Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Catagory: action/mystery
Warnings: Angst and death of poor defenseless extras.
Spoilers: None.
Notes: The killer is reveiled!
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Disclaimers: GW isn't mine. I make no money from this. Don't sue me.


Part 28


Trowa drove slowly through the night in his battered pickup truck, his lights turned off so as to not alert the figure peddling about fifty yards away from him. His hand reached nervously beside him for his gun then moved swiftly over to pick up his phone, dialing a long memorized number. The Latin boy drummed his fingers against the steering wheel as he awaited an answer.


Trowa sighed in relief. "I was afraid they had taken away your cell phone."

"Trowa?" Heero's voice filtered through the speaker.

"Listen, we don't have much time. How soon can you get out of there?"

"They didn't put me in a cell but I am in a private room with no windows and two agents guarding me outside the door," Heero snorted. "I can be out in three minutes. Why?"

"First answer me this, why did you break into WuFei's apartment and how did you know where to find Duo when he disappeared?"

The line was silent. After a moment Trowa's eyes narrowed and he cursed. "Damn it, Yuy! Duo you care about Duo or not?"

"I told you, I broke into their apartment to look for anything that would give me a clue to Duo's whereabouts."

"Did you trash the place?"


Trowa nodded to himself. "Their apartment was totaled when they arrived; furniture torn, blood everywhere, and a clear threat aimed towards the Vice Minister."

"So that's why they're suspecting me," The Japanese boy groaned.

Trowa turned a corner slowly, staying close enough to Duo to see him, yet far enough away so the American wouldn't be able to sense him. He knew on any average night there would be no chance of him sneaking up on Duo like this, but currently the longhaired boy was distracted by a glowing red light far in the distance; WuFei's motorcycle.

"You didn't answer my second question," Trowa spoke, his patience running thin. He was inclined to trust Heero, he and the blue-eyed boy had always been close. But he had also once trusted WuFei. As far as Duo was concerned, Trowa was determined not to trust anyone wholly.

"I...my answer would make WuFei look bad." Heero muttered. "It might even turn him into a suspect."

"Heero," The Latin boy's lips thinned into a firm line. "Nothing you could say would change my opinion of WuFei at this moment."

"I was looking at the picture of them together.... I picked it up and a note fell off the back."

Trowa sped up slightly. The streetlights were coming further and further apart now. If he weren't careful, he would loose Duo in the darkness. "What was on the note?"

"It was in English, Roman characters. It just said 'Enjoy'. I was confused, so I pulled the back off of the picture frame and found a tracking device. I hooked the transmitter up to my laptop to get a detailed location and the device was able to point me directly to Duo."

"Do you have the device on you now?"

"Aa, but without a computer, I can't get Duo's precise whereabouts. But as long as he has his cell phone on him, I can track him halfway across space."

"His cell phone? Shit!" Trowa's fist slammed into the dash. "Duo tossed his phone out the window on his way to the Sank Kingdom airport! He must have known there was something wrong with it."

"What is going on?" Heero demanded. "Where is Duo?"

"Heero, WuFei is going to meet the killer. And Duo is following him. I am following Duo because recent circumstances has caused me to no longer trust WuFei."

"Where are you?"

"I--" Trowa started to answer when he heard Heero curse. A low voice in the background called the boy's name and then Heero's clipped voice filtered though. "We'll talk later."

Trowa cursed as the connection was severed. Barely reigning in his own temptation to throw the phone out the window, he merely sighed and tossed it onto the seat beside of him and moved to pick up his gun. It looked like he was on his own.


Duo watched from the road as WuFei entered a brightly lit building. The American propped his bike up against a tree on the other side of the road and turned to stare at the building in front of him. Small paper lanterns decorated the walkway up to the entrance of the seemingly pricey Chinese restaurant. A large pond curled around the side of the building, it's surface a strange glittering black in the moonlight. The building seemed to have screens instead of windows and the front door was the only visible entrance.

"There has to be a kitchen entrance around back," he muttered to himself.

His shoes clacked lightly on the pavement as he crossed the street at a slow trot. Pausing on the other side he listened intently. Some sort of soft music drifted to his ears but other than that the area was silent. Not even so much as a cricket chirped. Duo shivered as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise.

Shaking himself, the American started around the pond's side of the building. Halfway around, though, he stopped and cursed. Evidently this pond was connected somehow with the interior of the restaurant. Duo examined the large strip of water in front of him that slipped underneath the building and weighed his chances of being able to jump across it. Shaking his head, he decided it wasn't worth the risk; he was just going to have to go around the other way.

Duo was turning to trace his steps back to the front of the building when the pond once again caught his eye. The water really shouldn't have been that dark, even at night. And now that the American had stopped, he noticed an acrid odor hanging above the pond's surface. Something wasn't right.

Kneeling down he carefully extended two fingers towards the water. Just as he touched the surface, a blur streaked past the ponds reflective surface and Duo felt a sharp jab across his neck. The last thing he felt before darkness overtook him was the pond's icy water rushing over his head.


A dark clothed figure watched as Duo sank beneath the water and smiled.

"That is for fucking my husband," she whispered as the last of the bubbles floated to the pond's surface.

