Author/Alias: Chibi Koneko
Title/Part Number: The war Between Differences Part 1
Catagory/Warnings: AU, shounen ai, slightly OOC
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I flapped as hard as I could. I had to get back to the base. I was almost there, only a few more yards, suddenly, out of nowhere I was confronted by a brown wolf, then a platinum coloured hare and last but not lease a large black Boa.

I stopped and landed in front of the odd group and changed, they followed the idea and soon we were all normal, although naked, humans.

"What is it Yuy?" asked the young oriental man that had just transformed from his snake form.

"I found another," I said coldly, "nearly killed him. but I found one".

The blonde, before a hare blinked at me, "another?" he asked almost sceptically but in a tone that was actually supposed to be confusion.

"Another shape shifter? Where?" asked the brunette, who had once been the wolf, who also seemed to be the only one who understood what I was saying.

I took a deep breath and suddenly blinked as I noticed the ever-growing crowd of animals, all of which were actually fellow shape shifters.

"The villagers got him. he transformed to close to the village and someone saw it." I muttered.

The blonde looked at me with a horrified look, "we'll have to get him back!" he says and I nod.


I sat in the dark dungeon, restrained only be heavy iron shackles. If only I could transform. but it is a shape shifters curse that says that if you are in human form and you are in any way constrained then you will be unable to transform.

I heard the sound of footsteps approaching and looked toward the door fearfully as it opened.

"Hello m'boy," said the man with long blonde hair. not as long as mine. but long.

I frowned, "what do you want with me?" I asked, and a look appeared across his face. a look of slight shock. perhaps he didn't expect me to be able to talk.

The tall man smirked, "I want to know where the shape shifter hide out is!" he said.

I blinked, "I don't know what you're talking about." I said.

The man laughed, "do you know what we do to shape shifters?" he asked.

I shrugged, "no I don't," I said simply.

He grinned. almost evilly, "We burn them. everybody knows that that is the only way to kill a shape shifter," he says. I look at him horrified again and he laughed, "Although we would be happy to lift this. 'punishment' from you if you give us the location of the hide out!" he added.

I stared at him for a second then growled angrily, "I don't know where it is, and even if I did, I can imagine that there are tons of them out there. one life is worth less then hundreds!"

The man shrugged, "then you will die, by burning tonight," he said before leaving the room and leaving me in the dark again.


The large group of animals ranging from animals as small as mice to animals as large as bears rushed toward the village, intent on one thing. getting back their fellow shape shifter.


I was being dragged toward the city square, I was reluctant, and even more reluctant against the angry shouts aimed at me.

I had to get away away. but how?

We were approaching the square. I was beginning to get scared. extremely scared.


We were almost there, all one hundred and twenty-three of us. We only had a kilometre left to go.


They were now tying me tightly to the post that was surrounded by a thick sheet of hay and other strongly flammable material.

"Do you have any last words before we light the fire shape shifter?" asked the man with the long blond hair before whispering, "the offer is still open".

I glared at him and spat in his face, and was awarded by a sharp backhand across the face and the cheers of the audience.

"Light the fire," growled the longhaired blonde as he whipped away the spit.

The man with the torch leaned over to light the fire when there was a sudden howl. it sounded like a wolf. then came the cry and shrieks from many different animals.

The man dropped the torch and ran, leaving the hay to light on it's own. which it did quickly.

The fumes and smoke were suffocating me. I couldn't breath and all I could see and hear were the frightened screams of villagers as they were chased down their own streets by the animals. and that's when I passed out.


I was chasing after a person, clawing at them whenever I could until I noticed a blaze out of the corner of my eye, I turned and cried out when I saw that the boy. the shape shifter was unconscious from the smoke of the fire.

I flew as quickly as I could toward the boy and transformed so I could lift the pale of dire and dump it on the fire.

A sound like a thunderbolt hit my ears suddenly and a pain like no other shot through my body.

I swerved around holding my arm and came face to face with a man with a gun. The brown wolf was approaching him from behind. And within a second the wolf and man were wrestling and the gun was closer to me so I grabbed it just as the man pulled a knife.

"Don't even think about it!" I said, pointing the gun at him and the wolf bounded away from him as he stood up staring at my, "Quatre!" I called the rabbit over, "help him. that's who we're here for!"

The rabbit transformed into his human form and started dumping dirt onto the fire while I kept the gun pointed at the man.

Now Quatre was untying the boy when he had done that he carefully carried him to the ground where he called for a bear and transformed back to his animal form.

I emptied the gun of its ammo and transformed. Shape shifters have curses, yes but they also have advantages, like when we are injured in one form, when we transform the injury disappears until we transform back.

I picked up the ammo and flew off followed by the large hoard of animals, most of them went different ways so the humans couldn't track us, but I followed the bear with the boy shape shifter.


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