Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Catagory: action/mystery
Warnings: angst a poppin!
Spoilers: None.
Notes: A little more incriminating evidence is reveiled here but the intense stuff is still to come!
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Disclaimers: GW isn't mine. I make no money from this. Don't sue me.


Part 27


Minutes passed and Heero was almost ready to march up to the balcony himself to find out what was going on when WuFei stumbled down the staircase. Looking around dazedly, the Chinese boy spotted Duo's unconscious form and headed towards him. But Heero stepped up, blocking his path.

"Where is the killer?" The Japanese boy demanded.

"He got away," WuFei muttered, refusing to make eye contact. Quatre walked up to him suddenly and forced him into a nearby chair.

"You're injured," the blonde's pale hands gingerly touched the cut on WuFei's throat. "Where is Trowa?"

"I'm over here, Quatre." Trowa called from the base of the steps.

The Latin boy walked towards them, his face pale. Giving Quatre's arm a reassuring squeeze as he passed, Trowa bent down to check on Duo. The American moaned and pushed himself to his knees. Trowa carefully helped him to stand.

"What hit me?" The longhaired boy moaned as he leaned against Trowa's lanky form.

"I did," Heero murmured, looking faintly contrite.

"I see," Duo grumbled. "Thanks a lot."

"Well, you were acting kind of funny, Duo." Quatre looked up from where he was applying a makeshift bandage to WuFei's neck. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked the Chinese boy.

"Yeah. I'm fine." WuFei pushed him away and stood. "Come on, Yuy. I have to get you back to Tokyo. You still have some questions to answer." Without waiting for the Japanese boy's reply, WuFei walked over to Duo. Still supporting the American, Trowa's grip tightened slightly.

"Come on, Duo."

"That's all right, Fe-WuFei. I'll catch a later flight back. I want to make sure Relena is going to be okay."

"He can fly back with us later today," Trowa offered. Quatre quickly nodded his agreement. Duo smiled up at the Latin boy. Turning back to WuFei, his smile slipped a fraction. "See? I'll be fine. You just make sure you both get back to Une in one piece."

WuFei nodded reluctantly and turned to leave. "I'll see you tonight, then. Come on, Yuy." The Chinese boy walked out of the dining room and Heero wordlessly followed.

Duo leaned against Trowa a moment longer and then pushed himself away. The Latin boy watched as a ribbon of blood trailed out between the fingers of Duo's tightly clenched fist but he said nothing. For Trowa, there was nothing to be said. He didn't want Quatre involved and one glance at Duo told him that the longhaired boy already knew or at least suspected what Trowa had accidentally overheard only mere minutes ago.

It is Duo's choice on how to deal with this, Trowa told himself. But that doesn't mean that someone won't be there to back him up. His lips firmed resolutely, the green-eyed boy turned to help Quatre coax the guests out from underneath the table. Behind him, Duo slumped to the floor.

Scurrying out from beneath the table, Relena rushed over to Duo. The American lay flat on his back, eyes staring dully up at the skylight above them. The vice minister slowly moved herself into Duo's line of vision and the kneeled down next to him.

"Duo?" A slender hand reached out to touch his shoulder.

"You were wrong, Relena. The heart does lie."


Duo sat in silence on the Limo ride to the airport. Both Trowa and Quatre sat across from him, the latter continuously glancing over and giving him worried looks. Trowa only stared silently out the window.

Duo watched Quatre open his mouth to speak when Trowa's cellular phone began to ring. The green-eyed boy answered it and began talking in low tones. Duo's gaze traveled over to Quatre's side, where the blonde's on phone rested.

"Quatre, is you phone on?" he asked.

"Why yes, Duo," the Arab smiled weakly. "Do you need to use it?"

"No thanks, I've got my own." Duo pulled out his cell phone and swiftly started dialing. Holding the phone to his ear, his eyes darted swiftly back to Quatre's phone.


Trowa ended his call and looked over at them. "That was Lady Une. Heero and WuFei both arrived at the Preventer's safely but Heero won't talk. Une will probably keep him under guard all night, not like that would help if Heero really wanted to be free."

"What about WuFei?" Duo asked dully.

"He went home." Trowa's fist clenched slightly.

"I see," Duo's eyes narrowed and he picked up his phone once again. Never taking his eyes off of the phone resting in the Latin boy's hand he dialed and waited.

