Title: Love On Death's Wings - Part Two
Author - Cindy the Werewolfling
Warnings: Shounen ai and OOC (maybe?)
Discliamer: They're not mine though if they suddenly appeared in my bedroom one day, I would not mind! And of course, this is just for fun and to sate my need to write, I am not making any money off their pretty faces.
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The drive took a very long time. Heero was beginning to feel the faint pull of fatigue when he parked the car outside the plush apartment building. Duo snored faintly, he had slept the last leg of the trip, mercifully. Heero knew Duo would not have enjoyed the long time trapped in the small car, even with what the destination was. He walked around to the passenger door and carefully freed Duo from the seatbelt then lifted him from the car. Duo murmured in his sleep and pulled closer to Heero. The angel turned soldier shut the door with his foot and entered the building. No one was there, not even a doorman.

Heero was thankful of the empty halls as he stepped unnoticed into the elevator and rode to the third floor. It wasn't any trouble finding the right apartment. He kicked the door instead of knocking. After a moment the door flew open and an older man with short blond hair stared down on him and Duo. They glared at each other for a held out moment before Katgetsuya snorted, "I suppose you're Heero."

"Yes," was Heero's curt reply. "This is Duo. He needs the black angel's help."

"I don't see what Chihaya can do to help, but come inside. We'll talk." He held the door open then led the two into the living room. "I'm Katgetsuya, Chihaya's sleeping in another room. I'll go get him." He left and Heero laid Duo in a comfortable chair and sat on the arm of the chair. He brushed Duo's bangs from his face as Katgetsuya returned with Chihaya, who was yawning and blinking sleepily still. "Now then, what do you need from Chihaya?"

"A cure for the Lucifer cancer." Heero replied. "We've been informed the mutation that makes Chihaya's hair and wings black may actually be able to cure someone of the cancer."

Katgetsuya scowled and a protective hand found it's way around Chihaya's shoulders. "Who was the informant? How did they know about Chihaya?"

"The information came from a group of doctors who have treated all the Lucifers in Europe in the last ten years. They were told about Chihaya from their patients and wanted to meet him and test their theories, but they couldn't find him. I could and I did." Heero looked down at Duo and sighed softly, "Duo has maybe a month left, I don't want to lose him."

"What will I have to do?" Chihaya asked, wringing his hands fretfully.

"You'll need to go meet with the doctors, so they can run their tests. Hopefully, they will be able to find a way to cure this disease."

"I've never heard you talk this much to people you just met." Duo murmured, eyes still closed. He hadn't given any indication that he had woken up until he spoke.

"Only for you." Heero replied, "You sleep well?"

"Mm-mmm." He stretched stiffly and cringed as several joints popped. "How long did I sleep anyway?"

"Nine and a half hours. These are Katgetsuya and Chihaya, by the way."

"Nice to meet ya." Duo nodded, smiling. He looked back at Heero, "They gonna help?"

"I don't see how I could say no. But I'm confused. How can my mutation help?"

"Well, it like this . . . The doctors I've been goin' to found that the cancer is caused by a certain chemical the body releases. When this chemical is released in abundance it supposedly makes Angels act or think differently than the ones on Eden and they are declared Lucifers. Side effects to that are the change of hair and feather color and the cancer." Duo paused for a breath, "The doctors think that your mutation is a natural abundance of this chemical, which would explain your coloration, plus an extra agent that stops the cancer from growing. If they can find out if that's true and what the agent is, many angels like me could be saved."

"When would we leave? And to where?"

"A couple days, enough time to forewarn the doctors and ready transportation. The doctors have a large medical facility set up in Greece, so we'll head there." Heero answered. "I'm going to get our things from the car and go to sleep." He left the room, a moment later the front door was heard opening and closing.

Duo looked around the room quickly then stood up. He supported his weight against the chair for a moment before moving for the kitchen. "Got anything good to eat?" Without waiting for an answer he began rummaging through the refrigerator.

"Would you like Katgetsuya to cook something?" Chihaya asked, watching him pick and choose different things.

"Nah, I can handle it." Duo finished with the refrigerator and moved to the cupboards.

That's about the time Heero returned, "You're not allowed to cook." He called from the hall.

Duo pouted, "But . . ."

"No, need I remind you why you've been banned from cooking?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo blushed, "But, Heero!!!! That was an ACCIDENT!!!!"

"No cooking," Heero replied sternly, "Please come to sleep soon, we're going to be very busy in a couple of days." Katgetsuya appeared and took some of the packs Heero held. "Oh, here." Heero dug into his pocket then threw the small package he pulled out at Duo. He caught it easily and looked at it. "Your medicine."

Katgetsuya motioned for Heero to follow him. "You're lucky, we have a spare room." Heero was silent, lapsing into his regular behavior.

Duo stuck his tongue out at the empty doorway, "Sleep all day, sleep all night, yeesh. I may be sick but I can't sleep THAT much!" He threw together a couple sandwiches and hopped onto the counter. He immediately began to chow down, "Want one?" He mumbled through a mouthful. He swung his feet cheerfully, watching Chihaya.

