Hi guys, sorry for the crosspost. Those of you on the Duoml may remember that I promised a 13x2, just because I knew I could do it. Well, here's the first part, and true to my word, it's IC (I hope!).

In case there's confusion, though I don't think there will be, this is set sometime towards the end of the series, when White Fang in is operation. I don't think this fits with any specific time in the GW universe, so I'm just being vague with the details.


Duo came to again with painful slowness.

Everything hurt. He groaned and clutched his stomach, rolling over onto his back, then changed his mind and clutched his head, as it exploded with pain. At least nothing seemed broken. :Except maybe my skull,: he thought as he tried to hold it together with his bare hands. He groaned again, not sure what else to do.

:This is worse than when the scientists beat me up. Damn fucking White Fang, anyway.:

A few eternities later, the pain in his head dulled to a throbbing ache. He sat up - slowly - and took in his surroundings.

Not surprisingly, it looked like a prison cell.

:How nice, four blank walls, a door with no window, a thin mattress with a blanket on the floor. Quaint.: The lame attempt at humour brought a small smile to Duo's face, and he felt a little better. :Well, that's Shinigami for you. If all else fails, make a stupid joke. One day that strategy will actually *work*, I'm sure of it.:

His thoughts were interrupted by the soft swishing sound of the door opening. He briefly considered making a break for it, but that idea was dashed by the size of the two beefy guards in the doorway. They carried what looked like another prisoner between them and they unceremoniously tossed the semi-conscious man face-first into the cell.

"Good night, General!" one of them laughed, then the door closed behind them.

Duo didn't waste any time trying to figure out what that had meant, as he scrambled over to see if the man was all right. He was shirtless, and what looked like fresh whip-marks criss-crossed his back. Two had broken the skin and were bleeding sluggishly, but the rest were just painful welts. Said back was broad and well-muscled, and looked to have been flawless before the whipping. The man had short, tawny hair, which was tousled and ragged from not being washed.

The Gundam pilot took the man's shoulder and shook him slightly, eliciting a groan.

"Hey there, you all right? Don't worry, I'm a friend." Duo went around his other side and helped him up, slinging the man's arm over his shoulder and guiding him towards the 'bed'. The man was a lot bigger than Duo, who grunted under his weight. "My name's Duo Maxwell," he said brightly, trying to keep up a stream of chatter that would - hopefully - raise the man's spirits.

"Duo Maxwell..." the man said softly. There was an edge of shock and wonder in his voice that surprised Duo.

"Yeah, that's me. I'm a Gundam pilot, which I guess is why I'm here." They had reached the bed and Duo helped him kneel down onto it before letting go. He made as though to get up, but was arrested in the motion as the man's hand shot out and gripped his shoulder in a firm, but not painful, grip.

"It's good to finally meet you, Duo Maxwell," the man said softly, and he looked up.

Duo gasped and he could barely hear his own exclamation over the sound of his heart thudding in his chest. "Treize Khushrenada!"

"I'm flattered that you recognize me."

:Well duh, how could I not? I've been trying to *kill* you for how long?: "W-W-What are *you* doing *here*?" Duo exclaimed, flabbergasted.

"White Fang is as much my enemy as yours. It appears my dear Milliard-" he grunted as he changed into a sitting position, "-Peacecraft is determined to end any doubt I might have had that he no longer called me a friend."

"How long have you been here?"

Treize waved vaguely. "No more than a few days, I'm not certain."

"And Zechs did this to you?" Duo was amazed. From what Heero and Trowa had told him about the blonde soldier, this didn't seem to be his style. Even *if* Treize had staged his death.

But Treize was shaking his head. "Not directly. He hasn't seen fit to visit his prisoner, as yet."

Duo felt a twinge at the misery that rose, and was hastily buried, on his enemy's face. Before he realized what he was doing, he reached out and placed a hand on Treize's shoulder. "Maybe he doesn't know you're here."

Treize glanced at Duo, his eyes glittering like sapphires with pain. "Perhaps," he said sadly.

Suddenly uncomfortable, Duo gave his shoulder a quick squeeze and released it, jumping to his feet. "Give me a sec, I'll deal with your injuries."

"That's not nec-" Treize protested, but Duo ignored him. He practically leapt across the room to the small sink in the corner, next to the embarrassingly privacyless toilet. He gathered a wad of toilet paper in his hand and wet it in the sink, then sauntered back across the room.

"Not at all, General Treize Khushrenada, sir! I'll have that pristine, aristocratic back of yours back to normal in a jiffy."

"You're too kind," Treize said ironically, then sucked in his breath sharply as Duo began dabbing at one of the cuts with the wet paper.

"Sorry, this is gonna hurt a little," Duo said gleefully.

"I'm sorry - ow - dear boy, but - hsss - it seems that you are enjoying that - ahh - fact a little - ouch - too much for my liking."

"Why, whatever do you mean, General?"

"The tone of your - ow - voice is, shall I say, gleeful?"

"Well," Duo said brightly, "I don't really know what you're talking about, but assuming you're right, it might have something to do with the way killing you has been my reason for living for over a year now. I was particularly fascinated by the way you destroyed my Deathscythe on television."

