Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Catagory: action/mystery
Warnings: bit of angst
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Hey folks, we are winding down on this particular fic. Soon, you all will finally know whom the real killer is. I thank everyone who has read and especially those who have found the time to comment. I estimate about ten chapters are left but I could be totally wrong. This is unbetaed (like all the rest >.<), so forgive any mistakes.
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Part 25


Duo frowned and jerked his hand out of WuFei's grasp. "That's not funny, Chang."

The Chinese boy sighed and turned to face the distraught boy. "You know I'm not joking, Duo. Yuy's prints were the only ones found in the apartment besides our own. Lady Une wants us to apprehend him tonight and bring him in for questioning. If he won't come peacefully, we will have to use force."

Duo's hands began to shake, slightly. "There must be some explanation. Let me talk to him first. I'll find out why. He won't lie to me."

"Absolutely not!" WuFei growled. "You are not to be alone with him until he has cleared himself of all charges. There is all possibility that Heero is the one who killed all those people and I'm not letting you near him till we find out."

WuFei's head reeled back from the force of Duo's powerful punch. Wiping the blood from his lip, the Chinese boy stared silently at his lover. Duo stared back, unresponsive and unrepentant.

"Duo...." WuFei began. The American quickly stood.

"I'm going to go talk to the pilot." Duo walked quickly up the aisle, brushed past an astonished flight attendant, and disappeared into the cockpit. WuFei turned to stare out the window for the remainder of the flight, doing his best to ignore the throbbing pain in his jaw.

The shuttle landed in the Sank Kingdom some forty-five minutes later Duo swiftly exited the plane and strode across the ramp past Trowa and Quatre's waiting forms to slide into the Arab's limo. Trowa and the blond watched in confusion as WuFei hurried after him, slamming the limo door shut.

"Fight?" Quatre bit his lip.

"Fight." Trowa nodded.

"Front seat?"

The Latin boy place his hand on Quatre's back and guided him to the front of the black limousine. "Front seat."

Inside the limo, WuFei and Duo stared each other down. The ebony haired boy was the first to drop his eyes. "Ancestors, Duo, forgive me. I don't really believe that Heero is the one behind all of this. I am just...afraid," he spit the word out. "I have never fought an enemy that hasn't come at me directly. I...I--"

Duo sighed heavily. "I understand, Fei. But I refuse to think that Heero has anything to do with all of this. Christ, Wu, this case has fucked all of us up royally. Here we are, turning against each other, when some sicko killer is even now preparing to off Relena. I mean, I even had some messed up dream that Heero told me you were the killer, and now Heero himself is a suspect." He shook his head. "The sooner we put a bullet in this bastard who is responsible, the better it will be for everyone."

"You are absolutely right," The Chinese boy whispered. Looking up, he grabbed the American's hands. "No matter what, Duo, remember that I do love you."

Duo nodded solemnly and leaned in to give WuFei a chaste kiss on his swollen lip. "I'm sorry for earlier."

WuFei gave a low laugh. "I deserved it." He wrapped his arms around the longhaired boy and leaned back, his face set with determination.

"You know," Duo spoke after a moment. "This is the first time in awhile that we've had a chance to be alone together, and not be in need of stitches or a good therapy session."

"You're right." WuFei smiled. "Do you think that we should take advantage of it?"

"Of course!" Duo grinned and reached down to give his lover a solid grope before attempting to find out how far into WuFei's mouth his tongue could get.

A discreet cough interrupted them and the two looked up to see a blushing Quatre and a smirking Trowa outside of the limo's open door. Duo laughed and tucked his head under WuFei's chin as his Chinese lover thoroughly insulted the two boys lineage in Mandarin.

"Well, at least we know they made up." Trowa muttered as the two emerged from the car. Quatre snickered and nodded, before his face fell and he grabbed Duo in a rough embrace. "God, Duo! I was so worried about you! It's been my fault! Can you ever forgive me?"

Duo patted the blonde's back reassuringly. "Relax, Q-man. I'm fine, okay? And it wasn't your fault in the first place; it's Abercrombie and Finch's. I'm planning to sue."

Quatre laughed and pulled away, discreetly rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. Trowa met Duo's eyes and smiled, letting his on relief at Duo's safety show, before putting his hand on his lover's shoulder.

"Come on guys, we have a mission tonight."

Three faces hardened instantly. "Right." They spoke in unison. Trowa nodded and looked them all over before starting up the steps to the royal palace. The others followed close behind.


"Hey, good looking!" Duo called teasingly.

Relena turned from her aid and smiled. "Hello Duo. I hope you have been well."

"Actually, I feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, but other than that..." He shrugged before winking.

"Oh my..." Relena covered her laugh discreetly behind her head. "You know that is not proper language to speak in front of a person of my station, Duo."

Duo held his arm out and began to escort Relena down the hall. "Oh really? As I recall it was a certain Vice Minister that taught me that phrase."

"I did, didn't I?" Relena mused. Beside her, Duo grinned.

They walked for a few minutes in companionable silence until halting before two solid oak doors. Pulling away from the blonde, Duo held open one of the doors as he bowed sardonically. "After you, my lady."

