Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Catagory: action/mystery
Warnings: Gore. >.< and very foul language. (hey, he's stressed!)
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Takes place after the Eve Wars of Endless Waltz. Everyone works for the Preventers.
Feedback: AstroKender@insight.rr.com
Disclaimers: GW isn't mine. I make no money from this. Don't sue me.


Part 23


"Oh God...."

Swallowing the bile that threatened to erupt from his throat, Duo began jerking frantically at his binds, common sense flying out the window. The toilet rattled with the force of his heaves and blood began to trail down his wrists from the pressure or the handcuffs. Panting, Duo forced himself out of hysteria.

Duo took in a shuddering breath before fixing his gaze to a patch of graffiti on the wall. Keeping his eyes on the hastily scrawled profanities, the longhaired boy began examining his handcuffs. It was a simple model, easy to escape from, if he could ignore his deceased audience.

But his eyes kept sliding back to the slightly familiar face floating in the blue tinted water. He had seen this person somewhere in life, the scruffy, angular face standing out predominantly in his mind. Another wave of nausea hit him hard and Duo swallowed before closing his eyes so he could and concentrate on escaping.

"Okay, Duo.... Stay calm...shit!" he cursed as his bloody fingers slipped.

He was shaking uncontrollably now, with sweat dripping heavily down his face as he twisted and manipulated his hands. After a few long, pain-filled minutes, he was finally able to squeeze one slick and bloody hand through the cuff's small opening, freeing himself from the horror in front of him.

Duo jerked himself away and slammed into the stall door, knocking it open and casting himself to the floor. There he discovered that he had escaped one nightmare, only to enter another. Duo choked back a strangled sob.

Blood and nameless black gore splattered the walls of what looked to be a public restroom. Entrails and various other organs draped from the ceiling like streamers. Standing shakily on his feet, Duo gazed with horrified eyes at the sight before him.

A headless body was crucified in front of the full-length bathroom mirror. The corpse was pinned to the wall by large spikes shoved through its hands and into the cinderblocks behind. Its feet dangled into the small sinks, which were filled to the brim with half congealed blood. Behind the figure, traced playfully on the mirror with long-dried blood, was a message.

/It's fun to toy with you, but there comes a time when we must throw aside childish things. The next time we meet won't be nearly as pleasant./

Duo shook his head vehemently in denial. To think that someone had set this entire scene up just to torment him.... Fists clenched, Duo strode towards the door, slipping now and then on the blood-covered surface. Reaching the door, he yanked on it violently. It didn't budge.

"Let me out you sick mother fucker!" Duo pounded on the solid oak door. "Why don't you face me instead of hiding behind all your fucking B grade horror props? I am going to fucking slit your throat when I catch you! DAMN IT!"

The American slammed into the door with the mindlessness of a caged and wounded animal. The door began to splinter from the force of his blows. Roaring incoherently, Duo gave the barrier one last fatal kick and it cracked, breaking from its hinges.

Barreling through the opening, he jumped when a hand landed heavily on his shoulder. Duo growled and swung blindly, only to have his fist caught by an intense looking Heero. The Japanese boy held his wrist firmly as he looked the other boy up and down, noting the streaks of blood that coated his clothing.

"Are you injured?"

Duo only stared at him. Frowning, Heero grabbed the American's shoulder and shook him, hard. "Duo! Snap out of it."

"Oh God...." Groaning, Duo wrenched himself away and ran to the row of nearby lockers before finally giving in to his urge to vomit. He weakly wiped his chin with his hand before slumping to the floor, staring at the checkered tiles dully.

Heero gave him one more cursory glance before stepping into the room that Duo had broken out of. The American watched as he walked out a few minutes later, his expression unchanged. But even Duo couldn't miss the way his hands shook slightly as they helped the longhaired boy to his feet.

Duo buried his face in Heero's shoulder in exhaustion. "Who's guarding Relena?"

"Trowa and Quatre." Heero's voice rumbled in his chest. "I have to call them to say that you have been found."

Duo shook his head. "Can we at least get out of here, first? I think I just puked up everything including my stomach, I don't want to know if there is anything left in there."

Heero stared down at Duo, his eyes dark with emotion as his grip on the boy tightened by a fraction. "Roger that." He began slowly walking to the exit, the American supported carefully beside him.

