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Shihai - Part 3
By: Chichiri no da


Treize waited quietly while Wufei was gone. Secure in the belief that all that had needed to be said had been, he contented himself with sipping his coffee and watching Wufei's new lover. The youth, in some ways, seemed even younger than Wufei. His violet eyes were animated and expressive and he couldn't seem to sit still for a moment. He kept glancing over at the door and playing with his long braid in an absently enticing way that Treize was sure was totally unconscious.

On the other hand, those violet eyes held depths of pain that Wufei's did not possess. Between that fact and the way Duo had spoken to him, Treize had no illusions that 'Shinigami' was an innocent child.

Treize smiled slightly as Duo glanced again at the door. He could see why Wufei had chosen to give himself to this boy. Duo was hurt, but had incredible reserves of strength. He was a cheerful and enjoyable companion and would counterbalance Wufei's too-frequent bouts of depression. Treize knew that his reserve and dignity were intimidating, and that Duo's cheerfulness would do far more to abolish some of Wufei's oppressive seriousness. Yes, Duo would be good for him.

And it didn't hurt that he was a perfectly gorgeous specimen of a human being.

Duo continued to fidget nervously, and Treize finally decided to rescue him. "Duo, don't worry. Wufei is perfectly safe out there. My servants have been given the weekend off, and there are no guards inside the mansion."

Duo snapped his head forward again, away from the doors and looked sheepish. "I ain't worried, exactly. I know Wu can take care of himself, even if there *were* guards."

Treize nodded. "Yes, I'm sure he could dispatch any of them with ease," he said, deadpan.

Duo gave him a look, then laughed, seeming to relax again. "You're not such a bad guy, for a ruthless dictator who's banging a guy half his age."

Treize drew back, the smile disappearing from his face. That had stung. He cast rapidly for a good-natured rejoinder, but was rescued by Wufei's return. He leapt to his feet and helped the boy wrestle the chair through the door, and over to where the other two chairs were.

Wufei dropped into the chair, glared Treize back into his seat, and then turned the glare on Duo. "All right. Talk."

"First of all, dragon," Treize said. "I want to apologise for not telling you about this. I knew that it would hurt you, and didn't relish the thought of telling you something like this when you didn't have anyone to support you."

Wufei's glare dropped. "You support me, Treize," he said.

Treize's heart warmed at the words. "I'd like to think so, dragon, but I simply cannot be there for you, as you must realize, if I only see you once a week at best. As I was telling Duo, I'm glad you found each other, as he can be there for you when I cannot."

Wufei smiled warmly. "I'm glad you're not upset."

"How could I? It would be hypocritical of me, would it not?"

The Asian boy nodded reluctantly, but Duo blinked in confusion. "Hypocritical?"

Wufei looked at him in surprise. "Didn't you know he and Zechs were together?"

Duo aimed a glare at Treize. "Yeah, but I figured that intelligence must be wrong, since he *supposedly* loves *you*."

Wufei shrugged uncaringly. "What does it matter?"

"Zechs and I are friends, Duo. And our relationship is hardly more than friendship at this point. Years ago it was far more, but it has not been for a while." Treize glanced at Wufei, then back at the still-indignant Duo. "And if I had the slightest hint that it bothered my dragon, my sexual relationship with Zechs would end immediately."

Duo looked unconvinced, but he nodded. Treize could have cheered his devotion, but felt a twinge of unreasoning irritation his distrust. Not that he could really blame him.

"In any case, dragon, rather than telling you right away, I did some research and, I must admit, some experimentation."

Wufei nodded. "What did you find out?" he asked calmly. Duo looked surprised again, but held his peace this time.

"Thus far I have only discovered that L5 practices genetic selection on virtually all of its inhabitants." Treize paused and Wufei nodded his agreement. "And that your programming is capable of creating completely new personalities for you, without affecting the essential thing that is *you* the rest of the time. When the program is activated, you become a different person, dragon, but when it is deactivated, you go back to the way you usually are."

Wufei swallowed hard. "And I don't remember what happened, or even that the programming took over." Treize nodded. There was a moment of silence, then Wufei spoke up thoughtfully. "Ne, Treize, have you tried telling me to remember?"

"No, I hadn't thought of that," Treize admitted.

"Maybe you should try that."

Treize paused. He knew this was important, but he felt reluctant to experiment. Especially since they had so little time together. While he was still considering what to say, Duo jumped suddenly to his feet.

"Jeez, Wu, Treize doesn't want to sit around all night and mess with your head. He wants to see you!"

Wufei's eyes went wide. "I-I'm sorry-"

Duo was continuing. "And that means that this is my cue to leave. I'll chat with ya about what to do about this tomorrow, okay, Wu? You two just enjoy yourselves." He started heading for the balcony doors.

"You don't have to go, Duo," Wufei protested, quickly seconded by Treize.

