6-5-2001 (revised)

Title: Won't You Come
Author: AstroKender
Archive: GWA (www.gwaddiction.com)
Pairings: 1+2/2+1
Warnings: shounen-ai, angst
Spoilers: none
Notes: Black Hole Sun is by Soundgarden.
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Disclaimers: Neither Gundam Wing nor it's characters belong to me. I make no money from this. Don't sue.


The sky spins slowly around me as I stare into its seemingly endless depths. My tired eyes watch as plumes of oily smoke ascend towards the heavens like charred fingers. I turn my head slightly and can almost glimpse the ruined heap of metal that was once DeathScythe. My buddy will never fly again.

I lift my hand off my stomach and study it with childlike fascination. It is covered in a red glove of blood, thick and dripping and slightly sticky. My hand trembles with the effort to keep it aloft and I lower it back onto the saturated cloth that covers the gaping wound in my side. The material used to be a deep green hue, but it is now stained russet with my life's precious fluid.

The damp grass tickles my ears as I lay there, staring into the sky. My hair is spread across the ground like a mocking parody of a halo, free from the constraints of its braid. My black clothes absorb the sunlight, making it unbearably hot. With every breath comes agonizing pain, but I can't leave just yet. I am expecting someone.

Sweat trickles down my forehead as I squint, trying to pierce through the sun's blinding light. A low roar sounds overhead and a shadow passes over my crumpled and broken figure. I smile as Wing blasts through the skies, decimating all who foolishly seek to impede its pilot. It won't be long now.

"It's funny how things turn out." I muse, my voice tattered and raspy in my own ears. I close my eyes against the harsh sunlight and begin to whisper an old Earth song.

"In my eyes, indisposed.
In disguise as no one knows.
Hides the face, lies the snake.
The sun in my disgrace."


"Duo! What do you think you're doing? I told you to retreat. " Heero yelled into Wing's COM unit. Dropping his buster rifle, he spun his powerful Gundam around, but there was no way he could stop me in time.

"I'm saving your sorry ass, buddy! I won't let you take on all these suits by yourself!"

Pushing DeathScythe's thrusters to the limit, I charged into the mass of Aries that had surrounded Wing. Looping around, I struck out expertly with my thermal scythe, cutting into the mobile suits like butter and drawing the enemy fire away from Heero.

But this move cost me, since it left me open to attack from the Leos that I had been fighting on the ground. Heero could only watch as a Leo's cannon blasted my Gundam from the sky.

"Boiling heat, summer stench.
'Neath the black the sky looks dead.
Call my name through the cream.
And I'll hear you scream again."



I couldn't believe it. "No.... NOOOOOOOOO!" Screaming, I barreled my way through the enemy Mobile Suits, only to be forced back time and time again. Images flashed through my mind, unbidden.

Duo laughing as Quatre tried to teach him how to swim. Lean muscles flexing as he sparred with WuFei. Blue eyes twinkling with mischief after Trowa ran in wearing nothing but a towel and sporting blue hair. Calloused hands gently bandaging my wounds. Soft lips smiling tenderly when he thought I wasn't looking. All these visions and more flitted through my head as I struggled to right my world once more.

Fighting off the last of the Aries, I didn't see the same Leo that shot DeathScythe down, turn and aim its cannon at Wing.


"Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?
Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?"

Rain poured down in sheets and blood dripped into my eyes, both obscuring my vision. But I would not let that deter me. Forcing DeathScythe up on one arm, I raised my buster shield. Taking careful aim, I fired.


My head shot up as a flash of green flew past my view screen. Turning, I watched as DeathScythe's Buster shield slammed into the cannon-bearing Leo. With a screech of tortured metal, the MS exploded.

I turned back to the view screen just in time to see the black Gundam collapse back onto the muddy earth.

"Stuttering, cold and damp.
Steal the warm wind tired friend."
Times are gone for honest men
And sometimes far too long for snakes."

Jumping out of Wing, I dropped onto the rain soaked grass. Running, slipping, falling: it seemed to take forever to reach the smoldering remains of DeathScythe. Climbing across jagged pieces of metal, uncaring if I got cut, I hurriedly made my way to what was left of the cockpit.

The hatch was stuck halfway ajar. Using all my strength, I pried it open. Unconsciously holding my breath, I looked inside. "Duo?"

The harness straps had snapped, allowing the pilot to be thrown across the cockpit. Duo lay slumped over the control panel. Blood dripped steadily from where a broken piece of the consol had imbedded itself in the braided boy's abdomen. His face was ashen and normally bright azure eyes were shut.


".... Hrm? Heero?"

As carefully as possible I gently wrapped my arms around the DeathScythe pilot and lifted him off the ragged piece of metal. Holding the injured boy close, I cautiously made my way back down to the rain-slicked grass.

I quickly removed my green tank top and pressed it against the wound on Duo's side. Rainwater slithered down my back and a shudder that wracked my body. I jumped slightly as a warm hand covered my own, the one that was still pressing against Duo's wound. Looking down, I watched as raindrops coursed down from cobalt eyes like tears.

"In my shoes, a walking sleep
And my youth I pray to keep.
Heaven send Hell away.
No one sings like you anymore."


"Why are you here, Heero? You've...got a mission...to finish." Duo's eyes were clouded with pain as he tried to curl up into a ball. I gently stopped him.