Chihaya refused the sandwich and sat down, staring back at Duo. "So, anything fun to do in this town?" Duo asked, picking up the second sandwich.

"There isn't much this late. A lot of theaters and restaurants. There are tourist attractions during the day."

"Ah, a yuppie town."

"Yeah, but very beautiful."

"Maybe . . ." Duo leaned back with a sigh, nonchalantly taking a couple of pills. "I'm too awake to go to sleep now."

Chihaya ventured forward, "Do you like comic books?"

"Heck yeah! Why? You got a stash?"

"No, but I have a friend who owns a comic book shop. She might still be open. You seemed like someone who'd like to meet her."

Duo jumped up with glee, "Let's go!"

"What about Heero? Shouldn't you tell him where you're going?"

"Are you mental? He'd stop me from going!" He dragged Chihaya from his seat and out the door.

Chihaya led Duo to the center of the tourist sector of the city. It was quiet, most of the stores already closed for the day. "So, how do you know this lady? You don't seem to be into comic books much."

"No, I'm not, but occasionally, after Katgetsuya had gone to bed, I would go out to Isle of Palms and walk on the beach. I met her there one night and we became friends, in a way. She's very happy, always tried to cheer me up."

"Did it work?"

Chihaya thought back to when he had met Sarah. She was very kind and understanding, as well as easy to get along with.


Chihaya left his shoes in the parking lot, stepping carefully around the sharp-edged plants that grew on the sand dunes. Reaching the beach he walked along the shore, letting the waves wash over his feet.

He looked up at the sky, thinking of Messiah and marveling at the stars and half moon. Would Messiah have enjoyed a quiet walk like this? He wondered. Movement caught his eye, up ahead, Chihaya could make out a silhouette of a person. They looked like they were involved in a slow graceful dance.

Edging closer he saw it was a woman going through a practice routine with a wooden sword. She threw him a glance and smiled but didn't pause. She finished her routine and turned to him. "So I've earned myself an audience! My name's Sarah, what's yours?" Her whole body seemed poised for action, she was insanely perky from head to toe. After a moment of watching Chihaya frozen in surprised silence, she chuckled. "What? Weren't expecting such a forward female?" She laughed again and put her hand forward. "Your name, darlin'? Us night wanderers ought to share names at least."

"Ch-Chihaya." He shook her hand and her smile softened.

"My apologies for my behavior, Chihaya," She murmured, looking at the ground and straightening her knee-length skirt. "I'm considered very eccentric and my practice got me worked up. I'm sorry if it made you uncomfortable."

"Oh no, not at all. You just surprised me, that's all."

She nodded. "I'm glad. So, why are you out here, if you don't mind me asking?" It was Chihaya's turn to look away, closing his eyes sadly. "Oh, I see . . ."

Chihaya whirled back, "You see what?"

"You're depressed . . . I can tell." She sighed. "It hurts, doesn't it? An ache in your chest that won't going away." She tousled his hair softly. "Can't sleep, can't eat, can't die, but longing to find something to drown in, to forget with . . . Walk with me a bit, Chihaya?" She turned away and started walking along the beach.

Chihaya stepped up to walk beside her. "You seem to understand how I feel . . . I didn't think anyone could . . ."

"Not true, many people share this pain . . . I happen to be one of them." He glanced at her, eyes wide. "Someone close to you died, correct?" Chihaya gasped and nodded stiffly, mouth ajar. Sarah made a face quickly, "Oi! Gomen nasai, the pain's new for you. I'm sorry!"

Chihaya shook his head. "You didn't make it any worse . . . May I ask you, does it ever stop?"

Sarah sighed, "No, you get used to it though . . . After a while." A tear rolled down her cheek, unnoticed by her. " . . . A long while. It's been over a year for me but the pain still stays, trying to devour my soul."

"What happened?" Chihaya felt his heart go out to her, he'd only met her moments before but there was something about her that was strange, different, but good.

Sarah looked up at the night sky, her eyes wet. "Oz happened . . . My friends and I moved here because I loved this town, this city. We were closer than I had ever known friends could be. We ran a small store together and were very happy here. One day, a disagreement between some Oz Specials and the tourists broke out. We had taken a day off together and were caught in the middle of it. Oz started shooting into the crowd. Twenty were killed, another fifty some odd injured. My friends, the most beloved people in my life, were in the twenty . . ." She whimpered faintly, "Oz bought my silence for that day with an agreement, I stay out of their way and they stay out of my life. The bastards . . ."

"Oh my . . . I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. You weren't there, it wasn't your fault." She smiled, "You can't let it end you, you know. The dead never like that."

Chihaya sighed, "I don't think I can, I don't think I'm strong enough."

"All right, just for today then."


"Just for today, be happy. Forget your pain. Just for today, show me your smile." She whispered the last sentence in his ear and danced away. "Life is harsh and painful, Chihaya, and certainly not fair, if you can't get used to the pain dealt out by life, forget it once and a while, or you may find you' ve forgotten how to smile." She winked. "And that would be bad."

Chihaya nodded, a small smile gracing his face, "I suppose I can try that."


