Title: Love On Death's Wings - Prolouge
Author - Cindy the Werewolfling
Warnings: Shounen ai and OOC (maybe?)
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In Earthian, angels are not ethereal beings like in the bible, etc. They are another species from the planet Eden. The ArchAngels Michael and Raphael send pairs of angels to Earth to observe and decide whether humans are a positive or negative species. Earthian is about one of these pairs, Chihaya is the positive angel, out to find the good in mankind, and Katgetsuya is the negative. In the series, Chihaya is different from his whole species, he is the ONLY angel with black hair and black wings other than Lucifers, this coloration was shown to be caused by an unusual mutation in his DNA. Chihaya and Katgetsuya are currently refugees on Earth, they have broken one of the most important laws on Eden, no relationship with the same sex. Eden has a good reason for this law, the angel's birthrate is extremely low and non-reproductive relationships mean even fewer babies and they need the children because there are so few angels. Lucifers are angels who have been banned from Eden, from what I've read, all the angels that have been declared Lucifers have come down with a sickness called the Lucifer Cancer and died, this sickness makes the angels hair and wings turn black.

GW/Earthian Crossover

"Are you doing okay?" The neon motel sign outside lent little light to the dark room as the speaker walked towards a small bed.

The young man in the bed smiled, "I've felt better." He moved to sit up and grimaced slightly. "Find anything new?"

His hopeful violet eyes bore into the cold prussian blue ones of his partner. The light in them flickered and faded as the silence drew out. "You have a month left, Duo, maybe more." Heero looked away before sitting on the bed. He squeezed his lover's hand tentatively.

Perhaps they were too young for this, none of the others were this age, he was sure of that. The youngest watchers from Eden were in their early twenties, minimum. Heero sighed, the war had changed Duo so much, or more precisely, their position in the battles was what made him fall. Angels could no longer simply dwell undercover observing the Earthians. They had to interact, take up roles so the Earthians would not become suspicious. Strange that Heero and Duo wound up in the frontlines against Oz. They were so caught up with their 'human' missions, the declaration of Duo as a Lucifer shocked them both. Then the cancer struck, Duo was forced to abandon his beloved Deathscythe as he became too sick to carry out his missions. Quatre supplied them with whatever they needed and Heero was grateful to the three Earthians that completed their team, though he rarely showed it.

"Any luck finding him, Heero?" Duo broke the silence, bringing Heero away from his thoughts.

Heero pulled a slip of paper from his pocket, "His last known address, hopefully they'll still be here. They've been hiding out from Michael and Raphael a long time."

Duo laughed, "Michael and Raphael should just change that law. Even they would be happier for it!"

"And we would only be fugitives for one thing instead of two." Heero mused.

Duo laughed again, at least his illness had not yet effected his humor, Heero did not know what he would do if Duo forgot how to laugh or smile. "That's true, Heero." His grin faded and he sighed as he lay back against the pillows. "What if the doctors are wrong? What if this dark angel can't save me?"

"Don't think that way!" Heero replied fiercely.

"But what if they're wrong?" Duo insisted.

"Then I will be here at your side." Heero breathed in Duo's ear, gently moving Duo's silky bangs from his face as he spoke. He leaned closer, brushing his lips against Duo's. Duo lifted his head, returning the affection and gave Heero a deep kiss.

"Ai shiteru, Heero." Duo whispered.

"Ai shiteru, Duo . . . now get some sleep, we'll be leaving early tomorrow." Duo closed his eyes and soon a whistling snore escaped him. Heero smiled to himself, then looked at the piece of paper. "Please help him . . . Dark Angel . . ."


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