Even Walls Fall Down
Notes: This is a songfic specially dedicated to my first Wifey Opal. I hope you like it sweetie! "Walls" is sung by Tom Petty. GW isn't mine.


//Some days are diamonds.
Some days are rocks.//

Quatre looks up at his attendants, feigning interest in multitude of figures they quoted him. He felt like he was swimming in account books and pie charts. Oblivious, his associates happily chatted about stoke prices and investment options. Wearily, he gazed out the window, willing the men to go away.

//Some doors are opened.
Some roads are blocked.//

Trowa leaned tiredly against the steering wheel. He had been stuck in traffic for over an hour now. The circus was more successful than ever, which was a good thing. But it created problems when Trowa only wanted to go out and grab a bite to eat. He willed himself to ignore his stomachs fierce rumblings.

//Sundowns are golden,
then fade away.//

WuFei paused in his exercises long enough to stare at the beautiful sunset falling behind the trees. He had hiked up into the woods to get away from it all. He never would be a people person. The Chinese boy irritably realized his mistake when the light faded away, leaving him in darkness stuck in the middle of nowhere.

//And if I never do nothing,
I'll get you back someday.//

Heero sat in his lonely apartment, staring at his laptop. His fingers were for once stilled on the keyboard as he stared at the picture on the monitor. It was a picture that Duo took of himself when forging his papers to sneak into OZ. Heero shook his head, only that braided baka would make such a silly face.

//Cause you got a heart so big
it could crush this town
and I can't hold out forever.
Even walls fall down.//

Quatre's eyes widened as Duo flounced into the room, dressed in drag and carrying a karaoke machine. His associates could only watch in horror as Duo began to sing, gracing one of the head accountants with a lapdance. Quatre had never laughed harder in his life. Grinning, Duo ruffled his blond hair and departed with a wink, leaving the attendants absolutely stunned.

//And all around your island
there's a barricade.//

Duo landed DeathScythe in an open field. Leaning back in the cockpit seat, he closed his eyes tiredly, trying his best to forget the war. Attached to the black Gundam's monitor was a small picture. Four young boys stood staring at the camera with various statements. Staring a the picture, Duo began to laugh.

//It keeps out the danger
and pulls in the pain.//

He had forgotten what he had to go through just to get the others together for a picture using his small, beat up camera. Heero had thought it would be a danger to the mission and Wufei had outright refused. But with weeks of begging and pleading, he finally got them to relent for one picture, but only if he destroyed the negatives.

//Sometimes you're happy
and sometimes you cry//

Duo didn't realize when exactly his laugher had turned into tears, but he suddenly found himself sobbing. He just couldn't do it anymore. Taking the picture, he ripped it up angrily. He opened Deathscythe's hatch and let the pieces scatter in the wind.

//Half of me is ocean
Half of me is sky.//

Halfheartedly wiping his tears away with the back of his hand, Duo slipped back into Deathscythe's cockpit. Firing up his thrusters, he blasted up into the sky. Below him, the scattered remains of the picture slowly floated to the ground.

//But you got a heart so big
it could crush this town
and I can't hold out forever.
Even walls fall down.//

Trowa glanced up from the steering wheel when he heard the passenger door open. He stared, wide-eyed, as Duo jumped in holding the largest picnic basket he had ever seem. Rummaging happily through it, the braided boy shoved a sandwich and a chicken leg at Trowa, who took them reflexively. Beside him, Duo chattered endlessly.

//And some things are over.
And some things go on.//

Duo grimly strode over to his Gundam. A solo mission had come in and he was to leave immediately. The other pilots were nowhere to be seen and Duo wished he could at least tell them good-bye, since there was always a chance that he wouldn't come back from the mission alive. Opening DeathScythe's hatch, he gasped.

//And part of me you carry.
And part of me is gone.//

The black Gundam's cockpit was filled to the brim with wildflowers of every type and color. But what drew the braided pilot's attention was the small picture lying on the seat. It was of the other pilots, and they were smiling! All of them! Duo felt tears come to his eyes but this time for a different reason. He laughed happily as the four other boys stepped out from behind DeathScythe. He hugged each of them, his heart full.

//But you got a heart so big
it could crush this town
and I can't hold out forever.
Even walls fall down.//

WuFei raised his sword as he heard a twig crack in the darkness behind him. A flashlight shined in his eyes and he squinted to see who was behind him. The figure stumbled, cursing fluently. Chuckling, WuFei went over to rescue Duo from the tree he tripped over. The braided pilot grinned and handed WuFei his jacket and a second flashlight.

//Baby you got a heart so big
it could crush this town
and I can't hold out forever.
Even walls fall down.//

Heero looked up from his laptop when someone started banging on the door. Grabbing his gun, the Japanese pilot when over and cautiously opened it. There stood a smirking Duo Maxwell, duffle bag slung over his shoulder. Heero stepped back in shock and Duo took that opportunity to throw his duffle through the door and himself at Heero, wrapping his arms around the normally stoic boy. Heero hesitantly returned the embrace as the door closed softly behind them.