Treize made a pained sound that seemed only partially due to the savage treatment he was receiving from the Deathscythe pilot. "Indeed. I suppose it's understandable, then. Though, for the record, I had nothing to do with that last."

Duo shrugged. "Glad you understand my position."

Treize fell silent, the only outward indication of his discomfort being small twitches of his sculpted muscles under Duo's hands. Despite himself, and despite his words, Duo found himself feeling sorry for the aristocrat.

:Aw hell, he's probably never even had a hangnail. Though, he's in incredible shape,: he then surprised himself by thinking. :Well, I'm sure he has no training for *this* sort of thing. And the guy who's doing it used to be his best friend or whatever. He's holding up really well, considering.:

He gentled his ministrations, carefully cleaning the last of the dirt out of the General's wounds. The other man sighed softly, leaning subtly into him as Duo began softly running the damp paper over the rest of his back, soothing the welts with the cold wetness. A sound like a soft purr rose in Treize's throat and he leaned his head back, arching his back as Duo ran first the wad of paper, and then his free hand over his shoulder blades.

:God, he's gorgeous.:

That thought made Duo stop suddenly and shake himself.

:What the hell am I doing?:

He hastily cleared his throat, breaking Treize out of the trance he had been in as well. The older man stopped purring and glanced back at him, his eyes soft. Duo flashed him a grin and jumped to his feet, turning away - too quickly - to flush the paper down the toilet.

"Uh, well, we should probably get some sleep, while we have the chance. One thing you learn pretty quick in my line of work is: get sleep while you can, you never know when you'll need to be alert, or when you'll get a chance again."

"Very wise," Treize said softly.

When Duo turned back to face him, uncomfortably aware of the light blush painting his cheeks, Treize was lying on his side, the blankets pulled up to cover him. There was enough room on the pallet for Duo, but they would have to share a blanket.

:Oh well,: Duo shrugged. :You've shared a bed with worse. At least Treize isn't likely to grope me in his sleep. Or even when he's awake.:

He tried to ignore the small voice that whispered in the back of his mind that he might not mind...

Duo laid down on the pallet and tugged the blankets over him, and resolutely tried to sleep.


Duo was awakened abruptly, his battle-trained senses tingling, by the sudden sound of an anguished cry near his head. His amethyst eyes snapped open and he tensed, but realized immediately that the sound had only come from his fellow prisoner.

Treize had pushed the sheets down to his waist, baring his sculpted chest. His face was screwed up in a frown and dripping with sweat. He was breathing hard, almost panting, though obviously still asleep.

"Milliard..." he breathed, the frown deepening. "No, Milliard..."

:Well, I'd definately better wake him up, then.: Duo thought. The pilot propped himself up on one elbow and reached out to grasp Treize by the nearest shoulder and shake him gently.

"Treize? Wake up," he said. At the contact, Treize flinched, then reached up and placed his hand over Duo's. His face smoothed slightly.

"Milliard?" His voice was soft, almost pleading.

"No," Duo said regretfully. "It's not Milliard, Treize. It's Duo."

Treize must have been at least partially awake, since his face smoothed into a small smile. "Duo..."

"Yeah, you know, Shinigami?" :Maybe I can bring him out of the nightmare without waking him up. Lord knows he needs the sleep.: He moved his hand out from under Treize's, eliciting a small sound of protest, then moved a little closer to the General. Duo placed his small hand against Treize's cheek, caressing gently, the General's few days of beard growth scratching against the skin of his palm. "It's all right, Treize. No one's going to hurt you," Duo lied.

Treize leaned into the palm, and that strange purring sound started up again. "Milliard..."

:Jeez, he's got it bad. But damn is that sound sexy,: Duo thought, then mentally slapped himself. :I will not think of General Khushrenada as sexy. I will not think of General Khushrenada as sexy. I will not--:

Suddenly Treize reached out and grabbed Duo, pulling the boy against his chest. His arms wrapped around Duo's torso and one hand buried itself in his hair. The other began slowly rubbing up and down his spine, eliciting shivers. The purring sound continued.

Treize rubbed his cheek against the top of Duo's head. "Milliard..."

:Well, so much for him not grabbing me in his sleep,: Duo thought once the initial shock had worn off. He tried gently to extricate himself from the General's grasp, but he was like a leech. An incredibly attractive leech.

Duo tried to slip his head out from the grasp of Treize's hand, but just succeeded in pulling his hair. He tried planting his hands against Treize's chest and pushing, but Treize just firmed his grip and wrapped his legs around Duo's.

Now Duo had to come to terms with the fact that Treize's erection was pressing against... well, his own. And it felt *good*. Three uncomfortable facts he was just going to have to get used to.

:Aw shit,: he thought, then his mouth set in a firm, determined line. :No, this is *not* happening.:

"Treize," he said quietly. Treize sighed and mumbled something into his hair, so he tried again. "Treize!" he said, substantially louder.

This time, Treize stirred, coming slowly awake. "Mmmmmm, yes Duo?" he purred, clearly not having registered the significance of his position.

Duo decided it was time to be firm. "Get your fucking hands off me, General Khushrenada."

