Title: I Think it's Gonna Rain
Author: AstroKender
Pairings: none really...
Rating: mild shounen-ai
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None.
Notes: I think It's Gonna Rain Today is by Bette Midler
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//Broken windows and empty hallways,
a pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey.//

Duo sat at the small windowsill, his feet tucked up under him like his used to do as a child. His cobalt eyes were solemn as they stared out the broken window. The sky was grey tonight, not black as per the usual. The air was heavy with low hanging clouds that were just now obscuring the moon as it hung dead in the sky. He winced slightly as the headlights of a passing car shone in his eyes. But the car didn't stop; it just passed their little safe house by.

Wide eyes glanced around the room, but it remained empty. Heero and Trowa were out on a mission and neither of the other boys would be up at this hour. Sighing, he turned to look out into the night once more.

//Human kindness is overflowing,
and I think it's gonna rain today.//

His stomach felt heavy with food. It was not a feeling he was used to. His hair was damp and freshly washed. His nails were delicately trimmed. He shook his head sadly. Quatre was too kind to him. He didn't deserve this type of treatment.

Looking up into the sky he thought he saw the faint glow of lightning in the distance. Pulling his borrowed pajamas closer to his thin frame. He prayed for his friends to make it home safely. It looked like it was going to rain.

//Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles,
the frozen smiles to chase love away.//

Quatre watched all this quietly from the shadowed corner of the hallway. Duo looked lost in the thick folds of the Arab's spare nightclothes. Shaking his head sadly, the blonde snuck out the door. He knew why Duo was up so late, even though he tried to hide it behind false smiles.

Heero and Trowa were supposed to have been home yesterday. That meant one of three things. One, they had gotten sidetracked. Two, they had been captured. Or three, they had been killed. Quatre didn't want to think about the third possibility, but he knew it was a likely risk for any of them.

//Human kindness is overflowing,
and I think it's gonna rain today.//

Across the street was a small and lonely park. Two rusty swings swung mournfully in the cool night air. Quatre slowly walked over to them. He had yet to see a child play here. The war had everyone staying indoors. He sat carefully in the nearest swing and twirled himself around aimlessly.

Spinning, he closed his eyes and rested his head against the cold metal chain of the swing. Maybe...after the war, he could pay to get this park rebuilt. He would love to see children play here, with no worries of war. That is, if he survived. Quatre stopped the swing suddenly as he stared up at the dark sky. There would be rain before morning.

//Lonely, lonely.
Tin can at my feet,//

Duo had heard the door open and shut and a smile lit his face. Running into the hall, he skidded to a stop. It was empty. He looked around with wide eyes and his shoulders slumped in defeat. Heaving a sigh, he softly opened the door and stepped outside.

The streets were deserted at this time of night. The braided boy walked in the middle of the road, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his pajamas. Duo stared up at the sky, hoping to see a star amidst the suffocating clouds. His bare toe hit something and it skittered away with a clatter.

//I think I'll kick it down the street.
That's the way to treat a friend.//

Staring at the bent can for a moment, Duo's fists clenched and he kicked it, violently. The can sailed through the air and landed in the damp grass of a nearby park. Duo walked over to retrieve the can so he could vent his frustrations on it.

The grass was cold against his bare feet. He found the can peaking sadly out from the dewy blades of grass, a large dent in its side. Duo squatted next to the half crushed can and gently picked it up.

"I know how you feel." He whispered to it.

//Bright before me the signs implore me:
Help the needy and show them the way.//

"Duo? Is that you?" A voice called out hesitantly.

"Quatre?" Duo looked up to see the blonde boy staring at him from his perch on an old swing. Smiling softly, the braided boy stood and made his way over to him.

Silently taking the other swing, Duo watched his companion thoughtfully. The streetlight revealed dark circles under Quatre's eyes and a noticeable slump to his shoulders. He's worried about the others too, Duo realized. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Sighing, he began to swing.

//Human kindness is overflowing,
and I think it's gonna rain today.//

Quatre watched carefully as Duo lifted himself high into the air, his braid flying behind him like a ribbon. The blonde had never actually swung before. The American pushed off the ground and stuck his feet out as he flew forward, then tucked them up under him as he fell back.

Suddenly, Duo stopped and stared across the street at their lonely little safe house. All the lights were off, making the building look abandoned. Glancing over at Quatre, he sighed.

"It's gonna rain."

The blonde nodded somberly in agreement.

//Lonely, so lonely.
Tin can at my feet,//

"Do you think they're alive?" The braided boy whispered.

Quatre looked at his feet as they made little patterns in the dirt. "I don't know."

"Oh." Was all Duo said.

They sat in silence for a moment before Quatre spoke up.

"What's that in your hand?"

Duo dropped the can he was holding and stared at it thoughtfully.

//I think I'll kick it down the street.
That's the way to treat a friend.//

"It's nothing." He said.

Pulling back on the swing, he let go and flew quickly forward, his foot aimed unerringly for the bent piece of aluminum. Quatre watched as is soared through the air and into the darkness.

"Just another piece of trash cluttering up the place." The American whispered sadly, he swinging now slowed to a dejected sway.

Quatre stared at him thoughtfully.



"Can you teach me how to swing?"

//Bright before me the signs implore me:
Help the needy and show them the way.//

Duo gave the blonde a genuine smile and hopped off his swing. He walked up behind Quatre and gently put his hands on the other boy's back.

"Lift up your legs."

Quatre did as he was told and the American gave him a gentle push. The Arab laughed softly as a tingling feeling filled his belly. Duo pushed him a little harder and soon Quatre was flying through the air only to fall back into the safety of his friend's hands. The blond giggled as the wind tousled his hair. Duo just grinned and gave him a quick tickle to his sides.

//Human kindness is overflowing,
and I think it's gonna rain today.//

Across the street, WuFei smiled slightly and let the curtain drop. It lightened his heart to see those two getting to act like the children they should have been allowed to be. He softly slipped on a pair of sandals and donned his jacket.

He stepped outside and his smile widened as he heard the tinkling laughter from across the street. He walked towards the happy noise, two spare jackets in his arms. The two boys quickly noticed the Chinese boy and waved him over.

Above them, the rain gently began to fall.