Title: These Things We've Done
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: 2+1/1+2
Rating: angst
Warnings: Umm...flashbacks?
Spoilers: none
Notes: This sucker beat me upside the head until I agreed to write it.
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These Things We've Done

Part 1


"It's finally over..." Duo sighed, and leaned back against his black machine of death.


Duo smiled and looked over at his friend, who was also sitting on top of DeathScythe's battered surface. "Still as talkative as ever, eh Heero?"

Heero fixed the braided boy with a mock glare and then gave a small smile. The war was over. Their days of killing were over. Now they could live the lives they've talked about late at night as they lay in their separate beds.

The boys looked up as yet another round of fireworks erupted in the sky. Heero started slightly as a warm hand slid over to grasp his own. He looked over at the American questioningly, but Duo was still staring at the sparkling heavens. Heero watched the other boy's profile for a moment, and then smiled again, a little wider this time. Turning to watch the colorful display once more, he gave the small hand a light squeeze.

Sometime later Duo's head found it's way to the Japanese boy's shoulder. And somewhat later than that Heero's arm found it's way around the American's waist. They remained like that for a long time.

"So..." Duo finally murmured. "What happens now?"

Heero looked down at the chestnut head of hair and his arm unconsciously tightened around the braided boy. "We do our best to try and live normal lives I guess. The lives that we were denied."

Duo raised his head to look up into those steely blue eyes. "But should we be allowed to live normally after all the things we have done?"

Heero was silent for a moment, staring up at the stars thoughtfully, as if they would give him the answer.

"These things we've done...we did them because we had to. The choices we made were made so that no one else had to go through what we ourselves have gone through. They may have not been the right decisions, but it was all we could think of to do."

Duo pulled away from him and scuffed his feet against DeathScythe's side. "Tell that to the families of the people you've killed."

Heero stared at him, his eyes dark. "I have. After I self-detonated I traveled across the country to face the loved ones of those whom I killed when I destroyed Noventa's shuttle. I placed my gun in their hands and waited for their judgment."

"What did they do?"

"They handed the gun back to me." Heero said simply.

Duo looked back down at his feet. "So...they accepted what you did? They forgave you?"

Since the American wouldn't meet his gaze, Heero stared absently at his calloused hands. "They...they believed in me. They actually thought I could bring them peace."

Duo finally turned to face him. His lips quirked up in a sort of half smile. "You did you know. You brought peace to both the Earth and the Colonies."

Heero smiled back hesitantly. "I didn't exactly do it alone. You and the others also brought peace."

Duo looked away bitterly. "I've brought nothing but death."

Heero frowned. He reached up with one calloused hand and caressed the American's cheek. He turned Duo's head until their faces were mere inches apart. So close that they could feel each breath flowing warmly against their cool skin.

"You brought joy; to everyone around you. You were determined and optimistic no matter what the odds. You helped pull the five of us together. You helped me relies that I wasn't just some tool for war. Duo, I would be dead if it wasn't for you."

"What is the worst thing you've ever done?" Duo whispered.

Heero's hand dropped and he looked away. "I..."

"Come on...You've been talking all this time and now you clam up on me?" Duo grasped the Wing pilot's arm. "It's okay...you don't have to tell me."

"What about you?" Heero said quietly. "What is the worst thing you've ever done?"

Duo cocked his head to the side as he looked at Heero's shadowy figure. "You don't know much about my past do you?" Heero shook his head.

Sighing, Duo stared solemnly up at the stars above them. "I've killed everyone who's ever cared about me..." Unable to help it, his voice cracked with emotion.

Heero continues to stare down at his hands. "I...I...What I did God will never forgive me for."

"God is supposed to forgive you for everything, if he really exists. I never was too sure about that. But there is nothing you could do that he supposedly wouldn't forgive you for."

Heero stared at his hands as two tears tricked silently down his cheeks. "I blew up a church."

Nervous about Duo's silence, the Japanese boy looked over at him. His eyes widened in concern at Duo's sudden pallor. The braided boy looked as though someone had ripped his soul from his body.

"Duo?" Are you alright?" He reached over and was surprised when the American flinched away. "Duo! What's wrong?"

Duo quickly scrambled to his feet. "Where?" He demanded. "When?"

Heero looked up at him puzzled. "It was colony V08744. I don't remember exactly when, I was young. Duo?" Heero stood and walked towards the pale figure.

"You...How? No...you couldn't have. No!" Backing away, Duo didn't notice he had reached the edge of DeathScythe's steely body.

"Duo! Watch out!" Heero moved to catch him but he was to late. Duo fell backwards and landed on the hard ground below, where he lay, unmoving.

"Duo!" Heero yelled.

Jumping down off the black Gundam, he swiftly rushed to the still figure. "Duo answer me! Duo!"

Duo looked up at Heero with a hatred that astounded the Japanese pilot, before slumping into Heero's arms and letting the darkness wash over him.

"Duo? Duo!"


"Duo! Duo! Wake up or ya be late fer school 'gain."

Duo opened his eyes to peer at little Maria, who was currently tugging at his blankets. Glancing outside his eyes widened. "Shit! I'm gonna be late!"

The young boy threw off his covers and rushed around his small room frantically. He fished under his bed desperately floor his shoes. "Oh...where are de?"

Maria giggled and held up two worn black shoes. Duo flew across the bed. "Gimmie em, runt!"

"Nu uh!" The little redhead giggled. "An I'm gonna tell Sister 'Elen that you said shit!"

"You little snitch! I'll git you and when I do I'll box yer ears!"

The small girl squealed and dropped his shoes before running out of the room. Duo grinned and quickly donned his second-hand school uniform. Slipping on his shoes and grabbing his books, he ran down the stairs.

Flying through the kitchen he grabbed a piece of toast and shoved it into his mouth. Sister Helen walked quickly up beside him.

"Here's your lunch Duo." She held up a small paper bag. "Hurry up or you'll miss the bus." Duo nodded, his cheeks puffed out like a chipmunks. Grabbing another piece of toast he ran out the door.

Sister Helen walked over to the swaying screen door. "Try not to get in trouble today Duo!" She called out to the braided boy. "And don't swear in front of the little ones anymore. You're teaching Maria bad habits!"

Duo ran full speed to the end of the road where just now the bus was driving by. Swallowing the last bit of bread, he shouted it.

"Hey! Wait up will ya!" He waved his arm frantically.

The bus stopped and the braided boy quickly hopped aboard. He gave a breathless grin to Mona the driver and flopped down on the steps in front of the door. Only the rich kids got to sit in the seats.

As he watched the scenery pass by through the dirty glass, he suddenly slapped his forehead. "Shit! I left me homework on ma desk! Mr. Heller's gonna switch me fer sure!" Duo's shoulders slumped in misery. It was going to be one of those days.