"You're hurt. I'm going to get you to a hospital." My monotone voice showed nothing of the surging emotions within.

"Get serious, Yuy. We're miles away from the nearest...farmhouse even. And the second squad of mobile suits...will be here any minute."


"Heero, even if you could get me to a hospital, I'd be dead before we got there. So...save yourself the trouble."

I clenched my fists so tightly that my nails dug into my flesh and drew blood. But I didn't care. "So I'm just supposed to sit here and watch you die?"

"No. You are supposed to go on fighting. No matter what, there is still a war to win."

I leaned over so I could look Duo right in the eye. "And what if I don't care about the war anymore?" Against my will, my voice broke.

"Then our side has already lost!" Duo growled. Staring into my eyes, his voice softened. "This war has taken everything away from me, even my life. Don't let it do the same to you."

Laying my forehead against Duo's own, I closed my eyes. "It already has."

I felt Duo shift underneath me, and something soft brushed against my lips. Startled, I drew back to stare at the braided boy. My first kiss, I realized.

"I'm not dead yet, Heero." Duo whispered.

"How...how did you know?"

Duo's smile seemed to drive back the rain. "I am the master at hiding my emotions, do you really think I couldn't see yours?"

"Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?
Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?"


Heero opened his mouth to speak but his voice was drowned out by the roar of the approaching Mobile suits. Looking up, he watched numbly as a battalion of Aries flew past and began to circle back around.

"Get out of here, Heero."

The dark haired boy looked around for a long moment. The rain was letting up; he could just barely see the sun struggling to shine through the dissipating clouds. The air had the sweet smell of rain and wildflowers, effectively masking the scent of blood and death. Heero glanced down at me with eyes that proved I had come to mean more to him than any war.

"I'm not leaving. Not without you."

I winced as pained seared through my abdomen. "There is only one way for us to leave together...."

"Mission accepted," Heero nodded.

My eyes widened. "No, Heero! You can't-"


Heero leaned down and captured my protesting mouth with his own. His hand gently caressed my face, moving down to grasp my braid. With a quick jerk, he removed the black hair band, slipping it onto his wrist. I could have drowned in the kiss forever, but the enemy was here. It was time to finish it.

"This is the end," Heero whispered.

I could only watched Heero's face hardened with determination as he ran towards his Gundam. Above him, the sun broke free from the clouds.

**End flashback**

"Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?
Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?"

Black dots swim across my vision from staring too long into the sun, but I don't have the energy to move my head. I just lay there, looking up at the sky. A Mobile Suit crashes to earth not a hundred feet away, yet I don't even flinch as the ground shakes violently.

I feel my life trickle out, a little at a time. I want to stop Heero. I want to tell him to escape, but I just don't have the strength. I have to conserve my energy for this one last mission. The heat is making me dizzy, or maybe it's just the loss of blood, I can't tell anymore.

I know that more Leos are coming. They are coming for my DeathScythe. But they won't get it. I will make sure of that. I continue to stare up into the sky, as Wing flies by, decimating Aries after Aries. It's almost time.


"Hang my head, drown my fear,
Till you all just disappear."

I battle endlessly with the enemy Mobile Suits. I am only biding my time. I wince as another blast hits Wing, making jerking me against my harness. I can do nothing but hold on as I am thrown around the cockpit.

Part of me knows what Duo is going to do. That part of me, the Soldier part, tells me to escape, that I still have a mission to protect the Colonies. The Human part of me tells the Soldier to fuck off. The colonies have done nothing for me. The only person that matters, the only person that has treated me like a human being, lies beneath me on the blood-soaked grass.

I glance down at the small black hair band that encircles my wrist and smile. A true, genuine, smile. Staring at that small piece of cloth, I ignore the dozen Aries suits that now surround me and demand my surrender.


/Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?
Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?/

I crawl across the damp grass, Heero's bloody tank top in my hand, which I refuse to give up. Behind me, I know, are the Leos. They will spot me soon if I don't hurry. I grit my teeth against the pain and force myself to move faster.

The ground spins dizzily around me and I close my eyes, moving by touch alone. Blackness rolls over me in waves and threatens to sweep me under. I swear under my breath, refusing to give up.

My hand meets something metallic and sharp and I jerk, pulling my now bleeding hand backwards. Opening my eyes, I stare up at the dark form of DeathScythe. Sweat pours from my brow as I struggle to stand. I must do this one last thing.

Pulling myself into DeathScythe's cockpit, I allow the tears of pain to finally wash over me. I fiddle with the controls, finally rebooting enough power to open the COM-unit. But the audio feed is broken and I have to settle for only visual. I guess it's enough. It has to be.

I look up at the screen, tracing the crack that ran through the center. Finally, Heero's face appears. Outside, the Leos surround me and demand that I leave my Gundam, but I ignore them. The only thing left in my world is right in front of me.

"Sayonara." I mouth.

On the screen, Heero smiled.

/Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?/


Prussian eyes met cobalt as two fists simultaneously slammed down on a certain button resting on two very different control panels. The two sets of eyes neither flinched nor closed. They stared stoically into the fate that awaited them.

Enemy eyes widened as a white light emanated from the twin Gundams. Superior officers called frantically for their forces to retreat, but it was too late. The waiting enemy suits could do nothing but watch as the oncoming explosion engulfed them.

/Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?/