Walking Man's Road
Notes: Damn my muses! For once, I'd like to write something that isn't a songfic or 24 chapters long! *deep breath* Anyway, I hope you like this little one featuring Duo. It takes place after the Maxwell Church Tragedy and before he becomes a Gundam Pilot. Enjoy! Man's Road is by America. GW isn't mine. //lyrics//


//Horizon rising
up to meet the purple dawn.
Dust demons screaming
bring an eagle to lead me on.//

A dark figure walks, silhouetted by the false dawn. His cloths are torn and dirty and the smell of smoke seems to follow him like a perfume. His hair is long and tangled, woven about in a windswept braid. Hands dug deep into his pockets, the figure kicks up dust as he traverses the outskirts of the city. A lone bird circles overhead, wings spread out to cast crisscrossing shadows over the unseen soul.

//For in my heart I carry such a heavy load.
Here I am on Man's Road.//

Images flash behind haunted indigo eyes. Fire and smoke, blood and flesh. Once kind eyes turned glassy in death. The loss of everything he held so dear. Tracks streak down grubby cheeks, evidence of tears long since dried up. Shoulders are slumped so low he appears crippled. Surely Atlas had a lighter burden. Heart damaged almost beyond repair, the boy walks on.

//Walking Man's Road.
Walking Man's Road.//

//I'm hungry, weary.
but I cannot lay me down
The rain comes, dreary.
but there's no shelter I have found.//

Hunger gnaws at his stomach and weariness claws at his soul. He is so tired of it all. So tired of the pain that comes with living. He wishes more than anything to have the courage to just lie down and die, but he doesn't. Shinigami doesn't want him. So he walks through the dirty city, as the metallic rain falls down, soaking him to the skin. Rain, so precious here, now just adds to his burden. He walks on, making no attempt to seek shelter. The artificial sun sets for blind eyes.

//It will be a long time till I find my abode.
Here I am on Man's Road.//

The figure pauses outside of a small shop. A television glows dimly through the window, illuminating the dark eyes, seemingly to large for his diminutive face. On the screen shows a picture of the earth, glowing in the darkness of outer space. One tiny outstretched hand briefly caresses the cool glass, before dropping back weakly to the young boy's side. Leaning against the window, he slides to the ground, letting rain and tears wash over him.

//Walking Man's Road.
Walking Man's Road.//

//Moon rising, disguising
lonely streets in gay displays.
The stars fade. The nightshade
falls and makes the world afraid.//

The city looks so small from the rooftop. The boy looks down at the lights below him, with only the glow of the false moon to prevent him from falling. A stay breeze rises up and blows his braid around like a banner. Underneath him, the dregs of the city rise up and come to life. Below him, all seven sins are performed in surplus. He watches as the fake stars twinkle dully in the artificial sky.

//It waits in silence for the sky to explode.
Here I am walking Man's Road.//

A low roaring reverberates through his ears and he watches dully as two mobile suits pass overhead. He watches with a heavy heart as the machines of war trail fire and death in their wake. All he can do is wait. Wait for the war to end, wait to die, wait to the day he'll be able to stand up and fight back. Till then he'll just keep walking.

//Walking Man's Road.
Walking Man's Road.//