Duo squinted in the bright afternoon sunlight as Heero slowly eased him down on the front steps of the school. Duo could only be thankful that it was the weekend and the kids who studied here would be spared the gruesome sight in the building's interior. Now, if they could keep the local janitors from stumbling across it, everything would be fine. Duo sneered and ran a hand through his tangled bangs. Yeah right, he thought.

Heero looked around for a moment before spotting a vending machine against the school's outer wall. Staring at the machine, the dark haired boy walked over and kicked it over, spilling the contents across the pavement. Reaching down, he picked up an undamaged bottle of water and opened it, before walking back over to Duo and handing it to him.


Duo nodded gratefully and took a sip, swirling it around in his mouth before spitting it off to the side. Taking another sip, he swallowed and sighed.

"How long was I missing?"

Heero looked away. "Almost twenty four hours."


Duo watched as Heero pulled out his phone and called Lady Une, imparting the good news of Duo's recovery. Shaking his head, the American suddenly paused, a puzzling question flashing through his head.

How did Heero find him?

He took another gulp of water before tossing the bottle aside. Right now he could care less about how Heero had found him. Right now all he wanted to do was see WuFei and go home. In front of him, Heero ended his conversation and looked back at him silently.

"He's not back yet, is he?" Duo muttered.

Heero shook his head. "He will not be back till morning. I am going to take you to my apartment and you can take a bath and get some rest. Unless you're injured, then I can call for Sally."

"No, I'm fine." Duo slowly stood.

"The police will be here in a few minutes. We should head out before they get here to avoid any questions."

"Yeah...." Duo muttered. "Let's get out of here."


Heero quietly stepped into the living room, two cups of coffee in his hands. "Are you awake?"

Duo lay on the couch, his hair lying around him damply as he stared unseeing at the ceiling. His blue eyes slowly shifted over to Heero and he shrugged, the T-shirt he borrowed from the Japanese boy sliding off his shoulder.

"You think I could actually sleep after all the shit I've been through?"

The American sat up and Heero handed him a mug of coffee before sitting down next to him. They sipped the black liquid in silence for a moment, before Heero cocked his head and smiled slightly.

"What is it?" Duo grumbled.

"You look odd in my old shorts. I hope my legs didn't look that skinny."

Duo huffed and tugged the large t-shirt down over the black spandex roughly. "You looked worse, chicken boy."

"Chicken boy?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah!" Duo said defensively. "You had scrawny little chicken legs."

Heero chuckled lightly and Duo glanced over at him, his face serious. "You've changed."

The Japanese boy stared back. "Yeah." His dark eyes bored into Duo's own. "I never did thank you for that."

Duo's cheeks flushed slightly and he looked away. "How did you find me?" he asked.

Heero drained the dregs of his coffee quickly before standing up. "Don't worry about it right now. Just try to get some sleep."

"Right." Duo watched Heero leave the room with wide, thoughtful eyes.


Duo was woken up a short time later by a loud banging on the front door. Sighing deeply, he listened as Heero quietly walked across the room. He heard the door creak open and a terse, familiar voice echoed through the apartment.

"Where is he?"

"He's still asleep." Heero answered stiffly.

"It's alright, Heero!" Duo called. "I'm awake." Sitting up, he quickly smoothed back his still loose hair and adjusted his shirt before WuFei came barreling in, with Heero trailing behind, reeking of disapproval.

"Duo!" The American was quickly pulled into a bone-crushing hug before being pushed away as the Chinese boy meticulously checked for injuries. Duo snorted and shoved the questing hands away, but clasped them firmly in his own in reassurance.

"I'm all right, WuFei. Don't get your panties in a bunch."

The ebony eyed boy sighed before pulling Duo to his chest once more. "You were right. I was a fool not to listen to you. My actions could have cost you your life."

"No it wouldn't have." Heero spoke from behind them. "I would not have let that happen."

"Heero found me." Duo smiled up at the Japanese boy. "Just in the knick of time, too. I was about to fall off my mental rocker, if you know what I mean."

"I see." WuFei stared at Heero for a long moment. Unfazed, the blue-eyed boy gazed back coldly.

Dropping his eyes, WuFei stood. "Let's go home, Duo. Une is already threatening to throw us both off this case. We need to be plenty rested to confront her tomorrow."

Duo nodded. "You're right, Fei." Standing, he stretched mightily before walking over to Heero and squeezing his arm gently. "Thanks, for everything, buddy."

Heero nodded silently and watched with dark eyes as the two left. Together. Leaving him standing in the living room feeling very, very alone.