"Mmm?" For a moment it didn't look as though Duo's efforts were getting anywhere, then he was abruptly released. "Oh! I'm sorry, Duo! I did not intend..."

Duo waved it off. "Forget it. It was partially my fault, anyway. You were having a nightmare and I was trying to calm you without waking you up."

"It is not your fault, and I sincerely apologize," Treize said earnestly.

Duo aimed a grin at him. "Like I said, forget it. If I thought you'd done that on *purpose* you would be minus a few important organs by now, or at least in severe pain. Let's just go back to sleep."

Treize regarded him for a moment before breaking into an answering smile. "Yes, I suppose you're right." He laid back down and closed his eyes. Duo did the same a moment later, then cracked an eye open.

"Oh, and Treize?"

"Yes, Duo?"

"No more nightmares."

Treize sighed. "I shall endeavor to follow your instructions, but I make no guarantees."

Duo grunted, but couldn't really argue with that. Not long afterwards, they were both asleep.


Duo was again rudely awakened by the sound of the door sliding open. He cracked his eye open and watched the two guards enter, their guns pointed straight at the General.

Treize, to his credit, gained immense coolness points in Duo's mind with his behaviour. He rose to his feet, gazing at them impassively.

"Shall we go, gentlemen?" he said with the air of inviting a group of politicians to the sitting room for a cigar and shot of brandy.

Duo struck.

With all the speed he could squeeze out of his lithe body, he leapt at one of the guards, trying to tackle him. As his shoulder connected with the guard's chest, he saw Treize out of the corner of his eye as he grabbed the guard's gun and began grappling with him.

The guard Duo had hit staggered back a few steps, but the beefy man, unfortunately, didn't fall. He growled and lunged at Duo, grabbing for him. The pilot eeped and tried to duck past him towards the door. He felt fingers grab at his clothing, and then he was free. He took a few more steps towards the door, then he heard a shout of warning from Treize.


An instant later, there was an explosion of light and pain and Duo fell heavily to the ground, paralyzed. Just as he lost consciousness, he could hear the guard laughing. "Don't worry, you'll get your chance, little boy."

And he fell into darkness.


Duo came awake again to a pounding headache.

:Treize!: He looked up - an incredibly bad idea. The pain exploded at full force across the back of his skull. He dropped his head back down to the cold, hard floor with a heartfelt groan; however, he'd seen enough to determine that Treize was nowhere in sight.

:Damn, that was *really* stupid, Maxwell.:

When the pounding in his head had dulled to a low grumble, he got up - slowly - and started pacing.

An hour later, when he'd nearly worn a track in the floor, he was startled out of his worried reverie by the door opening again. Treize was tossed to the ground, obviously only semiconscious. Blood was flowing slowly from his wrists and bare feet. The guards joked and laughed as Duo gasped and leapt to Treize's side. The door slid closed again on their mocking laughter.

Treize clutched at Duo's arm as the pilot knelt beside him.

"Duo?" he asked plaintively.

"Yeah, it's me," Duo replied. He maneuvered Treize so the other man was resting more in his lap than on the floor. Treize buried his head in Duo's chest. He was trembling. Duo wrapped his arms around the older man and whispered reassurances into his ear.

"They *crucified* me," Treize said brokenly. "Duo, why do they hate me so much?"

"Shhh, it's all right now."

Treize shook his head. "I have to get out of here. Now."

Duo smirked ironically. :Yeah, General, I know the feeling.: "Why don't we just go lie down on the bed instead, all right, Treize?"

He sighed. "You're humouring me, but that sounds nice."

They crawled over to the 'bed', Treize biting his lip against the pain. When he was comfortably ensconced under the blankets, Duo tried to get up, but Treize held on with more than a little desperation.

"Where are you going?"

Without thinking, Duo pressed a soft kiss to Treize's forehead. "It's okay," he said softly. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm just gonna get something to deal with your wounds. I'll be right back."

Treize let go, muttering an apology, which Duo pointedly ignored. :Hmm, he thinks he's being weak. Baka, he's doing better than anyone one have expected.:

He wet four lengths of toilet paper, then returned to the bed and gently wrapped Treize's wrists and ankles. They didn't seem to have broken anything important, but when the blood clotted and paper dried, it was going to hurt like a bitch to take off. :Not much I can do about that, though.:

He laid back down on the bed, pulling Treize into his arms. Part of his mind was trying to berate him for being so nice to his enemy, but he sharply ordered it to shut up and defiantly began stroking Treize's unruly ginger hair. The General was trembling again.

"Just try to calm down, Treize. You're doing great."

Treize tilted his head back. Agonized, glimmering sapphire met calm amethyst. "If you were in my position, you would not be almost in tears."

Duo gave him a lopsided grin. "That's because in my short life, I've been raped and abused, lost my parents and all my friends in fires, plagues, and OZ attacks, and am fighting a war against the whole universe with four strangers as my only allies. Things can't get much worse for me." He kissed the wide-eyed Treize on the nose, playfully belying the import of his words. "Nothing bad has ever happened to you, so you're allowed to cry."

