Author's notes: The characters of GW are not mine. This is my first fanfic and yeah, yeah, my writing sucks. I just wrote this out of daydreaming earlier during Trigonometry class. Ehehe! Enjoy, minna!

---chibicharm 1-13-2000


Crazy Jealous


Duo had one, just one, though and the doubt conflicted so greatly with what he knew in his heart to be true that when he did finally bring it up to Heero, it was with his familiar joking manner that meant, "Hey, nothing's really wrong here."

And the familiar joking manner was right. It just took a little bit to convince Heero of that because, he *is* Heero, after all.

"So what's up with you and Trowa?" he began, tickling Heero's chin with the end of his braid.

Heero blinked. Not that he was really tickled but rather annoyed of the itching sensation. Then he snorted, "What's with *you*?"

Duo raised an eyebrow. "Oh c'mon, man! I mean lotsa 1x3/3x1 fanfics are in the net! I just read one earlier and boy, that writer sure knows your moves! That reminded of you, enough to make me hard! *You're* the one who uses more of the computer, there's no waaaa--aaayyy Heero-the-perfect-soldier-Yuy would miss *that* kind of information!"

"I can't say fanfic writers' motives are my business. We have our own mailing list, Duo. I haven't heard any about Trowa's and mine yet. 1x3, eh? Maybe I should be worried about YOU and Wufei, huh? You two have your own mailing list."

Duo's jaw dropped. "Well I guess other people think he and I are a blast coz we both are conscious of hair care more." Duo tugged at the band that tied his braid and let it flow down into endless cascades, getting ready for bed.

Heero let his hand run through the long hair. Duo's eyebrows met and propped Heero's chin up to let his eyes meet his own.

"Heeey, c'mon man, there are lots of people who likes us better so cheer up!"

Heero smacked his lover's arm playfully, but rather hard at the same time. "Don't joke about it. You always fool around and tease him like… Sometimes I think…" He trailed off. What he had been about to say would have ruined the lightness of their conversation.

"What?" Duo advanced as he was lying next to Heero, letting the tip of his nose rub with Heero's. "What do you think?"


"The great Heero Yuy, jealous? No, what is it? I want to know."

"Well, what?" Heero snapped, irritated by his thoughts at last. Though he knew Duo was his, still… "You'd think he'd treat you better? Serve you justice and all that things he keeps on rattling about? Want him to warm your bed instead of me? Like to find yourself with him in a fanfic more often than the two of us?"

The braided boy blinked. "What? I'm sorry, I was staring rather drooling over your sexy bulks and not paying attention. Could you repeat that?"

Heero gave him his genuine patented glare. "Moron, I said, I think you… oh." There was a very familiar sparkle in his eyes. "One of these days, I'm *really* just going to kill you. Arm your head with explosives. So watch it."

"Gomen ne," Duo teased. "It's a perversion of mine. A hobby to undress the most dashing debonair I have set eyes upon in my entire short life."

"Really. I should try the real thing on you, then."

With that, Heero entangled himself into a deep lip-lock with Duo. Arms possessively encircled the violet-eyed boy's waist. Eventually, they tumbled into bed together and made steamy, hot love.

After recovering from that last session, Heero seized Duo into his arms as the long-haired boy yelped in surprise. Heero's eyes bore into Duo's as he huskily whispered in between kisses, "Mine…"

"Ooh---kaaay," Duo answered back. Mind still foggy, unable to gather much breath and air into his own brain.

"What was that?"

"Yours, Heero. Yours. With you, justice will always be *well* served!"