Auther: Chibi Koneko
Title/Part: When The Past comes To Haunt Part 1
Warnings: shounen ai, AU
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"MAXWELL!" the loud angry cry made everyone in the room jump, even the perfect solder Heero Yuy, that surprised me more then the yell it self, "MAXWELL!" boomed Wufei again as he pounded into the room, "where is it!" he yelled.

I blinked, for some reason things had gone missing quite often latly and everbody seemed to be blaming me, even Quatre was intent on blaming me... and for once it wasn't me that was taking the stuff.

"What do you want Wufei..?" I asked exasperatedly.

Out of nowhere and I was not expecting this, but Wufei grabbed the collar of my shirt and lifted my off my chair and looked me in the eye before repeating, "where is it?" in a low, angry growl.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said between gasps of breath through my tightened collar, which only tightened after my answer. Now I couldn't breath at all, he was going to kill me! I tried to make it known by struggling hard but he wouldn't let me go..

I was about to black out when I heard the loud, high-pitched yell from Quatre, who must've just entered the room, "Wufei!"

I was released and fell to the ground, still grasping for breath, Quatre was immediatly by my side and Wufei stormed out of the room before any questions could be asked, "why didn't one of you help?" I asked out of total annoyance to Trowa and Heero after I had regained a normal breathing pattern.

Heero and Trowa shrugged at the same time and I frowned and stomped up to my room. It's terrible when your friends sit there and watch while someone tries to kill you...

I flopped onto my bed, forgetting that it is a water bad and bouced right back off. Then I saw it... a small red blur raced around under my bed before disappearing, "what the." he whispered and started to crawl under. The red blur streaked across the wall and I quickly crawled back out and began to chase it.

I had it trapped and was staring at it when suddely I heard a loud scream... it sounded like someone was in pain and I realized that it was me and that i was in pain. And as suddenly as it had started.. it stopped and the others.. including Wufei, for reasons beyond me. I looked at the others, the pain was totally gone...

"What happened?" asked Quatre in a voice almost more worried then I had ever heard.. The pain may have been gone but it had left me weak and I blacked out, all of a sudden.


I opened my eyes, my whole body felt like I had been set on fire. I blinked up into four sets of eyes, only one of those sets looked concearned, one set still looked angry... Wufei, another set was emotionless... Trowa, and the last set of eyes were cold and unforgiving, "Heero?".

"Daijabou ka Duo?" asked a worried Quatre.

"Yeah.. I think so..." I muttered, "I was attacked.. by.. something red.." I muttered.

"Hn.. baka.. you were hallucinating," Heero muttered.

I frowned and glared at him as best as I could, it must've been a good glare because even Heero's eyebrows raised, "I was /not/ hallucinating!"

I stood up and was walking toward the door when I collapsed to my knees from the pain that was originating from my hand.

Quatre rushed to my side, "Duo! are you alright?" he asked. I tried to answer but the pain was to insense, instead I made little noises, as if I was trying to hold in a scream.

The pain stopped suddenly and when I looked at my hand I was horrified to see that it was glowing a firy red, and felt warm to the touch.

An evil laugh filled the room suddenly, "Ah Duo Maxwell, your curiousity betrays you," the laugh came again.

I jumped to my feet, I recognised that voice.. that terrible voice from the past, and now I knew what this was, "come forth!" I called and the hair on my neck prickled as the gazes of the others, startled as they were landed on me.

A rift in wall opened and out stepped a strange looking creature, he had a face like a snakes, yet a body like a human. I heard Quatre let out a cry of fear, as the towering creature stepped into the room and the rift closed behind.

I stared up, "What do you want?" I asked.

"I need a favor Duo.. I know you still hate me--" he started but I interupted.

"Hate? I don't hate you, you're dead to me," I said angrily, "now leave!"

"I can't Duo, please, you know what it's like to loose your family.. and I will loose mine if you don't help me.." he said.

The other guys blinked in confusion.. even the emotionless Heero, "family?"..

I stared at him and gave a slight 'I give up' sigh, "what do you need?" the mention of family was all I needed.

He smiles, "thank you Duo.. thank you.." he said

"Yeah whatever.. now what do you need?" I asked, starting to become impatient.

He nodded, "of coarse.. um, I need you to come help fight in.." he looked at the others who looked terrified, "at home.." he muttered.

I rolled my eyes, "I left you and that life behind many years ago! I'm not going back to it.. I'm sorry," I said.

He frowned, "then you are the death of thousands of innocent lives!" he said, "your help would not just save my family.. we are at war!" he looked angry.. yet sincere.

I turned back to him, "a.. war?" I asked stupidly.

He nodded, "and you are the strongest of our people," he said, and shakes his head, "but.. it you don't want to fight anymore then.." he trailed off.

I frowned, "I'll fight.." I muttered, "who.. are we fighting against?" I asked after a long moment.

He frowned yet again, "the Milaki tribe.." he muttered.

I stared at him for a moment, a look of sheer horror on my face before I sighed and looked at the ground, "you ask to much... you know what they did to me.." I muttered, and decided that now would be a good time to leave the room. I muttered a faint 'I'm sorry' as I left.

I went down the stairs and into the kitchen, "Duo if you change your mind.. you know where to find me.." the voice was faint and far away and dissapearded totally as the guys came rushing in after me.

"Who.. er.. what was that?" asked Quatre and Wufei in unison, "And what were you two talking about?"

I frowned, "It would be best if you all just totally forgot that that ever happened," I muttered as I stood up to get myself a cup of coffee. Once I had gotten that I sat down at the table.. a few seconds later a hand slammed down onto the table, starteling me into looking up into the cold prussin blue eyes that were Heero Yuy's, "yes?"

Heero glared, "Tell us!" I had never heard him more angry and suddenly I was very scared, I just stared and suddenly BAM! I fell back in my chair, hot coffee spilling over me as my head slammed onto the floor.

I curled up into a protective ball, hiding from those around me.. I had given up magic and non-invinsable immortality, and I wasn't about to call them back for good unless I really needed them.

I heard a faint yet enraged cry and then someone shook my hard, "Duo!" what was he doing back here.. I opened my eyes weakly, my head was spinning harchly and only then did I notice that all four of the guys were in electric cages, that woke me up.

"Let them out now!" I said angrilly.

"They aren't your friends.. you should know that the Milaki can shape shift.. they are hunting you down.. they know you're the strongest of our kind.." he trailed off as Quatre interupted with a: "Duo he's lie..." he too was cut off be a lip binding spell and a, "Shut up Milaki!"

I sighed, "I'll come.." and this time I was interupted by a: "Duo!" and that interupter was also lip binded.

A rift opened in the wall, "thank you Duo.. thank you," he said and I stepped through. I felt a hard pressure suddenly on my body.. nothing new to me.. but I landed in a place where I did not want to be.. the land of the Milaki..


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