Warnings: Angst, yaoi, lemon. Just like it says in the subject, kiddies. Of course, that's basically the way with this particular fic, ne?

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Shihai - Part 4/?
By: Chichiri no da


"Duo!" The shout penetrated the half-unconsciousness that Duo languished in and he found himself wrenched back into a world of pain, humiliation, and fear. *Wufei!* he registered with a sudden surge of hope, which was crushed in the next instant by a wave of terror. *Oh shit, be quiet, Wu! If Heero hears you crashing around and yelling like that...* He didn't dare think about what Heero would do to Wufei in the state Duo remembered him being in.

"Wufei! I'm in here!" he yelled, or tried to. It came out more of a muted croak that relit a fire in his throat. *Shit, I must have torn my throat apart yelling so much.* A moment later it ceased to matter as the door burst open and a wild-eyed Wufei propelled himself into the room.

"Duo! There's broken glass and blood all over the front hallway are you-" the Chinese pilot cut himself off as he registered Duo's nude, bloody, bruised form huddling on his bed. "Oh my God..." he whispered.

Duo tried to ignore the pain as he turned and sat up to face Wufei. "It's OK, Wu," he said. "Heero was here when I got back and he saw that we'd been drinking together and stuff. It's no big deal." As he spoke, Wufei approached him, a look of horror and guilt etched on his face.

"Duo," he said softly. "Oh God. It's my fault. I was with Trieze *enjoying* myself while Heero was doing... doing... *this* to you!"

"No, Wu, it wasn't your fault!" Duo protested. "It's my fault. If I hadn't tried to seduce you, Heero would never have gotten mad-"

He cut himself off as drops of blood spattered down onto his legs. Shocked into speechlessness, he looked up at Wufei, who was now standing over him. The pilot's eye held a look of madness in them and his upper lip was curled up in feral snarl, revealing two protruding fangs. They were streaked with blood and more ran slowly in rivulets down his chin as though they had just burst from his gums. His hands were held out, and blood ran down his fingers and dripped down onto Duo's outstretched legs. From the ends of his fingers sprouted inch-long claws.

"Heero...." Wufei hissed. His eyes narrowed. "I'll kill him."

Duo tried ineffectually to speak as the suddenly-transformed Wufei stalked towards the door.

"W-Wait, Wufei!" he managed.

Wufei turned towards him, the fangs seeming to lengthen even as the seconds passed. "Just wait here, Duo. You'll be safe." He said, obviously having difficulty speaking around the new teeth.

"No, Wufei, wait!"

Wufei ignored him, reaching out to grasp the doorknob. "I'll be right back."

*He can't kill him. We need Heero for the war, that's more important than my health, damnit!* Duo's mind babbled. *I've got to do something!*

The door opened, creaking slightly on the hinges.

"No, Wufei, stop, please," Duo babbled, then, "End program!" Duo yelled.

Wufei froze, then turned back silently.

Tears streaming down his face, Duo spoke. "End protection program. Cancel genetic modifications. Do whatever you have to do, just *fucking calm down*!!"

As though he had flipped a switch, Wufei blinked and the fires died in his ebony eyes. The fangs and claws shrank and retracted, and Duo saw the slits in the ends of his fingers seal and vanish within moments. An abashed look crossed Wufei's face.

"I overreacted, didn't I?" he said. "I think I remember this time."

Duo was trembling. "I-It's okay, Wu. I think it's better if you just stay here and hold me for a while, okay?"

Wufei nodded. "Hai." He crossed the room again, stripped the stained coverlet off the bed, then helped Duo get under the sheet with him. They lay for a while in silence, Duo wrapped in Wufei's arms.

"Ne, Wu, you aren't disgusted are you?" Duo ventured.

"Of course I am," Wufei said sharply. "I'm disgusted that Yuy would stoop to such levels. I'm disgusted by his lack of honour. I'm *not* disgusted with you, Duo."

"Oh," Duo replied quietly.

Wufei tightened his grip briefly in a hug. "Don't worry, Duo. I'll deal with Yuy, *without* killing him. I just got a little angry back there, that's all."

Duo chuckled. "A *little* angry, Wu? You were sprouting hair."

Wufei frowned. "More of my genetic modification, I suppose. When I'm calm, I know that we need Yuy to win this war. I intend to be calm when I confront him tomorrow."

Duo snuggled deeper into Wufei's strong embrace. "Ne, Wu?"


"You're really going to be able to deal with him so he won't do anything to me anymore?"

"Aa. Don't worry, Duo."

"I won't. So long as you're here."

"I always will be, Duo," Wufei assured him. "Now, it's three in the morning. Sleep."

"Hai," Duo mumbled. Within moments, he was asleep, a small smile curving his lips.

A few hours later, Duo was awakened by the bouncing of the mattress as Wufei shifted out from under him and rose from the bed.

