Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Rating: action/mystery
Warnings: pre-lemony goodness.
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Takes place after the Eve Wars of Endless Waltz. Everyone works for the Preventers.
Feedback: AstroKender@aol.com
Disclaimers: GW isn't mine, go figure. So don't sue, k?


Part 19


"And you can see here," Howard held up another diagram. "We plan on adding a Vernie engine for an added boost of speed."

Duo whistled as he inspected the blueprints in front of him. They had been able to salvage the frame and most of the engine. All the rest Howard was planning on upgrading from scratch. When the old man was done, Duo's Jeep would be better than ever.

"Howard, old man, you've really outdone yourself. This babies really gonna fly."

The balding old man straightened his sunglasses with a pleased expression on his weathered face. "Trust me Duo, if she had arms she'd be a mobile suit."

Duo grinned and clapped his friend on the back.

"Hey! Watch it!" Howard groused. "I'm not some protein fed newtype ya know."

"Sorry man, but I gotta get going." Duo apologized.

"Still on the job?"

Duo scratched the back of his head. "Sort of. I gotta go convince Wu-man not to go to the L1 cluster after a trail that's long cold by now...Then I'll probably be up all night looking up some poisonous mushroom. God knows I haven't found anything yet."

Howard busied himself with rolling up the blueprints and returning them to their tube. "L1 you say? There used to be a woman up there, back when I was young and handsome. She was a botanist. But her hobby was poisonous plants. Mind you, that's why I never tried to date her but, if she's still alive, she'll probably still be hanging around up there."

Duo's eyes widened. "Really? What's her name?"

Howard thought hard for a moment. "Clarece.... Dr. Clarece Lector."

"Lector..." Duo muttered, committing the name to memory. "Thanks Howard. I owe ya one!" He began to trot over to his rental cal.

"You'll owe me a couple thousand ones when this is all over with!" The old man called out to him.


"Fei-chan?" Duo called from the front door. "Are ya home?"

Closing the door softly behind him, Duo slowly took off his shoes and stepped into the living room. All the lights were off except for a faint glow coming from the kitchen.

"Fei?" He took a hesitant step forward when he was grabbed from behind.

Duo tensed as slightly calloused hands gently covered his eyes. He shivered as he felt a hot breath caress his ear.

"No peaking. It's a surprise."

Duo allowed himself to breath again. "Fei! You scared the living shit out of me! I thought-"

"Shh..." The Chinese boy whispered, his hands still firmly in place. "Walk forward."

Duo waited a moment, relishing in the feel of WuFei's strong body against his back, before slowly starting to advance. The ebony haired boy easily guided him around the furniture and towards their destination.

//We're heading towards...the kitchen.// Of course! That is where Duo saw the light and if he concentrated he could just make out the faintest whiff of the most delicious odor.

Duo had his suspicions confirmed when his sock-clad feet met the cool tiles of the kitchen area. The Chinese pilot gently steered him towards the marble table and helped Duo slowly lower himself into one of the cast iron chairs. The hands covering his eyes were gently removed and the braided boy could feel WuFei move around to his own chair.

"Open your eyes." WuFei softly commanded.

The violet-eyed boy slowly complied. He sucked in a shaky breath as he took in the lavish display in front of him. Dozens of tea lights were placed about the room, giving off a warm glow. In a small crystal vase in the center of the table was a delicate arrangement of Tiger Lilies and Snap Dragons. The significance of those flowers made Duo smile softly.

His gaze was drawn to the plate in front of him. His mouth couldn't help but water at the sight of the oven roasted pot roast sitting amongst a bed of buttered carrots and whole baby potatoes. Even now WuFei was filling a crystal glass with sparkling red wine.

"WuFei, you know we're not old enough to drink." He teased.

WuFei smiled at him and gently pressed a finger to his lips in a way that almost made Duo melt right there on the spot. He looked around again at his surrounding. "You've really outdone yourself Fei." He whispered, awe apparent in his voice.

They ate in silence, neither willing to break it with talk of mundane things. Despite the elegance of the meal, they both ate quickly, for other appetites were being fueled by the looks they continuously cast upon each other.

Finally the meal was done, and Duo assisted WuFei in gathering up the empty dishes and putting them in the sink for later. As they worked, Duo accidentally brushed up against the Chinese boy and nearly dropped the plate he was holding as the faint touch coursed through him like a wildfire, burning straight to his groin.

Strong hands rubbed gently up and down his well-muscled arms. "Leave the rest and come with me."

Duo shivered at the burning look those ebony eyes gave him and nodded his head numbly. He followed the Chinese boy on suddenly wobbly limbs past the living room and into WuFei's bedroom: their bedroom.

"Fei? About you going to L1..."

The ebony haired boy stepped over to Duo and began lightly kissing the braided boy's delicate throat. "Later..." He murmured. "We'll talk about it later. For now, let me love you."

Duo nodded and helped WuFei slowly remove his t-shirt, still mindful of his injuries. WuFei's dress-shirt was the next to go, adding to the pile of discarded clothing. Duo bent his head to capture the lips of his lover, their tongues advancing and retreating in an age-old dance of seduction.

Calloused hands ran softly down Duo's torso, their fingers trailing lightly across his ribs. The Americans own hands were struggling impatiently with the fastenings on WuFei's jeans. Finally, he got them undone and pushed them down lower on the Chinese boy's narrow hips. Duo teasingly ran a finger down the silk covered shaft revealed, before cupping the throbbing flesh in his hand.

WuFei moaned and rocked his hips forward, the head of his cock already becoming wet with desire. The Chinese boy pressed Duo against the wall, his hand sliding roughly up and down the braided boy's body. He lowered his head to gently bite a taut nipple.

"Mmm...WuFei..." Duo hissed.

The Chinese boy's tongue flicked out to sooth the sting brought on by the bite. WuFei let go of his lover for a moment as he quickly rid himself of his jeans. He stood before Duo, naked and unashamed. "I want you to take me Duo."

The American felt his arousal throb at those sultry words. "Are you sure, Fei?" The ebony haired boy nodded.

"Our relationship is that of equals. We give and take from each other. What I took from you, so you should take from me." WuFei laid himself down on the bed, motioning the braided boy to join him.

Duo quickly moved over to him. "As you wish." He whispered.