OK, like the title says, this is the next addition to the Angel and the Dragon timeline. This is just one of a few short stories I've worked up to cover the period between the end of that story and the beginning of the next long part. Hope you like it! This one's a little lemony ^_^ If you haven't, by some chance, read The Angel and the Dragon, you'll be horribly confused. Go read it at http://members.tripod.com/~Miko_no_da/MW1/Page6.html


Wind beat Wufei's loose jacket against him and whipped his ponytail against his back as he rode his motorcycle down the winding country road. He drove through a patch of leaves and they flew into the air from the force of his passage, a dancing whirlwind of colour in his wake.

When he had received the page, he had almost simply broken the device and refused to come. Looking back on it, he was glad it had hit the relatively-soft Chinese shirt he had hung up, rather than the wall itself, when he had hurled the pager across the room. Minutes later, he had tersely informed the other pilots where he was going, and had gone out into the brisk autumn air.

Two months. It had been a mere sixty days since the incident that had changed both Duo's life - though you couldn't tell to look at him - and his own. Summer had deepened to fall, and little else had changed. The war still raged on. Quatre had gone back to his Maguaranacs to carry out a mission. Trowa was off doing the same thing. Heero, Duo, and Wufei had moved three times, carrying out small missions. But all was not the same. That day, the truth had come out; he and Duo were in love with the enemy. Even though Duo had confided in Wufei that Zechs had been effectively dumped for Heero until after the war. Even though Treize was a cheating bastard.

That last was why Wufei was having so much trouble just seeing his way to the small cabin Treize had directed him to. He seethed with conflicting emotions.

On the one hand: that day had been the day Wufei had finally conquered his fear. He had told Treize that he loved him, rather than making the same mistakes he had with Meiran. He had put his past behind him and taken the step, despite his terror, despite the fact that Treize was the leader of OZ, despite the war.

On the other: that same day, he had discovered that the whole time, Treize had been sleeping with Zechs. Even Wufei had had to admit that he wasn't really surprised, but it had still been a terrible blow. In the confusion of helping Treize to escape from the Chinese pilot's own friends, Wufei had forgiven Treize his transgression. However, in the intervening time, he had had plenty of time to brood and now he wasn't so sure he forgave him after all.

He drove up to the cabin, barely seeing it, his movements automatic. Treize had assured him that he was here on a well-deserved vacation, and that there would be no guards. For once, Wufei would not have to worry about discovery. He took off his jacket and hung it on the handlebars of the motorcycle. Absently, he reached for his pager to turn it off. The device had been a present from Treize after the first time the General had seduced him. It was untraceable by every test he had put it through, though it was possible that someone like Heero could crack it. It had a voice recorder, so that Treize could give him directions to wherever he was without Wufei fearing that someone other than Treize had given him the message. His hand closed on empty air. :Damn, I must have forgotten it,: he realized. :It's still where I threw it. Oh well.: He shrugged and walked up to the door.

He rapped sharply. "Let me in, Treize! It's me!" he called.

Moments later, the door opened. Treize was dressed casually for once, in a plain dark blue shirt and a pair of jeans. His hair was, as always, immaculate, and the blue of his clothing brought out his eyes. He was smiling genuinely, his eyes sparkling.

"Ah, dragon, it is good to see you. I have missed you terribly," he said. At the sight of him, Wufei felt a tightness in his chest that made it difficult to breathe. Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded and Treize stood aside to let him inside.

The cabin was simply and elegantly furnished. The main room consisted of a couch in front of a lit fireplace that cast a pleasant yellow glow over the room and a table against one wall with a chair on either side. A kitchen led off the main room and a ladder led up to a loft which was clearly the bedroom. The small house was panelled in mahogany and the furniture upholstered in red velvet. Soft off-white rugs covered almost every floor. It seemed a place that was created simply for the purpose of relaxation.

Treize's soft voice sounded from behind him. "I am preparing dinner, dragon. Please sit by the fire for a moment while I finish. Can I get you something?"

"No, thank you," Wufei forced out past the tightness in his throat, and approached the couch. He could feel the heat of the fire warming his face, spreading through his body. He sat on the couch, still unable to look at Treize, trying stubbornly not to let his surroundings get to him.

