Okay minna-san, here's a mushy songfic. The song is originally a TAGALOG song and I just translated it. The reason WHY I picked this song is that it's pretty cute for the pairing 1x2. If there are any among you who can understand the tagalog lyrics, I think most of you would probably snicker at the song because as you know, it IS a mushy song and very popular in my country. AND not only that! It's the kind of song that someone sings in his/her head whenever one's love interest walks by and makes your knees turn into jello and your face become no different from a tomato. Heh, anyway, ENJOY!

WARNING: Shounen-ai. 1x2.

DISCLAIMERS: The characters of Gundam Wing aren't mine. I do not intend of making money out of this, only entertainment and a reason NOT to be bored and to be lazy… and some other reasons I just can't explain… *hentai grin*

On to the fic!



(part 1)
Vidfic by chibicharm


//Bakit di ko maamin sa iyo//
\\Why can't I tell you\\

[A scene during the end of the war celebrations. Heero Yuy gently smiles at the braided figure in the crowd, joyously dancing to the music. Duo looks at Heero winks and waves at him to join him dance. Heero holds up a hand, shyly smiling at the boy and contented himself in watching his comrade.]


//Ang tunay na awiting ng loob ko//
\\My heart's song to you\\

[Heero and Duo are standing at the veranda at one of Relena's mansions. This took place late in the evening during the celebrations. Duo chatters softly as he could feel the uneasiness brought forth by the nearing futures they both have to face. Neither wants to talk about it. They shall part ways soon.

Moments of silence…

Duo could no longer think of what to say and as he looked at Heero, he suddenly felt warm hands caressing his face and saw twin pools of cobalt blue oceans staring at him. Heero offers him a warm smile.]


//Di ko nais mabuhay pa kung wala sa piling mo//
\\It's true that I can't live without you\\

[Two duffel bags sitting in between two beds inside a rather large room. Two pilots stand in front of each other, both heads bent. Duo finally bids Heero goodbye. The other says nothing. After an eternity of just standing there and staying silent, Duo extends hand. Heero looks at him at last and notices…

Duo biting at his lower lip… then a single tear working its way down a pale cheek… then the sudden shaking of the other boy's shoulders.

A wisp of air…

Duo slowly opened his eyes with his head still bent, and saw two arms extended. His own arm falters and gasps. He looks at Heero, eyes warm and sincere. Duo then threw his own arms around Heero's shoulders and let himself bask in Heero's embrace…]


//Ngunit di ko pa rin maamin sa iyo//
\\But I still can't get myself to tell you\\

[At a current hideaway at one of Quatre's dwellings, the pilots decided to camp out just for fun this time. Okay, it was Quatre and Duo's idea anyway. At a drinking game, Duo was dared to let his hair loose. He reluctantly unbraided his hair and occasionally muttering about twigs and leaves tomorrow morning in his hair. While having trouble in getting out the tangles, Heero went near him and offers him help in brushing his hair. Duo, though shocked, accepted his offer.

Heero continued to brush Duo's hair as the ex-pilot of Deathscythe told ghost stories to the other pilots. Heero then noticed that he wasn't listening entirely probably because he was very awestruck by the beautiful silk in his hands. The ex-Wing pilot's gaze rested on the other couple seated across him and Duo.

Quatre, who was very into Duo's stories was clutching at Trowa's sleeves and the taller pilot's arm can be seen wrapped around the blonde's waist. Heero envied them and because the effects of alcohol was getting to him, he decided to confess his feelings.]


//Di malaman ang sasabihin pag kaharap ka//
\\Don't know what to say whenever you are near\\

[Still at the campsite, the three other pilots were getting ready for rest. Heero, staring at the object of his affections, is fidgeting... with his eyebrows meeting and forehead crumpling. He softly calls out to Duo, his mission at stake.

Duo, ever so slowly, twirled around, his hair illuminated by the burning fire, bringing out the streaks of gold. Duo looks at Heero, waiting for the boy to continue what he was about to say… but the other boy was too drowned in those violet eyes. Duo smiles at him for encouragement and Heero could no longer breathe. Duo tried again and called his name. Heero finally broke out of his trance. The braided boy asked him what he needed… and what was wrong with him.

Heero, who seemed dazed, gulps and mutters a 'nothing's wrong'.

Duo nods understandably and Heero does the same as well, followed by an 'oyasumi'. Duo says goodnight as well then tucks himself in his sleeping bag.

Until the longhaired pilot was asleep, Heero just stood there in his place, watching. He again was out of his trance and realized what had happened.

Irritated at himself, he smacked his forehead with his palm.]



End part one.