Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 3x4/4x3,1+2, mention of 5x2 and Mx5
Warnings: angst abounds
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Hmm...I guessing there is roughly two chapters to go, ending on 36 instead of 35 which I originally thought. But don't quote me on this! ^_^
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Part 34


Quatre awoke slowly, his head pounding. The blonde stifled a groan and forced his eyes to open a crack, allowing in a small but painful amount of light. Disoriented, he tried to focus on his surroundings while banishing the feeling that he was spinning slowly.

The first thing his eyes focused on was Trowa's limp form hanging from what looked to be a replica of Colony X18999, which was suspended by a steel cable from the ceiling. Quatre's own hands were extended above him and bound with wire, as were his feet, to another colony replica. The blonde glanced down at the floor, a good forty feet below him, and swallowed hard as sweat began bead across his forehead. Glancing back over to his lover, the Arab noticed with mixed emotions that the Latin boy was still unconscious. Glancing down again, he groaned.

"I hate heights." He muttered forcefully as his colony rotated around once more. At least the disorientation wasn't all in my head, Quatre thought.

"That's a pity." A female voice called to him. "Everything looks marvelously insignificant from atop a great height. It truly shows you how little this clod of dirt called Earth is worth."

Quatre craned his head to the side to peer around the large metal colony he was bound to and towards the voice. There, on the model of colony A-0206, sat the girl who had posed as their waitress. The blonde cursed himself for not noticing anything odd at the restaurant, after all they were the only customers and there was no other workers in sight. In hindsight, the trap was now blatantly obvious.

"That colony you're on..." Quatre called over to her calmly. "That was WuFei's colony, the one that self-destructed, wasn't it? Was that your colony as well-Meiran, wasn't it? Is that why you are doing this?"

"Shut up, insect. You are only the bait for a bigger fish and I need tell you nothing. All you need to know is that in my hand I hold a detonator with two switches. Each control a small amount of explosives wired to the cable which holds up the colonies you and your lover are tied to. So stop your analyzing me before my finger decides to slip." Meiran hissed.

Quatre's mouth closed with an audible click. Instead of talking, the Arab began to study his surroundings. The colony replicas hung by the dozen from the ceiling attached to large disks that slowly rotated them in a circle. Clenching his teeth, Quatre willed himself to look down. Beneath him lie what seemed to be glass display cases, holding object that were to far away to be recognized. Velvet ropes hung between the walkway and the display cases, preventing anyone from wandering too close.

A place of research then, Quatre decided. Like a university or a museum. But what city, or country or even how much time has passed the blonde couldn't even venture to guess. Cursing silently as he halfheartedly tried to get circulation back into his tightly bound hands, Quatre turned back to stare at the Chinese girl.

"One more question." He demanded.

"We shall see," Meiran's eyes narrowed. "Speak your question."

"Who is the "bigger fish" you were talking about? Relena Darlian?"

Meiran laughed. "I have more important people to worry about then the Pink Princess. I'll deal with her and the rest of her country soon enough." Her statement changed to serious once more. "What I'm after now is revenge."

"Against who?" Trowa called out.

"Trowa!" Quatre cried, turning to stare at his lover.

"I'm all right." The Latin boy spoke reassuringly before focusing his attention on their captor. "Who?"

Meiran's eyes narrowed to slits and she jumped into the air, hopping effortlessly from model to model until she reached the one in which Trowa was bound. Hanging onto the support cable, she leaned over until her face was inches away from his own. Trowa felt her breath cross his cheek as she hissed out two words with burning hate glowing in her eyes.

"Duo Maxwell."


Duo revved up WuFei's motorcycle, forcing it to blast past 120 on the speedometer. The visor on his helmet was down, allowing him to see even as the harsh winds assaulted him. His eyes were fastened on the small patch of road illuminated by his headlight, while his thoughts were immersed in events a month passed.