He could hear Treize rattling dishes in the kitchen and he closed his eyes, leaning back against the soft cushions, wondering what he should do.

It seemed only a few minutes before dinner was ready and they sat down to eat. Treize had prepared a delicious French Onion soup and some kind of small bird in a sweet sauce, accompanied by an excellent wine. Wufei ate automatically, not looking at Treize, not speaking. After a few attempts to engage him in conversation, Treize gave up with a sigh and ate in silence. They finished only one glass of wine each and most of the dinner remained untouched.

Wufei sat back down by the fire while Treize cleared the table. He stared into the fire, the flickering and dancing flames hypnotizing him soothingly.

Suddenly his line of vision was blocked as Treize planted himself firmly between him and the fire. Reluctantly, Wufei looked up at him. The general's face was sad, but his mouth was set in a line of determination.

"Dragon, it is clear that you do not want to be here. Please do not feel obligated to me. Any debt you may feel you owe for my not taking advantage of your position and handing you over to OZ is quite repaid by your own actions two months ago and I did not invite you here to make you miserable. If you hate the sight of me so much, I cannot imagine why you came at all."

Wufei made a strangled sound in his throat. "I-I don't really know why I came either, Treize," he admitted. "Except that I can't leave this unfinished."

"Leave what unfinished?" Treize asked warily.

Wufei gestured vaguely. "This. Our... relationship." Treize looked relieved and Wufei squeezed his eyes shut. :He thought I was going to challenge him again,: he realized. :He doesn't understand me at all.: He felt a surge of anger and he shot to his feet. "Why did you do this to me, Treize? Why did you sleep with him? I thought you *loved* me!"

Treize looked surprised by the suddenness of his reaction, but his expression quickly turned sad. "I'm sorry, Wufei, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Well you did hurt me!" Wufei shouted. "You never loved me at all! You just used me for your sick fantasies. Did it give you a thrill to turn me? To 'teach' me? Fuck, Treize, I'm fifteen years old. Did that give you a thrill?"

"Dragon!" Treize shouted, grabbing Wufei's arm. "Think what you will of me; monster, sinner, destroyer of men's lives, but do *not* think me a sexual predator!"

"What am I supposed to think!" Wufei yelled, wrenching his arm out of Treize's grasp.

Treize turned on his heel and walked away a few steps. "Will you stop being a perfect idiot and listen, dragon, or would you prefer to shout at me?" he said after a moment. His hands were clenched into fists, but his voice was regular and even again.

Wufei clenched his own fists and tried to calm the seething pool of lava that was his anger. "I'm listening," he gritted through clenched teeth.

"Good." Treize turned to face him, his sapphire eyes flashing. He moved back to the table and poured himself a glass of wine. With much ceremony, he lifted it, swirled it before his eyes, and took a sip. Wufei waited impatiently, clenching and unclenching his fists for lack of anything else to do with the energy that was winding his body tight like a spring.

"Dragon," Treize began, his voice completely calm again. "Zechs and I have been friends since childhood. We experimented sexually together almost before we knew the meaning of our actions. I am the one person in the world who has known Zechs all his life and I supported him through his darkest times. Zechs is the one person in the world who understands me and stands by me. We are incredibly important to each other and though we have never discussed it, I'm sure that we love each other."

Wufei closed his eyes and bowed his head, waiting for the next blow. :Now I've done it. Zechs is more important to him than I am. Since I can't take it, he's going to break it off.:

His head came up again with shock as Treize continued. "However, I love *you* as no one else. I feel that you complete me and make my life worthwhile in a way that Zechs does not. I do not feel the need to be better than you, dragon, and that is incredibly relaxing and wonderful as well." He put down the glass and approached Wufei. "Since it hurts you so desperately that I continue to be with Zechs. For you, and only you, I would stop. Simply say the word."

"Really?" Wufei said quietly.

"Really what?"

"Everything you just said. It's really true?"

"Would I lie to you - no, don't answer that." Treize chuckled softly. "Yes, it is really true, dragon, my beloved."

"Beloved..." Wufei repeated the word softly, letting it fall from his lips. "My beloved..."