"Wufei, wha-"

"Shhh," Wufei hushed him gently, laying a finger on his lips. "Promise me, Duo. Stay here quietly and don't come out until I tell you you can. Lock the door after I leave, as well. Got it?"

Eyes wide, Duo nodded and the finger disappeared. "Are you going to deal with Heero now?"

Wufei straightened, fixing his gaze on the closed door. "Yes, Duo." He glanced sidelong at the pilot on the bed, an inscrutable expression on his face. "Remember always, Duo, that I love you," he said.

Without another word, Wufei strode to the door, opened it, and was gone.

Duo leapt across the room and locked the door, then slid to the floor and leaned against it, trembling. *Wufei, I wish I knew what you were going to do. Please be all right*


Heero closed the front door of the safehouse behind him and walked towards his bedroom, savouring the crunching sound of glass under his booted feet. He had gone for a long walk, only returning when the sun started to peek above the horizon, and now felt much calmer, though he knew the anger he'd felt at Duo's infidelity was still simmering under the surface.

As he passed Wufei's room, he heard the faint sounds of voices inside and smiled grimly. *So, it seems Wufei has less pride than I gave him credit for. To think accepting that whore after even *I* cast him off. Pathetic.* He went into his room and sat at his computer, booting it up. The monitor cast the only illumination in the room and it washed everything with a sickly pallor, leaving the further reaches of the room in shadow.

His computer hadn't even finished its start-up cycle before there was a knock at the door.

Heero's head jerked up in surprise. *What the hell?*

"Come in," he said.


Wufei stood outside of Heero's door and took a moment to steel himself.

*This is not going to be pleasant,* he thought. Then a slow smile spread across his face. *So I'll just have to make it pleasant. I *know* I can do this.*

He knocked.

There was a pause, then Heero's voice sounded. "Come in." Wufei could hear an edge of surprise in the nasal voice and his smile widened.

"Begin program, Heero One" he whispered, the smile disappearing in an instant. He took a moment to allow the necessary changes to move through him, a tingling sensation flowing from his brain to his toes, then he opened the door and stepped through, closing it behind him.

Heero seemed taken aback. His eyes widened slightly in shock. Inwardly, Wufei smiled. *Well, Heero, look a little different, do I? And yet, it's nothing you can put a finger on, is it?* he thought.

"What do you want?" Heero said nastily, making a quick recovery.

Wufei took a few steps closer to the other pilot. "It's interesting what you did to Duo tonight. Does that fit into your definition of 'everything for the mission', Heero? He'll be out of commission for days."

Heero snorted. "I would have thought you'd be more concerned about Duo's welfare than the mission, Wufei," he snarled. "Aren't you going to rail at me about the 'injustice' of what I did?"

Wufei allowed a sneer to cross his face. "Why should I speak in terms you can't understand, Heero? At least you understand this level of speech." He took another step forward, which brought him within arms reach of the Wing pilot. "Should I lower myself another level, Heero?" he asked, almost conversationally. "Maybe you'll understand me better," he reached out, ignoring Heero's sudden tensing of muscles, and caressed his cheek gently. Heero's eyes widened in shock, and then closed in ecstasy.

"Wh-what are you doing?" he gasped.

"Enjoying this, Heero?" Wufei asked. Heero managed a moan in reply. "Good, because I happen to know that this is better than anything Duo is capable of." The other pilot's eyes snapped open and he jerked his face away, but Wufei was already taking a step away, dropping his hand.

"You'd know because you *fucked* him, Wufei. You're as much of a slut as he is."

Wufei smiled. It was a bloodless smile, full of malice and a hint of self-hatred. "No. More."

He reached up and began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Heero watched in open-mouthed astonishment as Wufei undressed, pulling off his tank-top, and then slipping his pants off. He wore no underwear and Heero was still shocked into silence by the time he stood, illuminated only by the light from the computer, naked and erect.

"Well, now," Wufei said. "This light isn't particularly flattering, why don't I turn on the light?" Heero nodded numbly and Wufei raised a hand. He snapped his fingers and the switch snapped upwards with a click. Heero jumped as the room was flooded with light.

"How did you do that?" he demanded.

"The same way I'm going to do this, Heero," Wufei said, reaching for Heero again.

The first touch of his fingers to Heero's skin caused him to let out a scream. A spreading pool of black-on-black appeared on his tented spandex shorts as he orgasmed.

Wufei froze and watched him closely. Heero moaned and opened his eyes. His pupils were dilated so far that the cobalt blue of his irises could be barely seen. "Wufei..."

"Want more?"

"Yes..." Heero groaned.

"Then take off your clothes and go lie down on the bed."

"Ryoukai," Heero said softly. He seemed to be having difficulty concentrating as he stripped off his tanktop, shorts and underwear under Wufei's watchful eye. *Good, let him squirm. It'll only make it easier to make sure he does what I want later,* Wufei thought.