/God WuFei...I'm so sorry. If I had trusted you, believed in you, you wouldn't be dead right now. Instead, I played judge, jury, and executioner before you even got the chance to tell your side of the story. It was my stupid assumptions that killed you! And now I'm going to kill your wife. If I wasn't going to burn in hell before, I sure am now. Only tonight will tell how soon I'll be sent into damnation./ Duo's hands clenched the handlebars tighter, unconsciously increasing his speed to way beyond what could be judged by the motorcycle's gauge. /At this point I would welcome death. I'm tired of destroying everyone else's lives; it's time to reap what I sow./

Grunting, Duo swerved the bike onto a small side road. The longhaired boy slowed his speed drastically, as a large building loomed darker against the black horizon. Moving closer, Duo could pick out a handful of lights scattered about. Someone had to still be up. The motorcycle screeched to a halt inches from the buildings exterior and Duo hopped off, chucking his helmet into the darkness.

"What was that noise?" A person called from inside.

"I don't know." Another, more authoritative voice answered. "Roberto, Kobe, go check it out. And don't forget your stun guns!"

"Right." The first person muttered.

Seconds later Duo watched as one and then two heads peered around the corner. "Who goes there?" A shaky voice demanded.

"It's Death." Duo spoke calmly.

"Wha-Duo?" One of the heads disappeared, only to return complete with body as the person walked towards him hesitantly. "Duo Maxwell, is that you?"

"It is."

The man relaxed. "Hey Kobe, its just Duo! Go tell Rick to put away his pea shooter!"

"Hai." The remaining head disappeared back around the corner.

"Roberto." Duo nodded. "Is Howard around?"

The portly man shook his head and lit a cigarette. "Nope. Took of to the Atlantic base about a day ago. Something about some cargo theft. Rick's in charge till he gets back. What do ya need? Last I heard you were sick or something. You all better now?" Roberto asked as he took a long drag.

"Not really..." Duo muttered as he shifted impatiently. He didn't know this Rick person; he only hoped that he wouldn't be too difficult about giving him what he wanted. The American didn't have the time to educate a newbie.

Kobe dashed back and halted in front of Roberto, shaking his finger disapprovingly. "Kin'en!"

"What?" Roberto muttered irritably. "Speak English! It's what I've been learnin' you ain't it?"

Kobe sighed. "No smoke! Kin'en: No Smoking." The Japanese man spoke in halting English. "Dangerous chemicals," he waved aimlessly. "Smoke and go boom!"

"All right, all right..." Roberto grunted, flicking his cigarette into the darkness.

"Bakayro!" Kobe cursed as he ran to stomp out the butt.

"What?" Roberto asked. "English Kobe, English!"

"You fool!" Kobe stomped back over to him. "Why I learn eigo and you no learn nihongo? It no is fair! Kisama!"

"Chill, Kobe-san, chill. Die-joe-buu." Roberto looked proud of his butchered assurance. Kobe rolled his eyes and Duo fought down the urge to kill them both.

"Calm down, both of you." A voice from the darkness spoke. "There is no need to wake up everyone else for a language lesson." A man that Duo presumed was Rick stepped out of the darkness. Turning towards the American, Rick regarded him carefully for a moment before extending his hand.

"Rick James. Howard speaks about you quiet often. As you know he isn't here right now but hopefully anything you need can be given to you by either me or one of the other men."

Duo nodded, shaking the man's hand with sincerity. "I'm here for my Jeep."

"I see. The old man's been hanging onto it for about a month. He keeps it locked away in a special storage building that a way," Rick pointed behind him. "Howard absolutely refused to allow anyone even to take it for a test drive and the lock on the door is so thick a mobile suit couldn't break it without some effort. But," Rick regarded Duo again thoughtfully. "I doubt that it will be much of a problem for you."

Duo raised his eyebrow. "I guess Howard has talked about me," he smirked. "Just show me where it is and I'll take care of it."

Rick nodded. "Kobe! Bring the caddie around."

