again after Duo's role as a Gundam pilot brought him to earth.

"I'll stay still, doctor." He murmured.

After that, it didn't take long to stitch the wing and rig a sling for it. "Don't forget your cloak, Duo."

The boy nodded and headed for the door. "Duo . . . wait." The doctor gathered the teen into his arms and gave him a quick hug. "I knew you when you were just knee-high to a grasshopper. It was so comforting to see you alive again, please, PLEASE be careful."

"I always am." He replied. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He grabbed his cloak, he'd attract more attention than usual, but at least his wings were hidden. He wrapped the long dark cloth around his shoulders, and was gone.


Whelp, that's all I have typed so far (I have more written, but not any place to stop for a part yet, so . . . . Maybe next week?) ^_^ I hope you enjoy and if you're upset that there's been no shounen ai or anything yet, just let them get in the same room, though I think it's going to end up being sap with the way it's heading 0.0 Laters!

- Cindy