Treize reached out, then arrested the motion, allowing his arm to fall to his side. "Dragon, please forgive me. I would never have even considered doing anything with you if I had not been fighting so hard for you. If we had not been enemies, you would have known long before I touched you. It was a tactical decision, I'm ashamed to say, and one that I would regret more if I didn't know that you would never have stayed with me otherwise."

"You're right. If I'd known I would never have considered sleeping with you." Wufei made a face. "Not that I really ever considered it in the first place."

"Please forgive me, my dragon," Treize said softly.

Wufei took a step forward and hugged Treize, burying his face in his chest. "I... I forgive you, Treize."

"And is the word given?" Treize asked, a note of hopefulness entering his voice.

"Do you really love me more than Zechs?"

"Not more, exactly," Treize said honestly. "But differently. Zechs is my dear friend."

"Th-then I can hardly begrudge you friends."

"Are you sure, dragon?" Treize asked, though he couldn't hide his relief.

Wufei pulled back slightly to look into Treize's eyes. His resolve was becoming more certain the more he thought about it. He was making the right decision. "How little do you see me, Treize, and how little do you see Zechs? You need him. So long as I know I won't lose you to him, I cannot, and will not, allow stupid jealousy to take away your happiness."

"I do not want you to be jealous, dragon."

"I know. And even though I won't say the word now, I still can later, right?"


Wufei buried his face again. "Then that's all I ask. If it becomes too much for me, I will do it rather than lose you, but I think just knowing that will be enough."

Treize encircled him with his arms and hugged him back. "I can't express how glad I am, dragon. I don't want to lose you, either."

"I know."

Wufei pulled back again and tilted his head, bringing Treize's head down and kissing him softly on the lips. He smelled of roses and tasted of wine. "Mmmmm, dragon," Treize murmured against his lips. "You taste divine."

"So do you."

"I've missed you so much."

"Me too. Let's do something about that."

Treize blinked in surprise as Wufei tugged him the direction of the ladder. "Gladly, my dragon."

They climbed the ladder, Wufei leading the way. The pilot caught his breath as he caught sight of the bedroom. It was furnished only with a chest of drawers, a night table, and a *huge* four-poster bed. Sheer white curtains held open by delicate silk ribbons hung down around the bed. At present, all of the curtains were open, but they could be easily undone to shield the occupants of the bed from the moonlight streaming through the window. It was lit only by the moon, which gave everything a ghostly appearance, particularly the curtains, fluttering slightly in the breeze from the open window.

Wufei approached the bed, making no sound on the soft carpeting.

"Do you like it, dragon?" Treize asked.

"Yes, very much," he breathed.

Arms encircled him from behind and he leaned into them, reaching up with one hand to caress Treize's smooth cheek. "I'm glad," Treize whispered, his breath tickling his ear.

Treize's hands crept under Wufei's ever-present tanktop and played with his nipples. The pilot could feel Treize's shaft growing where it pressed against him, constricted by the tight jeans. He turned, breaking Treize's contact with his nipples, and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his fly. He brought him out and wrapped his hand around his shaft.

Treize gasped, throwing his head back, then grasped Wufei's wrist and forced him gently to let go.

"Not yet, dragon, I don't want to rush this," he said softly.

Rather than answering, Wufei grabbed him by his shirt, and pulled him insistently towards the bed. Treize suffered himself to be led and sat down on the bed. Wufei, stood in front of him for a moment, giving Treize a long, measuring look. He felt hungry, impatient, and he was determined to get his way.

He pulled off his tanktop, hurling it across the room. Then he attacked Treize, pulling off his shirt and molesting one of his nipples with his tongue. Treize threw his head back again, reaching back with one hand to steady himself, while the other hand roamed Wufei's back.

"You don't, have, to do this, dragon. We, don't, have to, rush," he gasped, his nipples becoming rock hard under Wufei's ministrations.

"I want to," Wufei pulled away long enough to growl. "We have time to be slow later. I don't have to sneak back before dawn this time, remember?"

"You don't, have, uh, a mission?" Treize asked.

"Shut up, Treize," Wufei said.