"Not at all. You are welcome to stay."

Duo chuckled. "You guys don't want me horning in. I'll be back at the safehouse, Wu. See ya tomorrow."

He opened the doors and leapt lightly off the balcony, disappearing from sight within seconds.

Treize looked after him only a moment before leaning forward and placing his hand over Wufei's where it rested on the arm of his chair. "Don't worry, dragon. I'm sure he'll get used to this in time."

Wufei glanced at him and smiled. "Aa."

"Now, he's given us the opportunity to be alone together, let's take advantage of it, shall we?"


Duo passed the motorcycle by, leaving it where Wufei had parked it, and headed out to the main road. He could hitchhike back to the safehouse, or even walk, though it would take him a while. At least that would give him time to think.

*Gee Duo, you made a great impression there. 'Hi General Khushrenada, meet Duo, the child who can't put things behind him when it's important'. He's probably wondering if I even care about Wu at all, or if it's just pride that's making me protective. Shit.*

*How the hell did this happen, anyway?* he thought, with no small amount of irritation. *How did *he* get involved in this?* Duo entertained a brief vision of Treize, drugging Wufei into sleeping with him and then taking advantage of the opportunity the programming presented. Then he shook his head. *Naw, you can't fake that kind of love. The Great General Khushrenada has fallen hard, and if he were making Wufei tell him secrets, we would *know* about it.*

He sighed and stuck out his thumb, trying not to look like a punk, but continued walking. *Maybe I'm just being paranoid. God knows it wasn't *Treize* that's been bombing L2. Maybe he's not as much of a bastard as I thought. After all, Wu likes him, and he's not *that* imperceptive.* He smirked ironically. *Then again, he likes me...*

He was jerked out of his thoughts by the honking of a horn. A pickup had drawn up beside him and the weathered old farmer in the driver's seat was looking at him with irritation.

"You getting in or what?" he asked tersely.

Duo grinned and scurried quickly around to the other side of the truck and swung himself up into the seat. "Thanks mister!" he gushed, turning on the charm. "I dunno what I would've done if ya hadn't come by." He beamed.

The man grunted and threw the truck into gear. "Where'ya headed?"


Treize ran his hand lightly over Wufei's cheek, causing the young man to shiver. He turned into the caress and kissed the centre of Treize's palm, lightly, then darted out his tongue to taste, leaving a blotch of cool wetness behind that caused the older man to suck in a sudden breath.

"Ahh, my dragon," Treize said, leaning over to meet Wufei's lips with his. "How I miss you when you're away. You're like an addictive drug, my child."

Wufei met the kiss and responded, then broke it, looking up at Treize with sad eyes. "I know. It's my programming."

Treize drew back slightly. He caressed Wufei's cheek again, but the look in the boy's eyes was the same. "My dearest one, do you think I would not love you if it weren't for this... programming?" He said the word with distaste and a twisting of his lips.

"Isn't it true?" Wufei replied. "You and Duo, both. Neither of you thought of loving me until I'd shown you what I could do."

Treize looked at him sternly. "Dragon, if you remember, *I* seduced *you*."

Wufei nodded. "Yes, but you wouldn't have wanted to if I hadn't been pouring pheromones out all over the place." He blushed slightly as he said this, the blood forming spots of red on his bronzed cheeks and spreading towards his nose.

"Do you think so little of me, Dragon? Pheromones are a lovely thing. Lady Une pours them at me all the time, yet it has not turned me into the kind of panting, uncontrolled beast that you seem to think I was." Wufei looked stricken and Treize made up for his harsh words by kissing him lightly. "I'm sorry, Dragon. I don't mean to upset you," he said softly. "I am not angry at you. Please trust me, darling."

Wufei blinked and gazed at him with eyes shining. "I *do* trust you, Treize. And I trust Duo, too. But I know I'm not worthy of your love, so what other explanation is there than that it is this programming that causes you to love me?"

Treize felt his heart clench at the frank, honest expression of self-hatred. He moved convulsively, pulling the Chinese pilot towards him and bowing his head towards the boy's shoulder. "Oh Dragon, it pains me to hear you talk that way. You are *more* than worthy of us. We love you, dearly, with all your faults, and all your beauty. Do you think I would risk myself like this - risk everything - just to see a boy who is good in bed? If I wanted a whore, I could have one, my love. I could have a thousand. I want *you*."

He felt Wufei shudder against his chest and he stroked his hair as he cried loud choking tears of terror and love. "I, I'm sorry Treize. This whole thing just makes me so frightened," he gasped through the sobs. "I don't know what else might be wrong with me, or what's going to happen and I have no *control*!"

"Shhh, my dearest love. You have me and you have Duo, and the three of us, together, can beat anything, my darling. We will find out who did this to you, and we will find the way to control it. Don't worry, beloved. Don't worry." He stroked Wufei's hair and continued to speak endearments quietly until the sobs gradually quieted.