The Japanese man nodded and ran off. The sound of an electric engine filtered through the darkness and minute's later a small caddie screeched to a halt in front of them. Kobe looked at Rick questioningly as the all hopped on and the older man pointed to the farthest section of the hanger. Kobe nodded and they took off at the cart's top speed.

"So," Roberto started conversationally as he hung off the cart's back. "That Jeep; it's got a lot of power to it, and some hidden mickeys that're probably illegal throughout most of earth. You got some big mission or something?"

"Something like that," Duo stared straight ahead. Roberto scratched his head.

"You've sure changed a lot, kid. Why, a few months ago you were bouncing around here like a kid in his favorite candy store." Roberto unconsciously lit another cigarette. "What's with the grown up act?"

"My job just caught up to me, I guess." Duo murmured.

The cart halted and Rick jumped out. "Here you go. The Jeep's in there. I'll leave the rest to you but I hope you don't mind if we stay here and watch the show."

Duo shrugged noncommittally and walked up to the door. The man was right about the lock; it was huge and solid steel, not something that you could simply cut through with a blowtorch. Duo grunted to himself and bent down to examine the lock's mechanism.

"This would take too long to pick; I have to be getting back soon." Duo looked around until his sharp gaze caught sight of some tanks a few feet away. "What is in those?" he asked.

Rick followed his gaze. "A Freon hybrid I think. The were originally used to keep mobile suit engines cool."

Duo nodded. "Can you help me drag about two of the tanks over here in front of the door?"

Rick motioned silently for Roberto and Kobe to step up. With much groaning and grunting the two finally managed to drag one of the heavy tanks to where Duo had indicated. Breathing heavily and cradling their lower backs, the two started for the second tank.

"May I ask what you have planned?" Rick asked mildly.

Duo smirked. "Nothing that will blow up the joint, don't worry."

When the second tank was in place Duo reached into his waistband. "I suggest you get back." Pulling out Heero's gun, the American trained it on the first tank. Cursing, the three men scrambled to get a safe distance away.

Eyes narrowing, Duo fired.

The tank exploded setting up a chain reaction that set off the second tank as well. The three men were knocked off their feet as a blast of cold slammed into them. The explosion died away to mere wisps of smoke and Roberto was the first to stumble to his feet.

"You okay, kid?" He called.

"I'm fine." Duo's arms lowered from shielding his face and he nodded at the man, his hair and clothes covered in a layer of frost. Glancing at the door, Roberto noted that besides being covered in frost, the lock seemed untouched.

Duo strode over to the door. "I need a crowbar, or a sledgehammer...something solid." He called back.

Roberto nodded and scrambled to help and Kobe and Rick stood motionless as they watched the boy. Coming back with a large sledgehammer, Roberto handed it over like it was made of gold. "It's heavy," he muttered, hovering over Duo anxiously.

"It's perfect," Duo assured him, hefting the heave object with ease. Turning, he regarded the lock with an expert eye before raising the sledgehammer and bringing it down right on the lock's center.

The lock shattered.

The three men looked at the fragmented remains of the lock, their eyes wide. Kobe began to shake, backing away a few steps.

"This boy.... No boy can break that lock. W-who--?"

Roberto looked at his friend with some amount of superiority. "That ain't no ordinary kid, Kobe. Duo was a Gund-"

But Duo cut him off. Staring into Kobe's dark eyes, Duo murmured to him softly in Japanese. "Ore wa Shinigami."

Kobe fell to the ground in fear and shock. Smirking softly, Duo turned and shoved the door open, exposing his black jeep to light in the first time in months. Sliding into the passenger seat, the American found the keys in the ignition and grinned darkly. The engine purred to life and the Jeep pulled slowly out of the hanger.

"Thanks for the help," Duo called out. "Tell Howard I'll pay him back for the lock." Pulling his head back through the open window, the American hit a few switches and gripped the gearshift firmly.

Roberto waved cheerfully as the Jeep blasted into the darkness. Turning to his stunned companions, he grinned. "Anyone for Poker?"