Treize let out a horrified, choked sound. "Duo... my god... I'm so sorry. To think how small and pathetic what I'm going through is in comparison-"

Duo placed his hand over his mouth and glared at him. "Didn't I tell you it's okay to feel bad?" Treize nodded humbly, but Duo could feel the smallest bit of a smile against his hand. "So stop apologizing for it, all right?"

Treize waited for Duo to remove his hand before replying. Duo glared at him for a moment, as if to ensure that his words had sunk in entirely this time, then removed the hand. The moment he removed it, Treize caught it in his free hand. He kissed the back of Duo's hand once, then looked back at Duo. "For you, Duo Maxwell, I will do anything you ask. Including continuing to live."

Duo's jaw would have hit the floor, if he hadn't been lying on said floor, and if his head hadn't been oriented horizontally. As it was, he stared at Treize in shock, his mouth working, though nothing would come out.

:He did *not* just say that!:

:Yes he did!:

:Yeah, well he's just saying that because I've been nice to him, he doesn't actually *mean* *that*.:

Treize smiled at Duo's discomfiture and released the pilot's hand. Instead, he gently grasped Duo by the back of the neck and drew his head down into a soft kiss. Duo gasped as their lips met, but then he closed his eyes and leaned into it. All thought flew from his head at their velvet touch, but Treize did not move his hands, nor did a questing tongue touch Duo's lips. When they parted again, Duo was trembling slightly.


The General smiled gently. "Arigatou, Duo. I cannot express what your kindness means to me."

Duo, for once, didn't know what to say. He shut off the questioning, frightened part of his brain and wrapped his arms around Treize, burrowing into his bare chest. He lay there in silence, numb, while Treize's fingers played absently with his back.

A few minutes later, the moment was shattered by the door opening again. Duo looked up, prepared to fight them off Treize, but they kept their distance, their fingers on their triggers.

"All right, it's the kid's turn now. Come along nice, now," said the guard Duo had tried to tackle earlier. Duo tensed, and started to get up.

Treize wrapped his arms more tightly around Duo, who barely repressed a squawk of surprise. "Do what you like to me, but leave the boy alone," he said authoritatively. Duo and the guards all blinked simultaneously. :Wow, he really sounds like a General when he talks like that. Guess I shouldn't really be surprised, though,: Duo thought.

The guards' faces twisted with anger. "You want another dose, you only gotta ask," said the second one, started forward.

"No!" Duo exclaimed, halting him in his tracks. Duo forcibly extricated himself from Treize's grip and stood, glaring at the General. "You baka, you need a break!" he said. "If you try anything that stupid again, I'll make you regret it, got it?"

Treize looked taken aback at his manner. "Duo..." he said softly, in a confused, hurt tone of voice. Duo ignored him, walking over to the guards and smiling at them impishly.

"So, what is it today, boys? Arts and crafts? Basket weaving?"

The first guard struck him sharply on the back of his neck, where he already had a sizeable bruise from the pistol-whipping he'd received earlier. Duo gasped and went to his knees, his vision graying out again. "Shut the fuck up!" the guard yelled. "If you think cooperating despite what your boyfriend tried to do got you any points with us, you'd better think again." They dragged Duo from the room by the collar.


Duo was just coming back to full consciousness again when he was dragged through a doorway, hauled to his feet, and slammed face-first onto a table. Seeing stars again, he did the only thing he could do in light of the situation; he closed his eyes and tried to pass out.

Cold water splashed into his face and ran down his chest. His eyes flew open at the shock and he sputtered.

"Wakey, wakey, little boy," came a mocking voice. "You're missing all the fun."

Duo could feel someone holding his left arm behind his back, not high enough to break it, but his shoulder was screaming at the abuse. He was bent at the waist over the table and he could feel the man pressing against his ass and legs. Duo looked up in the direction of the voice, and saw the guard he'd attacked several eons ago, and someone he didn't recognize. All three of the men

were well-muscled, and young-looking, probably all were lowly soldiers about the same age.
"That's funny," Duo rasped, trying to summon a grin and failing. "I don't see anyone having fun here."


:Hmph, yeah guys, yuck it up. Fuck you, anyway.: He closed his eyes and let his head fall back to the table.

"All right, all right," he said. "Could you just get it over with, already? I'm getting tired of the same old routine with guys like you."

"Aw, the poor little baby knows what's coming," said the guard behind him, cinching his hold on Duo's arm a little tighter. The pilot cried out as his shoulder renewed its vocal protests.

Fetid breath blew over him as the newcomer put his head right down into Duo's face and spoke. "Well, you're gonna learn to love it, I promise." A slender finger traced from Duo's ear down to his lips. He flinched at the feathery touch, then nearly gagged as it pushed deeply into his mouth. "Suck," he was commanded.

:Suck this.: He bit him.

The soldier howled and ripped his finger out of Duo's mouth. Skin tore on the pilot's teeth and he tasted blood, warm and satisfying like victory.

"You little *fuck*!" the newcomer yelled, holding his injured hand. He raised his good hand, balled into a fist. With infinite clarity, Duo could see a spot of blood on the knuckle of his ring finger. He braced himself for the blow, but the other man grabbed his arm.

"Wait a sec, Bryan, we shouldn't damage the merchandise. You're always tellin' us that."

