Title: Written in Blood
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 5x2, 3+4, 1+2 and various combinations there of.
Rating: action/mystery
Warnings: none in this part.
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Takes place after the Eve Wars of Endless Waltz. Everyone works for the Preventers.
Feedback: AstroKender@aol.com
Disclaimers: GW isn't mine, go figure. So don't sue, k?


Part 18

Duo was perfectly content to sit around in bed all day and suck up the lavish attentions from his friends. He was tired, and he figured he deserved a couple of days of not having to worry about getting his ass shoved off a cliff. He was just going to relax and take advantage of the hospital staff. Well, that is what he was going to do until he heard Une say that she wanted to stick Trowa and Quatre on the case for a few days.

"No fucking way, lady!" Duo was up and out of bed before Lady Une could even blink at the profanity. The braided pilot reached under the bed and grabbed the spare set of clothes WuFei brought him after he had been released yesterday. They had wanted to keep Duo a couple of extra days for observation. So much for that plan.

"There is no way I'm letting you put them in that kind of dangerous position!" He kindly turned around as he shimmied into a spare pair of WuFei's sweatpants. He was going to have to go shopping soon; his wardrobe was down to nil.

"I know you're worried about them Duo, but they are just as worried about you. WuFei has accepted the fact that he won't be able to return to work for a few days. Why can't you be as reasonable?"

Duo ripped the offending hospital gown off and tossed it into a corner. "I am being reasonable. I'd love a break from getting my ass kicked every five minutes. But not at the possible expense of my friends lives. I can handle it. I've been through worse."

Lady Une glared at him as he struggled into a loose t-shirt, obviously wincing as it brushed against his injured back. "Duo Maxwell, don't make me order you off this mission."

Duo shrugged as he drew his long braid up through the black shirt. Letting it thunk down over his shoulder. "I never was good at following orders."

"I'll fire you then."

Duo laughed as he sat down on the bed, struggling with his tennis shoes. "I'm one of you're best agents. And besides, I'd just fight the killer on my own terms. This has gone way beyond the jurisdiction of the Preventer's anyway and far into the realm of personal."

"Duo..." The American had never heard the brunette sound so frustrated. Fully dressed, he hopped off the bed and headed for the door. He stopped as his hand rested on the doorknob.

"You could threaten to send me to Mars to have tea with Noin and Zechs and it still wouldn't sway me. I will get this guy. And if you even mention putting any of the other guys on the case again, you'll have to deal with Shinigami...and he won't be happy."

Whistling slightly, with a daisy in his hair, Duo Maxwell walked out of the hospital, leaving behind a very aggravated and very furious Une.


His first stop was the rental car place. Flashing his credit card, he steered the salesman over to a sports car. Eyeing the vintage 1969 Corvette, the color of melted silver, he let out a low whistle.

"That one."

"B-but Mr. Maxwell. This car is reserved for foreign dignitaries for their visits to Tokyo."

"Bah! What do those old farts need with a car like this. Just give them a mini-van, they'll never know the difference." The American slipped in behind the wheel, caressing the leather upholstery.

The attendant was wringing his hands together and hopping from foot to foot as Duo held his hand out for the keys. "This goes against all policy, Sir. My boss would have my hide."

Duo clucked his tongue at he reached under the dash and began fiddling with a few wires. With a couple of sparks, he had the machine purring like a fat tabby. He smiled at the aghast salesman.

"Wise man once said: Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines." Flipping the man a couple of credits he squealed the tires and whirled out of the parking lot, leaving the poor boy currently having what looked like an epileptic fit in the dust behind him.

Duo then set off for the coast. Howard had assured him that the heaping scrap of twisted metal that used to be his Jeep could be fixed. So Duo was going to hop over there for a quick look. No matter what he told Une, he was going to relax today. And what better way to do it then with the Sweepers?

He let the wind whip his hair around as he virtually flew over the highway. The braided boy grinned. He'd be hard pressed to give this car up when the time came. He could already picture Howard and the others drooling over it. Lost in his musings, Duo jumped as his phone rang.

"Duo Maxwell; you gag 'em we bag 'em."

"Very funny, Maxwell. Where are you? I'll called the hospital and they said you had checked out."

Duo held the phone up with his shoulder as he passed a slow moving truck. "Fei! How's your shoulder?"

"It's still sore. The doctors advised me not to return to work for at least a week."

Duo, hearing the obvious sneer in the Chinese boy's tone, had to grin. "Are you going to listen to him?"

"Of course not! I'm not weak."

"Did you hear Une's little idea about putting Trowa and Quatre on the case."

"I did." WuFei sounded less than happy. "I also heard that you gave her an earful for it."

"What? You thought you were the only one who had the balls to stand up to a woman?"

WuFei snorted.

"Duo, as much I'd like this to be a personal call, it's not. It's business."

Cobalt eyes narrowed. "Another one?"

"I'm afraid so."


"The L1 cluster...Heero's old colony." *

"The L1 cluster..." Duo murmured to himself. "By the time we got the killer would be long gone. We should just ask for the report and continue our investigations down here on Earth."

"But what if there's some vital piece of information they might have overlooked?"

Duo sighed and massaged his temple with a bandaged hand. "I don't know Fei..."

The other end was silent for a moment. "I'll go." WuFei said quietly.

"What?" Duo's eyes widened.

"I'll go up to space and check things out. I'll be gone for three days at most. That way you'll still be here in case anything happens."

Duo shook his head but realized the Chinese boy couldn't see him. "Look, we'll talk about this when I get home, K? I'm halfway to Howard's right now."

"Fine. Just don't be gone too long. I want to actually sit down and have a nice dinner for a change."

Duo grinned. "As long as you're cooking, it's a date! Catch ya later Fei."

"I'll hold you to that Maxwell. Chang out."