Relena curtsied graciously and walked through the doorway, but not without giving the American a teasing poke in the ribs. Looking about the room, she spied the familiar figures of Quatre, WuFei, and Trowa. She nodded at the three respectively. Duo came up behind her, after shutting the door firmly, and guided her to a chair. Looking up, Relena was amazed at Duo's abrupt change of countenance.

Duo sat on the table and regarded her silently for a moment. "Heero has told you that you are the next target." He stated positively.

"Yes." Relena looked around at the others in confusion. "That's why he came back to Sank early so he could neutralize the threat. But why are all of you here? Heero can handle this himself."

If possible Duo's statement turned even grimmer. Behind him, Quatre shifted uncomfortably on his feet and Trowa scowled. WuFei's face remained impassive as he spoke.

"Unfortunately, Miss Darlian, certain things have come to our attention that makes Yuy suspect. He is to be taken into custody after tonight's banquet and fully questioned."

"What?" Relena looked around the room in disbelief. "You can't be serious!" Her gaze turned to Duo incredulously. The American's face was pale but determined as he steadily met her eyes.

"I don't believe it either, Relena. But we don't have a choice. We have to find this guy! So many have died already, we can't afford to play favorites. Heero has to be brought in for questioning."

"I see."

Everyone whirled around to stare at the new voice. Duo's face, if possible, got even paler. So pale Relena feared he might pass out and she half rose from her seat. Heero strode into the room. "How did I become a suspect?" He asked calmly.

WuFei stepped forward and interposed himself between the Japanese boy and his lover. "You were the one that broke into our apartment, Yuy."

"Yes." Heero nodded. Duo sprung to his feet.


"You should surrender yourself now, Heero." WuFei stated.

"But WuFei," Quatre interjected. "That isn't what we had planned. It was supposed to be after the-"

"Quiet, Winner. I don't think Yuy should be allowed near the Vice Minister until he has answered our questions."

"See here now-" Relena started, but was cut off by Trowa's quiet voice.

"I agree with WuFei. Heero, why did you break into their apartment?"

Heero turned to look at Duo, his impassive mask cracking slightly. "It was when you were kidnapped. I was looking for some clue to where you were."

"H-how did you find me?" Duo asked.

Heero remained silent, though his gaze turned to level on WuFei. The Chinese boy clenched his fist. "It could have been because he was the one who stuck you there." WuFei spit. Heero's eyes narrowed.

"Stop this! All of you!" Relena ordered. Standing in the middle of the group, she stared at each one of them in turn. "Heero, you should go with WuFei to clear your name. Duo, I'm asking you to be my personal body guard tonight, and stand behind me during dinner. Quatre and Trowa, you two are permitted to stand along the wall next to the main entrance."

Heero shook his head. "I will not leave until I am certain you are safe." He turned to WuFei. "We will leave after the banquet, as planned." WuFei nodded grudgingly.

"Accepted. But you are not to leave my side, Yuy. We will position ourselves near the balcony during the meal."

Relena shook her head. "I will not have is seem like I have a battalion of solders around me. If you to insist on being in the banquet hall, you will attend as guests, and in the proper attire. There are some free seats at the other end of the table, and I can name you as surprise guests. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a dinner to prepare for. Pargan will be in momentarily to provide you both with clothing. Duo, if you will escort me?" She made the request a thinly veiled demand.

Duo nodded and solemnly took her arm, all the joviality from before vanished. He bowed his head, refusing to meet Heero's gaze, and guided the Vice Minister from the room. Trowa dragged Quatre out soon after and then only Heero and WuFei remained.

"I should have killed you during the Eve Wars." Heero said dully.

"Yes," WuFei turned from him as Relena's retainer entered the room. "You should have."


"Are you all right, Duo?" Relena asked as they left the room.

Duo shook his head and dashed into a nearby restroom. Pausing hesitantly by the door, Relena squared her shoulders and entered. The sound of a toilet's flush reached her ears and she turned the corner to see Duo huddled near the commode, wiping his lips. Walking over to sit beside him, the blonde slowly stroked his head.

"I just don't know who to trust anymore, Relena." He muttered. "Hell, for all I know it could be you that's going around hacking peoples guts out." He turned his head to stare at her.

"I guess that could be a possibility," she smiled sadly. "But I think you know that's not the truth." Duo nodded and she continued. "Why is that?"

"Well," Duo thought. "First of all your not that kind of person-" The young woman cut him off.

"I almost shot Lady Une once, Duo. I assure you if it were my will I could very likely perform the deeds that have happened. Look deeper than that."

Duo sighed and leaned his head back against the wall. "I know it in my heart." He spoke softly.

"There you go," said Relena. "Whatever happens, just follow your heart."

"But what if my heart leads me wrong?"

"Your heart will never lead you wrong."

Duo sat there silently for a long moment and Relena waited calmly. Finally his head lifted. "Heero is not the killer. I know it."

Relena's smile lit the room and Duo grinned back wanly. "Thanks, darling."

"Anytime, Duo." Squeezing his hand, she rose. " Now come on and help me pick out a dress."

Duo allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and slung his arm around the Vice Minister. "Let's see, something in pink, I think."

"Oh come on, anything but that!" Relena protested as they exited the restroom, leaving staff workers staring after them, aghast.