Chihaya sighed with a faint smile. Sarah was a good friend from that first night. She had never pressed what had happened to him, giving him time to heal himself, her "just for today"s winning back his life for Katgetsuya. "Yes, for a little each night while, it did."

Duo ran ahead for a moment, "That's good, can't be depressed all the time, it's bad for the soul, and bad for living a full life." He glanced back, making his braid swing in a wide arch.

Chihaya watched it, catching the streetlights in its different hues. "Duo, you're a Lucifer, right?"

Duo slowed to walk next to Chihaya again, finding the ground very fascinating, "Yeah."

"Then why isn't you hair black?"

Duo grinned, "Admiring my hair, are you? Well, some of the tests and attempted cures the doctors put me through changed the color a bit . . . It' s darker than it was, but Heero likes it, so it's okay."

They walked into an open building that cobblestone walkways and many little dark storefronts. "This is the Rainbow Market, Sarah's store is right around the corner (Author's Note: If you ever make it to Charleston, SC, go to this market, it's cool!!! Plus, If you wanna know where Sarah's store is, look for the Kite Shop (it should still be there) That's where Sarah's store would be!)

Duo could hear a couple boys and a woman talking. As they rounded the corner he saw the two boys leading bikes away from the last brightly-lit shop in the whole market. A woman, in her early thirties, Duo guessed, stood in the doorway, "Bye, guys, see you again soon!" She called. She had long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and wore an ankle-length skirt and T-shirt. Her feet were bare, Duo noted with a touch of surprise.

As she turned to go inside, she spotted the angels. "Chihaya!" She squealed, eyes flashing with delight. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Duo, Duo, this is Sarah, owner of Animeland, Fantasy, &Dreams (AN: Anyone recognize that name? *giggles*) . . ."

"The best place to find anime, manga, and comic books in Charleston, second best on the East Coast." Sarah interrupted jovially, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Duo. Come inside and survey the merchandise, I'll even give you a special discount for being Chihaya's friend!" She held the door open for them and ruffled Chihaya's hair as he walked by, "You old feather-brain! Took you long enough to cheer up!" She followed them inside and hugged Chihaya tightly. "You're so CUTE!!!"

"Sarah," Chihaya gasped, "how much caffeine have you had today?" He asked, unable to free himself from her grasp.

"Too much, per usual." She laughed lightly and let go. "Would you expect less?" She cried before walking behind the counter.

"Most of my things here are imported from Japan or directly related to anime and manga . . . There is some other stuff, to be fair to my customers, rather than my own tas . . ." She broke off quickly as two men in uniform entered the store. She stiffened at the sight of the Oz soldiers. Sarah growled and reached for a staff leaning against the wall that Duo had assumed was just for decoration, he guessed not. Duo turned his back on the soldiers, thumbing through a rack of T-shirts. "Good evening, Sarah." One greeted in a throaty purr, a sneer marring the good words.

Sarah rolled her eyes and huffed, "Go away. You're bad for business!"

"Sarah," The soldier cajoled. "Is that anyway to treat paying customers?"

"Paying? You've never bought anything here! All you do is cause trouble for me and many other folks around here. Your commander and I had a deal, you stay out of my store and I stay out of you way and keep my mouth shut! You had your chance long ago and you've had your warnings, now LEAVE!" Her anger filled face and snarl actually broke through the man's confident mask. He faltered visibly and took a couple steps back, right into Chihaya.

The man whirled and glared, trying to regain his control and his dignity. "Out of my way, shrimp!" He yelled, knocking Chihaya to the ground.

"Chihaya!" Duo and Sarah yelled in unison. Duo pushed the soldiers away and began helping Chihaya up.

"Hey, Kid! Who do you think you are, pushing us around like that?" The man growling, grabbing Duo's shoulder and forcing him around. //Oh Shit,// Duo thought as the soldier's eyes widened in recognition. "You're one of the rebel Gundam pilots!" He cried.

Duo smiled, "Yeah, nice of you to recognize me. Now, if you'll excuse me . . ." He dragged Chihaya to his feet and tried to dodge past them.

"Oh no you don't! You're coming with us!" Even though Duo was expecting it, the soldier landed a hard punch in his stomach.

Duo keeled over, arms wrapped around his middle, until his forehead touched the floor. "Man, I can't take that like I used to, must be getting soft." Duo groaned.

Sarah shrieked, "NOT IN MY STORE!" She swung her staff and bashed the soldier on the head. "Chihaya, get him out of here. Once he's out there, he' s fair game, my hands are tied outside my shop. Good luck, darlin's."

Chihaya dragged Duo to his feet and out the door. They didn't make it that far before Duo fell again. "Leave me here, Chihaya, I can get away." He mumbled through clenched teeth, still clinging to his stomach.

"No! I can't! They'll be here any second! They won't mess with Sarah, they' re not allowed." He pulled Duo up again.

"No, Chihaya, go get Heero!" Duo shoved the older angel away and stumbled down the street, disappearing into the shadows.

"But . . ." Chihaya stares at the spot Duo had disappeared.

The soldiers rounded the corner a second later, "There's one of them!" One glance back and Chihaya ran. He was faster than the soldiers and lost them quickly.


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