Carefully smoothing her clothing, Chang Meiran turned and walked into the restaurant with graceful steps.


WuFei stared around the room warily. Soft music and the tinkle of silver against porcelain tickled his ears. The Chinese boy stared intently at each of the eleven patrons before turning his gaze to the restaurant staff. He forced himself not to draw his gun as a young man approached him.

"Chang WuFei?" he spoke in clipped English. At WuFei's nod he smiled and turned. "Follow please."

The young man led WuFei carefully passed the other patrons and to a table tucked away in the back corner of the room, next to an indoor pond. The lights in this area were dim and WuFei felt himself becoming even more on edge. The young man turned to him and politely and asked in which language he would like his menu.

"Just bring me whatever is on special tonight," WuFei grunted. The young man placed his fist in his hand and bowed before turning and ducking into the kitchen.

WuFei looked around the room with sharp eyes, his hand twitching on the hilt of his gun. His gaze passed over to a young girl of about five, happily trying to use her chop sticks to pick up her rice and getting more on herself than in her mouth. Smiling slightly, the black haired boy relaxed a fraction and his hand slipped out of his coat.

/I won't be able to use my gun in here,/ he told himself. /I might accidentally hit one of the patrons. I am going to have to talk him into going outside and I'll take care of him there./ WuFei's onyx eyes narrowed. /I won't allow Duo to be threatened any longer./

The young man came back and carefully poured WuFei some tea before disappearing once more. WuFei sighed with impatience and glanced around. /Where is he?/

"I am glad we can finally meet face to face, WuFei." A man's voice spoke.

WuFei turned around and his eyes widened. Standing before him was not a man, but a young woman wrapped elegantly in the folds of a dark green pien-fu. Dark eyes gazed at him from a pale face that rested under a careful arrangement of hair, the black strands folded into a 'T' shaped design and bedecked with small chains of gold. One delicate hand emerged from the robe's long sleeve and removed a small object from her lips. The girl then tossed the object onto WuFei's table where it spun to a stop directly in front of him. WuFei stared at the voice chip with incomprehension written across his pale face.

"It can't be true.... What kind of sorcery is this?" he whispered.

"Now, now, husband, is that any way to greet your Nataku?" Meiran smiled and moved to sit across from him.

"But, you were dead! You died in my arms." WuFei's eyes latched onto her desperately as his hands began to shake.

Meiran reached over and took his teacup, sipping delicately. "You are not the only one that can control your vital signs, husband. You are not the only one who can fake death."

"But...why?" WuFei asked, his voice that of the young boy who lost so much long ago.

"Because you were a scholar!" Meiran hissed, slamming he cup down onto the table. "You had no desire to fight for our colony. You were completely worthless. Master O had built a great machine to save us all, but you wanted nothing to do with it! I would have piloted it myself but Master O would never let me because of my 'weak female body'." She sneered, her face transforming from beautiful to vile in an instant. "So we forged a plan. I would 'die' honorably in battle and you would be so overcome with grief that you would start to fight back in the name of justice...in my name! And it worked even better than planned."

WuFei stared at her, his face white. "It-It was all a ruse?"

"Of course! Did you really think I was so incompetent? But our plan was useless in the end, since that fool Master Long destroyed our colony. An you just sat there and watched." Her eyes narrowed accusingly. "Not only that, but you then begin to work for the same people who helped bring about our clan's destruction. The final insult," her fists clenched. "Was the fact that you gave yourself to that American! How could you dishonor me so?"

"I have honored you with every breath that I had taken. I am with Duo because he makes me happy in a world where happiness seemed to be but a children's story. Meiran, were you the one who killed all of those diplomats?"

The Chinese girl ignored his question. "At least, now that the American is out of the way, I can finally talk some sense into you."

WuFei's face paled even further. "What do you mean? Where is Duo?"

"Forget about him. He is no one's concern now but the local mortician's." Meiran took another sip of tea. "Of course, since I killed the local mortician, that might pose a problem. I can still remember the disgust on your face as I shoved those forceps into his chest." Meiran giggled. "You looked like you swallowed a toad."

WuFei's hand twitched as his breathing quickened. His eyes turned cold and flat as he stared at the monster he remembered as his wife. "I see now why you chose to meet me in such a public place. You know I wouldn't dare pull my gun out with all these people around. But you have to leave here sometime, Meiran, and when you step out of this building I will kill you."

Merian pushed her sleeve back and glanced at her watched. "Actually, I have no use for these people. I poisoned their food long before you arrived."

WuFei watched in horror as one by one, the patrons around him fell over. The little girl with her chopsticks began to cry as her mother fell face first into her soup. The young girl then began to cough and twitch before falling off her chair in convulsions. It was a full three minutes until her body stilled.

The young man from before walked out from the kitchen with WuFei's meal in hand. He stopped as he caught sight of his customers still twitching forms and the plate in his hand crashed to the floor. Meiran spared him a glance before drawing a thin dagger from her sleeve and flinging it with unerring accuracy to the man's throat. Eyes wide, he fell over and did not move again.

"Now, where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?" Meiran raised her tea to her lips. "I'm sorry about you food, WuFei, but trust me, it wasn't very good. Would you like some tea?"

WuFei could only stare around him in horror.