Once again, nothing.

Wordlessly, Duo rolled down his window and tossed the phone out of the limo. Leaning back, the American slung his arm over his eyes and stayed that way until they reached the airport.


Duo unlocked the door to WuFei's apartment and kicked off his shoes. Walking through the still trashed den, he stepped into the study where WuFei had righted his overturned reclined and seemingly thrown himself into it. Duo stopped a few feet away and stared at the boy that he had grown to love.

"You're home," WuFei spoke softly, his eyes closed.


"Are you hungry?"

"Not really." Looking around the room, his gaze latched onto WuFei's vid-phone. "Did they analyze those darts you took back to the office?"

"Yes," WuFei still did not open his eyes. "They apparently had the same poison in them that killed the first victim we investigated. What was his name?"

"Seishu." Rifling through his pockets, Duo pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and walked over to the vid-phone. He put the phone on audio only and picked up the receiver before dialing the number tat he held in his hand.

The phone rang a few times before an old woman answered. "Hello?"

"Hello, Clarece?"

"This is she." The voice on the other line answered.

"Wonderful. Listen, I was referred to you by a mutual friend. Could you tell me if you have ever heard of a mushroom called the Deadly Amanita?"

"Why, I haven't heard that name in over a year. You see, the plant has been extinct on Earth for a number of years but a hybrid was kept on colony A-0206. It was the only place in the universe that you could find that mushroom but it was forbidden to remove it from the colony. Of course you know that that L5 colony was destroyed during the war with OZ."

"I see," Duo spoke tonelessly. "Thanks anyway." He killed the connection.

"What did she say?" WuFei asked, his eyes opening. Duo glanced over towards him and shrugged.

"She never heard of it."

"Oh," WuFei sighed. "Howard called earlier. He wants you to call him back, tonight if possible."

Duo nodded and dialed Howard's number. Five rings later the old man picked up. "Hey Howard, I was told to give you a ring."

"Why Duo, you know I don't swing that way though you can still lavish me with jewelry if you want to. I saw this watch on my way home today..."

"What did you need, old man?" Duo forced his voice to be somewhat cheerful. "I could use some good news right now."

"Oh! It's your Jeep, boy! We finished it. You should come by an pick it up as soon as possible cause it's all I can do to keep the others from taking it out for a joy ride."

"That's great Howard, I'll be over to pick it up tomorrow. Was there any additional expenses besides what we discussed?"

"Well, we did have to completely refurbish the interior. The whole inside of the vehicle reeked of formaldehyde! I know you like the whole God of Death motif but jeez kid, morgue juice isn't my choice of air freshener."

"Sorry about that man, just add it to the rest of the bill and I'll take care of it first thing in the morning. See you then." Duo let the receiver fall back onto its cradle with a clatter. Running one hand through his hair, he loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his dress shirt.

"I'm gonna turn in early tonight, Wu. I got an early morning tomorrow."

WuFei nodded and stood. "I think I'll stay up for awhile more, in case Lady Une calls about Heero."

"Okay, don't be up too late." Duo paused and walked over to give the Chinese boy a quick kiss. "Goodnight." The American turned and walked swiftly into the bedroom.

"Goodnight, Duo." WuFei whispered.

Half an hour later, WuFei slipped into their bedroom with a small glass of water. Staring down at Duo's sleeping form he sighed inaudibly and carefully pushed a small pill between the American's lips. Taking the glass of water, he dripped a few drops into Duo's mouth before gently massaging the longhaired boy's throat until he swallowed.

"I'm sorry, Duo." He whispered. "There is no excuse for everything I have done. But it ends tonight, I swear it."

Checking his holster, he caressed the hilt of his gun reassuringly and bent to kiss Duo tenderly on his brow. Straightening, the Chinese boy grabbed his jacked and walked swiftly out of the room.

Hearing the front door close, Duo sat up and spit out the pill. Quickly slipping on his shoes, Duo opened the bedroom window and slipped out of the apartment where an old bicycle rested forlornly against the white siding. The American peered around the corner to see WuFei start his motorcycle and head towards the south edge of town at a moderate pace.

Wheeling the rusting bicycle out onto the street, Duo swiftly jumped on and followed his lover. Minutes after he left a battered truck pulled out of the driveway three apartments down and trailed slowly after the American.