Bryan's lips peeled away from his teeth in a feral grin. "Yeah, you're right, Chips, it's more fun if we don't break him too early."

:Chips? His name is Chips?: Amazingly, Duo nearly burst out laughing. :Shit, I must be hysterical or something.:

"So let's just get down to business," growled the guard holding Duo. His free hand reached around and began stroking Duo through his pants. Duo let out a small, strangled sound that was half terror, half disgust.

Bryan approached him again, still smiling. "Let me tell you what's going to happen, so you're not surprised, okay?" Duo closed his eyes and tried to ignore the hand. "We're going to do what we like, and you're going to enjoy it." He paused. "This stops when you cum, and not before, got it kid?"

:Great.: Duo thought miserably. :How the hell am I supposed to *enjoy* this?:

"You guys ever done this before?" Duo asked in what he hoped was a reasonable tone.

Laughter greeted that question and Bryan answered him. "We've been doing this since the academy, the three of us."

"A-and you actually expect me to enjoy this?"

"You better work hard at enjoying it, little boy. This is our day off, and the three of us can keep going a hell of a lot longer than you can." This was said in a low voice, full of threat.

:Oh God,: Duo prayed. He squeezed his eyes shut. :Ok, just gotta think sexy thoughts and pretend that's what's happening. Now let's see…: His fly was unzipped by the guard behind him and his pants and underwear were drawn off. He didn't struggle. There was no point. Instead, he concentrated on withdrawing into himself, removing himself from the situation and putting himself into one he wouldn't mind being in.

One of the guards had crawled under the table. He wrapped his hand around Duo's cock and began pumping. It was as flaccid as it was possible to be. :Okay, uh, that's…: Duo began constructing the fantasy.

He was bent over the table in the kitchen of one of Quatre's safehouses. They had stayed in that one only a few weeks ago, and it had been brightly furnished and cheery. Trowa was behind him, stroking his long-fingered hand up and down Duo's hip and thigh. The Frenchman carefully probed between the cheeks of Duo's buttocks, stroking the entrance there gently, but with insistence. :Yeah, he'd be quiet, no dirty talk or yelling, but I'll bet he'd be damn good.:

Quatre was under the table, his mouth curved up in a smile as the beautiful blonde took Duo in hand and woke him up. Despite the part of his mind that was screaming the reality of what was happening, he felt himself beginning to harden at the image. He stoked it, imagining the passion in Quatre's blue eyes, the whispered endearments and encouragements.

Duo's cock was engulfed in a warm, wet mouth and he quickly adjusted his fantasy. It was Quatre's cubid bow mouth that was sucking on him, stroking his balls and bringing him fully erect.

He was suddenly aware that a third person was sitting on the table, his legs hanging down on either side of the pilot. He was pulled up slightly, and the head of a penis pressed against his lips. :It's Heero, damnit, Heero!: he thought desperately. He had been pursuing the dark-haired pilot for months now, though it hadn't yet gotten him anywhere, and he placed the image of Heero's cold, intense eyes, and perfect body firmly in his mind. Duo obediently opened his mouth and began swirling his tongue around the head of the shaft.

"Deeper, harder!" came Bryan's voice, partially shattering the fantasy. As Duo was still reconstructing it, a finger wormed its way inside him and his eyes flew open as he gasped around the shaft in his mouth. Desperately, he tried to recapture the fantasy, but it was gone and reality was hitting him hard.

A second finger joined the first. Duo concentrated on taking Bryan as deeply into him as he could, and on the pleasure slamming into him from Chips, on the floor.

:Oh god, oh god, oh god,: his mind ran in panicked little circles.

The fingers disappeared, eliciting another gasp as they pulled out past the tight ring of muscle at the entrance. Then he heard something plastic clatter to the floor. A well-lubricated member positioned itself at his entrance and began slowly, inexorably, moving forward, into him.
Duo felt a tear run down his face. Bryan's voice sounded from above him.

"Tell me you want it, you little slut. Tell me you like it," he growled, gasping from the pleasure Duo was giving him.

:What, like this? I'm a little busy right now, you whore of Satan.:

The guard was positioned inside him now, and he began slowly pumping, sliding his member almost all the way out, and then slamming into him again. As he pushed forward, he brushed against something inside Duo and he cried out.

:Shit, all right good, Maxwell. Just concentrate on how good that feels and this'll be over in no time.:

Duo was buffeted on all sides as the guards abandoned themselves to their pleasure. The DeathScythe pilot suckled at the shaft in his mouth, and thrust deeply into the mouth of the guard on the floor. He tried to lose himself in the waves and waves of pleasure that washed over him.

Suddenly, the pressure that had been building inside him broke and he exploded into Chips' mouth with a yell. Chips seemed to come at the same time and he sucked hungrily on Duo's cock as the pilot pumped his seed into his mouth. Duo's muscles slammed tight on orgasm and it was too much for the guard, who cried out, filling Duo with his seed. Bryan came a moment later, flooding Duo's mouth, who retained barely enough presence of mind to swallow rather than drowning.

He greyed out for a moment, sagging and feeling it only dimly as the guard and Bryan pulled out. He was hoisted under his arms by two people and practically carried from the room. At the doorway one of the people paused, forcing the other to stop.