"Shutting up," he groaned, finally abandoning himself. Wufei pushed him down onto his back and half-knelt over him, one knee between Treize's legs, and the other leg still on the floor. He left the hardened buds to the ministrations of his hands for the moment and nuzzled Treize's neck for a few moments before moving onto his ear. His tongue darted in and out of the hole, eliciting little hungry noises and gasps from Treize.

Finally tiring of the game, he kissed a trail of hungry kisses down Treize's taut stomach, stopping when he encountered the waistband of his underwear. :That won't do,: he thought. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of Treize's jeans, who obligingly lifted his hips to allow Wufei to pull them off.

Treize tried to sit up, but the firm pressure of Wufei's hand on his chest and the pilot's growled "Stay where you are, general," arrested the motion. Wufei quickly stripped off the rest of his own clothing and leaned over Treize again. "Get on the bed," he ordered.

"I am unused to taking orders from anyone, dragon," Treize said playfully.

"Do it or you're getting nothing out of me," Wufei said dangerously, though he couldn't hold back the grin.

Treize gasped in mock horror. "Surely you wouldn't subject me to such torture."

"You're best not to find out."

Wufei grabbed his feet and swung him onto the bed, eliciting a surprised laugh from the general. Then he finally laid down on the bed, straddling the other man and kissing him fiercely. Treize's head was at the foot of the bed again, and they quickly kicked the pillows off.

"Why do I always end up in these positions with you, dragon?" Treize mused as Wufei went back to molesting his nipples. The Chinese pilot was too busy to answer him.

Finally, after giving due homage to every part of Treize's body from the waist up, he was back at his shaft again. He turned to the side, kissing the sensitive skin of Treize's inner thigh and running his hands up and down his legs. "Oh, dragon, what are you, planning?" Treize panted.

"Not much," Wufei said simply, then took him into his mouth.

Treize let out a long, heartfelt groan as he was engulfed by that wet heat. Wufei swirled his tongue around the head, then took him further in, opening his throat to allow himself to take as much in as he could. He had never done this before, though Treize had done it to him, but from the general's reactions, he seemed to be doing it right. He pulled away slightly, careful not to allow his teeth to scrape, then plunged down again.

:Kami-sama, he tastes good.:

He started pumping in earnest now, determined to drive Treize over the edge. He abandoned himself to it, not conscious of anything but Treize's cock in his mouth and the noises his lover was making. That he was making him make.

That is, until he heard Treize gasp with an emotion that clearly *wasn't* passion, and heard the sharp nasal voice commanding him to stop.


Treize felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress as Wufei's delicious mouth pleasured him. He resisted the urge to thrust as long as possible, not sure if his inexperienced lover knew how to deal with that. Ultimately, however, the pleasure was too intense and he forgot himself, thrusting and moaning with abandon.

Suddenly, as the spring of pleasure was coiling tighter and tighter within him, he felt the cold muzzle of a gun barrel press against his forehead. A dark, nasal voice cut through the waves of pleasure. "General. Wufei. I think that's quite enough."

Treize opened his eyes and felt Wufei pull him out of his mouth as the pilot looked up. At the other end of the gun that was pointed at him were Heero's unmistakable cobalt eyes.

"Why, Heero, how good to see you. I'm afraid I'm indisposed at the moment, but if you would call again tomorrow I'm sure I could be more hospitable," Treize gritted through clenched teeth. :How dare he!: he thought with barely-controlled rage.

Wufei was somewhat less diplomatic. "Heero! Get the fuck out of here now!"

Heero's eyes glittered as he looked at Wufei. "I don't think you're in any position to make any demands, Wufei."

"What do you want, Yuy?" Wufei snarled. "And you'd better make it quick."

"You were careless, Wufei," Heero said coldly. "You left your device with which OZ contacts you lying around. It was simple for me to find out where you'd gone."

"With all due respect," Treize interrupted. "OZ does not contact Wufei. *I* do."

Heero cast him a contemptuous what-do-you-take-me-for look and continued as though he hadn't said anything. "I am here to eliminate the enemy," he glared at Treize. "And the weak link." He looked back at Wufei, who growled low in his throat like an animal.