*I *must* find out what is happening to him.* Treize thought as Wufei slowly regained his composure. *But until then, I'll have just have to make things better in any way I can.*

He tilted Wufei's head up and gently kissed the boy's tears away. He felt him shudder under his hands as his tongue swept up the salty dampness that had left tracks down his smooth bronze cheeks.

"My darling," he whispered against Wufei's cheek. "It's getting late and our time together is short. Now is not the time for tears. Let me help you to forget your troubles for a time."

"You always do, Treize," Wufei replied softly, nuzzling against Treize's cheek. Treize scooped Wufei out of the chair and carried him over to the bed. Wufei remained with his head buried against the crook of his neck, his arms loosely around the General's neck.

As Treize laid the boy down on the bed, he kissed him on the forehead and headed for the closet, saying. "Wait a moment, dear dragon. I have an idea."


Duo walked up the driveway towards the safehouse, feeling better with every step. He still couldn't say he *liked* the idea of Wufei doing the horizontal tango with their worst enemy, but he couldn't say it was getting him down anymore, either. The ride with the farmer had given him time to think since, against all odds, the man hadn't even *tried* to cop a feel, let alone drive him to some secluded place to enjoy the braided boy before leaving him in a ditch to die.

All in all, it was shaping up to be a good evening after all.

He sauntered up to the door and picked the lock, not even bothering with trying to look for his key, since this would be faster and he had probably left it inside anyway, then he pulled the door open and entered.

And stopped short, his breath freezing in his throat.

Heero stood in the middle of the small living room, his arms crossed. In one hand, he held a gun, in the other, a wine bottle.

An empty wine bottle.

Duo pulled the door closed behind him and summoned a smile. "Konban wa, Heero, uh, you're back early. How did the mission go?"

Heero waited a long moment before replying. Duo could hear his blood rushing in his ears and he wondered detachedly if he was going to faint before he even heard his former lover's reply. When the Japanese boy finally spoke, his tone reminded him terrifyingly of Wufei's programming voice, except with a malevolent edge that Duo knew Wufei's would never have. "I succeeded. Where were you?"

"I was just out for a walk, Heero. No big deal. Jeez, you'd think I had to stay at home all day long in case you came home-" he cut himself off as Heero's eyes narrowed further and he registered that he was babbling. He dropped his eyes and allowed the smile to slip from his face. It never worked with Heero, anyway. "I'm sorry, Heero. I didn't know you were coming home early or I would have waited for you." The lies dripped like acid from his lips, but he knew he had to let Wufei handle it. He had promised Wufei he would let him handle Heero, and if a few small lies were required to save his skin and keep that promise, he supposed that was a lesser evil. Of course it was. It had to be.

"Where's Wufei?" Heero asked, still not moving a muscle.

"I dunno. He left earlier today. Maybe he had a mission. You know he never tells us where he's going half the time," Duo replied, still not meeting Heero's eyes. *If I just act normal and be good, he'll let me off the hook. At least, he won't break anything. I hope.*

Heero grunted, then shifted, dropping his gun hand and holding up the wine bottle. His upper lip curled up in a sneer. "Duo, why was this in Wufei's room?"

Duo shrugged, thinking hard, but not daring to delay his answer. "Uh, well, it was just the two of us last night, and I was feeling a little like partying, so I kinda got Wufei drunk. That's all, Heero." He raised his head and met Heero's eyes, trying to ignore the way he sounded like he was begging, trying to will away the signs of guilt that he was sure were written all over his face. He saw Heero's face twist in rage and he cringed. *Oh God, Wufei, help me please-*

The wine bottle whizzed past his head and shattered with explosive force on the wall behind him. He ducked instinctively but shards of glass flew towards him and a large piece nicked him just behind his ear.

"You liar!" Heero growled. "You fucked him last night, you little slut!"

Duo fell to his knees, heedless of the sharp daggers all around him and watched in stupefied silence as Heero advanced on him. He could feel the blood trickling down his neck...


....Wufei could feel the sweat trickling down his back. He knelt, hands cuffed to one bedpost, his bare back and neck slick with moisture. He was almost completely naked, clad only in a sort of harness with thick leather straps around his neck, waist and each leg, and thinner straps connecting them. Straps were bound around his wrists and attached to chains that held his hands immobile.

The outfit felt very constricting. The neck strap felt as though one tug would choke him, the leather straps connecting his neck to his waist and waist to his legs kept him in this position - bent over, supported only by the chains on his wrists and by his knees. And yet anything his master might want to enjoy was free to be seen, touched, fondled.

Treize, somewhere out of Wufei's very restricted field of view, let out a breath. "Ah, dragon, you look exquisite like that."