"Uh, Bry, we forgot his pants," said Chips.

Duo could hear Bryan's hated voice across the room, which meant that the other one holding him was the still-nameless guard. Bryan snorted. "He won't be needing them, the little whore. Look how quick he came."

:I'm going to kill him, nice and slow.: Duo thought with the clarity of madness. :Watch out, Bryan, Shinigami's coming for you.:


Treize stopped his pacing as the door opened to admit the two guards and a limp Duo. He was barely in time to catch the boy as he was unceremoniously pitched into the room.

The boy was naked from the waist down, and the clasps on his shirt hadn't even been touched. He had spots of blood on his lips, and still-wet semen was running down his legs.

:Oh, Duo, how utterly horrible!: Treize thought in despair and horror. He quickly carried the boy to the bed and wrapped him securely in the blanket. The General regarded the listless boy for a few moments in indecision, then he pressed close and wrapped his arms around the bundle.

The moment his arms wrapped around Duo, the boy erupted. Tears rolled down his face and he struggled, but his arms were trapped by the blanket.

"No! Please, leave me alone! I can't do it anymore!" he cried in panic.

Treize let go and sat up, putting some distance between him. He reached out and started stroking Duo's hair soothingly.

"No, Duo, it's all right. You're safe now, it's all right."

Duo's struggles stilled and he peeked at Treize from under his bangs. "Treize?"

"Yes, it's me. What do you want me to do?"

The pilot's eyes widened. He freed his arms from the blanket and flung himself into Treize's lap, wrapping his arms around the General's waist. "P-please hold me."

The sound of supplication in Duo's voice clenched his heart. "Of course, Duo. Anything you want."

He lay down and wrapped his arms around Duo again. The boy unwrapped himself from the blanket and flung it over them both, surprising Treize, then snuggled against him. "Arigatou, Treize," Duo mumbled.

"Uh, Duo," Treize said, a little flustered. Duo was pressed against him along his entire length. "Are you sure you're comfortable with this?"

"Uh huh." Duo looked up at him, hatred and rage in his amethyst eyes. "You're not like them. You would never do something like that, to anyone."

"You're right, demo,"

Duo buried his face in Treize chest again. "Onegai, don't question me right now, Treize. Just do this for me."

:Hm, gladly, little treasure, though I'm sure you wouldn't like to see the thoughts doing this is eliciting in my mind.: "As I said, Duo, whatever you want."

They lay for a long time in silence. :It's amazing,: thought Treize as he heard Duo's breath calm and relax. :How different this situation feels when you have someone to protect, and how much stronger one is able to be.:

He stroked Duo's hair and waited.


They lay in silence for a long time. Duo lay with his head pillowed on Treize's chest, his eyes closed, listening to the other man's heartbeat. Its slow, even pattern, accompanied by the steady rise and fall of Treize's breaths soothed him. Treize played absently with his hair, stroking down the back, curling his fingers around his braid, and tenderly brushing the jagged bangs out of Duo's face.

:He probably thinks I'm asleep, or he'd never be doing this,: Duo thought in bemusement. :I guess it's time to let him know I'm not.:

He sighed contentedly, wrapping his arms further around the General. Treize's skin was smooth under his cheek, and under the scents of blood and sweat lay a hint of roses, as though he had been surrounded by them for so long it had sunk indelibly into his pores. "Ne, Treize?"

Treize's hand stilled momentarily, then continued stroking Duo's hair. "Ah?"

"You smell good."

The other man chuckled softly. "I highly doubt that; I've been here for weeks without bathing. But thank you."

Duo frowned. "Weeks?"


He tilted his head back, meeting Treize's brilliant sapphire eyes. "Honto? For so long? I had no idea!"

"You didn't notice what a state I was in by the time you got here?" Treize seemed truly surprised.

Duo, on the other hand, felt the urge to hit him. "You call that a state?!" He pushed himself up onto his elbows so he could glare more effectively at Treize. "You've been going through that kind of torture for weeks, and *that* is how broken you are? You, the aristocratic general who's never even stubbed his toe in his life without servants to fuss over it?!"

Treize frowned. "I-I don't know what to say, Duo..."

"Baka!" Duo moved up and threw his arms around Treize's neck. "And here I was worried about you. If that's as bad as you get, when you're all alone, I'd like to see them try to break you when I'm here!"

Treize made an amused sound. "You were worried about me?"

Duo raised his head and smirked. Rather than answering, he cocked his head mischievously. "Ne, Treize?"

"Yes, Duo?"

"Remember how you kissed me back then, before they took me away?"

Treize's eyes widened. "Gomen, Duo. I should have thought-"


Treize cut off his apology. "Ah?"

"Shut up." Treize blinked and closed his mouth. He didn't look meek - Duo didn't think Treize knew *how* - but he looked at him about as meekly as he was *capable* of looking. Duo blew his breath out in mock frustration. "I was going to say, remember how you kissed me back then, before they took me away?"

He waited, looking at Treize significantly.

The other man looked back in confusion, then hesitantly said, "Yes?"

