Alias: Chibi Koneko
Title: The War Of Differences-Teaser
Warnings: shounen ai, AU, possible/slight OOC
Feedback: Yes

I flapped my wings as hard as I could, trying to evade the angry swipes from the much larger owl. I'm only a small hawk after all, fighting to stay away from the talons on a great horned owl. what was he doing up at this hour anyway?

There is an opening in the brush a little ways away, if I can make it there. too much to ask. I'm swiped by the deadly talons and fall to the ground, I can't transform back to normal. not here, not so close to the village. shape shifters are immediately killed if found and they would know instantly. I have been cursed with the mark.

The owl landed right beside me, a glow in its eyes telling me that I would have no mercy. I needed to do something, I couldn't just sit here and be killed by this owl. but a death suffered at the hands of the villagers is far worse. so. I shrieked at the owl.

The owl took a startled step backwards, okay so it was an easily startled owl. I shrieked again, he took another step back.

Damn! I was loosing my energy and I couldn't stay in this form for much longer.

My form began to waver and the owl stepped back in utter surprise as I turned into my longhaired self.

The owl stared at me for a second. almost as if entranced before he was scared away by a blood-curdling scream of fright from behind and the shrieking of the words 'shape shifter!' all the way to the village, followed by angry cries all the way back and I was surrounded by many men with shotguns, some farmers with pitchforks, all looking at me with a look of sorrow on their faces to see the age of the next victim of the shape shifter war.