Wufei felt a thrill run through him and he smiled. "I'm glad you're enjoying it, Treize."

"Do you enjoy it, dragon?"

His breath caught in his throat. Couldn't Treize tell? Couldn't Treize see how he was panting, how erect he was? He let the breath out as he spoke. "Yes, Treize, I do very much."

He felt the bed shift as Treize moved around to sit behind him. "Truly, dragon?"

"Yes, truly!" What was wrong?

He felt a hand caress him gently on the side of his thigh and he shuddered, trembling uncontrollably. How could Treize doubt the pleasure he gave him? When he was so out of control at the least touch? "Do you enjoy this, dragon?" Treize asked, a lilt of amusement in his voice. Finally Wufei understood. *This is part of the game.*

"Oh yes, Treize, I do!" he moaned. He tried to move into the touch, but the straps around his legs tightened, constricting the movement of his muscles.

The hand moved upwards, and Treize cupped his balls in his hand, fondling them gently. Wufei groaned and closed his eyes. "And this, dragon?"

"Yes, Treize, but-" he stopped. His need was becoming more immediate, but he wasn't sure if it was time to move to the next stage of the game yet. Part of him insisted that it was, but a larger part, the uncertain, inexperienced part, wasn't sure.

"What do you want, dragon?" Treize asked, still rubbing his thumb, almost absently, over the soft skin of Wufei's sack. The Chinese pilot felt another thrill as he realized that his instincts *had* been correct. Treize was not angry, this was still right.

"I, I want..." He bit his lip. This, too, was part of the game. He moaned again as Treize's hand brushed against his aching member. "I want you to touch me, Treize. Stroke me, please!"

Treize's hand moved, wrapping itself around his shaft and moving along it slowly. "You mean here?"

"Yesss!" Wufei sighed, throwing his head back as far as the leather collar would permit, not even caring how constricting it was in the sudden rush of pleasure he felt.

"Oh, dragon, how I love to hear you like this...


....Duo was half-dragged, half-carried down a hallway and tossed easily onto a bed by arms that could bend steel. He had been cut by glass on his arms and legs. His pants and shirt had long, bloody, rents in them, but he hardly noticed as everything was drowned in a black pool of terror.

*He's going to kill me, he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me...* his mind ran in panicked circles.

He came back to himself at a stinging slap across the cheek. "Duo!" Heero growled. "Pay attention!"

"I'm sorry, Heero. I'm paying attention!" he babbled. "Please don't hurt me, Heero, we didn't do anything, I swear!"

Heero sneered at him. "I love to hear you beg, Duo."

Duo cringed as Heero began tearing at the clasps of his priest outfit.

"You slut," Heero said fiercely. "Did he like it? You're mine, Duo, never forget that." Duo shook his head miserably and closed his eyes. *Please, Wufei, don't let this happen.* Heero slapped him again and he opened his eyes again. "I hope Wufei doesn't mind sleeping in blood," Heero remarked, almost offhandedly, as he undid the last of the clasps. Suddenly Duo realized that they were in *Wufei's* room, on *Wufei's* bed. He shut his eyes again and moaned.



....Yes!!" Wufei cried as Treize slammed into him. The taller man's arms were clutched around his waist and his breath was hot against the back of his neck as they moved, entwined, fused into one being.

Wufei was overcome by the shocks of pleasure as Treize slammed against him again and again, filling him utterly, brushing repeatedly against that sweet spot that made his every nerve ending tingle with ecstasy.

"Oh God, Treize!" he cried out as he felt his orgasm explode and he shot out hot, sticky fluid that coated Treize's hands against his belly and clamped down his inner muscles convulsively.

Treize gasped and yelled out as he pumped Wufei full of his seed. "Wufei!"

There was a period of silence, like the calm after a storm, punctuated only by their harsh breathing and moans of aftershock. "Treize," Wufei gasped. "Ai shiteru, honto ni."

A slicked hand caressed him lightly on the cheek. "Ai shiteru, dragon...


....Heero slammed into Duo again and again, heedless of Duo's cries. His hands were tangled around Duo's braid and he pulled with each thrust so that Duo's neck screamed in agony. White-hot shocks of fire lanced through him with each motion Heero made, so Duo knew he was torn, perhaps badly.

"Heero! Oh God, please stop!" Duo cried out, but Heero didn't even seem to hear him.

He yelled once, as he filled Duo full of his sticky semen, then collapsed on top of the shuddering boy. As Heero withdrew from inside him, Duo moaned and muttered softly into the pillow. "Wufei..."

Heero snorted. "He's not coming. I hope for your sake he wants you back after this, Duo."

He stood up from the bed and stalked from the room, leaving his clothing puddled on the floor; leaving the broken pilot, now quiet, on the bed.

*Wufei, ai shiteru, honto ni.*

*Ai shiteru*