Duo stretched up and met Treize's lips with his own. Treize seemed startled, but kissed him back hungrily, reaching around to encircle Duo in his arms. The scent of roses was stronger and Treize's lips were soft and velvet against Duo's.

When they broke for air, both were breathing hard. Treize was looking at Duo with no small amount of surprise.

"I was going to say, that I liked that, and I was wondering if you'd do it again sometime."

Treize looked at him for a long moment, a bemused expression on his face. "Why?" he said finally.

Duo was taken aback. "Why?" he shrugged. "I dunno. You're sexy, and not such a bad guy after all. And because I want to, that's all."

"But, why?" he pursued.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with you or anything," Duo protested. Then a sad expression entered his violet eyes. "I guess, after all that happened, I need to feel safe."

Treize traced a line down Duo's jaw and ran his thumb over his lips. Duo leaned into the touch and kissed the pad of his thumb. The pilot's tongue flickered out, once, and tasted it.


"Ah?" he said, his lips brushing the digit lightly.

"Don't get me wrong," Treize said quietly. "I'm not in love with you, either. But you have been kind to me, far more kind than you had to be. And, after all that's happened, I need the same thing."

Duo grinned. "Then let's stop messing around." His tongue flickered out again and drew the thumb quickly into his mouth. He began sucking on it gently, swirling his tongue around it. Treize threw his head back and moaned.

"Oh, Duo..."

Encouraged, Duo moved onto the other fingers, sucking each of them in turn. When he licked the sensitive web between the fingers, he elicited a gasp from the other man. When he had finished with the last finger, he pulled it out of his mouth with a soft pop.

"Holy shit, Treize. You're sensitive!" He exclaimed in amusement, seeing the total abandonment with which the other man had been enjoying the treatment.

Treize raised his head and looked at Duo. There was a feral, hungry look smoldering in his eyes. "Comes from being a hedonist, deprived too long." He smiled. "Let's see how sensitive *you* are, dear boy."

In a quick motion, Duo suddenly found himself flat on his back, with Treize leaning over him. Treize leaned down slowly, placing his lips at the juncture between Duo's jaw and the right side of his neck. He sucked softly, then swirled his tongue, alternately kissing, sucking and licking as he moved down. Duo felt wave after wave of shivers run up and down the right side of his body. He moaned and wrapped his arms around Treize, pulling him down so that they were lying pressed together.

"Oh God, Treize, this feels good..."

Treize halted his ravaging of Duo's collarbone just long enough to reply. "You haven't seen anything yet." He freed himself from the boy's grasp and began unbuttoning his shirt. The pilot lay, panting, aching for Treize to touch him, anywhere, but the General was careful not to allow his fingers to even brush against Duo's sensitized skin.

"Treize, you bastard..."

"What have I done wrong now?" He unbuttoned the last button and lowered his lips to one of Duo's nipples. He teased it to hardness and flickered his tongue back and forth over the nub, eliciting a cry.

"N-Nothing! You haven't done anything wrong, Treize," Duo panted, thrashing beneath the onslaught as Treize's hand began rubbing his other nipple.

Suddenly a thought popped into Duo's head - against all odds, considering how difficult thought was at the moment. He raised his hand to Treize's chest and began giving him similar treatment, but the moment he did, Treize caught the hand and forced it back down to the mattress.

Treize raised his head. His eyes were clouded with passion. "No, Duo, let me concentrate. There's time enough for that later."

:Don't have to tell me twice,: Duo thought as the waves of pleasure began washing over him again.

Treize's hand left his nipple and crept down, slowly. The anticipation was torturous and Duo thrust his hips upwards in an attempt to get him there faster.

"Shhhh," Treize admonished him. The hiss of air cooled the skin around his nipple and he thrashed again, hit by another wave of ecstacy. "Let me take my time with you, dear Duo."

He couldn't answer.

After an agonizing eternity, Treize's hand closed around Duo's hard, aching shaft and the pilot let all the air out of his lungs in a long, heartfelt groan. "Ahhhhhhh, Treize..."

The General began slowly pumping. Without breaking rhythm, he sat up and parted Duo's legs, moving between them. With his free hand, he teased the soft skin of Duo's inner thighs, then he moved further down.

Duo bucked as Treize slid his hand under his buttocks and then teased the opening there with one finger. The pilot's eyes flew open.

"T-Treize?" he panted.

Treize continued to tease the opening with one hand, and to pump with increasing fury with the other. "Duo, if you don't want this, let me know."

"No, it's not that." Duo squeezed his eyes shut again as the urge to abandon himself and thrust into Treize's hand became more immediate. "I-I just... we don't have any lubricant and..." Thinking was so hard.

"Duo, do you trust me?" Treize's voice was serious, and it penetrated the gathering fog.


"Then don't worry. I will not hurt you, I promise."

Reassured, Duo let himself go. The finger probed gently, pushing slowly past the tight ring of muscle and deep inside him. It moved, probing around, and that, coupled with the delicious actions of Treize's other hand, was enough to push Duo over the edge.

He threw back his head with a loud cry and his whole body jerked as he pumped his seed over Treize's hand. He lay for a while, overwhelmed, dimly aware that Treize was doing something, but having no idea what. Finally, full consciousness returned and he opened his eyes.