"Weak link..." he said softly, murderously. Treize reached out and laid a hand on Wufei's where it clutched the bedding in an angry, iron grip.

"Both of you, stand up, keep your hands where I can see them," Heero ordered.

Treize and Wufei complied, conscious of the gun that didn't waver from Treize's forehead. Heero seemed to be operating under the assumption that, though Wufei was the greater threat, he wouldn't attack so long as Treize was under threat. What Treize would do in the opposite case was, presumably, less certain.

Treize glanced at Wufei out of the corner of his eye. The boy was shaking with rage, blushing with shame at his nakedness. His dark eyes spoke of bloody murder.

Heero was impassive. He sighted down the gun at Treize and the general forced himself to meet the pilot's gaze fearlessly. :We are going to die here.: There was a curious relief in the certainty. At least it would all be over, however cowardly a sentiment that was. Heero's finger tightened on the trigger.

"Saa, Heero. I think *that's* quite enough out of *you*," came a languid voice from the windowsill. It was accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a gun cocking.

Heero's eyes widened and he eased his finger off the trigger as Duo continued.

"So sorry to inconvenience you, General. I'll just take this baka and leave you and Wufei to your own business." Duo seemed to materialize right out of the stars. One minute you couldn't see him, and the next he was there, framed in the window. He was crouched easily on the windowsill in a black cap and his priest outfit, one hand bracing himself, the other holding a gun pointed straight at Heero.

Heero lowered his gun and turned to glare at Duo. Wufei twitched anticipatorily, but Treize put out a hand to restrain him. "You followed me, Duo!" Heero accused the other pilot.

"So? You followed Wufei, and that was considerably more rude."

"He deserved it. I'm carrying out a mission."

"So you got a mission from the powers-that-be stating that you should shoot Treize in the head while Wufei's sucking him off? I didn't think even *they* are that crude." Despite his joking words, Duo seemed to be getting more and more angry as the conversation progressed.

"You know what I mean," Heero replied.

"No, Heero, what *do* you mean? Are you so pissed that I slept with Zechs that you're taking it out on Wufei? Is *that* what you mean?"

"W-what are you talking about?" Heero seemed discomfited.

"We promised Wufei that we wouldn't cut in on his personal time with Treize, Heero. I heard you promise, even if I had to wring it out of you. He deserves this as much as we do!" Duo jumped down from the windowsill into the room, his gun never wavering. "Leave him alone!"

Treize was starting to feel uncomfortable. Well, *more* uncomfortable, anyway. The two arguing pilots seemed to have completely forgotten that he and Wufei were in the room and he wasn't sure how to handle the situation. He opened his mouth to intervene, but Heero's next words cut him off.

"Maybe it's *you*, Duo. You're just protecting Wufei because of Zechs."

Duo laughed, a bitter, angry sound. "You're damn right I am. When I go back to Zechs - which is looking more and more likely by the second - I want to be sure you're not going to come around to blow *my* fool head off." His eyes narrowed dangerously. "To think I considered giving you a second chance."

Heero seemed floored. His gun actually slipped from his fingers, landing with a dull thud on the plush carpeting. He took a hesitant step forward. "No, Duo, this isn't because of that. Please, don't..."

"Don't what?" Duo chuckled humourlessly. "You know what, Heero, I'm too fucking pissed off right now to listen to apologies. Try me again later." He shook his head. "Get the fuck out of here, *right* *now*."

Heero scrambled. Treize didn't think Heero knew how to scramble, but he did. Something in Duo's manner seemed to totally unnerve the boy and he turned instantly to escape down the ladder. There was an uncomfortable silence as the threesome listened to the door slamming, and the sound of a motorcycle starting up and speeding away.

When the sound had disappeared into the distance, Duo touched the brim of his hat. "Sorry to bother you, gentlemen. I assure you that will *never* happen again."

Then he was gone.

Treize looked at Wufei, who looked back. There was a stricken look in the pilot's eyes.

"Now what do we do, Treize?" Wufei asked.

He sighed. "I don't know." He shook his head. "I'm exhausted. Let's just go to bed, dragon. Maybe we can try again in the morning."

Wufei nodded miserably. "All right," he said.