Only when Heero was lying on his back on the bed did Wufei move from his position. He crossed the room and knelt beside the prone boy, then ran his hand lightly down his chest, past his abdomen, and stopped just above the base of his cock. Heero groaned again, a plainly supplicant sound.

"As I was saying, Heero," Wufei said conversationally. "It's interesting what you did to Duo. It seemed a lot like you were trying to dominate him into doing your will. Funny, isn't it?"

"Wh-why is that funny?" Heero managed, twisting around to try to get Wufei to touch him, which Wufei skilfully and absentmindedly avoided.

"Well, it's funny because you clearly like to be dominated, isn't that right?" Wufei replied.

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't agree?" said Wufei, affecting surprise. "That's very interesting. Why don't I show you what I mean, then."

He slipped his hand around Heero's cock and pumped it a few times. With his mind, he carefully pinched off the tract inside, obstructing the passage so that no semen could pass.

"Now," he said softly. "Let's see how long we can go before you agree with me."

He continued to pump with one hand while moving to kneel between Heero's legs. Heero was incoherent with pleasure, gasping and moaning with each movement Wufei made. Without disrupting the rhythm of his one hand, he probed with a finger of his other hand at the puckered opening below.

Heero's eyes flew open and he made a sound of negation.

"What's wrong, Heero? Haven't you ever had someone inside you before?"

The other pilot shook his head violently.

"Don't you want me inside you?"


"Why not?"

Heero tried to frame a sentence through the waves of pleasure that were pounding through him. "I-it's weak. It's what the weaker person does."

"Is that so?" Wufei pondered for a moment, still probing. He penetrated the opening with a finger, just up to the first joint. "And what you're saying is that I'm weaker than you, so I should be the one with a finger up my ass."

Heero groaned, then. "That's right!"

"Very interesting," Wufei said, as though he were considering a reasoned argument in a philosophical debate. He pushed his finger inside a little further, up to the second joint. "We'll just have to see, won't we?"

He increased the rhythm of his pumping another notch, throwing Heero into a paradoxym of ecstasy. He groaned and cried out and Wufei responded to everything with an unerring knowledge of how to drive him even further out of his mind.

Suddenly Heero's eyes flew open. "W-Wufei!"

"Yes, Heero?" Wufei replied calmly.

"What are you doing? Why can't I come?"

Wufei smiled. "I've made it so you can't come until I want you to. Are you saying you want to come, Heero?"

Heero threw his head back as another wave of pleasure slammed into him. "Yes!"

"What will you do to convince me to let you, Heero?"

"Anything, oh god, anything, Wufei. Let me come, please!" Heero babbled, throwing his head from side to side.

"Will you let me take you, Heero?"

"Yes!! Oh yes, do it, Wufei!"

Wufei smiled. "Good boy." He withdrew the three fingers from inside Heero and let go of his penis with his other hand. He positioned his own cock the opening, then, without warning, slammed it home.

Heero let out an agonized scream, which quickly metamorphosed into a gasp of pleasure as Wufei started to pump slowly in and out. He quickly increased the pace, listening with intense satisfaction as Heero's pleas reached a fever pitch. He felt his own orgasm mounting and he abandoned himself to it, releasing the mental hold he had on Heero at the same moment.

He cried out, coating Heero's insides at the same moment as Heero let out another scream - this one of pleasure - as he was finally able to come.

There was a moment of silence, broken only by the ragged breathing of one boy, and the substantially calmer breathing of the other. Wufei gave him a few moments to come down, then withdrew from inside Heero, eliciting another moan. He moved back to kneel beside the other boy, and grasped his chin, forcing him to look up.

"Heero, I want you to listen to me, because your life depends on what I'm about to say."

"...what is it?" Heero asked, still obviously having trouble focusing.

"From this moment on, you will not touch or hurt Duo for any reason. You will not even speak to him unless it is directly pertinent to the mission. You will, furthermore, not speak to him of this - ever." He gave that a moment to sink in. "In return, you will have me. I will do this, or whatever else you want, whenever I see fit. If you violate any of the terms, you will die. Am I making myself clear?"

"You... you'll do this again?"

"Yes, whenever I feel like it."

"But you'll do it again?" Heero insisted.


"Then I'll leave Duo alone," Heero sighed.


Wufei rose from the bed and dressed quickly. When he exited the door, he stopped and took a moment to breathe. "That wasn't so bad," he whispered to himself. "End program Heero One." He shook his head, then waved at the air a bit, as though clearing a scent. *Heero's room must be clogged with pheromones. I think I might have overdone it a bit.*

He headed for the kitchen as his stomach started to rumble ominously, stopping just outside his door just long enough to call brightly. "Duo, you can come out now. I'll make you some breakfast, okay?"

There was a muffled. "Uh, okay," then Wufei continued towards the breakfast, a smile on his face.

*Now Duo will be safe. Heero may be a dishonourable bastard, but he won't pass up what I've given him.*

*Ninmu ryoukai.*