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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 19:38:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [DuoML] Fic: My Own Mind - Prologue
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Greetings minna-san!

I know you guys haven't heard from me for a while, but I'm still on vacation from email and enjoying it - for now. Believe me, I *miss* you all!!

During my vacation, I've succumbed to temptation, I'm afraid, and started a new fic. Before you all scream, no, that doesn't mean that I'm shelving Shihai, I'm just juggling both. Don't worry, as soon as I figure out some details, part 5 of Shihai will be coming out.

Lisa and Ara-chan, there's been some minor changes since you last saw this at Wizard Con, and I've added the rest of Chapter 1, of course, which will be posted right after this.

A few warnings:

1) This is a Weiss Kreuz/Gundam Wing crossover. It takes place just after the end of the series. As such, there will be spoilers right up to the end of the show. I will try to keep them to a minimum. I haven't seen the OVAs yet, so as far as this story is concerned, they don't exist. If you haven't seen to the end of the series and don't mind the spoilers, you should know that Esset is the group that Schwartz worked for, but Schwartz betrayed them in the end, so they are understandably pissed.

2) There's going to be some weird religious s**t going on, because Farfarello's in it, and so is Esset, so be prepared if you're very Christian.

3) As usual, for me, there will be angst, sex, and probably some funny moments. You all know my style.

4) Please bear with me, the plotline is still not fully developed, so there may be long stretches of time where you don't hear anything about this fic, or I may have to repost sections if I change stuff. Gomen in advance.

OK, time for the fic.


My Own Mind - Prologue
By: Chichiri no da


The three gathered around the flickering light of a single white candle, the cracks in their withered faces illuminated like fissures that flickered and jumped, always changing shape, always altering perspective.

The first began, a woman, her white hair long and luxuriant even at her age, and gathered around her face in girlish curls. "It is good that we three have succeeded the previous rulers of Esset."

The second continued, divining her companion's thoughts with long practice. Her nose was long and pointed, accentuated by a sweeping hairstyle that made her head resemble a hen's. "Yes, we will not repeat their mistakes."

The third completed the thought, the man's face wide and fixed permanently in the malevolent smile of a poisoner of candy. "They were weak, they did not see the disruption within the ranks before it was too late."

"We saw, and it was because of our seeing that we survived."

"They were blind. They did not see that we'd outlived them by centuries, by our greater devotion to the One."

"We shall eliminate the traitors and begin again."

"The One shall forgive us our losing of the Host."

"The One shall allow us to worship Him."

"The One shall aid us in eliminating our enemies."

"And then we shall summon the One when He is ready."

They spread out, holding hands outstretched, their fingers gently clasped together. Slowly, then with increasing pace, they began to circle the candle, beginning to dance, their ancient bones made youthful by the power that flickered and swirled in the centre of their circle. A moaning sound, like the wind at first, but then building to the shriek of a thousand demons, erupted from the cone of power.

As one, the three threw their heads back, their eyes glazed in an ecstasy of worship, their mouths open to exclaim: "Great One, O most ancient, tear the souls of the four most dangerous to us from their bodies and cast them farther away then the furthest star! Let us be free of their interference, Great One!"

The shriek rose higher, higher, tearing the roof off of the building and escaping into the night, to seek the enemies of the three.