Chibi Koneko
When the Past comes to Haunt
Part 2

I watched the.. whatever it was take Duo through the portal, the second they were both gone my lips parted and I could speak again.. but I was growing weak.. and judging by the far away looks on everybody else, so were they.

Another portal opened and the 'man' stepped through, "what did you do to Duo?!" I yelled at him suddenly.

He blinked in confusion, "I didn't do anything to Duo.." he says, ".....shit!" and he ran back through the rift after casting a quick spell that freed us from our energy sucking cages.


I groaned from the pain that was my body.. If I wasn't numb then every nerve in the un-numbed area was on fire. I almost wanted to cry out.. but I wasn't about to give the Milaki the pleasure of thinking that they were greater then me and my people.. the Tinach.

Suddenly I heard a voice not in my head.. it was a two way speak rift.. as we call them.

"Citizins of the Tinach, we have the one you call Duo, the strongest of your kind!" there were a few muffled gasps of shock, "we will torture him to death death if you do not surrender to us now. to prove we have him, we will show him to you."

I looked up into the rift and saw the terrified faces of the people that I had left behind and frowned, "don't listen to him! I left you all behind years ago so this wouldn't hap-- ahhhh" I was being shocked again, the exact reason why I was slowly numbing.

I heard a faint, "Duo!" and I recognised the voice immediatly.

"Heero? what are you doing in Tinachia?" I asked in weak confusion when the shock stopped.

"Duo! don't give up!" Heero replied.

The Milaki blinked in confusion, "A human? you let a human into your lands!" after that was said there was an uproar of confused voices.

Heero frowned, "here Duo!" he yelled and threw somethign through the rift. It hit me and suddenly I felt all the strength that the shocks had taken from me return, and somehow.. the restraints that were holding me let go. I was now free to build back all that I left behind, and I did. Not only was I the strongest of my kind but I was also the quickest to hide and gain power.

I guess it was quite.. 'interesating' to see me gain my powers back becasue there were a few 'ooo's and 'ah's.

Suddenly just before I had gotten my powers back, a hand wrapped itself around my throat with surprising and strangeling srength.

I grabbed at the hand and tried to pry it off me, but I couldn't overpower them.

"Duo!" I heard Heero call again.

"You! come here boy.." the voice echoed and suddenly Heero was beside me and he to got a strangle hold around his neck by a laughing lunatic.

Realization suddenly hit me and I used a heat spell and that would make it so that my hands heat up to unthinkable heats. Once they were hot enough I grabbed the Milaki's arm and he let out a sceam of pain and dropped both of us.

I grabbed Heero's arm and ran for the opening, I mad Heero go first and as I was about leave myself, I felt a jolt of pain. I looked down and saw the large blood covered matallic peice sticking out of my stomach. There were a few cries of startlement before the loud cries of, 'DUO!!" from four.. or was i five voices. I looked out over the faces, and saw that Heero was joined by the other pilots.

I was lifted up by the matallic bit that pairced me, and I felt flesh tear as my weight became to heavy for it. It was pain beyond anything I have ever felt before... except.. on time.


"Duocasalatt, the pain would end if you decide only to give up your powers and life.. to me!"

"I will not!" cried the young man who was being slowly tortured.

It was odd.. the toturer could only take my life if I gave him permission. I had always known that my life force was strong but this was becoming unnatural.. even for my kind...

Suddenly I felt pain like none other I have felt before, like someone peeling the skin right off of me, I screamed, and I heard laughter.

**End Flashback**

I was wrong that time when I thought that it was pain like no other.. this was as bad, and I could not die, not because of him, he was to weak.

"Well Duocasalatt, do you give up?" sneered the Milaki.

I saw the look of fright on the other pilots faces and frowns, "never, and.." my face contorted with pain as he twisted the blade, "My name.." pain again, "My name is Duo!"


I'm sorry.. I couldn't think of anything besides Duocasalatt.. I know it sucks >_<.. anyway, I like compliments ^_^ they convince me to continue.. although I would one way or the other, whether ppl wanted me to or not.. I am beyond stopable.. I'm just having to much fun. Bwahahaha, I couldn't help but leave it at that evil cliff hanger