Treize was naked now, his member erect and swollen, and he was still kneeling between Duo's spread legs. He had removed his hand from Duo's shaft, but his other hand still had a finger - no, two fingers - inside him. He was using his other hand to spread Duo's seed over his shaft, lubricating it. Just looking at him, Duo felt himself begin to harden again and he groaned.

:I don't know how much more I can take of this. But I want it to go on forever.:

At his sound, Treize looked up, his eyes still smoldering. "Ready?"

"I-I think so." He dropped his head back on the threadbare pillow. "Hell yeah, I'm ready."

The fingers pulled out, eliciting a gasp, then something much larger positioned itself at the opening. Treize began pushing in, slowly, advancing a little, then pulling back, all the while stroking Duo's shaft, his thighs, his taut belly. Duo relaxed into it, raising his hips to encourage Treize, and finally the other man was seated in all the way to the hilt.

Treize waited a moment. His fingers, where they rested on Duo's stomach, were trembling with the effort not to move. "Duo, are you ready?"

Duo was in agony, at Treize's question, he exploded. "Yes, I'm ready! Fuck me goddamnit!"

Treize leaned over him and kissed him. "Such language..." he admonished.

He pulled out, almost all the way, then pushed in again. As he did so, he brushed against that sweet spot inside Duo, and the boy cried out. Then he did it again, over and over, building up the fires inside them. Duo reached up and crushed Treize to him, holding him like a lifeline as the General pounded him and cried his name.

"Oh god, Treize! Don't stop! Please don't stop, you feel so good!" he cried.

Treize held Duo just as hard, moaning endearments. "Oh, dear Duo, beautiful one," he groaned. "I'll never stop, I promise."

The fires burned high and both lost the thread of reality. They cried out incoherently and the pounding went on and on. Then, Duo yelled, spurting his seed out between them and clamping down on Treize's shaft. That was too much for the General, and he cried out as well, pumping his seed deep into Duo's body.

They lay, intertwined, for a long time. Duo smelled Treize's ginger hair and stroked his ravaged back with tender fingers. Finally Treize withdrew his softening member, eliciting a gasp from the pilot as the head came free, then he curled up next to the pilot. Duo rolled over and threw one leg over Treize's, snuggling into his neck.

"Arigatou," he said sleepily.

"Not at all," Treize replied. "I'm assuming you mean you enjoyed it?"

"Baka. In my next life, I want to be a hedonist."

Treize chuckled. "Aren't you?"

Duo thought about it, then shrugged. "I don't know."

They were interrupted by the sounds of shouting and the cracking of gunfire. Both jumped in surprise, then shot to their feet.

"Oh my god!" Duo looked at Treize wildly. "Someone's come to rescue us, you think?"

"I hope so," Treize replied honestly, searching for his clothes.

Treize had just located them, and Duo was about halfway done buttoning up his shirt, when Wufei burst in. He paused for a moment in shock, his face going several shades of red at once.

"W-Wha- Treize!" he exclaimed in shock.

Simultaneously, they both hastened to reassure the pilot.

"It's okay, Wu-man. Let's just get out of here," said Duo quickly.

"I assure you, dragon, I had nothing to do with this," echoed Treize. "We are both prisoners here."

Wufei's dark eyes shot from Duo to Treize and back. They blazed with rage and betrayal and he raised a trembling fist, but it looked like he couldn't figure out who he'd rather hit, Treize or Duo. Confused, but figuring Wufei *must* be thinking that Treize had hurt him, Duo took a step forward.

"Ne, Wufei, it's all right, really. He was just, uh, helping me with stuff, and I was helping him."

Wufei turned the force of his burning sloe eyes on Duo for a moment, then Treize spoke up softly. "Dragon, you understand, don't you?"

Startled by his tone, Duo turned to look at Treize, as Wufei's gaze also shifted back to the General. Treize's eyes were soft and bright with pain and supplication. Duo turned back to look at the Chinese pilot. Their gazes met, and Wufei suddenly blinked. At that moment, the anger was replaced by... understanding.

The Chinese pilot nodded, then spoke gruffly. "Let's get out of here. There's a change of clothes for you in the van, Duo, if you can wait that long." He paused to receive assent from the half-naked Duo, then he looked back at Treize. "If you'll follow me, General, I'll get you to a place where you can get in contact with your people to take you home."

Realization dawned on Duo in that moment, as Treize spoke tenderly. "Thank you, dragon. Your generosity is appreciated."

"And General?" Wufei paused, seeming uncertain.

"Yes, dragon?"

"I did some investigating when Heero turned up evidence that you were here. It may interest you to know that Zechs doesn't know. You were never officially recorded as being rescued."

There was undisguised relief in Treize's voice as he replied. "That does interest me, thank you, dragon."

As they exited the prison, Duo slapped Wufei on the back jovially. "Great rescue Wu-man." Wufei grunted in reply. "Ne, I won't tell Heero if you don't," Duo continued in the same tone.

Wufei looked up for a moment, startled, and met Duo's sparkling gaze. The barest hint of a smile curved his lips. "Agreed," he said softly.


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